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  1. I'm predicting Hearts 2 Thistle 1. But what do I know about the future?
  2. My heart says differently but my head is screaming Dundee Utd 3 - Thistle 0.
  3. scotty


    Bloody Hell! Is this becoming a C^^^*c fans forum, with all this talk of subterfuge and speculation?
  4. scotty

    Caley Game At Home in March - On Telly?

    Thanks. Found it. What's it doing way down there?
  5. scotty

    Caley Game At Home in March - On Telly?

    Damn you BBC Scotland. Not only is our football on at bloody rotten times, BBC 4 has gone!
  6. scotty

    Ayr away 12th March

    Isn't the timing in order to have the football over in time for the news program? Or is that only for the Friday games on the new channel?
  7. scotty

    Scottish cup quarters

    I was thinking more along the line of they're playing Friday, Wednesday (both cup ties) and then travelling to Firhill on the Saturday. We're playing two Saturdays.
  8. scotty

    Scottish cup quarters

    Have County not got a cup game against East Fife on Friday?
  9. scotty

    Scottish cup quarters

    They're allowed in the main stand.
  10. scotty

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Looking forward to C****c at Firhill and our fans cheering the pyrotechnic entertainment.
  11. scotty

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Off the Ball were discussing this before the game. (Spooky). The ex ref on the show said it should be an indirect free kick.
  12. scotty

    Andréa Mutombo Prediction League

    Just think, if it wasn't for that 88th minute goal for Ayr!
  13. scotty

    V Inverness

    When I used to live up that way, there were two pieces of weather-lore which were pertinent. If you can't see the Ben, it's raining (snowing). If you can see the Ben it's going to rain (snow). The other was "What follows two wet days in Fort William? Monday!"