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  1. We might not have a say in the matter. I wld hope to stay up....
  2. I needed a night sleep to think about this game.... I disagree with Bunter, I thought QOS played well and deserved to win. I have never thought that O’Ware/McGinty works (still don’t) I saw a lack of communication between them two and even with Fox... Fox is a great shot stopper ....like him to command his area a bit more. Brannigan huffs, puffs and works hard...can’t pass forward. ( lack of movement upfront ???) Playing Cardle and Zanatta can’t cross a ball and stifled Robson and Williamson to go forward. Miller - experience over pace and spring in the legs ..... It didn’t/won’t work unless he sits behind a striker who can do all his running. A lot of work and a few goodbyes come the transfer window.
  3. Arbroath Friday!!!! Flycatcher replied to thebiglemon's topic in Main Jags forum If it wasn’t for Fox we shd be 3 down. O’ware and McGinty has not and will never work as a partnership I will repeat.... O'ware and McGinty isn't working !!!!
  4. It was a underwhelming appointment. By a extremely underwhelming chairman. Please if Miller is chosen...let it be as caretaker
  5. The board ( whoever that is this month ) will NOT sack GC Can’t afford to sack him.
  6. If it wasn’t for Fox we shd be 3 down. O’ware and McGinty has not and will never work as a partnerships. Miller is too slow to be upfront on his own.... shocking
  7. Kit sponsor by saga
  8. Thank you for putting it much,much better then I did..... Maybe it’s the way I wrote it and comparing to the Bunnet....... Bertie team was working to be very hard to beat. It’s wasn't the prettiest football and was industrial in style. Although it did the job. As did the Bunnet, not pleasing to watch, but effective. its interesting that nobody argues with me in that,the administration of the club is piss poor ?!?
  9. He did the same job as the Bunnet ie results more important then the football. As for be loyal.... As I said I love the club and always will...... I’m just so very tired of the bollock and bullshit from GC and the board. I just won’t be putting my money over the turnstiles for a while... I’m and and always will be Thistle till I die
  10. I have followed the jags since 1979/80 season. My first game was against Dundee . Two nil up at h/t and we lost 2-3 I have seen manager come and go... Some good times (St Lambie). Some bad times (club nearly going under) Some Ugly times ( watching Thistle under the Bunnet and Bertie Auld ) I have decided to take next season away from Firhill... I can not stand GC attitude and the club direction. Every interview or comment his or the boards attitude is almost Disrespectful to the fans. In interviews after the games GC always never accepts the opposition has better plan and rewrites the games to his way. It’s untruthful to the fans,It’s bulls£#t I’m tired of their crap We live in a time that social interaction is part of the business plan. They are dreadful . . . I can understand the lack of sentiment in business. But without people there is no club. The way they dealt with Doolan and even Erskine was pathetic at worst and very badly planned at best. I love this club But, I wonder if this administration loves us ??
  11. The only surprise is how long it took....
  12. Well....that answers that question ! ! Could this be the first nail in a new coffin..... Saturdays game might be the second !?!