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  1. When are they showing the 1921 final? Looking forward to watching it.
  2. Gofundme at 14k - where did the other 20k come from?
  3. Whit - So finish 9th in the Premiership before the split then you just start from scratch again on parity again with the rest and another 2 teams from the league below? I can't be bothered reading below that. Edit : 'Further two to be added from same or Colt teams'. Aye right.
  4. Even under Jock Stein he didn't play from the WC in 1982 until Wales.
  5. And he was in the subsequent WC squad.
  6. Union Berlin offering the chance to donate and buy virtual food and drink: https://www.union-zeughaus.de/union-berlin/shop/580d2028-3392-45d6-a918-72ca41dcbf63/Virtuelles_Catering.html Bratwurst & beer please.
  7. I feel more willing to bung the club some cash now they're not playing. Strange that ....
  8. In all honesty I really don't think that's the case at this moment.
  9. You can do that yes. Open the document in Acrobat Reader then go to Tools --> Fill & Sign.
  10. Going to different games in the London area every week sounds grand - far preferable to Firhill.
  11. On Thursday evening the SPFL announced the weekend games were going ahead then 12 hours later had binned them all, so I wouldn't put much credence into the thoughts of this 'unnamed source' to be honest.
  12. Bundesliga to be binned with no champions or relegation. Four up so 22 team league next season.
  13. Slovakia v. Ireland already closed doors. Scotland game a stick-on for the same I would say.
  14. They can bin that now - a tournament with hundreds of thousands of fans criss-crossing Europe for a month? No chance.
  15. 15 months without a home clean sheet??? That's a shocker even by PTFC standards - a record surely.
  16. 'Should we go for white text on yellow background? Aye - it'll look grand'
  17. Get an email with login details today. a ) mail has no link to the App Store so I need to guess what it's called to install it b) 'Login successfull' (sic) message c) 'Be there' Banner taking up a third of the screen - pressing it nothing happens d) Click in Ladies Day banner then 'Book Now' resulting in 'No Link for Booking' message ( same for the Golf Day and Business Club ) e) No obvious way to actually buy a standard match ticket - only via tiny icon at the bottom f) Find match and scroll down screens of pointless text to bewilderingly named 'Add Package' button g) opens up new Internet browser window and asks me to log in again. h) give up. Must everything connected with the club be so half arsed and amateurish? If we've paid money for that I despair.
  18. A legitimate concern. I'm sure the first action of the new chairman on Monday will be to put out a statement to end this ( and other ) conspiracy theories....
  19. Great post @partickthedog The Caledonian Railway Company owned the F&C canal at that point ( and were subsequently swallowed up by the LM&S railway ).
  20. I'll be generous and put it down to stunning naivety.
  21. Jacqui Low returns – yes or no? No. The process, should the community ownership model be adopted, would see a transition board in place until the elections to appoint the Fan Board happen. Q&A's page might need updating quickly lads.
  22. Unfortunately this means 44 games - so 8 more defeats.
  23. Quite tricky to get hold of ( the away leg is readily available ). It pops up now and again with programme dealers - I'll keep an eye out.
  24. I went v. Dunfermline 5-1 in the promotion season when it was an add-on to the season ticket and it was mobbed out. So much so the 1st half was spent standing at the back of the stand ( which suited me fine )