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  1. scotty

    Reasons to be positive

    I guess if you are sticking to a break-even budget you wouldn't want to spend the money from a cup tie until it actually came in. Either that or you will be accused of being hypocritical and spending money you haven't got. Wasn't that the critcism the new board had of the old?
  2. scotty

    New Owner

    The statement is just a report on what he said at the open day. He didn't give out much information then. Why isn't Beattie making a statement?
  3. scotty

    4 minutes of NOTHING!!!

    Over a week and no Gary Caldwell on jagzone? When's the rumours starting?
  4. scotty

    New Owner

    We've now got back to the point in the circle where the experts in finance, business and football matters are putting forward their diametrically opposed points on the merits/demerits of the consortium. But no-one, so far has actually put forward any thoughts on how the consortium could take forward our club to make it viable for the future. It's one thing saying they did it with Barnsley and Nice. Barnsley is a club in a league awash with money and Nice, I take it, are in a similar position. We are a club struggling to retain our place in the second tier of a league where the vast majority of cash is directed towards two clubs. Both of whom reside in the same city as us and no matter how much we dream we will never overtake either of them in terms of supporter numbers, on-field success or financial strength. Any investors coming in to this club will need to invest millions to artificially take us to a position where we win the league and a cup or two, get in to Europe for an extended run and then get out quick because we know what will happen after that. Either that or they have to be willing to commit for many years without the hope of any large return. What I have not read much of on this thread, is sensible and practical ideas on where our club should go. In our pre-promotion year there were plans put into place to make the Firhill experience much more fan friendly. Fans were asked for ideas, volunteers were used to enhance the enjoyment of a day at Firhill and efforts were made to try to encourage a family friendly atmosphere around Thistle. I may be remembering wrongly but all that seemed to go when we were promoted, as though we were too "professional" for all that. We were in the "big" league and had to play the game their way. Instead of consolidating on our success, we let ourselves go backwards and inevitably maybe got to today's position. Maybe if Colin Weir's idea of giving the fans some involvement in the form of shares was the way to go if the board had not stifled any chance of some fan influence. I am worried that at the end of all this we will either not have a club to support or if there is a PTFC it will be nothing like the club we follow and love. There has to be a third way. One where fans are involved in the club and the club is interested in the fans. Surely all the brains on here could get together and work for our club and not just to get petty points over on the other side. We should all be on the same side. So instead of using your knowlege of what's going on behind the scenes to try to appear more ITK than anyone else, why not explain how this consortium will be good for the long term future of Partick Thistle. Give us somthing more than blind acceptance that you are right. And those opposed, what is your plan to take us out of the mire we have found ourselves in?
  5. scotty

    New Owner

    This is the first I've heard this. Have you a source?
  6. scotty

    attendance v DU

    The TV deal was something GB spoke about. He didn't sound too pleased about it and pointed out that it was the SPFL that brokered rhe deal and that clubs had no say in it.
  7. scotty

    Big Yellow Taxi - Pile in!

    Jags fans are so much nicer to each other when we're not talking about football. Maybe we should turn Firhill into a music venue!
  8. scotty

    New Owner

    Maybe but fans on this forum will spend it ten times over with their demands for signings.
  9. scotty

    New Owner

    S'funny how many fans on here are saying they are content to have a budget set to suit our guaranteed income and to stick with it. Very admirable and Iook forward to the same restraint when it comes to demanding that the team on the park fits those same ambitions.
  10. scotty

    attendance v DU

    It's bound to be Cally Thistle.
  11. scotty

    New Owner

    I think for some it's the pronoun "she" that does it!
  12. scotty

    New Owner

    Something I may have missed. Have the FA also had a look at this takeover?
  13. scotty

    J Low

    And the complete reversal of form which followed it.
  14. scotty

    New Owner

    Is that a Shakespearean quote? I was sure it was Toy Storian!
  15. scotty

    J Low

    I'm so afraid she may be a black magic woman.