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  1. Sellick Away

    Seriously? you've not been paying attention then.
  2. Tuesday Night.

    The lesson from the the two "2 footed tackles" is if you're on the receiving end don't try to win the ball, you might make contact with your assailant. Just jump up out the way and writhe about and the perpetrator will be sent off.
  3. On a week where two other players had their red cards rescinded and Thistle were denied a stonewall penalty. the spotlight is on bad decisions against Rangers. I think Pedro knows exactly what he's doing and don't fancy any team getting a 50-50 decision v Rangers for a while
  4. Injuries

    Doctor Doctor when will I be able to reach for crosses. Probably 2 months. That's great because I couldn't before it popped out. Kidding. KIDDING.
  5. Attendances

    If you exclude the top 2 from any league their figures won't look as impressive.
  6. Under 21S

    In that case, in the context of Scottish football so are Thistle. Why are we here?
  7. Liam Lindsay

    How many different centre halves has he played alongside? He is still only 20 of course he'll make mistakes,but he's still at least 6 years from his peak.
  8. Bt Sport And The Famous H--S

    You answered your own question.
  9. Dons In Luxembourg

    Let's get things in perspective. Luxembourg's a Giant compared to Gibraltar.
  10. Hows The New Pitch Looking

    Drainage as well according to this article in the Times. http://www.eveningti...figure_upgrade/
  11. Dons In Luxembourg

    Countries of a similar size as Scotland (population not area) according to wiki Scotland comes 25th in population table. We are currently 23rd in UEFA Coefficients. In the last single decade we have never been lower than 25th but have been as high as 10th. To me that is over achieving. In the UEFA rankings we are between Poland UEFA 22nd (pop.38m) and Azerbaijan UEFA 24th (pop 9.6m) and in the population rankings we are between Slovakia UEFA ranked 32 and Norway UEFA ranked 20. I'll repeat that I think our clubs are failing to develop talent. That has already ****** up the National team and failing to bring on young talent and over spending on imports sent our biggest club to the wall.
  12. Dons In Luxembourg

    Compared to other countries of our size yes. If you compare it to England, Germany and Spain, no. But why would you compare us to countries with 10 times our population.
  13. Dons In Luxembourg

    According to UEFA's coefficients we are 23rd out of 54 so the evidence says we are one of better leagues and for the size of our country we probably over achieve. The part that can't be argued is that we have become really poor at developing our own talent and considering how wealthy our league and clubs are that is indeed embarrassing.
  14. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I'm struggling here. Roughy,?, Frank Coulston Dennis McQuade, Bobby Lawrie, I think Alex Rae Based solely on red hair and tache. ?,?,?, Davie MacParland.
  15. Smeltic Fans

    Now we know why Clyde wanted to move to Shettleston,. To sell clothes pegs to the away support at Parkhead.