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  1. How can a league with Morton in it be posh?
  2. scotty


    Don't worry it will come back tomorrow!
  3. Interesting wee blog on Maryhill Burgh Halls site. https://gordon-barr.squarespace.com/blog/2020/3/30/partick-thistle-moves-to-maryhill?fbclid=IwAR1odHFRj1S2XdlBj9ni69mnKMoHO7MM8lhNiaaqW1iVnnXlr9YYk7ST-bk
  4. It's McCall. He'll probably come out with one of our defeats against his Ayr side! (tounge firmly in cheek)
  5. Just heard the discusion about furlough on sportsound. According to what they're saying this sort of thing could mean the club can't claim the 80% of wages.
  6. The crews of three passing mini submarines who stopped off at Firkill for a photo?
  7. They probably need to stoke the rivalry to keep their non attending "supporters" buying tops, scarfs and other tasteful clothing lines to wear around the shopping centres. Similar reason not to be too proactive in addressing bigotry.
  8. I think that both of these will be necessary for the health and well-being of communities when we come out the other side of this pandemic. Football, at all levels has been in need of a shake-up for a long time. So, like many areas of society, we should be looking at getting things right from the ( re) start and the womans' and youth set-ups need to be part of this.
  9. But what would the nation argue about while sitting at home bored?
  10. Does Norway still have earnings related benefits?
  11. This was something I asked about previously. And was given an answer about guesswork. Was the original deal that 3BC bought the shares in Propco gave the money to all the shareholders AND then returned the property to PTFC? To me that doesn't sound right. Fantastic if it was but sounds improbable. More likely the deal was for 3BC to buy out the other shares and then return the ground to Thistle.
  12. Recently there have been a good few posters up in the city centre looking for pro footballers to go to Iceland.
  13. That was my first game at Firhill after moving to Glasgow having lived in the north of Scotland and Sweden for a good part of my life. Was in the away end with some Killie supporting friends and became a firm Thistle supporter before half time.
  14. Or walked down Leith and asked "are you a football fan? Do you think Hearts should be relegated?"