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  1. Norgethistle

    Scott Macdonald

    He’ll get double figures before May. He may not be match fit but he’s extremely fit according to my mate who takes the Motherwell u20’s who has contact with him. A stop gap signing but a great one at this level, he’s great at pulling fouls and taking half chances
  2. Norgethistle

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    The problem (from what I was told) is exactly that, he believes he should walk into that team, he’s been told he’s not fit, yet insists on tweeting he’s fully fit, from what I was told he won’t go the extra mile to lose some timber or improve his fitness, he expects that to come once playing
  3. Norgethistle

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Which makes him fresher than Coulibally when we signed him
  4. Norgethistle

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Sounded a poor game and we ground out a win, I’d be delighted if this is the case for our next 3 cup games
  5. Norgethistle


    This ones younger, but not much 1985 was my first games, tail end of the 84-85 season, Benny Rooney the manager, don’t think there was a goal my 1st few games. Yellow Morton’s Rolls strip, Kenny Watson our stand out by a mile, with a young Paddy Kelly and John Workman breaking into team, John & Paul Donnelly also in a very poor team. No idea how I got hooked (maybe persistence from my Dad) as we were poor, crowds were low and the stadium was dilapidated.
  6. Norgethistle


    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Whilst our form in the last 8 games is 2nd in the league, we still find ourselves 2nd bottom of the league, and a huge battle between now and May to stay up let alone talk of promotion. The team is definitely battling more and getting more streetwise but with that comes bookings and suspensions. I still think we need 5 or 6 wins to be safe, how close to the pack for playoffs that brings us I’m not sure, but us Falkirk and Alloa are all picking up points and shrinking the league. We aren’t out the woods yet but there is big improvements on the park
  7. Norgethistle

    Winter window

    Down to 2 now, struggling for a forward
  8. Norgethistle

    Winter window

  9. Norgethistle

    Winter window

    Keown didn’t want to be at the club this season after being “forced” into accepting a pay cut by the club publicly stating he’d refused to change his contract (Which the club were happy to sign of on with no relegation clause in it) and it was stopping players coming in as an effect. This has apparently caused problems at training and in the dressing room with bust ups between him and other players due to him not wanting to be here, Caldwell had him training with the kids recently
  10. Norgethistle


    A manager, any manager, should be judged by his recent results and currently his results recently have been decent. If he can get a run together and get us up the table then that will be judged as a relative success, if this is merely a blip and we go back to the atrocious form prior to Xmas then he’ll be judged as a failure
  11. Norgethistle

    Winter window

    3, Coulibaly and Storey aren’t strikers
  12. Norgethistle

    Jags vs QoTS 26/1/19

    According to Radio Scotland we played great with Fitzpatrick MoM, great 3 points but a hell of a lot of hard work needed till end of season to keep us up still
  13. Norgethistle

    Training Ground

    3 Black Cats and it’s owner will have a liability for tax based on profit (including interest at bank) and cash at bank. Setting up and building this will be seen as an expense which will be deducted from the tax liability, but for it to be seen as legal the value charged in rent must be market value or higher. If Thistle for example we’re turning a million pound profit but 3 black cats were way below the tax threshold, then (legally) the training ground rent could be charged in excess of market value dropping the club from top tax rate to normal, and bringing 3 blackcat from excempt to normal, a clever accountant will work out both scenarios. One of the other reasons for not allowing to undercharge is VAT, the revenue man wants his slice.
  14. Norgethistle

    Training Ground

    What JJ is stating regarding deliberately under charging commercial rent to make a loss being a no go under HMRC rules is true, especially when there is any link between both companies which there is and which can be proven, it’s to stop tax avoidance and laundering That can’t be dropped if we go down unless the market value also drops.
  15. Norgethistle


    Flares (With kickers) were back around 1989 1990 with Manchester scene too, happy days