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  1. Souleymane Coulibaly

    Maybe it should say Ivorian Striker rather than Ivory Striker...
  2. Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo New Signing

    To be fair, it's a brilliant heads gone of the week. Well, if we had such an award.
  3. Jagzone..Highlights

    It's in the match preview on the official site too.
  4. Stranraer v Partick Thistle

    I like the look of that, except I'd rather see Penrice further forward if he's going to be played in midfield. We really do need a sitting midfielder, but it'll be interesting to see how he does in that position against a lower league team.
  5. Archie out - Now or Never.

    Let's calm down with the personal attacks guys, this isn't P&B.
  6. Thistle vs Falkirk - Relegation Decider?

    35 cup finals between now and the end of the season.
  7. Use it or lose it. NOMADS

    I'm in Germany these days, near to Konstanz. Been here two years now but looking to move back to the UK.
  8. Matchday Programme For 18/19 Season

    FT, were they not previously meant to be part of the jagzone package? I was never able to get them to load anyway. Last weekend I had a look on jagzone there was no programme section that I could find.
  9. I've locked the thread as anyone looking for analysis of the game (probably) won't be interested in the flag debate. Feel free to carry it on in the general forum. If you want the posts transferred to a new thread in that forum just let me know by PM.
  10. Can we draw a line under this flag debate? Nobody is going to convince anyone else. The topic has moved completely away from the game, if it carries on I might actually do my first bit of moderating in what feels like a decade.
  11. Ayr at home

    Maybe to see how they are as a pairing before the league starts.
  12. Jagzone

    The comparison against clubs of a similar size in terms of measurement of apathy is interesting. More simplistically though, how many of those teams offer an overseas subscription service? I think that demonstrates the viability.
  13. New Signing - Aaron Lennox

    Interesting. I thought we'd be going with two keepers, Sneddon must be wondering when he's going to get an opportunity. No idea if he's any good, but some experience at this level means he should be motivated to push Bell for a place in the first team. Also, I guess he must be a step up from Scully who while he wasn't the best keeper we've had he should be ok at this level. Otherwise we'd have held on to Scully.
  14. Jagzone

    I'm sad to see it go, but I understand the logic. I think with the numbers it might be possible they make a small profit but the money can probably be better invested elsewhere. The club will have done the maths so there is no point in arguing I get the point about pay per view viewers, but the club can't budget based on this.
  15. douglas clark

    From the line up I can't quite tell, is it 3-5-2 or is it 4-4-2? As in, do you think Barton is sweeper or defensive mid? Hearing about Livi's good physical centre backs I had thought this might be the occasion for Sammon and Doolan together. Sammon to compete physically and perhaps make space for Doolan to get second balls. But on p+b at least they've also said Livi's midfield is tough to break down, so it's tempting to keep five men in midfield, but then we turn it into a midfield shitfest which they would probably enjoy. I'm overthinking this completely for someone who physically hasn't been to a game this season!