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  1. My heeds buzzled with the language on it
  2. Sorry Woodstock that is not how your coming across
  3. LinkedIn doesn’t always show all relevance as due to what or where you may have worked you don’t show all. Yes I checked as your acting like a barrister on here effectively telling everyone you know better, when in fact it’s merely an opinion (that you are entitled to) that you are putting forward like everyone else on here
  4. So effectively your only stating your opinion as we are
  5. Woodstock out of interest are you or have you been a lawyer or been qualified in this area of law? Or like the rest of us on here are you merely putting your personal opinion onto the matters?
  6. Like they rubished Rangers dossier regarding claw backs is season ended early, which was later proven to be correct
  7. Sorry I deal with contracts and contractual deadlines on a day to day basic, one date only is inserted onto it for completion. The required date by when it needs completed. With “Must be returned completed and signed prior to or on X date” you don’t state one date as compulsory and a different as recommended, as it’s putting misleading and deliberate confusing information across. Basic corporate governance states you set requirements clearly, concisely and with no ambiguity that can lead to differing view points to what is required
  8. Which was always the case with putting COVID on the death certificate when it may only be present but not the actual cause. I mentioned further back in the thread I knew of 3 families this happened to when COVID most definitely wasn’t the main cause, they also have issues getting full life insurance settlement
  9. If not being promoted they aren’t losing anything they just aren’t gaining. Completely opposite to us
  10. He also worked for Peter Lawell
  11. I would argue he has grossly failed over the past 7 years on all of those KPI’s.
  12. If as is being suggested that the SPFL held information back or deliberately misinformed them regarding the claw back of sponsorship then that could be construed as unlawful. The board is effectively the directors of the company with the clubs as its shareholders
  13. The one that visited in 21 and 71 Hirohito is otherwise he’d be 120 next year
  14. We’ll need to dig him up 1st
  15. These clubs didn’t think twice about taking us down, I’ll applaud us if we can sink a dozen clubs