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  1. It is open to clubs if players are being paid the “normal” way.
  2. I believe some sponsors directly contributed
  3. The club really needs to get with the 21st century and allow for anything it offers to be able to be purchased easily globally. Ive not tried the Tile, but CF which is a steady income cannot be done without a direct debit, which you cannot do without a UK bank account, effectively excluding a lot of Nomads. The CF form also states Bank of Scotland St George’s Cross, which if memory serves me right closed last year
  4. We are missing 4 match incomes from over 24 home matches (18 league, 6 cup, including 2 against Celtic) The majority of our yearly revenue comes at start of season, through ST sales, Shirt sponsorship, stadium sponsorship, trackside advertising etc. In reality we are missing out on 1000 adult tickets, 100, hospitality places, 1 matchball sponsor and a match sponsor for each of the 4 games. Say £300k less VAT and costs for match day (Policing, food, Electricity etc) whilst last year we had £5000000 revenue. Delaying these 4 games shouldn’t be a game changer for the club, but delaying next season would be, but pre-selling ST etc would help that eventuality .
  5. Has the 900k been paid? Transfer was due to take place immediately. Colin passed away 5 weeks later. Also we have the collection buckets out, yet whilst we had £600k in the bank at last accounts and are seeing a crisis, Falkirk had £100k yet have stated they can ride it out
  6. To a point. You need 12 months at a wage for it to kick in for “dag penger “ daily money, if not you go on pure social money which isn’t high
  7. At least they are getting paid. Most of the top league in Norway temporary laid off there players and coaches today, along with 20000 other workers
  8. £35k for each of the top 42 clubs not much to be honest
  9. Norwegian football teams have started to temporary lay off players coaches and staff
  10. But the ground also hasn’t been transferred either. The statement said that 3BC had (1) bought the ground (2) would gift it back to the club immediately (1) That requires paying all the shareholders of which the club is the biggest single shareholder. That would mean transferring the £900k to the club. (2) This still hasn’t happened so the club now owns less of the club than during Propco For the avoidance of doubt, 3BC whilst being the major shareholder in the club is not the club. That £900k and the ground is owed to the club which is made of many shareholders, including both Trusts and many many fans who are smaller shareholders. I ask again for any members of either trust what is your stance on this. One more point, what is 3BC purpose anymore after Colin Weir passed on? It does not donate anymore or make anymore, I wonder if the director of 3BC takes a wage and this has an impact on not passing over the shares, as without holding onto the clubs shares and ground the actual existence of 3BC would likely cease. None of this impacts on my thoughts to help the club if I can and if it genuinely needs it, but let’s ask where that significant income from sale of assets went first before we scrimp at this hard time
  11. When it was bought (Propco) a value should have been paid over, this was 5 weeks before he passed on. I’m sure the other stakeholders were paid or they wouldn’t have handed over their stake in it.
  12. Propco was bought by 3BC The club owned 49% approx The club should have been paid for the sale. Thats not a conspiracy, that’s a fact
  13. Financial wise, with the club getting (approx) £900k from the sale of Propco to 3BC, we should be ok short to mid-term. Assuming 3BC transferred the money
  14. All depends how much of that is left after 2 transfer windows, sacking a management team and paying compo to Ayr for a new manager