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  1. It was mention during the Scottish Government briefing that potentially (In Pencil) that fans would be allowed to attend games from October. They did highlighted that this isnt set in stone and is based on how we are limiting the Virus at present but this could change if we see any spikes in the mean time. I think the lower league clubs have potentially got this right. Aug/sept is probably too soon but fingers crossed everything going well football hopefully can return in October with fans.
  2. I actually quite like it not too different from the the 2014/15 strip in the premiership . Glad its black shorts and socks. Dont normally buy a strip but think I will get this one
  3. Did you happen to see who is representing the English FA. The one and only Bobby Barnes.
  4. If this is true you really couldn't make this s**t up. Its the blind leading the blind.
  5. This is getting interesting, I cant imagine us and hearts being kicked out the league. Hearts are too big for that( if it was just us I could see this happening) and how would the SPFL justify such a decision. "We are going to relegate you and if you complain we are going to kick you out the League." Imagine if we got demoted to the new 8th tier of Scottish football, Trips to Benburb and Petershill lol. It would be something you would simulate in football manager. I just hope some good comes out of this all. Scottish football is sick and the people who run dont seem to care especially for the smaller teams or anyone who is not the Old Firm.
  6. So the shoe is on the other foot now and they don’t like it, well tough s**t maybe their chairmen should have thought about that. If only they voted for reconstruction then no one would be worse off than they already are but now with the threat of a £6m compensation bill they are starting to panic. To be honest I think if we won and they had to pay out this sum then a few clubs could well be gone.
  7. Does this maybe have something to do with the Furlough scheme. Means clubs can leave their players on it until the very end and once furlough ends at the end of October they can begin their pre season training for starting in January. Also hoping during that time supporters are allowed back in stadiums.
  8. I would be very surprised if Ms Low was not in constant discussion with Hearts and Stranraer and that any legal bid would include all three teams. Most likely with Hearts footing the bill as they would be due the largest share of any pay out. I also hope Ms Low has been speaking to chairperson's at all other clubs to try and get support although this now seems a pointless exercise. If indeed reconstruction fails because a few select teams then I hope they go down the tubes. Out of all this I thought there was a real chance of change in scottish football for the better but seems the simple minded chairmen at some clubs are only interested in themselves and not the greater good. I really hope now Hearts/Thistle/Stranraer go to court and take this £6m figure being talked about. This would equate to £142k that each club would have to pay out. This sadly would probably be the end of several lower league clubs if they had to pay out this figure and I can see the Powers at be saying that the top clubs will have to pay more that league 1 & 2 teams. If this does come to pass it will be a bit ironic that the vote that happen all those months ago to end the leagues and get the clubs paid is the very vote that could doom several of them. To be honest I dont think it will ever get to this stage but you never know. The big question still looms regarding if the League 1 & 2 season will even go ahead. How does a vote like this work and what if a handful of teams want to play (Us, Falkirk, maybe Queens Park). It defiantly looks like we are going to get screwed over twice in this debacle.
  9. I really dont get why the likes of Ross County would be against this. Surely this makes the chances of relegation less and thus more likely to stand in the top league. Maybe it is a money issue as the cash would need to be split slightly differently with 2 new teams at the bottom and the new teams in the prem would likely need to be brought under there pay scale. What exactly are the championship clubs after and who here is against this (Ayr & Dumfermline ??) but this set up wouldn't really change any of the lower leagues unless they got rid of the playoff structure which in my opinion would be a crime unless it changes to 2up 2down. Sadly i think this will fail but i really cant see why, nobody really suffers here and with the money coming from Anderson can offset the lost prize money. I truly believe some people in Scottish football just think of themselves and not as Scottish football as a whole and sadly these are the guys charged with running it. Scottish football has been a joke for so long now, widespread change is required but will never happen. If i didn't support Partick Thistle I wouldn't even care about Scottish football, its not like I tune in on a Sunday to watch Hamilton v Rangers. lol
  10. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-fc-board-update-16th-april-2020/
  11. This is shocking if comes to fruition. So the league will be bigger and there is less chance to get relegated. #closedshop. if the league is expanded surely there should be more promotion relegation not less. Would some up Scottish football to a tee
  12. I think Legal action is only worthwhile if we are joining a group of teams looking to take action (Hearts, Falkirk, Stranraer & Sevco). To go it alone what be wasting money and if anyone remembers our last legal challenge we were painted as the baddie denying poor little Inverness their promotion even though their stadium didn't comply and ground sharing wasn't allowed. It would be worst PR given what is actually happening across the world. I also hope we are being proactive. Its fine saying we dont accept this but Hopefully we have been reaching out to other clubs and coming up with alternative solutions. I do believe I can see a number of teams voting against this especially those in a playoff position. I know money is the big issue but surely something could be reached in paying all clubs in each respective division an equal sum of money. This then could be taken into account in next seasons prize money and giving teams only the prize money minus any additional money paid out in the previous based on the respective league positions once the season is finished. Big question still remains when the season could be restarted, If at all but i think if you are giving one league the chance to finish then you have to give all leagues a chance to finish even if these games have to be played behind closed doors. I think a more practical solution is to compress the season, there are only 8(9) games left. This could be played within 5 weeks and reduce each playoff game to 1 leg. So assuming a mid August start season could be over be end of September. Cancel League and Challenge cups and front and end load games leaving the winter fixture schedule similar to normal. Only other option is the league reconstruction. Even in a simple form of no relegation and all league winners promoted, including that of Lowland and Highland Leagues. Then producing an end result of a 12-12 10-10 league set up. Not the major reconstruction everyone apart from the elite want but would help resolve the situation.
  13. There are plenty of clubs I could see voting against this most notably those in the playoffs places. Dundee Utd and Cove Rangers pretty much have their leagues wrapped up but Falkirk are only a point behind Raith Rovers and Airdrie are not too far away either. ICT, Dundee, Ayr and Dunfermline all fighting it out in the playoff places, you could even throw Morton and Arbroath in there as being relatively safe from relegation and still with a chance of a playoff spot. As mentioned above Falkirk and Airdrie are still in the title hunt with Montrose and East fife are not that far behind with no threat of relegation. Edinburgh city, Elgin and Cowdenbeath are in the playoff spots in league Two with Queens Park only a point behind 4th. Plus Queens Park are been signing some good players since turning pro so I would think they believe they have a good chance of promotion. The only teams this benefits are the league leaders and the teams in threat of relegation but not sitting 10th. I suppose it just depends how these other teams treat the situation and may just side with it due to it been extreme circumstances. Also are they happy to relegate Thistle but what happens to Hearts also has a bearing on this. Can have one rule for one and another for someone else (I realised this is the SPFL and thats generally what they do). I hope thistle fight this to the ends of the earth, we might deserve to go down but frankly that shouldn't matter as we still have a quarter of the season to play. Thistle have also played Dundee Utd 4 times this year while QoS have only played them three times. I know this is sounding petty but taking an average points per game or whatever they are trying to do is not comparing apples with apples.
  14. Need someone who won’t divide opinion and the only person that I can think of in that regard would be Danny Lennon. former thistle captain in a successful side that play under the great lambie. He has also done well in management leading st Mirren to a league cup victory and a number of years in the top league.
  15. Agree with the formation but I would start erskine instead of Edwards. Thought the bridge had a really good game against Celtic and we need some creativity in midfield. bring on Edwards with 25 minutes to go to use his energy and pace to hopefully punish a tiring Dundee team much like the st Johnstone game. If keown is fit again then he should start. I don’t think this is a game for Doolan. Sammon and storey should cause them problems. Save Doolan to get a hat trick against Hamilton next week.