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  1. twinny


    Looks like a step backwards so far. Hopefully he has a probation period in his contract.
  2. twinny

    Morton vs. Thistle

    I just read a report from a guest user which was clearly meant as a reply. Whoever you are guest user, log in and make an account and you can post. Anyway, here is their post: "The parable of the Bricklayer: I watched the Ayr game and saw some elements of the points Gary raised in his post match interview after Morton . I didn’t feel at all that there was a lack of desire that couldn’t be put right at all . In fact, I thought that it was one of our best performances , although some work to do , agreed, in attacking the ball at times . If we had drawn 1-1 , that wouldn’t have been an unjust result . I thought that Gary , as a Central defender himself , would be brilliant at sharing his knowledge, experience and vastly improve our defence with his skills and really coach an improvement . I haven’t changed my mind in this and I love his fire and determination . Anger is a healthy emotion, that’s official from a psychologist friend of mine . But anger has to be managed , or it becomes temper and that’s where decisionmaking can be faulty owing to a lack of calmness , analysis or “Emotional Intelligence”. So , I get Gary’s frustrations and I guess , he has to decide which direction to move in to best resolve this frustration. I do, however, feel that in order to be a successful leader , one of the key attributes is emotional intelligence . All players including Gary make mistakes . Gary’s job is to lead, coach and motivate these players whilst under contract to improve. I never find public humiliation a useful tactic in any management situation . Also, it is risky and has backfired many times .. ie , De Bruyne! The manager’s role includes improving players technically, tactically and as Gary fairly points out, explaining the required level of aggression, bravery and desire necessary to be successful. All this has has to be done in a way that gets the messages across effectively and engagingly . Players know about the January transfer window , rest assured , they all know the score. In the modern game, humiliation, threats and public shaming from your leader simply isn’t an effective strategy and I think that, on reflection, Gary will regret his decisions and comments when the dust settles . By all means tell the players privately how you feel, but bullying in public isn’t going to work . I have made many mistakes in my life and I am not perfect , but one thing I have learned in life is, as managers, we are like BRICKLAYERS : The value we have is in our skill to take an ordinary looking brick and through our expertise, create something that has more value and when put together with other bricks, can become a wall . It takes time, some shaping and some difficult decisions , but don’t throw the brick away based on first appearances . Wait until you have really worked on it and then, once you have your wall and it is doing it’s job, either look in with pride on what you have done to improve each brick ... or it is then easy to replace and nobody really notices ."
  3. twinny

    The Gaffer

    I was half listening to Jagzone yesterday as I was quite busy. We played Elliott at CB?! So Caldwell took the guy who has been having a difficult time with mistakes recently, who would normally have been dropped to give him a break but cannot because we have no other right backs and totally exposed him at CB? That's crazy. Each time I heard he had an error leading to a goal I was sad that someone who has been pretty good for us in the past is having such a terrible season, but that's totally on Caldwell yesterday. On another less relevant note, I think that's Elliott now played every position except goalkeeper for us in competitive matches. Yay.
  4. twinny

    Morton vs. Thistle

    If your teammates are out of position, you have no options and someone closing you down, do you still try to find a teammate or boot it out and regroup? Sometimes it's the right thing to do.
  5. twinny

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    I'm not sure that would be a good idea. Not just from a personal data perspective, but if the club shares the data and then that prospective manager gets a gig at a rival, it's a pretty big mistake.
  6. twinny

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    It doesn't say the training plans are tailored to the individual, although it's written in a way that makes you think it might be.
  7. twinny

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Subscribe to Jagzone, watch all the matches and evaluate each player's strengths and weaknesses.
  8. twinny

    Who & where is Potty Trained?

    Agreed. Any calls to out the identity of a forum user who has chosen an anonymous username is not needed. Anyone can come and go from the forum as they please and don't need to offer a reason.
  9. twinny

    PTFC Calendar

    I've always thought an academic year calendar would make far more sense for football clubs. Misses out on the unimaginative Christmas presents market though.
  10. twinny

    Team rebuilding

    Welcome Brice Ntambwe. Better than Tommy Bryce I hope!
  11. twinny

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Maybe it should say Ivorian Striker rather than Ivory Striker...
  12. twinny

    Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo New Signing

    To be fair, it's a brilliant heads gone of the week. Well, if we had such an award.
  13. twinny


    It's in the match preview on the official site too.
  14. twinny

    Stranraer v Partick Thistle

    I like the look of that, except I'd rather see Penrice further forward if he's going to be played in midfield. We really do need a sitting midfielder, but it'll be interesting to see how he does in that position against a lower league team.