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  1. This was the case last season. Don't know if it will continue followiing his illness.
  2. I see they're now asking for the rest of the SPFL to contribute to their legal costs. Maybe Hearts, Stranraer and us should ask for them to support us against those three? Reversing the promotions and relegations won't cost the league any money so it comes down to which three clubs deserve to be out of pocket by an unfair ending of the season. The clubs refused to take the way out which would have prevented any clubs from major disadvantage so maybe they should be asked to get off the fence!
  3. With all the talk of new clubs entering the SPFL. how long before there are rumblings of ressurecting the SPL or some other closed-shop for the top flight and wannabes?
  4. So, does the case start over again, just behind closed doors and in a different venue? If a judge rejected the 3 clubs petition is it open to be raised again at the arbitration hearing?
  5. He'll be back in time to model the away strip. (then we'd we'd know what it would look like on most Jags fan's bodies)
  6. I see someone's just come out of hibernation (for god knows how long!) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53315090
  7. How can you take a report that starts with "Neil Doncaster was clarity on the legal row between the SPFL, Hearts and Partick Thistle as soon as possible." seriously?
  8. Have I got it wrong but I thought that the three arbiters chosen by the two sides will look at the evidence and then come to a decision. The other three are no longer part of the arbitration process surely? (Unless called to give evidence maybe?) So why do DU need to retain their counsel? Sounds as though it's not only the SPFL who are playing them like a fiddle. Or maybe they're the ones at the fiddle?
  9. In, out, shake it all about.
  10. What they are trying to say is that we have been treated fairly by relegation but denying those three promotion would be unfair. Looking at the financial side we can claim to be losing money by being relegated but those three can only say that they will be denied a higher income.
  11. I take it you mean distribute and not procure. The local procurement only came after international supplies became obviously short. The central distribution was even localised to individual NHS boards and Health and social care partnerships and came about because private companies could not get supplies due to the reasons outlined above and also their suppliers were bumping up the price (maybe after creating a shortage, who knows?),
  12. A "see you in court" attitude?
  13. Maybe we should compare current Scotland to a pre-independent Norway?
  14. The way she's dressed that's more likely to be from last December!
  15. I think the most telling part is the quote at the end. "It is time to restore liberty and move to a voluntary system: to ask for continued caution but ask people to use common sense. The country is ready to be trusted. The question is whether the Prime Minister feels ready to trust us.!" This may be OK for the Norwegian population but I'm not so sure it pertains to the Great British public!