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  1. Put up more of a show as a championship team that we did more often than not as a premiership side. We switched off at critical minutes but when they can bring on Dembele and Forrest they always had the ammo to step up a few gears. Penrice was decent in midfield, Slater very comfortable on the ball and Fitzpatrick is a very exciting prospect. Great to see a Jags player pick up the ball and run full pelt at the opposition. Mutomobo took his goal well. Definitely a player in there, hopefully his decision making etc will improve as his fitness does.
  2. That was worrying. To start a season with players playing out of position and a bench that is 3 players light is shocking mismanagement from top to bottom. We've known since May that we would be short of a right back, why wasn't that addressed? We seem to be missing out on signings left, right and centre which goes against the "competitive budget" story we were all fed at the start of the summer. I'm not naive enough to think we would sign every player we went for but our recruitment policy has been terrible for the last few summers. I didn't have high hopes for this season, history tells us it's not an easy division to get out of. I had even less hopes when I saw that lineup and bench today. However, I did expect a reaction. I expected to see players showing grit and determination against a team that turned them over the week before. We were soft as hell all over the pitch, last season revisited. The week coming up is huge for us. We go in to our first home game with no new signings and a similar team as today then it isn't going to be pretty. When we won this league we had great momentum and a feel good factor from the off. It feels the exact opposite just now. I'm a huge Archie fan, always have been but the same old mistakes are being made time and again. He needs to fix it and fast.
  3. Ayr at home

    It’s going to be a tough season, it’s the way it is nine times out of ten for the relegated team. Just as we weren’t going to win the league by winning our first three cup games, it doesn’t mean we’re certs for relegation by losing the last. We have issues, we lack quality and depth in areas. We also have a month to sort it, whether Archie can do that remains to be seen but the board believe he can so he should get our backing in the meantime. I think one of the issues is that for a lot of the more vocal support, the last 5/6 years are what they think Thistle have always been. A relatively successful premiership side. One season of relegation (don’t get me wrong, it was awful) and the daggers are out. We’ve been here before and will be again I’m sure, it’s the way it works for clubs our size. I have concerns with the way we set up, our fitness etc but I’d still say it’s a bit early to be hitting the panic button.
  4. Team rebuilding

    Cammy Bell to sign a 2 year deal when his Hibs deal is up at the start of July. Good signing
  5. Freddie Frans

    He refers to being owed circa 100,000 Euros by his old club that he is never likely to see. If County or United are offering him big money then that is more likely to swing it than any sentimental feelings he has to Thistle. I’d like to see him back but I wouldn’t break the bank to do it.
  6. Cerny

    Never reached the heights of previous seasons but he wasn't alone. At Championship level we will struggle to find a better keeper on our budget. Still, his aimless punts up the field won't be missed. Good servant to the Jags but I'm sure we'll have someone lined up. Looks like he waited to see what interest was out there before invoking his clause.
  7. Welcome Thomas O ‘Ware

    Good signing. Solid defender and scored plenty as well
  8. Team rebuilding

    Out of the four signings United have made in the last two days, I wouldn't have been overly happy with any of them being signed by us.
  9. Playing Squad Update

    Booth was average at best. Part of a defence (when fit) that shipped goals for fun. Some Thistle fans seem to have a habit of looking at ex players with the tinted specs on. Anyway, Booth leaving gives Penrice a clear run at the left back position. Let’s see if he takes it, this is what the Academy is there for after all.
  10. Playing Squad Update

    Had heard the Osman rumour, more around the fact he was playing silly buggers with his injury and making himself unavailable. He didn’t kick a ball for the last few seasons anyway, lived off his first 2 seasons.
  11. Club Statement Archie

    I've never been a huge fan of signing ex players. However, I think Paton would be an excellent signing for next season. He was a very decent player at championship level and would give our midfield the dig that has been missing all season.
  12. Thistle v Motherwell

    If we put the goals on either side of the half way line we’d be world beaters. No urgency, no leaders, no dig. Scunnered with the lot of them.
  13. John Lambie

    He was at the heart of some of my greatest times as a Jag. A great man.
  14. Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    Air of resignation around Firhill today. First half I thought we were poor. We played better in the second half, actually played some nice stuff but we never really looked like scoring which has been our achilles heel all season. The defending for the goal was laughable. It was so obvious what was about to happen, well to everyone in the stadium bar our players. I lost count the amount of times we crossed the ball yet failed to find a Thistle player once. The one time Booth laid it on a plate for Sammon, he merely stood and admired it rather than attack it. I know we don't exactly help our strikers with our play but Sammon's lack of movement is shocking, even Boyd worked harder. Best I think we can hope for is a playoff place. Osman needs taken out that team, McCarthy was head and shoulders above him.
  15. 'Peak Thistle'

    Nice to read through the posts on this thread. Things are tough at the minute but the lows are what make the highs so sweet (no matter how rare they are!) That is something that an Old firm fan will never feel, something that sets fans of the smaller teams apart. As someone else has already said, its what keeps you going back every week.