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  1. Was watching the Arbroath “Go-Pro” highlights of the goals. Why does Fox stand behind the goal line? Seeing a thread on Twitter this seems incredibly common in the goals he’s lost this season.
  2. I bloody hope we’ve put them in the contract otherwise we could end up paying Championship wages to a 1st division team, but were so professional at contracts that would never happen at Firhill
  3. I can give you the stats for all, but league determines the survival of the club Miller - 10 goals 1 assist in 2639 minutes. (1 goal / 264 minutes) Doolan (18/19) - 6 goals 2 assists in 2683 minutes. (1 goal / 447 minutes) Doolan (17/18) - 11 goals 4 assists in 2367 minutes. (1 goal / 215 minutes). Miller is a better challenge cup player
  4. I am being if you fully read the post, I think we’ve removed a high wage and replaced with a few “hungrier” lower wages and utilized the cup money well.
  5. Technically we could overspend as our £300k ? cash reserves would act as a buffer till its drawn down. I cannot hough see Thistle Fans who are on the board allowing that. Celtic game will help, Miller off the wage bill would probably cover 2 or 3 players depending on their wage demands at this level (3 Rudden’s, 2 Graham’s ), not sure how much (if any) contribution we paid QPR for Kakay but with wages significantly higher down there that may have freed up more spend than 1 player. I think we may be spending slightly more than December but have more scope, depth and quality.
  6. Kenny Miller started 20 league games this season, came on as a sub once and scored 5 goals, set up 1. Total 1753 minutes (350 m a goal) Doolan 17-18 started 14, subbed on 14 league games scored 4 set up 2. Total match time 1376 minutes (344 m a goal) Doolan 18-19 started 24 , subbed on 6 league games, scored 6 set up 2. Total match time 2062 minutes (343 m a goal) Millers return or contribution is not any better than Doolan on either of those seasons
  7. Really positive window so far and still a week to go. Happy with every signing
  8. If Celtic fans could behave themselves they wouldn’t have smashed seats at most grounds they visit, wouldn’t have to use their own stewards (due to safety issues for own clubs stewards), wouldn’t be banned from the main stand at Firhill, wouldn’t be having areas of Parkhead closed down, wouldn’t have Celtic getting punished regularly from UEFA.
  9. Let’s be honest there have been multiple initiatives over the year where the club must have brought together a substantial database of fans details. RealScottishFootball TAG Season Tickets Meet the manager / board nights Jagszone Ticketing site We only have a few thousand fans it shouldn’t be rocket science to keep the list up to date (and GDPR compliant).
  10. Supporters liaison officer has probably been contacted by ours doubt if it will cause folk to return them . After a full day on the sauce, a wooden stand, a notorious support this could end up very badly
  11. Most fans are on a mailing list so a quick check against this should make it easy
  12. If 1000 Celtic fans with tickets are trying to gain entry to the main stand the police will allow them in rather than starting a confrontation outside in which fans from the rest of the 7000 contingent could join in
  13. And we’re still fitter and better by miles than our current squad