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  1. One very sad event followed by one I am delighted by. I remember watching Fox's welcome to the club interview on Jagzone and quite frankly I have never witnessed someone less enthusiastic about signing for Thistle, I got the impression he simply did not want to be at Firhill. Given his lacklustre performances throughout the season I don't think my assessment was too far off the mark.
  2. I'm sure there are various reason why this can't happen but as long as the current format for promotion/relegation to and from the premiership is maintained i.e. one up automatically and a play off for a possible 2nd promotion, then I don't see why the premiership clubs should hold sway over how the the remaining leagues set themselves up. If it's not affecting the premiership then morally what right do they have to dictate to the rest of the leagues how many leagues and how many clubs per league? If it is not impacting on the premiership then the "lower leagues" should have the right to decide how they wish to proceed especially given the current situation which could see clubs going to the wall. As I said at the start there are probably plenty of reasons why this can't happen but why a group of clubs should be able to disadvantage three leagues purely out of self interest is utterly wrong! It's time to rip up the rule book and start again.
  3. That is utterly disgusting, do those people not understand the concept morality, this to me is nothing short of corruption! The events of the last couple of days tell me it's time for major change in the way Scottish football is run and the best way to start is by getting rid of those charlatans at the SPFL
  4. What we need is Ace Rimmer .............or maybe Mr Flibble
  5. It was the SPFL who stated it was a 5pm deadline so either it was a deadline or the SPFL have just embarrassed themselves and made themselves look like complete and utter incompetents ??
  6. From the BBC: "The SPFL's proposal to finish the lower league season hangs in the balance with three clubs yet to vote. The 17:00 BST deadline has passed but only 39 out of 42 teams have responded, with the fate of the resolution resting on one Scottish Championship club." Should the three missing votes therefore not be deemed as abstentions? After all they failed to meet the DEADLINE!
  7. Saw this on the BBC Scottish Football page: "And the Ibrox club say they have received "numerous reports" from Scottish sides "relating to attempts to coerce and bully them" into backing the SPFL's own proposal" Can't say it comes as a surprise
  8. It was actually really good and Holly was back!
  9. Anyone watch "Red Dwarf The Promised Land" last night? It had a nice wee mention of the Jags
  10. Why do we need to wait until next week? Because they probably learned their lesson back in 2004 when the SPL chairmen voted to keep Thistle in the SPL and refuse ICT promotion............ and we all know how that ended up, don't we This way they can do their horse trading over the weekend and remove the need for a 2nd vote. As to why they want a vote before discussion of reconstruction, well call me a cynic but once they get the result they are after they could then conveniently drop plans for reconstruction or simply drag discussions on long enough to effectively time them out. The bottom line is I simply don't believe the SPFL want league reconstruction, however clubs like Thistle and Stranraer are causing them a major problem so they have come up with this plan to get the other clubs to vote to relegate us thus doing their dirty work for them. Offering the carrot of league reconstruction will probably make the pill easier to swallow for some clubs and may be enough to swing the vote. Once they have the result they want they then pull the league reconstruction rug away from under the feet of the clubs whilst simultaneously pointing the finger of blame for us being relegated at the clubs and not themselves. As you can probably work out from the above I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in the SPFL and fully expect us to get royally shafted!
  11. I think it is fair to say that most football fans would like to see a return to a two league set up in which you played each team home and away however the very thought of this is anathema to some SPFL chairmen / chairwomen and to the sports media. Of course it's all down to money whether that be extra gate money from having the uglies visit your ground four times (minimum) a season or selling newspapers, pay per view TV packages etc. So you are therefore up against it right away if you want a return to a two division set up. Those against idea this never tire of talking about meaningless fixtures, strangely they never seem to mention that playing in a larger league would be less repetitive therefore less boring, and therefore might actually attract more fans, nor do they point out that meaningless games allow teams to blood youngsters, something that rarely happens under the current system . I suppose it would be possible to do this without the Premiership. Bring in a couple of team and then split the three leagues into two leagues of 16 thus giving 30 games a season. I wonder how that kind of suggestion would go down? Obviously something needs to be done given the current situation but I have absolutely no faith in the SPFL to come up with an acceptable solution.
  12. Obviously Chic and is that Davis of St Mirren? Gerry Collins in the background! I assume this is the Scottish Cup tie that ended in a draw at Firhill with the Jags running out 3-1 winners at Love Street in the replay. A fantastic performance that night and as I recall a Gerry McCoy diving header for the Jags third!
  13. I will never forget that one! As an 11 year old this was my first experience of what happens when you play rangers. I wasn't even at the game, my family had been out for New Years day dinner and were driving home whilst listening to match reports coming in on the radio. In those days there was no live commentary it was just reports from the game so you can imagine my delight when the report from ibrox at around the 90 minute mark had Thistle winning 1-0, even more so as my father was a rangers fan. I can still recall a 2nd report from ibrox as the studio anchor said it's surely full time at ibrox and got the response that rangers had just sensationally equalised. Worse was to follow in what I was convinced was the 98th minute as the reporter almost beside himself with excitement announced that rangers had won it with the last kick of the ball. Boy but did my father enjoy that one There haven't been many occasions where as a Jag I have felt more devastated and yes to this day I am convinced it was a case of keep playing until the h*ns score the winner.