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  1. twinny

    A Bing Solution

    This thread is basically Jesus and/or Rangers, back from the dead. I have deleted the (first) spam post.
  2. Unless all of these subs have all been injury enforced, Caldwell hasn't been watching.
  3. Strange substitution though, we need Harkins and Mansell replaced, more experience up front required.
  4. Harkins is having a mare, every time he makes a mistake he has an argument with the ref to try and hide the fact he's just fucked up. When the duck is Caldwell going to make a change?
  5. twinny


    Let's refrain from the abuse guys. I never normally have to remove a bunch of posts after a win. Let's just enjoy it and hope the good form carries on, eh?
  6. twinny

    Scottish cup quarters

    I'm pretty upset about the scheduling to be honest. As I was living in Germany the past couple of years and all my trips home coincided with long away journeys or winter breaks, I haven't been to a game since we were on our way to the top six. I've been back in the UK a couple of months and knew the next round coincided with a planned trip to Glasgow. I'll need to be back at work on the Tuesday in the Midlands so my plan was to drive back Monday evening. It looks like I won't even get to watch it on TV now.
  7. twinny

    V Inverness

    The club did do this. They reduced the service to commentary only this season due to the low subscription rate and increased costs as there aren't cameras recording for BT/Sky that we used to piggyback on in the Premiership. If I remember correctly it was something like 84 subscribers to Jagzone world, which doesn't sound like much, but at £12 per month per subscriber is about a grand a month, which you would think would cover the production before you consider the lower subscription levels. Still, it isn't exactly going to raise the funds for a further player wage, so at the time I felt if the money that would go into equipment/maintenance/service is better invested, then fair enough. Edited to add, I realise now that you mean for UK based fans to attend or watch games. Current TV deals mean we wouldn't be allowed to broadcast games in the UK, alongside laws about broadcasting matches at 3PM on a Saturday. I agree that at our level the TV agreement shouldn't stop us from broadcasting online to subscribers, but it's still 3PM on a Saturday.
  8. twinny

    V Inverness

  9. twinny

    Winter window

    Moussa signs!
  10. twinny


    He more recently said, after having a child, that he had changed his mind and security was more important to him than had been previously. I had always assumed he was offered a deal but not taken it. I'm not ITK and don't follow players on Twitter or anything like that, it was just a hunch.
  11. twinny

    aiden fitzpatrick

    Your link hasn't worked, I could fix it but as it goes to snake mountain I'd rather not. Fitzpatrick has been linked with Norwich and Regards from a couple of sources. These stories usually have nothing in them, but I can't see young Aiden looking to hear his name bored booed every week by Neanderthals not realising he plays for them.
  12. twinny

    League Cup Final re-enactment

    It's nearly as bad as the BBC doing "live updates" of the 1966 world cup on its fiftieth anniversary, or even more bizzarley live updates of the shooting of Franz Ferdinand on the hundredth. Utter cringe.