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  1. thisal


    Why punish them for having a big support?
  2. thisal

    New Owner

    Ah but there's 2000 of us that brings it down to 70 000-1. It's coming home.
  3. Aw shit. I remember the last time that happened. Kidding.
  4. I'm going to go out and buy a new 21 plate motor
  5. thisal


    Just to clarify I would expect us to be at least in the play off next season. This season I'll settle for reversing 18 months of horror.
  6. thisal


    My take on it is the players have until January to prove themselves and the manager has until May. Caldwell's biggest problem will be he won't be able to replace all the dead wood in January. His task is to get us clear of the play off spot well before the season finishes and to have concrete signs that we will be at least heading for the proper play offs next season.
  7. At the time the vast majority of the support were disappointed he didn't take the post permanently.
  8. Seriously? you've not been paying attention then.
  9. The lesson from the the two "2 footed tackles" is if you're on the receiving end don't try to win the ball, you might make contact with your assailant. Just jump up out the way and writhe about and the perpetrator will be sent off.
  10. On a week where two other players had their red cards rescinded and Thistle were denied a stonewall penalty. the spotlight is on bad decisions against Rangers. I think Pedro knows exactly what he's doing and don't fancy any team getting a 50-50 decision v Rangers for a while
  11. thisal


    Doctor Doctor when will I be able to reach for crosses. Probably 2 months. That's great because I couldn't before it popped out. Kidding. KIDDING.
  12. thisal


    If you exclude the top 2 from any league their figures won't look as impressive.
  13. In that case, in the context of Scottish football so are Thistle. Why are we here?
  14. How many different centre halves has he played alongside? He is still only 20 of course he'll make mistakes,but he's still at least 6 years from his peak.