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  1. You need to know things not because you need to know them, but because you need to know whether or not you need to know.
  2. from Beeb site "Malky Mackay is ready to take a six-figure pay cut on his £250,000 annual salary as Scottish FA performance director to return to management with Dundee United." crazy!
  3. "The teams in each league would meet home and away, with the SPFL using "reasonable endeavours" to ensure no more than five of any club's other nine fixtures are away." So, what are the odds of us getting Cove,Montrose and Peterhead away then??
  4. "Clubs have 28 days to respond, with 75% support needed to pass the ballot. It remains unclear if that threshold has to be met in each division or in total across the two." It really does beggar belief, how can he justify his (enormous) salary??
  5. Wonder what team he supports?
  6. Doncaster could never follow all that - so, a non-starter!
  7. take you didn't like Cream then!
  8. why 3 different badges?
  9. bet you they haven't even thought/considered that
  10. It's not really a simple yes or no though. I don't want to stop following Thistle away, but also don't want to fill the coffers of certain teams. So will probably go to most away games but will not be buying programme, pie, crisps etc.
  11. what's wrong with saplings?