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  1. About four yards from the ref when he did it too! The Cowden red card was comedy gold as well!!
  2. I don't know about that Thisal - I have a sentimental attachment to the old stand. It's a far better place to watch the game from, in my opinion, than the JLS. My earliest games were all viewed from there as I wasn't deemed old enough to go on the terracing on my own (still not sure I'm adult enough for that, but there you are). Aaaah, that nostalgic aroma of Bovril, onion bridies, and (ahem) old men's pipes! Takes me back.
  3. Never been any different since day 1. Invoice for 'one pup' received.
  4. Bully Wee taking the fake thistle to penalties. Come on ye Gyppos!
  5. Cookin' wi' gas now. Bring on … er … Sevco Reserves!
  6. By the way doesn't say much for Mansell that he was subbed for Harkins. Who then scored. Two super subs in two weeks.
  7. Delighted to see him get on the score sheet.
  8. FFS two leagues below us and we cant hold a lead.
  9. Need to think about who we want avoid in the Semis, now!
  10. Excellent - would love to see Slater getting one too.
  11. Looks like Coulston again with John Clarke and Ronnie Simpson. At Parkhead.
  12. We just need to suffer a good pumping next week by Stenny to keep it up!
  13. And it was hit first time, pretty much from right on the edge of the box.
  14. At times, it was as ugly as it can get, but who cares. A neutral watching the game would probably say the result was never in any doubt; on another day Miller and McGinty score, we go in 2 up at half time and stroll the rest. Same old, same old with the equaliser right enough, and you think this is where we get pumped 3-1 again. Oddly enough, after our second I thought we never looked like losing the game; backs to the wall, but we never panicked. Could see Banzo's red card coming a mile away, becoming a complete liability; though Kakay had his shaky moments in defending situations, Williamson will have a job on his hands getting the RB position back. Bad night for Fox-hunters too, methinks. Absence of skill was, for me, made up for by a bit of dig, especially towards at the end. And a super-super-substitution from Bunter (though half a mark off for putting on Mansell instead of Cardle). If that's the best Morton can do again our ten men ….
  15. I'm ever so slightly less unhappy about the appearance of Cole in midfield.
  16. 'Strangely sad' rings a bell!
  17. Somebody on P&B described it as likely to be the football equivalent of two drunks slugging it out in the chippy after closing time. I'm not expecting it to be as exciting as that frankly, though I thought it was a great analogy.