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  1. smokiejag


    So sad it's come to this. Good luck at Livi, big man. And don't worry you'll always be well regarded by the Firhill faithful. Hopefully it won't be long until you return home again. Thanks for the memories.
  2. smokiejag

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    No idea either but it was refreshing to see so much young talent in Thistle colours. Fitzpatrick and Wilson showed why they have been in the first team pool several times but several others impressed. The only drawback would seem to be that many at the moment are too slight for first team football. However that does not apply to Sena. We need cover in defence and on today's showing its puzzling that he's not been on the first team bench. Would others at the match today agree?
  3. smokiejag

    New Management

    We are all gutted and it's difficult to rationalise what has happened. Today I was happy with the line up, tactics and effort of the players. And yet we couldn't score against an average team. Our lack of goals, Dools excepted, is our major problem this season, although web might have escaped if we hadn't made so many defensive errors. So do we sack the manager? I don't know. One, there is no obvious replacement and two, in his time Archibald has had four and a half good seasons followed by an awful one. In summary I would be happy to give him another season or even half a season to show a big improvement but I'm not in the difficult situation which confronts the board. Like others I'd like to thank the players, the vast majority of whom have tried their best, despite what this season's results show.
  4. smokiejag

    dun (d-day) away

    I saw the game in a different way to others who have posted above. I thought we were the better team for all of the match except for 15 mins or so before ht. Yes we'd all like to see Dools on from the start but the substitution worked perfectly. Obviously Storey had a nightmare but everybody else played their part and stuck to their roles. Lawless was back to his best and was my MOTM. We may have to change the team for the way Livy play and even if we disagree with the selections, we've got to give the players the same magnificent support we gave today. Tam's reaction at the end said it all. It won't be easy against this mob but if we are as organised as we were today our classier players will see us over the line.
  5. smokiejag

    St Johnstone (away)

    Just back. We played fine football but created few chances. A draw was a decent result. 4 points since the split is better than the others in the bottom four have achieved so we're doing ok and now have two home games.So let's get right behind the team because there is no reason that we can't finish 10 the or even 9th. Monthejags.
  6. smokiejag

    John Lambie

    Just caught up with the Sportsound broadcast with JL and CC. Great story after great story. I think it'll be up for another five days and the piece starts about 27 minutes into the programme.. Please don't miss it. Many thanks for posting the link, Kevin.
  7. smokiejag

    Hearts at Tynecastle

    Didn't go, so my opinion is not as valid as those who were there. From viewing on Alba, i agree with many points made above. Osman was very, very lucky to avoid a red card. The 2nd and 3rd goals were down to basic defensive errors. 3-5-2 suits us much better, it means we're more solid at the back, Elliot and Boothnc can bomb up and down the wings and two up front gives us a better chance of scoring. As for Archie the end of the season is the time to make a decision, we have decent players, they and the coaches should be given the chance to finish 10 the or better. I think we can do it. If we get relegated I would expect Archie to walk. He has done well over the long term as manager, don't panic and replace him now.
  8. smokiejag

    Thistle vs Aberdeen - Game On

    Really pleased today. Few weaknesses, Tam had a great first half save, Elliot was excellent on the right and we were solid in the middle of defence. McCarthy deserved his place and my MOTM was Woods who has been a great acquisition. I thought Storey was very creative and big Conor fought for everything. The two subs also did a great job. To get out of our place in the league we need two things, good players and fighting spirit. I have no doubt we now have a better squad than any in the bottom half, but more importantly we clearly demonstrated the latter today. Performances like this every week and we'll be fine. Well done all 13 who worthy of wearing the shirt today.
  9. smokiejag

    Ross County 30/12/17

    Agree with most of the post game comments. As last week I thought we started poorly but then looked a totally different team once we scored. They had a lot of the ball but how many saves did Tam have to make? Well done to all 13 players involved today, no weaknesses but rather some standout performances such as Barton and Turnbull at the back, Woods in the middle and Doolan up front. Well done Andy McC.two lovely passes to set up Sammon. One other thing; we started with 7 players out injured and had another two hobbling off. The break is coming at a good time to get some of them ready for the resumption. Once again really proud to be a Jag tonight and very optimistic about the rest of the season. OTIG
  10. smokiejag


    Great 3 points today, the result of all the players working hard and holding on gamely at the end. Thought Tam and the back 5 were superb with Barton and Lawless outstanding. Dools and Erskine looked good upfront in the first half and Woods looks to be a smashing signing. Well done Archie, Shaggy and the players, no more chat about getting rid of Archie please. Let's get behind him and the players for the rest of the season. OTIG.
  11. smokiejag

    How The League Is Looking.

    Regarding the league the 5 teams with big resources will finish top 5. Regarding the other 7 it's anybody's guess. For what it's worth I think Hamilton will struggle as always and we'll be good enough to finish between 6 and 9.
  12. smokiejag

    St Johnstone 28/10/17

    I agree with the majority here ie we are much improved from the Motherwell/Killie shambles. I thought Archie chose the best team available and used the subs well. Lots of positives eg a really solid back 3, McGinn improving, Edwards running his heart out and Storey gaining more confidence. 7 points from 9 was what I was hoping for this week and we've done it. Well done to Archie and his staff and a big shout to all 13 who played yesterday and also well done to the board for not panicking. Only disappointment has been the departure of clown from Ibrox. Really good week to be a Jag.
  13. smokiejag

    Keeping The Faith? Calling For Change?

    Been reading all the comments on this thread and others here and agree with almost everything written. First of all, Archie's comments after the game are spot on. He like most of us saw the Killie game the way we did. The worrying thing is he knows the problems and hasn't found a solution! Just about the only positive is that the effort is still there. I also feel we're making Barton the fall guy, he wasn't any worse than several others out there today. Only Doolan looked good yesterday. The future? As the two posters immediately above have said, keep the faith for the next two games. If there is no improvement I don't think Archie will be sacked, I think he'll walk! I'm an optimist but this is now very serious. Fingers crossed.
  14. smokiejag

    Hearts 23/9/17

    I think we're all very frustrated, yet again because we have a stronger squad than last season and yet again we didn't win after being ahead. However I think some of the criticism of individual players is unfair, the back three were tremendous and each of the others contributed well in parts of the game eg I thought Barton had a poor first half and a good second while Edwards was the opposite. Let's not panic, but rather come to conclusions after the first 11 games when we know where we stand against the usual suspects for the bottom six. I'm confident in this group of players and the management team, let's get behind them and encourage them to reach their potential.
  15. smokiejag

    Friday Night Against Celtic

    Now I've calmed down, my opinion on the game for what it's worth. Early on we were dreadful, we seldom had the ball an when we did we have it back to them. Despite that Thomas had only 2 shots to save and was beaten by a deflection off the arm of Brown. The assistant at the tunnel had a clear view but chose not to tell Dallas. Watch Brown's reaction when he knows he got away it. Second half much better, the belief was there and we had a go. A bit of luck with Dools converting or Dallas having the bottle to give a fair decision and we would get a deserved point. I'm not going to criticise any Jag, they all have 100% and of course a couple could have played better. So many positives, defensively we were strong with Keown and Turnbull immense and Storey really looked the part when he came on. A final point, we started without Storey, Erskine, Osman, Devine, and Spittal. We have yet to see the Czech lad and we have 4 youngsters knocking at the door plus 2 long term injuries. Being a Jag I'm optimistic about the season. Oh and we've got the best management team that we've had since JL left. Monthejags.