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  1. State - occasionally the Woodside. Used to go to Munro’s but stopped for the same reasons given by other contributors - no football on TV and reduced beer choice - plus you used to be able to pick your own music via an app but that was binned in favour of bland pish played on a loop.
  2. Dumfries is my favourite Scottish football jolly, so will definitely be there. As mentioned above - Peterhead - I’d given up and wasn’t going to go but the manner of the victory made it one of my highlights of following Thistle (even took the car, so wasn’t a booze cruise away day).
  3. Sadly, Glasgow > Carlisle on the WCML is a bus replacement - otherwise I might have gone that route.
  4. They’re going to open the terracing (Terregles Street) if the demand is there (which it will be). I’m concerned ScotRail will only have a two-carriage 156, like the Scottish Cup game last season (a ScotRail employee requested four carriages for that train but it didn’t happen - so I was told by ScotRail chap on the day).
  5. Lamont went on to manage Falkirk again (briefly), Dumbarton and Alloa - I was curious, so looked up the incredibly reliable Wikipedia... It’s between Lamont and Johnstone for worst manager during my time attending Thistle matches. Plenty of other strong candidates though.
  6. What a delicate soul you must be - it's only chat on a fans' forum.
  7. Gallacher remains one of the worst players i have seen in a Thistle shirt.