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  1. Agree about the apathy _ I didn't even get out of my seat when we scored.
  2. Just back from that. Once again, toothless,clueless and no urgency at all - except the last 5 mins - what was all that about? Raith thoroughly deserved it, 2-1 flatters us- should have been at least 4-1. Still too much deadwood and journeymen in the team. Massive clearout needed for the First Division campaign next season.
  3. hope they've got enough caramel wafers ordered!
  4. Can't wait for the platitudes and excuses to spout forth
  5. After that display today wouldn't even trust them to do that
  6. Just back from that. Same old same old I'm afraid. Toothless, clueless and heartless. They should all be ashamed of that performance. Doubt if their goalie has had an easier 90 mins. Raith will probably do us on friday. Good steak pie though.
  7. How about: We Are Not in the Know Society!!?? or maybe that should be for the "in the know" crowd? Sorry, I'll get my coat
  8. Just back, best thing was the steak and black pie !!! Hard to tell which was the team of part-timers! (was it the ones in the white shirts by any chance?) Arbroath even had a game in midweek!! Good few backsides need kicking. I didn't even clap/cheer when we scored! Time for a wee goldie (or 2!) Onwards and upwards(yeah right)
  9. Hats the way, I like it. uh huh, uh huh.
  10. 3 reasons to be positive please (notwithstanding the fact that the ironing will get done!)