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  1. dunnikierjag

    V Inverness

    Not so small you complete twat
  2. dunnikierjag

    V Inverness

    You cant say that TL you will upset Sandy.
  3. dunnikierjag

    Winter window

    With you all the way.
  4. dunnikierjag

    Stranraer Cup Game

    You have a good night. While your at it look up the word sarcasm.
  5. dunnikierjag

    Stranraer Cup Game

    I have read the word legend so often on this forum. I have told you my opinion. They are not legends and never will be.
  6. dunnikierjag

    Stranraer Cup Game

    You seem to be the one with the problem not me. Doolan and Erskine are paid professional football players nothing more nothing less. I made my point, you don't like it, tough.
  7. dunnikierjag

    Stranraer Cup Game

    Well he is no worse than Erskine was or Doolan is but then again they are legends and Roy is just starting a career. Get a ******* grip.
  8. dunnikierjag

    Winter window

    Well let's hope O'Ware is back before Elliot has this mysterious injury.
  9. dunnikierjag

    Winter window

    Saunders can play right back.
  10. dunnikierjag


    Second that and when he gets the job he can sign all the shite he dumped on us.
  11. dunnikierjag

    Falkirk game

    So your 4 defenders and 4 mid fielders called Erskine would come on in the 60th minute. So we would play with 3 players for 60 mins. Take it you got your tactics from Archie.
  12. dunnikierjag

    Give the manager and board a message from the fans

    If you want Caldwell out so badly why don't you go to the game on Saturday and win, lose or draw wait outside the main entrance and tell him to his face.
  13. dunnikierjag

    Club Shop at Firhill Open During Week

    Hopefully some players and a manager for sale.
  14. dunnikierjag

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Coulibally out until new year. Is is contract up in January?
  15. dunnikierjag

    The Gaffer

    They are rich not stupid