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  1. Camallain

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Billy Thomson, Dougie Somner and Jimmy Bone ?
  2. Camallain


    I have been thinking exactly the same since the Stenhousemuir game! Trying to make out the goals in that particular game was ridiculous. Why is there no zooming in when we get close to the opposition goal? Surely that is just basic common sense when taking video footage? Quite frankly we had better quality product when we didn't have to pay for it!
  3. Camallain

    Morton on Tuesday Evening

    That's two games where we have gone 2-0 up and then taken the foot right off the gas. Last night we nearly paid the penalty for that. The 2nd half was so reminiscent of countless performances last season where we simply did not turn up after the break. I fully accept that we are short of numbers at the moment and Archie is therefore restricted in his options from the bench to change things but that doesn't explain why there appears to be attitude problem in that at 2-0 up the days work is done, at 4-0 I could almost accept that. A game lasts 90 minutes, if the players don't get that into their heads quickly we could be in for another long, stressful, season!
  4. Camallain

    Davie McParland

  5. Camallain

    Playing Squad Update

    The major surprise in there for me is Steven Lawless being released!
  6. Camallain

    If you could pick one Thistle player...........

    Kenny Watson !