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  1. Yeah well I usually manage to keep the camera reasonably steady but not always and here's the proof: A very similar situation to yesterday with Thistle grabbing a last gasp winner..........obviously I got a bit over excited with this one
  2. Not so much a shame as as an utter disgrace
  3. Oops, what a dick...sorted!
  4. OK, sorry, wrong video, see below for Christie's goal!
  5. Camallain

    Alloa 16/02

    I was kind of thinking the same myself. In fact just about every other clubs in the division with free to view highlights have a better product. The one thing the Jagzone coverage does provide is a fast service but I suppose when you are charging £6.00 for the privilege you need to be fast to justify the cost. I would reckon that the Jagzone coverage would improve substantially if the cameraman would just get experimental and try using the zoom facility once or twice
  6. Camallain

    Stranraer Cup Game

    It's pretty much a stick on certainty isn't it