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  1. Stenny Away

    at least he said Thistle and not Partick!!!
  2. Season Tickets 2018/19

    "vomitorium" too , as I recall!!.
  3. Season Tickets 2018/19

    2 ST's renewed! must be mad - pain of Livi games is receding! ( and whole of last season) here we go again.
  4. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    9. Archie staying!
  5. Club Statement Archie

    Well done, think it was for the best Onwards and upwards(not sidey ways!)
  6. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    It's ok, I can stand them for 1 season!(hopefully) just glad not to be going to Hamilton especially!
  7. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    8. not playing in a league with a stupid split
  8. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    1. no visits to Mordor 2.not paying £26 to be stuck in corner at parkheid 3.not paying £26 for restricted view at tynecastyle 4.never been to Alloa 5.not being kicked out of JHS to accomodate visiting fans(use of term loosely) 6.not watching game played on plastic pitch (Hamilton) 7.not watching game played on plastic pitch (Killie)
  9. Miles Storey

    along with the pies!
  10. Is the game live on tv on thurs

  11. Jordanhill Bus - Dundee

  12. Ross County 4/5/18

    We were pretty toothless- so no change there! but County are a horrible team to watch - moaned at every decision given against them, went to ground at every opportunity. Gardine spent more time sprawling on the ground than anything else. Clancy is a total joke! some very strange decisions and the number of yellow cards we got compared to them was unbelievable. Ah well, onwards and sideyways.
  13. John Lambie

    Knew he was seriously ill, still a shock. Ma heid's buzzled! Many great memories, R.I.P. sir.
  14. Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    Yep, I heard him too! Crazy or what? I hurried past! ( he prob mentioned macnamara too!!- didn't hang around to listen!)
  15. Why has it went so wrong?

    ROFL: Player of the Year 2018 Sunday 22nd April Tickets on sale now for just £40 SECURE YOUR TICKET