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  1. unless at mordor or parkhead!
  2. Just in, wanted to leave at half time! Much improved second half- think a few back sides were kicked!
  3. Clearly the hot and cold balls were used earlier this time! Ah well, maybe my seat in the JHS will get replaced - been needing it for a while now.
  4. Think we're all crackers.
  5. Yep, did so yesterday. No problems!!
  6. Think the game will be on SKY(light)?
  7. JAGSMAN1968

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    does someone need battered??!!
  8. Just back! journey home so much better when we win! - bus was buzzzzzin. Think ICT just edged first half, but it was all us in second. Great team celebration for the third and also McCall's fist pump at end was brill. - think he's glad to be back! Great singing throughout the match. Might have a wee goldie(or 2) to celebrate! Onwards and upwards Jags!
  9. JAGSMAN1968

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    General Data Protection Regulation
  10. what exactly is your problem?? totally uncalled for comment.
  11. where were you sitting? didn't look that great from where I was sitting!
  12. Hope GC hasn’t signed any of them!- pretty worthless now!