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  1. Training Ground Update

    Heard two different rumours about the Rabs. One was that it was the council that screwed them the other that it was the developers.
  2. Training Ground Update

    Also read that the vendor is retaining a small parcel of land and access will need to be documented. If they don't put a toll gate on it first.
  3. Training Ground Update

    Planning application seems to be already in here .
  4. Training Ground Update

    There were a lot of walls built a few years back to protect the housing just down the road but not sure if it covers the old sewage works. East Dunbarton Council will be keen to give the permission as they were on a high when we were looking at Twechar as the three Glasgow clubs woiuld have all their training grounds in the area.
  5. World Cup Pop Up

    Belgium for me, thanks.
  6. World Cup Pop Up

    I'm going for 27 for bonus no 5
  7. Team rebuilding

    I've had a look at the club's statements on the playing staff. The three were put on the list as being available for immediate transfer and that was it. They are still Partick Thistle players although I see the club isn't looking for kit sponsorship for them. Almost all the other "facts" about their status seems to have come from social media and can be put down to fans making things up. These are professional footballers and there's no reason to believe that if they are still with us at the start of the season they will not play to the best of their ability. Yes their wages may stop us bring ing in an extra player but none of us outside the staff of PTFC really know how many.
  8. World Cup Pop Up

    I'm going yo go with Colombia over England.
  9. World Cup Musings

    With no shots on goal by half-time the booking was the highlight so far! Wonder if any of the pundits will mention the crowd booing at the break?
  10. World Cup Pop Up

    I reckon there will be eleven games not needing extra time.
  11. World Cup Pop Up

    I'll take Sweden this time.
  12. World Cup Pop Up

  13. World Cup Pop Up

    I'm selecting Spain to beat Russia.
  14. World Cup Pop Up

    I don't think there will be any.
  15. World Cup Pop Up

    Player - Ronaldo Team - Belgium