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  1. The one redeeming point for Dundee is that the majority of their fans seem to be as seething as us about it.
  2. If I was a fan of say Ayr, Airdrie, Inverness etc and my club voted in favour of this, I would be fuming. These clubs are in with a chance of going up and to be blackmailed into losing that would be awful as a fan.
  3. And added to that they had Flanagan, Barker, Polster, Hastie and Jones playing, so hardly a poor side. In any case, I never read much into any friendlies
  4. Very young Thistle team against a very experienced Clyde side including Goodwillie, Johnston, Lamont, McStay and McNiff. Sneddon was excellent, some very good saves, handling and kicking. Watson looked good up top, Sena ok in middle but beyond that didn’t learn much from it such as the gap in experience. Not sure why we didn’t play Austin, Robson, Mansell, Barjonas etc tonight to get them some match sharpness
  5. 1-0 Clyde at half time...which came from our favourite of failing to defend a corner Looks a much more experienced Clyde side. Sneddon with a few good saves
  6. All ten players back and Benedictus gets a completely free run at it. The corner also came from Saunders just getting brushed out of the way as usual to concede the corner
  7. Not a meaningful shot on target in 90 minutes
  8. As soon as the fixtures came out, we should have known that there was a fair chance we would be playing in those conditions. When I got there today and seen the conditions, I knew we would lose because we have no fight about us. We had the bulk of the second half but Arbroath still pressed us hard and tried to get forward, unlike us in the first. Fox booting the ball out of the park from about six consecutive goal kicks was just embarrassing
  9. I could be wrong but I think a couple of years back Thorsten Stuckmann was in January and we released him when his contract expired on New Years Day
  10. I was wondering that too as Archie said in his pre-match preview that the return of Jones had allowed Miller to drop deeper and link play. I don’t feel that he is very effective at it though and is better up top, he had a decent goal return at the start
  11. Whilst I don’t disagree, Jamie McDonald was absolutely outstanding today. No idea why he is playing at this level
  12. He was excellent yesterday. Unusual because he is normally very poor. Was impressed by the fat he kept his cards in his pocket and let the game flow as best as possible in difficult conditions
  13. Agreed, Ridgers was excellent yesterday, made a string of very good saves. He and Cole were having something of a personal battle. Thought we were excellent yesterday. Strange after getting the same ref in consecutive weeks against Cuikie and the Pars, we then had MacLean last week and this week
  14. Absolutely terrible after a bright opening 10 minutes. If Robson was one of Falkirk’a better players, no wonder they went down. Jones (to be fair coming back from a long lay-off) looks like a guy who has won a competition to play and Saunders and McGinty are atrocious
  15. Agree entirely, he looks a decent no nonsense centre half. Any idea what has happened to him - I thought the half time sub against Penicuik was tactical but he has not been in the squad since then, so presumably injured? (Although nobody has said). I thought the back 3 of McGinty, O’Ware and Hall against Morton is the most solid we have looked