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  1. Semi Nurainen

    New Owner

    'Scottish football’s recent history is littered with outside investors who have come in with grand ideas of taking smaller clubs and challenging the Old Firm, bringing in players on unsustainable salaries and then saddling those clubs with the debts once they lose interest in the project.'
  2. Semi Nurainen

    New Rules

    Compromise position - to avoid deliberate time wasting (e.g. excessive time taken to place the ball on the touchline etc.) - free kick must be taken within x seconds from hand, or lose possession.
  3. Semi Nurainen

    What’s your favourite pre match boozers

    Didn't the late great Cliff Hanley say you couldn't be a Partick Thistle supporter, and a tee-totaller, AND believe in God!!!
  4. Semi Nurainen

    New Rules

    My own immediate thoughts too, I didn't think 'wall' was official terminology - indeed, how do you interpret/enforce this rule? One of my long term moans has been about throw ins. This is football, not handball, not gaelic football, not rugby etc etc. I think the ball should be played in from the touchline with the feet. Maybe, that's just because we've always seem so sheyte at throw ins right enough ...
  5. Semi Nurainen

    New Owner

    Need to reserve judgment on the financial aspect (however wasn't it JJ who was on of the first to point out the studied vagueness in some of the financial statements that were being made) but it's not hard to see how DB was not happy with the direction of the club. Early days, but my gut feeling is that the departure of JLow is a step in the right direction. Hope GB stays, and the last thing we need right now is a change of manager, though I noticed GC said words to the effect that he would work with any board etc., etc.
  6. Semi Nurainen

    New Owner

    Missed most of the shenanagins due to holidays, and jury still out on the new owners, but I think 'poised on the brink of football success (again!)' is perhaps gilding the lily somewhat.
  7. Semi Nurainen

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Definitely. In my view the last MTM session which included GB went a long way to explain (and almost apologise for) some of the things that were perceived to have been wrong on and off the park last season. I hope we keep this communication up, I would certainly go along to one of these - I missed the boat this time because of holidays.
  8. Semi Nurainen

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    Me neither (providing it's done right and with the right people) - personally I am actually a fan of 3-5-2. Hope I wont be eating my words come 16:50 on Saturday!
  9. Semi Nurainen

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    Looking at the set up so far (and accepting that Caldwell has said he needs a few more players), my concern has been that we are being set up to be 'hard to beat', rather than 'play attractive football'. Time will tell, roll on Saturday.
  10. Semi Nurainen

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    Excellent start- like to see the subs getting used to the full now. Debut goal for Jonesy, please!
  11. Semi Nurainen

    Scott Fox Signs

    You studying social psychology now? While I am trying to think up some psychobabble to explain the social phenomena of misspelling and phantom apostrophes, the plural of 'life' is 'lives'. And throw away the apostrophe gun .
  12. Semi Nurainen

    Miller signs

    I have no particular issue with Miller as a signing, just hope the strike force we currently have will be added to, otherwise it's hard to see Caldo's Power Point Fantasy Football becoming a reality.
  13. Semi Nurainen

    New Owner

    Very well said, sir, especially the last bit.
  14. Semi Nurainen

    Miller signs

    I don't think, by any stretch, he will be a disaster, my concern is more with seeing Mansell's strike rate improving (KM may be the key to that), and getting another, more established, striker on board. Not long now!
  15. Semi Nurainen

    Miller signs

    Was my immediate gut reaction too. However, I'll make the assumption for the present that Caldo is not acting out of desperation and that this is part of the plan. We still appear rather light on the striker front, perhaps Caldo's game priority is to set us up to be 'hard to beat'. The proof of the pudding etc.