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  1. scotty

    Vs Morton

    Sure that got him a few game suspension as it was an accumulation of cards. Most of which he'd picked up before returning to us.
  2. Yes, both teams and the officials. Probably the only way to guarantee a non-draw!
  3. scotty

    New Owner

    Milk! yeuch! Tea (and coffee) should be drunk black!
  4. Occassionally some Thistle fans show a blue or green tinge to their red and yellowness!
  5. scotty

    New Owner

    Any close relationship (real or imagined) between our chair and the CEO of the SFA was a possibility I had overlooked when trying to weigh up the factors that made the Jags so attractive to the consortium.
  6. scotty

    New Owner

    This is the bit I don't get. What club? Barnsley?
  7. scotty

    New Owner

    Sounds a bit like the bowling club model!
  8. scotty

    New Owner

    Beginning to look as though they've brought in McCall and Archiebald as the fall guys for relegetion!
  9. None of us know what IMcC has been told he can do with the squad in January. Maybe he has to wait and see what funds the new owners are going to put in!
  10. It's almost as though Thistle fans are taken for granted by the club. We're treated as though it's our duty to pay for these things and they'll put in as little effort as possible. The highlights on Jagzone amounted to less than 8 minutes (OK it may have been difficult to get any more we'd have wanted to see!) of poor footage. The tem lists at the start hadn't even up-dated the managers.
  11. scotty

    New Owner

    The club had 2 meet the manager events, at one of which two board members turned up looking like rabbits caught in headlights and who both promised better communication. I suppose you could argue that as the chair wasn't there then he doesn't have to stick to that promise. The AGM is for shareholders and not for ordinary fans. I guess that was the forum for passing on the major shareholders ideas for selling their shares and was none of the rest of our business.
  12. Knew it was a joke but our team is a bigger one!
  13. At 4-0 up do they need to?
  14. Can we get our first home win?