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  1. What we expect from Rudden? I don't know him
  2. One of many predicting a clean sheet Predict a win if you want but be serious about the score
  3. Irrelevant Beating Morton was crucial but it sure doesn't make us play-off contenders Definitely signs of progress but let's stay grounded and see what next week at Alloa brings
  4. They also had a sitter from 3 yards out 2nd half which they didn't connect properly with and Fox saved it. Surely that has to a goalkeeper's ball?
  5. Inverness were a bit disappointing. A threat from set pieces mainly. Harkins pass for the 3rd was great and Zanatta must have squeezed it in from a pretty narrow angle. Pleasing win though not much between the teams overall
  6. Can we just that now then I can stay in the house all day....now where are my thermals
  7. It's just one win. We need to show some balls next week and get something v. ICT No doubt Storey will be back to torment us
  8. I was actually at that game in Naples. 3-1 v. Cessna in a a cup tie. Was inter-railing 1986
  9. Could this be worse? Yes! Alloa could be winning and we could be Airbus UK- 9-0 down after 61 minutes at home Other than that- no Money back to fans who went
  10. Equally important, as we struggle, is that the bookies odds are right and Morton, Alloa and QOS all lose. If that happens a point would be ok.
  11. Absolutely vital win Massive relief Still deep in the mire