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  1. "Together we are Thistle ". = T.W.A.T.
  2. Excellent result - fair cheered me up! Now, where's that single malt?
  3. Same here... I want to give my money to the club but the ticket renewal site prevents me. A phonecall to Firhill on Tuesday is the only option, I think.
  4. Issue 8 is another masterpiece. I now know how to disarm a nuclear device. Surely the Booker prize beckons.
  5. Has the club officialy announced its decision on the North Stand? If not, when should we expect the announcement to be made?
  6. I heard a rumour that Dick Campbell might be available. ....just saying!
  7. He has been a "safe pair of hands" for us all season; coping with the pressures remarkably well. He kept a cool head when many of the fans, myself included I'm sorry to say, we're beginning to panic. His signings have mostly proved good choices. Most importantly, he has treated triumph and disaster as two sides of the same coin; taking lessons from defeats, rejecting the temptation to boast when we win. I find these qualities admirable and I hope he stays with us for a long time to come.
  8. What do we need? Champagne!!
  9. Yes,,,,,,THIS! Sort out our dodgy defence and we'll be cruising next season. Where did I put that beer?
  11. Excellent objectives.
  12. I'll certainly be buying a copy, mainly for the seduko and the nude centrefold. A most commendable read.
  13. Lifetime ban for this idiot. The club comes in for a lot of criticism on this site but, this time, they deserve praise for dealing with the matter quickly and correctly.