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  1. Would like to see the Striker Salim Kouider Aaiser from Queens Park Joining the club in January, has only played 13 games so far , but has scored 7 plus 2 assists, I reckon he could do a job for us.
  2. I often see Alex McLeish in the West end of Glasgow, could he be looking to get back into club football in Scotland ? McLeish and Kenny Miller management team
  3. Heard th young player from Celtic, Dembele joining on loan .
  4. The shop seems to be out of stock in a lot of sizes for strips, training tops etc, they don't seem to be getting new stock for Christmas.
  5. Been wanting to buy a home jersey for a few weeks now, had hoped to buy one this week , they're sold out of my size, and have been told they aren't getting more in, disappointed that I've lost out so early in the season, surely the club should do something about this
  6. Does anyone know who our trialists were ?
  7. The tracksuit, and sweatshirts look great, does anyone know if there will be more colour choice available ? There doesn't seem to be Red n Yellow sweatshirts
  8. Paolo


    Ive seen Leigh Griffiths brother Aaron , hes a good goalie.
  9. Maybe he is about to chuck it , which would explain why there's been no news on players signing
  10. Totally agree, something does not seem right at the moment, the board and management team are hiding the truth, i doubt very much that team rebuilding was underway the next day, as it said in the statement, until i see any interviews done with Beattie or Archie on SKY Sports or STV or BBC television,
  11. Let's see the new strip for next season and the new signings !
  12. The Board of directors need to match their statement of intent when signing players , if we want instant promotion, need to give Archie a substantial budget to bring in quality players
  13. There's a big rebuilding job to be be done, what players do you think we should bring to help us win the league? I suggest Anthony Stokes, Kenny Miller, Willow Flood.
  14. Not gone according to plan obviously, we were told team rebuilding started last Monday, it suggested recruiting was underway, hope we get announcement of new signings over the weekend.
  15. If its team rebuilding should be about people joining
  16. Jim taking over from Ian Maxwell ? Kenny player/coach ?
  17. If the rumours are true about Jim Duffy and Kenny Miller joining the club,. It would tie in because , Jim was manager at Hibs and would've brought Kenny through the youth ranks,. Jim and Kenny would have a close friendship.
  18. Yes, from what I can gather office,. and catering staff .
  19. Was talking to a member of staff at Firhill, there was an emergency board meeting directly after Sunday's game, some staff have left voluntarily, given the meeting was after the game, i would imagine there would have been frantic phonecalls taking place People on here said they saw activity taking place on Monday, Kenny Miller and Jim Duffy
  20. The Board have said to Archie we expect promotion in one season or hes offski That's the way it should be, ,
  21. I would take Kenny Miller, he still looks incredibly fit, he's always had that passion and desire to win things,. He would get respect in the dressing room,. we would play attacking football,. You'll get people on here saying no experience,. Archie had no experience when he took charge,
  22. Would like to think the board are already on the case,. Pre season training starts again in a few weeks,. We need to get planning on the assault on this league soon
  23. I agree,. A lot of people saying a 5 year plan,. Any manager should be told what we expect, promotion in your first season or youre out
  24. True, keeping Archie would also be a gamble, hes being asked to attract and assemble a new squad and is expected to win the league, people may argue he won the league, but bare in mind he inherited the league winning squad from Jackie McNamara
  25. Been watching Thistle for many years, times have changed, it doesn't matter if the next manager has had connections with Thistle, got to appoint someone who gets crowds, bums on seats, Kenny Miller would attract a lot of interest, hes a very good team motivator, he would be a very ambitious appointment