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  1. There is clearly a generic irony deficiency.
  2. As we both know. Where I come from Bowling Clubs were middle class. Imagine cretins like this running your club.
  3. This is the sort of clown who'll be running your club show in a few months time. Read and weep. Not even fit for a Bowling Club.
  4. Storey?! Well, he was a reject … just like … erm Kevin Nisbet.
  5. Off the bottom of the table. Well, for at least ninety seconds or so.
  6. Can't argue that it's the bad replaced by the mediocre. Used to think there was a decent player inside Slater. Don't know what was wrong with me.
  7. Wouldn't actually put any money on it - in fact I'm beginning to dread the visit from Raith Rovers.
  8. Beginning to look like that now. Still we can look forward to humping the Gyppos at Broadwood next year.
  9. He's never stopped it. Desperate sycophant.
  10. Seem to be giving us a pounding. McCall will be desperate for the half-time whistle. Not many options on the bench, but still can't believe Robson got a game ahead of Slater.
  11. At least Bannigan hasn't been sent off. Yet. Could be big McGinty's turn this week right enough.