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  1. I went v. Dunfermline 5-1 in the promotion season when it was an add-on to the season ticket and it was mobbed out. So much so the 1st half was spent standing at the back of the stand ( which suited me fine )
  2. Aye a belter. I remember the breeks being a tad flared but the jacket was immense.
  3. Two magnificent strips both proudly owned in my younger days. Should have hung onto them - I saw the away version being offered on eBay for a mere £80 (!)
  4. I still recall his profile in a match programme where his occupation was given as 'Entrepeneur'.
  5. Hardly a 'long long read' as billed. Although to be fair even a 2 minute skim through would have doubled the reading time of the whole 'newspaper' the last time I saw it.
  6. That mentality goes back a lot further than that.
  7. I always thought everybody who supported PTFC was miserable at heart. If you'd been going to games long term why wouldn't you be? They're hardly a bringer of great joy.
  8. Tremendous. As a child of the 70's I'd love to travel back in time and go to a game at Firhill in the late 50's. Night and day with the stuff served up now in a two thirds empty three sided ground.
  9. The sight of that strip sent a a chill down my spine. Dalziel !!
  10. Some horrendous complacency going into this. Reading the pre-match predictions on this thread you would think PTFC were riding high in the league as opposed to the shower of keech they've been for 2 and a half ( long ) seasons.
  11. 7 points from 10 home games this season. Utterly woeful even before Ayr turn up and hand out the standard TV gubbing.
  12. Certainly an improvement in the head hair follicle average.
  13. Must have been a lucrative evening all in : 9300 crowd, hospitality and TV cash.