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  1. milhouse

    2 tickets for A Perfect Circle

    Selling 2 tickets at face value for A Perfect Circle Sun 2 Dec 02 Academy, send PM if interested.
  2. milhouse

    Rocksport Archie's interview

    I disagree with just about everything said in the clips. Alan Archibald’s recruitment is described as great. It wasn’t. The best players during his management were all signed by someone else. ’Budget’ is repeatedly given as an excuse on Archibald’s behalf, without any actual figures or comparisons provided. If we were able to see specific figures which proved that Alan Archibald’s playing budgets were less than those of our competitors then it may well be a valid excuse for failings on the pitch. However, we have previously seen some numbers to the contrary, if I’m not mistaken? And some tedious ‘soft spot’ and ‘second team’ fluff by someone who probably hasn’t been at Firhill in the last 5 years. Then some vague nonsense from Collins and presenter about ‘community’ and ‘family’. The club is more likely to succeed if those who are not performing to the highest standard they can achieve are moved on. If the Weirs are doing that then I think we should be supportive of it.
  3. milhouse


    How do you know this? I don’t think Ray MacKinnon has been a particularly successful manager previously.
  4. milhouse

    AGM and Accounts

    Was this delusion peddled without even a raised eyebrow?
  5. milhouse

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Still lost though. 7 defeats in a row, overtaken by Alloa to sit second bottom of the second tier. All this from a board of directors whose stated aim was promotion from this division this season. If Caldwell can’t sort it out, try again to find someone else who can. He should be sacked if we are bottom 2 in February, after the much-hyped transfer window (we really need to sign 4-5 new players) - after which his managerial career would be finished.
  6. milhouse

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Sad days when we all assume we are getting pumped off Ayr United at Firhill. Start Coulibaly and Quitongo. Attack from the off and we’ll win.
  7. milhouse

    Who's next?

    Thanks for stopping by, Jim
  8. milhouse

    Who's next?

    I think Murty is probably quite a capable manager, despite managing Sevco I don’t think he is one of these nauseating “Big Rangers Men” like McCoist etc. PTFC support would be much more benign towards him of course.
  9. milhouse

    East Fife away

    I wanted Archibald gone throughout last season, and also after the Livingston play off. We could end with a very bad candidate at this point in time though. Perhaps not wait till Christmas then, but probably another 1-2 months.
  10. milhouse

    East Fife away

    Wasn’t at the game today, has an Archibald side ever looked that interested in any form of cup game though? Embarrassing, yes, but we should be far more interested in our league form in the coming months. The time for him to go was Christmas last year, he saved his skin with a couple of good results at that time and the gamble was taken to keep him on. He also could have gone after the play-off. There’s a real managerial carousel happening in Scottish football currently which it may be best not to be caught up in. If we aren’t challenging near the top of the league at Christmas this year he should be gone. He doesn’t seem to get the best out of players.
  11. milhouse

    Livingston 2nd leg

    Let's face it, Sunday was humiliating. Livingston are often described as a club with minimal history, poor support, unpassionate support. I was looking for an authoritative, dominant home performance from Thistle as a club with a long, proud history in Scottish football. It was insipid. Alan Archibald has been given a level of sycophancy from a section of the support that no other Thistle manager has had. This is solely due to the fact that he was a popular player of a number of seasons in a successful team. People really need to admit that this is the case, and also admit that this has led to a high level of subjectivity when assessing his teams' performances and results. Just because you'd really like a manager to be good because he was a popular former player, doesn't mean that he actually is. There have been some great results, I won't deny it. The Championship winning season was a fantastic time. It's unclear whether this would have all happened anyway with McNamara in charge - there is a good chance it would have. In the top flight, most memorably for me, Hearts 4-2, Kilmarnock 2-0, Dundee United 1-0. However, these have been balanced towards an overall negative with the extraordinary number of late goals lost over the last 5 seasons, and just about every performance this season. In particular, late goals against the Old Firm. These are important games for Thistle fans. People remember how they feel more than they remember league placings. To me, the point of competitive, professional sport should be to constantly striving to acheive as much as possible. However, not everyone involved with PTFC has that attitude as they shrug their shoulders and see failure as just what happens to Thistle. I would like a manager who wants to win every game of football his team plays. I will remember Archibald's top flight teams as permanently fragile.
  12. milhouse

    dun (d-day) away

    OK everyone. I’ve been wanting Archie out for quite some time. I’m sick of his tenure. Whether you agree with me or not, however, one thing is for sure - we all want Thistle to win on Saturday. Which we can. The Jags can beat anyone (we don’t fear anyone - anytime, anywhere) and our support is, and always has been, absolutely second to none. We all want Thistle to stay up and we still have the chance to to it. Everyone who can, get to Dundee on Saturday to cheer on the club we all love. C’mon the Jags.
  13. milhouse

    Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    On the contrary, reminded me very much today of Campbell’s last game in charge - I think a 1-0 defeat at Firhill vs. Airdrie? We repeat, repeat, repeat with Archibald and it isn’t working. The team and the results are his responsibility. No blame to lay at the door of the fans though - we are, and always have been, second to none.
  14. milhouse

    The Battle of New Douglas Park

    Alan Archibald has been well supported by the board and has been afforded more patience by the Thistle support than any other manager in the last 18 years that I have been going. It’s been a dreadful season and he hasn’t been able to get the most from his squad of players. The same mistakes happen consistently. Surely it’s hard to argue his case.
  15. milhouse

    Sellick Away

    I’m sure there will be some similar patronising garbage on the radio/TV