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  1. scotty

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    Will we go on like this 'till there's no letters left?
  2. scotty

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    I suppose it depends on how you read this bit Supporters under the age of 16 will continue to get free access to Ladbrokes Championship matches for the 2019/20 season, but they will require to be signed up for a free U16 season ticket to do so. There will be provision to sign up for a free season ticket before all matches at the Energy Check stadium at Firhill, but supporters will no longer be able to pick up a one-off free ticket ahead of kick off.
  3. scotty

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    And the sun used to shine all summer ....
  4. scotty

    State of Play

    No, one of the arguments on here is that no matter what the board, CEO or manager do, it's wrong.
  5. Well not really (or at all) ... but why pass up the chance to use an announcement as a stick to beat the club. My only worries about the new way of administering this is that for away fans it may have been an incentive for people to come along to games they wouldn't normally attend if they could bring along their kids free to a game. I'm thinking of neutrals. Secondly I would hope that U-16 season tickets can be bought without purchasing an adult one. Hopefully the club will have worked out the pros and cons of the changes.
  6. scotty

    Youth Academy closing ?

    Well, this piece of news has managed to split the supporters on here three ways! There's those who think the redundancies should have been made last season, those who think we should make more people redundant in order to keep Dools and Erskine hanging around Firhill and then there's those who are not self-professed experts on everything who are just hoping for the best for the club.
  7. scotty

    State of Play

    Why don't you re-write a club statement that says "we didn't do well enough last season" to "we won the championship and have been promoted to the premiership"? Just as much BS but more pleasing to the senses!
  8. scotty

    Youth Academy closing ?

    THe club statement does not say anyone got laid off today.
  9. scotty

    Colin Weir Stand shut

    I don't get the bit about using the "concourse" in the CW stand for pre-match activities for younger fans. Put them in there for 1/2 an hour and they'll want to go straight home.
  10. scotty

    Dools Race Night.

    Why they feel that way, why the poster's saying that or why are they on P & B?
  11. scotty

    Next season's kit

    I'm not biting! But I'm sure there is another possibility.
  12. scotty

    Next season's kit

    Some combination of the two?
  13. scotty

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Yip, Don't think you should mention him in this thread. Good news though!
  14. scotty

    A night with GC

    The issue of the access road being owned by someone else was highlighted at the time of the initial planning application. Also, for those looking for more communication on the development, the training ground is being planned, paid for and owned by Three Black Cats. Thistle are just waiting for a friendly developer opening it so they can ren a training centre.
  15. scotty

    A night with GC

    I would have thought we would maybe have about nearer 2500 of a core support. How many of them are hard? I couldn't guess.