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  1. could it just be they are clearing the decks getting ready for the take over?
  2. and don't forget the machine that goes ping
  3. Don't ask me, ask the players, or better still, the manager
  4. Goal against Falkirk scored by Alex Wright (on ground) with Davie Mathers in distance, can't tell who the Thistle player is further back (might be Joe Hogan), final score was 3-1 for the Mighty Jags
  5. I'm so looking forward to the board giving him the vote of confidence (A.K.A. coup de grâce)
  6. I may be wrong Sandy but I don't think it was Dickie Boy who signed him, I seem to remember it was Gerry Britton (and Derek White)
  7. then again, he might play in a back three