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  1. I mean, really, what's your problem GRE? Why can't you just lie back and celebrate that fact, like real fans do, that the present manager's record is worse than the last, that we haven't won a single game this calendar year (and don't look likely to), that we're headed for the third tier of Scottish with little likelihood of bouncing back, and that we're being run by a bunch of clowns, some of whom have no real connection to the club, and whom you wouldn't leave charge of the school tuck shop?
  2. Repeat after me GRE 'I'm not a real fan'. What an absolute tosser, quite the biggest clown on the forum.
  3. And it's time we had another; after all the windbagging about how bad the Barnsley Board were, we are actually in a worse position and headed in the same direction. And going by our last performance we wont be back in a hurry. We've had three changes of management and three changes of squad. Who could possibly be to blame … maybe she'll sack Bunter and re-employ Caldo the Clown. Part of the problem not part of the solution. I certainly wont be back at Firhill while that incompetent @rsehole is in charge.
  4. +1. We'll see how well the present set of 'buffoons' do. At present they seem to be taking the club in exactly the same direction that Barnsley are going. 'The proof of the pudding ...'
  5. That explains much, as we head to a new low, so to speak. Probably the last straw for some of us.
  6. Indeed Barnabas, his body language and his actual language suggests he hasn't a clue as to how to put things right.
  7. I'm sure a few teams had that design with the full white collar and the 'V' motif extending downwards: Jambos, Saints, and I think Third Lanark too. Biggish crowd there (early 60's?) would suggest Jambos. So, I'll go for Geordie Niven cutting out a cross (see, Scott Fox it can be done!) to the Jambo/Saint/HiHi centre forward (who must be 10 yards offside), whilst John Harvey and Davie Closs look on.
  8. His pre-match spiel about (was it?) 'taking 5 or 6 thousand to the Cup Final was, apart from tempting fate, was as Walter Mitty-ish as anything Caldo the Clown ever came away with. Maybe it's time for the white envelopes to come again. Bunter has now definitely used up all his goodwill amongst the Jags support. His determination to keep Fox between the sticks (as one example) now looks like nothing more than pig-headedness. As for 'rating' O'Ware and Bannigan being 'the best midfielder in the division', that begins to look more like a case for treatment.
  9. Normal service now resumed by the other 10 players. From a corner, naturally.
  10. He does, but not as a footballer. Normal service resumed with Banzo, I see.
  11. I thought that was TFE's strategy.
  12. Normally I would agree a 100%. I did have a vague idea that more games, any games, might give the 'new' elements of the team more 'real' playing time together. But ...from being undecided about that, I'm now not so sure ...
  13. Some of us can remember a time when we came to Firhill to be entertained. Some of us might even remember when we had a crumb of confidence in the people who were running the club. A fish rots form the head down. If you can point to the bit where I said, or even remotely implied, 'sack the manger', I'll donate £100 to TFE. Not so much knocking down straw men, and knocking down imaginary straw men.
  14. It's simple GRE, if you're not happy to accept a 3-season shitfest, you're simply 'not real fan'. How many times?! What do you want FFS, success?
  15. Absolutely - total dross. What other team could he have picked?!
  16. Nah, you're just making this up.
  17. Ironically, I never at any time believed, no matter how badly we played under Caldwell that we'd go down. I don't have the same confidence this season. Sad to say.