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  1. Other than that great chance in the first half, Penicuik didn't really have any clear cut chances despite having lots of possession. They were well organised and did brilliantly considering how early they went behind. The early goal probably worked against us. The players thought they would coast it and proceeded to put in well below 100%. Possibly the laziest front 2 ever seen in a Jags jersey, Harkins and Zanatta should be embarrased by that performance. The captain should be setting the standard but O'Ware struts around as if he's some world beater. Booting the ball away, swearing at team mates, always taking the easy option isn't the kind of standard I'd be looking for in my captain. His absence last season seemed to increase folks perception of how good he is in my opinion. January can't come soon enough for McCall. His hands are tied at the minute but setting up 3-5-2 against a non league team at home didn't exactly set a positive tone. Not sure any player could put his hand up and say they played well although Slater at least seem to be putting in the effort. Could hear him a few times giving Zanatta a hard time for being a lazy b*stard. Big improvents needed on Tuesday if we are to get anything.
  2. It was Palmer with the cross, no? Either way, great ball and a great finish!
  3. First half was awful, I feared it may go that way after seeing the starting XI. O’Ware might get away with playing midfield against hammer throwers like Connah’s but it was always going to be different today against Dorrans etc. However, credit to McCall for changing it up. Totally transformed second half. If he can get Gordon and Mansell playing consistently to that level then he’s an even better manager than I thought! Even Harkins looked much improved. Credit to Kenny Miller as well. I’ll be honest and say I was never that thrilled about him signing but he certainly knows where the goal is. Clinical finish today. Great scenes at the end, one of those Thistle games where you realise why you sit through so much pain over the years! Its always worth it in the end. Only way is up now :-)
  4. King Kenny

    New Owner

    It'll be interesting to see what the consortium have planned for Thistle. David Beattie seems to have played his cards correctly so far. If Colin Weir's involvement means a return for the old board then I wouldn't be too keen. Was this Thistle For Ever's plan from the outset? Plot thickens indeed.
  5. King Kenny

    New Owner

    Clyde SSB reporting that the Thistle Forever Group have made an offer to buy the club's majority shareholding, funded by Colin Weir.
  6. That article puts it perfectly. Word for word he gets what has gone wrong at the club. We completely lost our identity, it was getting to the point where the team didn’t feel like our own anymore. Its only words but it’s a great start, he’s already reignited my passion for the team. There will be some tough times along the way but it feels like we turned a small corner today. I can’t tell you how happy I am that Archie is back as well. He deserves a chance to see the good times back at Firhill. Onwards and upwards.
  7. Longest I've ever heard Thistle spoken about on the radio! It was a really good listen, both of them came across well.
  8. A young Scott Fox in goals for Celtic that night.
  9. One thing McCarthy didn't have was energy or fitness. This could be down to injuries but he always seemed to struggle to last the 90 minutes. Decent enough player but I don't think our current struggles are due to not keeping him.
  10. What a way to brighten up a Monday morning. That was magnificent, thanks for posting!
  11. Very detailed although I'm not sure how much of it I believe. I've not been a huge fan of Jacqui Low, she doesn't give me much confidence that she knows how to successfully run a football club. However, like Caldwell, she's got a big few months ahead of her. If things remain the same as last season then I don't think either of them could have too many complaints about being stood down. I wish her well, for the sake of all of us I would like to see her succeed. Proof will be in the pudding etc etc.
  12. Dario Zanatta impressed me playing for Alloa this season. If Hearts are putting him back out on loan it might be worth a look.
  13. Anderson, after a decent enought start, has been rubbish. Slow, terrible on the ball and caught out on numerous occassions. I wouldn't be in a rush to sign up any of the players out of contract going on this season alone. The heart says keep Elliot and Doolan, I'm not sure Caldwell would think similar to that mind you. Outwith those two, struggling to think of any player who has a genuine rapport with the fans.
  14. Starting formation was laughable in a home game where we had to win. The formation in the 2nd half was how we should have started. Harkins was excellent, best since his return. McGinty was my man of the match, only one who took responsibility for the full 90.
  15. Manager can take the blame for the starting XI. Far too defensive, far too negative in a game we needed to win. Midfield didn't have a clue what it was supposed to be doing, no shape and aimless punts to Mansell and McDonald. McMillan can't play in midfield, in fact, he is pretty dodgy at ful back as well. Why take off Elliot? I've not been convinced with Anderson at all since he signed and tonight proved no different. Him and Saunders were dreadul, bullied by a big striker. The manager can take a big portion of the blame but the players attitude is woeful. Someone might want to tell them we are in a relegation battle. Only when Storey and Spittal came on did we show any threat due to actually having pace to attack. I've no idea why Caldwell decided that was the best team to set up with but it was doomed from the start. The whole club is sinking fast, zero leadership on the park, in the dugout or in the boardroom. 2,000 home fans for a must win game is pitiful, regardless of being on tv or not. I hope they all enjoy Tenerife. Scunnered.