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  1. His performance against Clyde u-20s, where we won 9-1, but should have won 14-1, was nothing to shout. Even Hall and Robson looked standouts in that game.
  2. Just seen it! Could have burst the net. I take it that was big Brian Labone at No.5 looking suitably disgusted.
  3. I agree about the clear out - hasn't gone far enough. As to the fine job, that remains to be seen, but I'm happy to give him time.
  4. I think it's a toss of a con between Cardle and Zanatta; I'd marginally prefer Zanatta because he' younger, but at least Joe always looks as if he's trying a leg.
  5. Yes, I'll take Jones as well, thanks. I think there was a general consensus that Sir Bunter needed to make a complete clear out; logically the bigger the clear out the bigger the impact of the turnover on what little 'stability' there is/has been. Hence why, Saturday's shambles notwithstanding, I think he needs to be cut a lot of slack.
  6. Niven, Hogan and Tinney; Closs Harvey and Cunningham, with Ernie Yard in the forward line somewhere, was my first taste. We'd just lost Sandy Brown to Everton, which baffled me as a 7 year old - how could anybody NOT want to play for Thistle?!! As divine punishment for his treachery Sandy, in later years, was judged by Saint and Greavesie to have scored 'the best own goal of all time' - in a Liverpool Derby. Admittedly St John may have been biassed in his choice.
  7. Cardle, Saunders and potentially Williamson too.
  8. Somehow, I just don't feel warm glow looking at those names.
  9. That's a difficult one GRE. He inherited a pile of sh1te, which he seems to be offloading as fast as possible - probably hasn't gone far enough yet for the likes of you and me! Had he been here from the beginning of the season I would have been be inclined to agree. In fairness I would give him a full season. I think we are still in shock from the appalling performance on Saturday, where the new boys had given us a glimmer of hope. Any warm glow we might have had was blown away by the sea breezes at Gayfield (actually unless, my geography was all wrong it was a sou'wester, not a nor'easter). A repeat performance on Friday will make me think me have replaced sh1te with more sh1te.
  10. The highlights make it look as if 2-1 grossly flattered us.
  11. Think Steevo was just being facetious AJ. Usually the statement 'the board fully supports the manager' immediately precedes 'manager leaving the club by mutual agreement'!
  12. If I was being honest I'd say the same. I thought there was really good player in there at one time, but you have to admit he's had his chance and failed to impress. As you say, really nice lad I hope he gets sorted out. I couldn't, however, understand the logic of someone - I can't remember where exactly, so hope I'm not imaging it - who said something about him getting picked up by another championship club. As we are rock bottom, and deserve to be, why would anybody pick up a player who hasn't always made the bench amongst a bunch of failures. Rhetorical question.