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  1. Agreed - and a number of these guys need to realise that if they get released from a team bottom of the Championship, their full time football career is as good as over and they will need to go and work in the real world.
  2. It is mid term which will have an impact - I will miss the game but will be watching in wales following every word of the Welsh commentary. Mom the Jags!
  3. I really want to win this trophy - noddy or otherwise, it would lift the gloom which has hung over us recently and give us a decent day out.
  4. Agree entirely with the above. Few other observations I had were: - DeVita has always been a decent player and a good pro, but he sadly looks every bit the ageing player coming back from a long injury layoff. - McCall clearly doesn’t fancy Mansell and it’s hard to disagree but we are very light up top (and he is on a two year deal so he won’t be easy to shift - Cheers Gary). - a shame we never managed to hold onto Fitzy as he and Zanatta would have given us incredible width. We look very lopsided and rely on Zanatta to take the game to teams alone. - somebody needs to have a word with Zanatta about his embarrassing attempts to win penalties. - another ex-player scores an important goal against us, we must be heading to some sort of record! We need to give McCall as much time as he needs as he has a real job on his hands. Agree with the point that this is long term rather than the next match being must win etc.
  5. I’m really disappointed I’m missing it due to a holiday...but said holiday is in Wales, so S4C it is! I want to win this competition as we have little chance of doing anything else, although if we put some sort of run together, 4th remains a possibility (hard to see it with such an unbalanced squad though. Only other Championship teams left are Alloa and ICT, which by coincidence are two sides we haven’t lost to
  6. I don’t disagree on Miller generally but as soon as he broke away today he just looked completely composed, and tucked it away nicely. Definitely great to see Banzo back to his best today (and he had a good first half on Wednesday too) so a good manager making the difference Robson was good today as you say and it’s a happy Saturday at last!
  7. Entirely echo those views. It was brilliant to see Banzo running the midfield again. Miller showed all his experience with the goal as soon as he was through, he was never missing, very composed
  8. Thoroughly deserved, we looked the more likely even at 3-1
  9. So so, some decent tackles and clearly in there for his height against a big ICT team. Not going to get us moving forward though. Good goal from Zanatta but we haven’t offered much else, although ICT haven’t had many ideas either Williamson’s positioning continues to let him down
  10. Yeah Saunders got caught under it but again we failed to cut out the cross unfortunately. Saunders has looked quite rusty in first half
  11. I personally thought Fox was excellent tonight and made several important saves. He had little chance with any of the goals. Very decent first 60 minutes or so from Thistle but stuffing knocked out of us when O’Ware goal chopped off.
  12. Regardless we must be patient. McCall is an excellent manager (and I still like Archie) but they have a real job to do to arrest what has now been a two year slide and with players who are lacking confidence and an unbalanced squad. Getting some experience like Slater and Harkins back in midfield may help.
  13. They replay it as a podcast on the BBC Scotland website. Listen to the show with McCall (on with SoD last week) and Miller the night after each week and they do both come across very well, although I did think Miller had lost the plot a bit last week when he said he had watched the Arbroath game back and thought we played well, just couldn’t see that at all I’m afraid.
  14. A fantastic appointment but we need to see this as a long term project and be patient. He has a very big job on his hands. Whilst I think we have quite a few good players, they are utterly bereft of confidence and leadership, as indeed I think the club is. Priority one is to stabilise the ship. Although he went down with Ayr and revolutionised then from there, I would rather not see us having to do it that way.