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  1. You can't bring up those 45 minutes enough. I was 7 and went with my dad and his pal. As we took our seats his encouraging words to me were "Don't be too disappointed when Thistle lose" One of my only memories of that day. The other was the wee inflatable Celtic men that were in vogue and in the crowd. Don't remember the goals or presentations. Do remember Roughie maving a save
  2. Not a Firhill but at the Bernabeau watching Real v Socieodad There was a guy near us shouting witticisms at one of the Madrid players constantly. Everyone around was in stitches. Even me and the wife who had no idea what was being said. It was infectious.
  3. Thoughts: You're an idiot
  4. Billy Abercrombie C**t
  5. True But not a shred of evidence to suggest it will happen We will be relying on Queens being marginally more crap than us then looking for some luck in a play off
  6. Totally agree with Gordon starting. The only midfielder to get into the box and be something other than totally predictable.
  7. Even if we scrape 9th we have no chance in a play off Won't be back next Tuesday
  8. Excellent news Sounds encouraging
  9. Carbon copy of last season but no talisman like figures such as Scott McDonald and Steven Anderson to drag the dressing room off its collective knees. On the plus side no Caldwell
  10. Just in More furious than if we'd been pumped 4-0. Ayr never threatened and we gave them a goal. Banzo is done for me (assuming him going for the CB's ball was the key error. If you saw otherwise on TV I stand corrected)
  11. Back on topic . Ayr are 19/10, Jags 6/5 Mental value on offer. If we get pumped at least I will recoup my admission money.
  12. Like most players tbf Mention of clean sheets should be banned
  13. What we expect from Rudden? I don't know him
  14. One of many predicting a clean sheet Predict a win if you want but be serious about the score