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  1. uberteeb

    Todays Attendance

    North Stand in particular seems down numbers wise, Beattie's antics last season the final straw for some? I had a season ticket last season, I squeezed in the Aberdeen game last year before going to an event in the evening, one year on with no season ticket I didn't bother paying £22 to inconvenience myself. Next time I wake up in Edinburgh on a Saturday morning I won't be rushing back to Glasgow to see a game because I've already paid for it. You can see how the slippery slope begins. And it's only £2 up but don't underestimate the fact it's now over £20 to get in.
  2. uberteeb

    Danny Seaborne

    Decent addition, with him and Balatoni I'd like to think we might be regularly good at attacking corners for the first time in what feels like my lifetime.
  3. uberteeb

    Tonights Game

    Excellent performance, excellent goals, stewarding better, catering better, Codfather excellent, etc.
  4. uberteeb

    Sean Welsh

    And Labour changed none of the anti-union laws in their 13 years of power and offer nothing in the increasingly unlikely event they get a majority in 2015. Better Together indeed. As for Sean Welsh, I've always thought he was over-rated by most Jags fans and I wouldn't have a fit Welsh in the starting XI against Ross County if he was available. Still, gotta treat the guy right.
  5. uberteeb

    Getting Away From It All...or Not

    My flatmate has ended his 30 year tenure as 'one of the people' as a result of the Israel flag at Derby. Pleased for him and his family.
  6. uberteeb

    Competition: Name The Chip Shop

    Grand Opening 4pm Monday 30 June. Full pre-season under the belt of the fryers before the home opener in August. They've gone with the same name as their other shop, The Codfather. Runners-up prizes awarded for Battered In Maryhill and Thistle's Plaice. https://www.facebook.com/thecodfathermaryhill?fref=ts
  7. uberteeb

    Was Tag Just A Dream Again

    Apparently so, was talking to a guy who was relatively new to the club who was working on it at the end of last season, supposed to be out for this year.
  8. uberteeb

    Lennon Offski

    Must go to Larson surely, that'll put bums on seats and they might even half fill their ground next season as a result.
  9. uberteeb

    And The Price Of A Season Ticket Is?

    Price freeze for renewals. The club coined it in last season. There's also the issue that if you hike season tickets you need to hike the pay at the gate or the ST becomes even worse value for money and provides even less incentive to purchase one.
  10. uberteeb

    Reserved Kids' Seats £25

    You just made that up. I can confirm.
  11. uberteeb

    Meeting Tomorrow - Updates

    Anyone know if any other clubs offer a non-OF season ticket? (I know that both cheeks offered it for games against the other before one of them ceased to exist). Will be an interesting discussion next summer assuming Sevco do come back into the Prem.
  12. uberteeb

    Fans Behind The Dugout Move...

    People really think Archie raised this with the board as a pressing concern?
  13. uberteeb

    Competition: Name The Chip Shop

    Not quite open yet and the name still hasn't been decided on, or at least it hadn't when I spoke to my mate on Saturday.
  14. uberteeb

    Banzo - A Jag Until 2016

    Banzo + Fraser could really be something next season. Hopefully catch it at an away game.
  15. uberteeb

    Ross Forbes

    Really? If you're holding on to a game you don't want someone who is afraid to tackle and get stuck in. If you are chasing a game he has no pace. At no point this season have I thought 'I wish we could bring on Forbes'. His only asset is his left foot and frankly no player should be in a Premiership squad solely because he can put in a half decent cross (sometimes).