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  1. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    24 players we’d need to pay full season (stayed or released in January) 10 coming on board in January (count as 5 wages for full season). One sold in January (half a wage) So 29.5 players, no way the average was £630 a week to make it £1 million
  2. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    Bell McDonald Harkins Miller Coulibally Would / Will all be on decent money
  3. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    Our total wage bill may not be top 3 in league but basic single player salary is for quite a few players. What we were paying last year (all season) and this season in basic (take home) wage is high. Trust me on this one, players and agents talk very freely about what they are on, what they think they are worth and what others are on. ( Assuming they aren’t actually BS and trying to over sell themselves).
  4. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    Only a fraction of it, which was better than nothing
  5. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    2 years ago several of our squad were on way more than that. Last year a lot were there or more, including a few who came in at January, one on massively more (which fortunately kept us up). Plus the plan was to go straight back up, so speculation to accumulate seems to have happened. The story in the herald stated from the insider that Caldwell wanted to sign 4 players and had been promised £200k for that which Beattie was now withholding. 200k over 4 players is 50k a player a year or £1000 a week. Come on Java an ex bank man like yourself should be able to calculate that.
  6. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    Paying 2 management teams for 8 months Paying off half a team in January Hiring half a team in January Legal advice for Coulibally? All with very low crowds last year We had 35 1st team players on our books last season over the entire year. 10 coming on board in January, with one sold then, effectively paying 24 for a full season and 11 for half a season (29.5 players), If on (ave) £1000 a week, that’s £1.5 million in basic wages alone as those let go in January would probably be paid out. Add to that employers NI, win bonuses, appearance money etc then that adds up quickly. You could probably add another £100 to £200k to pay both management teams.
  7. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    Which is standard speak from a new owner / board member after the previous owner / board has been removed. They will not (on record) leave themselves open for litigation
  8. Norgethistle

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    I never thought we’d drop so low as to have “better quality opposition” and “ Hamilton” in the same sentence
  9. Norgethistle

    attendance v DU

    The SPFL is Neil Doncaster, it’s his club and he allows teams like ours to attend under his conditions. It’s set up solely to benefit his huge ego and his Friends in Parkhead and Ibrox
  10. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    It’s not a loan against assets it’s a floating charge, standard when a director puts significant cash into a club
  11. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    I’m not sure if their holding would be necessary as the 9 shareholders hold a majority on their own
  12. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    Those negative figures would (I imagine) be equal to Colin Weirs donation each year to break even. As it’s small business accounts I cannot see a full breakdown. I would imagine until such time it was self sufficient his income would equal any loss to ensure that no tax would need paid on a profit or capital at bank (ie not deposit £2 million in the academy accounts to let it run for 10 years).
  13. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    Now there is a conundrum, our youth set ups board is made up of members of our old board who don’t get on with our new board. Is there anything to stop the academy offering it’s players else where rather than Thistle or to demand a large fee? Also is the old Chairman still on the board of the Partick Thistle Trust ?
  14. Norgethistle

    New Owner

    Assuming he buys the correct players and gets the desired results, then overspend can potentially be recouped by increase income. Its very risky though as [A] he may not get the results, Even with results, the performances may be boring or poor to watch so the expected uptake in tickets doesn’t happen. To get an extra 400 adult payees that’s looking at around a 20% increase, and even that would only give £180k less Vat.
  15. Norgethistle

    J Low

    I’m firstly very surprised Colin Weir would want to buy the club, he tends to donate to things that benefit communities, kids charities etc,, and not be involved in the day to day running of them. I’m struggling to see why he would buy it for the previous board