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  1. scotty

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    One win today two goals this game three points for starters four wins till Christmas five wins till New Year six months for promotion seven signings in window eight months for training ground nine means our Doolan ten brilliant outfielders eleven stars all starting twelve points clear in June Not really my forte - songwriting
  2. scotty

    Club Shop at Firhill Open During Week

    Or why not have a nostalgia calendar? I'm sure there are plenty of high quality prints of players, goals etc that could fill a calendar. Rather than players who may even be gone before the calendar starts.
  3. scotty

    Dundee Utd v Ayr

    Yes they can but as they've onlygot 1500 or so seats then that will be the capacity. I don't know what their season ticket numbers are but it could be only season ticket holders get in and no away fans.
  4. scotty

    Dundee Utd v Ayr

    Reading Ayr fans' postings on forums, sounds as though they're almost expecting the SPFL to change the rules for terracing.
  5. scotty

    Max Melbourne Prediction League

    I'd willingly give it up for a Jag's win!
  6. scotty

    QOS away 1/12/18

    That's fine but just what system would you play and with which players. There are plenty fans giving plenty of different ideas but not much consensus. (apart from binning most of the squad)
  7. scotty

    QOS away 1/12/18

    I'm not sure there is a system that would suit the players we have.
  8. scotty

    QOS away 1/12/18

    Caldwell's signings have been sh1te. Oh wait a minute ......
  9. scotty

    Paratroopers training squad

    As it was only for a couple of days it would be more of a team-building exercise than for fitness. I wonder if 4 Para are anywhere as near as crazy as their predecessors in 15 Para. Back in the cold-war days they flew over to Germany to take part in an exercise. We were warned not to engage them as they had a reputation for taking things too seriously. The rumours were that they had destroyed a chieftain tank.
  10. scotty

    Rocksport Archie's interview

    Aye, then convince every other team in the country. So we're not at a disadvantage.
  11. scotty

    ICT vs. Thistle

    The concensus seems to change those "few honourable exceptions" on a weekly basis.
  12. scotty

    Update from chairman

    The ones the players can never find. Or maybe these. https://ptfc.co.uk/contact-us/
  13. scotty

    Missing Strikers

    Nowhere near to what his silence did to Coulibaly. He disappeared off the face of the earth. (or at least Greenock).
  14. scotty

    Missing Strikers

    There was mention of Doolan being injured in Caldwell's interview on Jagzone.
  15. scotty

    Stickers on season ticketed seats

    A big problem is the amount of stickers left over from previous seasons. It's difficult to say which seats are taken for this season.