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  1. milhouse


    It's almost as though you (and some others) want this to happen... I personally would have given Kris Doolan a contract for another season as I think he would continue to score a good number of goals if playing in a team which wasn't struggling to the same extent as that assembled by Archibald for the start of last season. I'm not a football manager, however. I think Caldwell is right to an extent in his interview in that I'm not sure what the "nice way" to release a player is. Brings to mind the scene in the film Moneyball, where the management are deciding to release players and basically agree to be completely blunt with them. Doolan would obviously have been upset/angry in his interviews - we all would be after losing a job. I'm a massive fan of Kris Doolan and always will be, but I'm a Thistle fan first and foremost. Hopefully we can all move on a bit and get behind the team for the new season.
  2. milhouse


    I don't agree with this. A game of that significance, with the very real threat of relegation, is not the correct context for a "cameo". Completely different, for example, to when Lambie brought on Chic Charnley for last 5 mins of his last game in charge - a meaningless end of season game. The fans wouldn't have been aware that it was a farewell cameo anyway. His testimonial game is the correct time to say farewell on the pitch.
  3. milhouse

    Caldwell Like or Loathe

    In my opinion, Gary Caldwell has done a completely satisfactory job. The squad Alan Archibald assembled last Summer was one of the worst Thistle sides I have ever seen, thus proving his major weakness in player recruitment. Bell, Jeffries, Scobbie, Ntambwe, Storer, Quitongo, Melbourne... Mutumbo, allegedly signed via a recommendation text message from an out of work manager. McGinty and Keown the worst centre back duo since...Keown and Devine. A squad that looked like it had been put together using Champ Man, Instagram and Transfermarkt. I think that side would have been relegated automatically, given how Alloa and Falkirk picked up over the course of the season. After 20 minutes of the new season, 2-0 down at Ayr, we were just trying to halt a downward spiral. Gary Caldwell has done that with good signings and developing a team spirit. Well done to him and he fully merits being Thistle manager next season.
  4. milhouse

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    "Feeling strongly" about the club doesn't neccessarily equate to winning football matches, otherwise we'd have a starting line up of the most die-hard fans out the stand. Doolan and Erskine could manage us in the future if they are the best candidates for the managerial job. Not simply because they would be popular former players. Insisting on hiring "your own" should be left to the "Celtic-minded" or "Big Rangers Men" of the Old Firm. Alan Archibald was treated far too leniently because he was a popular former player. Which didn't make him a good manager. Erskine and Doolan may have no interest in being football managers.
  5. milhouse

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    What would "understanding Thistle" have been? We should be an organisation focussed primarily on winning football matches. I didn't necessarily agree with releasing Erskine either, but if it was part of a squad overhaul which results in us staying in the division, it will have been justified. The level of hysteria surrounding the whole event was ridiculous.
  6. milhouse

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    I think Gary Caldwell did well in the January transfer window but there seem to be other problems going on. Perhaps he has annoyed a number of players and he is certainly persistent in certain approaches to playing games of football, even if something more straightforward might work better. I know little about football tactics, however. There are other problems which long predate Gary Caldwell, and I'm certain we'd have been in a relegation battle with Alan Archibald and very possibly with any other available candidate too. I struggle to think of any convincing, comfortable league game performances over the past 3-4 years. The finger always hovers over the self-destruct button and there is a weak mentality which has been pervasive for a long time. This will only really change with a 10 game or more good run of form from a comfortable league position (Alan Archibald certainly wasn't acheiving that). I'm pretty convinced Gary Caldwell wants to be a successful football manager but he has a difficult task on his hands - as I suspect his Chesterfield job was. He'll be nowhere near another job in England unless he were to get Thistle promoted and playing convincingly in the top flight. He could arguably be sacked from the Thistle job now, but are there any real good options here at all for us? He has 7 (+\- 2) games remaining to realistically save his career in management. We can't afford any bad performances in these games, and I think we do have a groupd of players who are capable of getting out of this situation. But they will need to be interested, motivated and the starting line ups will have to right. I'm sure we are all desperate for us to succeed.
  7. milhouse

    Lets fill the J.LS. vs Stranraer..

    Perhaps a matter of taste. Personally I tended to find Alan Archibald uninspiring and insipid - and of course his teams ended up turning in lots of insipid performances. I'm certainly aware he was a good player for us and has been connected with Thistle over many years, but I never really felt that a burning passion for PTFC came across. I didn't really relate to him much as a manager. If Caldwell has ego, arrogance, I don't think it would have bothered me at al if he had got good results so far. In fact, perversely I quite like his wilfully thrawn comments such as blaming refs and being "outstanding" and "controlling" games even when we've had a terrible result - which doesn't make sense but is almost endearingly bizarre.
  8. milhouse


    What do you mean by this? I'd hope PTFC would be all about winning football matches. For me, Gary Caldwell has a few more games left to aee if he can do that.
  9. milhouse


    Why not just sell him if we are getting £400K? Contracted till May 2021 apparently but his value isn't going to go up if we are in League 1. He hasn't made much of an impact this year and won't get much game time in a relegation battle. Could also be useful for a League 1 campaign but there is certainly an argument for cashing in on him now...
  10. milhouse


    That's not answering the question
  11. milhouse


    Here's a question - if Erskine had stayed on the bench and not played another minute this season, would everyone have preferred that to him leaving and freeing up a wage for another signing? For him to stay just for the joy of seeing his name in the squad?
  12. milhouse

    Winter window

    There are several sides to every story, and very little is actually known about the situation. I wouldn't expect to get away with challenging my boss at work in front of others (even if others thought I was being reasonable). I'd expect to get away with it even less if I told people outside of work and it ended up causing lots of discord among customers on social media. Mass hysteria about this now is not going to help us. Caldwell will deserve the sack if results remain as bad - not for releasing a particular player. The entire club needs to focus on avoiding relegation - including via a playoff, if this is required.
  13. milhouse


    I would not have released Erskine, but this is cuddly toy pish. The only "style" of player I want at Thistle is that which wins football matches, in any possible way.
  14. milhouse

    Winter window

    The Greenock Morton game clearly didn't change that effectively - we lost.
  15. Has it ever actually been mentioned at any stage that Gary Caldwell has used Powerpoint? I'm not sure where the fixation with this comes from. I think Caldwell is quoted as making "a presentation" at his interview. I can't begrudge him preparing well for his job interview and selling himself. It's the job of a selection panel to investigate all candidates and appoint the best one.