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  1. Could well be. I remember going in to get a name and number (Lennon, 8) on a Thistle top and David McCallum was serving me. The manager tried to convince me to get McCallum's name instead. Years later I was working behind the bar for a season in the hospitality at QP matches. McCallum was a coach there and I got chatting to him after they played Gretna. I told him about my visit to Greaves, he then pointed out Danny Lennon standing at the other end of the function room. Very weird day that, some ancient QP director was fussing all over some weirdo with long back long hair. Told me the guy was a millionaire. It was the next season when we were in the second division with Gretna that I realised who he was.
  2. Viteslav, I believe
  3. I thought our passing was the best I'd seen from us for a few years, especially under pressure. My 8 year old nephew thought it was amazing seeing our players, particularly Kakay, having two or three opponents trying to tackle him but controlling the ball and passing like there was no pressure on him at all. I don't agree that we could have been 4 or 5 up though, I felt we were guilty of trying to walk the ball into the net, but maybe that's because as bad as Morton were, their defence was fairly well organised and we seemed to find it tough to make clear cut scoring opportunities.
  4. Looked a stonewall penalty to me at the time and the highlights don't change that. Led with his elbow going up for the header and caught him with it.
  5. twinny

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    @javeajag I've hidden your post as it's abusive, not for the first time in this thread either. Making fun of people's mental health is not on.
  6. Before hiding your post I read it to my wife to check what her thoughts were. As I say, incredibly misogynistic and just not very funny. I'd go so far as to suggesting you feel women aren't important or even useful members of society making that kind of joke. There's now a couple of pages criticising Shelley Kerr with some defending her as a choice. The first page offers criticism of her team's performance and ability to maintain a happy dressing room through man management. The second page suggests she can't do it because she is a woman. That's why you're accused of being sexist, even before the worst of the posts was hidden. For what it's worth, I think Kerr's qualification record is exactly what we need right now, but the dressing room fallout isn't so dissimilar to Caldwell's recent treatment of our senior players over the past 12 months from the outside. But to question her experience? She's managed in the men's game one league below where Danny Lennon has been managing for the past couple of years and she's taken a Scotland team to a world cup. So she's experienced enough. Question her record instead of comparing her level of experience with a terrier.
  7. Hidden a post because of its misogynistic nature. Come on guys, I'd have thought you're better than that.
  8. I'll be there and will be bringing my nephew to his first football match. He's at risk of becoming a Celtic fan, so any tips on brainwashing will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Mansell looks knackered, did he take a knock at some point?
  10. Seventeen years later on, we still can't do itSuccess has been so easy for them
  11. I was working as a waiter in the Celtic hospitality that day, I was taking a break watching the match and was in a box directly in line with that goal. It was way over.
  12. I assume the game will be on iPlayer after it's finished? Anyone know? I'm busy this evening so I'm thinking of avoiding the score and coming home to watch it soon after it ends.
  13. Today I was reading about a Facebook group full of people in the millennial to gen Z brackets all writing posts as though they are boomers. Didn't realise it had made its way here, well played.
  14. If you forget about how he left us and just at his goalkeeping record, you would take him. Championship winner twice and decent amount of Premiership experience. If Sneddon is good enough, he'll play anyway, but two decent keepers competing can only be a good thing.