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  1. JAGSMAN1968

    Scott Macdonald

    What's Aidan McGeady doing these days ( or is he still too young?)
  2. JAGSMAN1968

    Scottish cup quarters

    Awful decision - afraid money talks yet again.
  3. JAGSMAN1968

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    You mixing it? Milady!
  4. JAGSMAN1968

    Scottish cup quarters

    Don't think we should do Hearts any favours, - they don't when we play there - £26 for a seat behind the goal and you can't even see both corner flags.
  5. JAGSMAN1968

    Alloa 16/02

    Last time we were there, pitch seemed really narrow too.
  6. JAGSMAN1968

    Scottish cup quarters

    Pretty sure flares are allowed there!
  7. JAGSMAN1968

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    1980 !
  8. JAGSMAN1968

    V Inverness

    Hopefully not so cuddly anymore then!!
  9. JAGSMAN1968

    V Inverness

    Comment from ICT forum:- "Not sure which peed me off the most today - Par tick's unsporting behaviour (that's putting it VERY politely - aka dirty, cheating b******s) or the referee or ...." Anyone at the game confirm this? Or is it just usual moaning from home fans when they lose! Pretty sure we've all said this after losing at Firhill!
  10. JAGSMAN1968

    Archie and Accies

  11. JAGSMAN1968


    Talk about hijacking a thread! (or should that be threads?)
  12. JAGSMAN1968

    Winter window

    Or at least prepared a spreadsheet.
  13. JAGSMAN1968


    Just seen that 2 Raith fans have been charged with throwing flares! Nice to see even-handed justice being dished out! Just waiting for all the old firm fans to be similarly dealt with. (think i'm in for a long wait!)
  14. JAGSMAN1968