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  1. I remember as a kid when he returned in 86, standing down in the old enclosure towards the end of the game Vs Killie when they were all but up, he brings a young Paddy Kelly on with instructions of “just f****** run at them” he proceeds to score twice to win us the game, after the 1st Bertie turned from beside the dugout to take the congratulations and cover me in cigar smoke. Had high hopes for the following season after Bertie came back, but the DJ messed it all up
  2. So why is it great she is involved? What does she bring to the table? I think it may be good Charan Gill is involved giving his business background, although a little surprised he got involved seeing as he effectively gave up his businesses and lavish lifestyle to live a no frills basic life, to concentrate on having fun, and got rid of all business interests. There’s an article where he basically states he drives a basic car and gets buy on £5 a day now, concentrating on his spiritual wellbeing rather than immaterial items. His book is a very good read, for anyone interested
  3. The Well Society was cited as a best in practice case study in fan ownership? Why is that the case and what can we learn from them? The Well Society has achieved so much in three years using a simple but effective structure, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all involved. Having raised almost £800,000 for their club over that period, it shows the possibilities of fan ownership at its best so there’s a lot we can learn from Motherwell, good and bad. But there will also be an opportunity to hear about projects that have gone wrong so that we can avoid a similar situation. Lets remember the Well Society has 2800 members. They also had a scheme that for every pound raised Les Hutchison matched, meaning an extra £250000 went in the pot. Also due to a percentage of profit on transfers being allocated to the fund, this has helped them greatly.
  4. Stupidity watched the “highlights” at lunch today. We really are in serious bother. I’m not sure who if any I’d happily hold onto in January even as a squad player. Even going a man and goal down in 3 minutes shouldn’t allow for effectively downing tools, you’d expect the more senior players to rally the team dig in and even if end up getting beat go down fighting. 87 minutes to play and the team gave up, on that alone I’d fine them. The fact it happens too regularly I’d bin them if I could in January. Skill is one thing that varies from player to player but attitude should be the same, fight for every ball, chase everything, run yourself into the ground and don’t give up. None of that seemed apparent in that team. An acceptance of defeat after 3 minutes for a professional sportsman is disgraceful. I wouldn’t fancy being in McColls job now, as he effectively has to wheel and deal a whole new team in January on buttons, whilst bottom of the league whilst shipping out the chancers in the dressing room, if he doesn’t ship them out the issue will breed, as their is definitely an issue with several of that squad
  5. Apart from Paul Goodwin (TFE Director and Stirling Albion fan ownership setup), Pauline Graham (ex-PTFC Trust), Tom Hosie (Admin here and Ex program editor), and Alan Heron (ex Jags Trust) I don’t know the others, can someone provide a background on the others
  6. With the fans group taking Colin Weirs shares in April, we also need to ensure that any signings funded by Colin can be funded internally after he leaves. Otherwise we could “inherit” a large (it’s 3rd largest in Championship already) wage bill with lack of resources to continue funding it. Our crowds are down, no parachute money, no UEFA money, and £50k a year from TFE to plug any gap is worrying.
  7. I believe the 2 Trust’s should merge and be independent of the new “fans group” and both need to be transparent and have regular elections for all fans. Having them separate allows checks and balance and ensures true fan representaion and holds both to accountability
  8. I believe an offer is enough, but the majority shareholder (75%) must also demonstrate that they have the funds available to purchase them
  9. And then requirements are there to purchase the other 25%
  10. It is based purely on evidence against companies law, it’s not interpretation, there are AQOP’s and streams of case law covering every situation you could think of
  11. We’re not talking about a small shareholder taking on a multinational corporation who lawyer up via tiers and tiers of levels. On our level small shareholders are looked at very favorable by the authorities
  12. Easier than you would think in this digital age of emails, WhatsApp groups and mobile phone pictures
  13. Not if other shareholders can demonstrate evidence towards the authorities, this is why AGM’s , EGM’s and board meetings are minuted
  14. That’s 6 or 7 more wages on top of the 3rd largest wage bill in the league. We may also need to replace loanees returning in January. Ive no idea where we will find this cash as our attendances are nose diving