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  1. If these people you mention were wanting to get invoved and offer their advice, I can't see any reason for them not to.
  2. There seems to be a fair bit of "let's hope for the worse here, so we can be proved to be right" and disappointment that the celtic fans haven't wrecked Firhill!
  3. scotty

    V Alloa

    Aye at the second try.
  4. De Vita away back to Livingston.
  5. And as some lawyers chase ambulances, the Telegraph article looks like wishful thinking by others, hoping for an opportunity to make a name for themselves.
  6. Just as long as we can keep going for the second half!
  7. Any such funding has always been pure speculation anyway. As far as we know a budget has been set and is being stuck to (hopefully).
  8. Merry Christmas to all of us.
  9. The bit in bold would concern me. How do you ensure that the people you sell to are "fans" and that they are intending to invest? As there is likely to be NO chance of a financial return on any investment then why not have the club 100% owned by the fans organisation then these kind people who have money to put into the club can do as you suggest in the following paragraph.
  10. How can he have a gang? No-one likes him or trusts him! (tongue firmly in cheek)
  11. Yes but isn't that due diligence? (the buzz-word of share transfers)
  12. TFE was the group which got the ball rollimg and things have moved on with a working group set up to shape the organisation which will be there to receive the club into fan ownership. That's likely to be called something else so the pledges will not be made to TFE. With that proviso I will vote but on the principle and not the detail of the poll.