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  1. I don't think Bertie deserves to be on that list.
  2. A continuous comedy of errors from QoS for about 30 seconds straight at the second.
  3. The quotes from his wife at the time just illustrate what a poor show this is: "When David's health was getting worse, I told him about the club naming the training ground after him. He understood what was happening and that was a comfort for me. "When Gerry Britton (Thistle's chief executive) came to us with the idea, we were happy. "The fact David is now buried across the road from where the new training ground will be is almost as if he will be able to keep watch on it all."
  4. Superb - I've not seen many pictures of Firhill pre-shed. When was the roof put up?
  5. You know it's bad when the post match interviews are free to view.
  6. It wasn't that along ago there was a core squad of around 10 dependable Premiership standard players all signed on 2/3 year contracts. Incomparable with the current ragtag squad ( no doubt assembled at a fair cost ) ...
  7. Numerous Quarter Finals of late - always potential winnable matches to be had but sh1t draws every time. Infuriating
  8. Happy to write this year off in preparation for the 2021 centenary cup win.
  9. Can't seem to find any photographic evidence via the interweb. Will scan some old programmes.
  10. I'm sure he used to occasionally turn out for Thistle wearing an international jerseys he'd swapped. Or have I just imagined that?
  11. Kenny Watson far left? Classic PTFC strip - could even be the red shorts combo to top it off nicely.
  12. Watched the highlights. Harkins looked like somebody plucked from the terracing and given a strip.
  13. Not sure - still waiting for the official site to be updated.