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  1. Norgethistle

    Who's your favourite player of the last decade?

    Doolan and Erskine, both great players, great servants, great ambassadors and model pros. These are guys that young kids can hero worship with no fear of their illusion ever being crushed
  2. Norgethistle


    Thistle (as his employer) would be involved as the Police whilst trying to apprehend him since Sunday morning approached them to see if he was there or if they knew where he was, and to tell him to turn himself in if he contacts them (He did at 6pm on Monday). Her wrists were bandaged due to injuries in part of the assault. I know the facts on this as I know the lass’s family, so personally I’ll not give him the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Norgethistle


    He was barely being paid the last year till he got fit, so if he was to get a chance at a top 3 club in Premiership or stay with a potential 1st division team remembering his career took 2 years out, where do you think he’d go not just for money but for his career?
  4. Norgethistle


    Both won’t be here come end of January, but for different reasons
  5. Norgethistle


    As is 5 others. Well 1 before then
  6. Norgethistle

    2019 PTFC Calendar

    A bit more substantial than a rumour
  7. Norgethistle

    2019 PTFC Calendar

    My bet is someone else leaves before him and before Xmas
  8. Norgethistle

    2019 PTFC Calendar

    Has anyone got a list of players featured, so we can run a sweep as to 1st to leave, how many gone in January how many gone in May
  9. Norgethistle


    The Xmas turkey will be around longer than him
  10. Norgethistle

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    The last time we went was the pre-season where we then went on to win promotion
  11. Norgethistle

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    Storer, who broke down. Possibly not a bad thing as he’s been cutting about like a would be gangster. Brice, who ran and was hauled down, hooded and dragged back, apparently he fought like hell. Not sure of the other that’s the only 2 names I heard mentioned. Remember Jackie MacNamarra used to take the team to Catterick barracks for pre-season to do a lot of the same exercises but for a week. It wasn’t actually the SAS it was SRR (Ex 14 Company) that we’re on their 8 week training led by SAS, otherwise I don’t think Brice would have got that far.
  12. Norgethistle

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    From what I heard from a very close friend of one of our 1st team, they found the Para thing a laugh (until the unplanned & unscripted SAS hostage take) but could laugh about it later on. He has rattled the dressing room, but by god did it need it, a few players are pissed off cause they aren’t calling the shots anymore, you’ll probably find they are gone in January
  13. Norgethistle

    QOS away 1/12/18

    The way he’s playing and the way we’ve been playing he may go 7 at the back, 3 in goals and Dools up front himself (again)
  14. Norgethistle

    QOS away 1/12/18

    Maybe he drives a Tesla
  15. Norgethistle


    Our team combined may not reach that