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  1. Training top arrived today and it is smart. Very nice indeed. A supplier that actually grasps what the PTFC colours are.
  2. I'm struggling to understand how ( incompetence aside ) any team needs to play anything other than 5/4 either way.
  3. An excellent point and more than enough reason to bin it. I'm sure the Div 2 board members would love to scrap the pyramid play offs ad infinitum.
  4. What like Les Gray of Hamilton? https://news.stv.tv/west-central/1407776-hamilton-accies-fraud-how-finances-were-wrecked-by-lie
  5. Falkirk's 50/50 is also a £1 entry and their last two prizes were around £2k - impressive.
  6. Already looking forward to the derby match v. Maryhill season 2021/22.
  7. Will be interested in the mechanics of an amalgamated L1/L2 around promotion / relegation. The next shambles on the horizon.
  8. Very good post. Out of interest do you know where the situation in that one of the leagues can unilaterally change the number of games in a season is covered in the rule book? ( and what else they can change in this fashion )
  9. Polo top is quite snazzy but my size out of stock already.
  10. Hopefully Admin Mk3 by the end of the year finishes them off this time.
  11. I spotted a few posts today jokingly suggesting Thistle could play in The National League ( North ) once expelled. Would certainly be some grand trips. This year's league was won by Kings Lynn - a trip to Glasgow would have been easier for a lot of sides in the league than the trek to Norfolk.
  12. Biggest cheats in the game. How many times have they weaseled their way out of relegation? Unpunished administration? That Craigan testimonial match turned my stomach.
  13. To be fair Maxwell was always useless and promoted way beyond his capability. As for the SPFA - the protectors of the people who actually earn their living from the game and not a peep.
  14. Because the Premiership split doesn't really work when it's after two rounds. Rather than hanging on to a proposal that was never going to work Thistle should have driven a 12 team Championship idea that as there is unlikely to be any Div 1 / Div 2 nobody could reasonably have argued against. Instead we got the fantasy world of statements appealing to other clubs good nature. Naive nonsense.
  15. Not sure why Thistle didn't push for a 12 team Championship which seems a no brainer but hey ho.
  16. Very good point. Answer no doubt the standard 'but the clubs are the SPFL' blah whenever a tough question is posed.
  17. Everybody's welcome to their opinion - but you do realise that the majority of the glorified social clubs which make up that league appear to be happy not to play football leaving PTFC nowhere to play? Just checking.
  18. He went to League 1 ( Scunthorpe ) who could no doubt offer him far better wages.
  19. Totally preposterous. I see it was originally mooted as for 'lower league' clubs which miraculously changed to all 42 as soon as Doncaster got involved.
  20. I think Hearts are completely justified in their actions. A drop from Championship --> L1 involves a financial hit, however that is dwarfed by Premiership --> Championship. Particularly for a club with the outgoings that Hearts have.
  21. I must have been to Broomfield on numerous occasions but I'm struggling to remember a win there.
  22. The EFL are very specific on this: 'The principle of relegation across all three divisions is integral to the integrity of the pyramid, from the Premier League down to the National League, provided we have assurances that the National League will start season 2020/21 (i.e. the relegated Club in League Two has somewhere to play).'