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  1. Willjag

    New Owner

    And maybe they are also David Shrigley fans! Wonder if he has any connections to Kingsford Capital? Maybe they handled investments for him in the past?
  2. Willjag

    New Owner

    Also, Falkirk supporting workmate says he’s sure these were the same guys that were looking at taking over Falkirk.
  3. Willjag

    New Owner

    Everyone is forgetting what year it is and what’s due to happen in 2021! These guys clearly know their Jaggy history.
  4. Willjag

    Dools Race Night.

    How about keeping on topic? Sounds like it was a really good night. Was it a sellout? Hope I'm around for the testimonial game. Desperate to see Kris in a Jags jersey at least one more time!
  5. Willjag

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    No way did you watch Bertie Auld’s team. Probably the best Jags team I’ve ever seen since I first started going to Firhill in 1971.
  6. Willjag

    A night with GC

    I personally think this could be his last shot at Management. If he doesn’t get it right this time, I’d be very surprised if any other Club in Britain went near him. He’s had too many failures in a young career already so he’ll be doubly determined to a good job here. He’s made a few mistakes and owned up to a few of them. Hopefully he learns from them and doesn’t repeat them and his next job is a step up after a very successful spell with Patrick Thistle.
  7. Willjag

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Did I miss Blair Spittal leaving?
  8. Willjag

    Ryan Williamson signs

    I liked Mansell. Wouldn’t be too unhappy if he ended up back at Firhill.
  9. Willjag

    New Members to the Forum

    Haha... spanners/spammers. No difference. Thanks for the notification. I’ll ban him.
  10. Willjag

    New Members to the Forum

    I've just approved a stack of new members that have been hanging around waiting since December. If there any spammers appear, could you please hit the report button so I can deal with them. Cheers folks.
  11. Willjag

    John Lambie

    Thanks for the memories John. RIP.
  12. Willjag


    Thanks to Colin and Charlene for keeping this format going for the past few years and no thanks to them for getting me involved again!!! Testament to the users of this site though that since C&C boosted their own Jaggy family by one a couple of years ago now, they were able to step back a bit and initially let myself and Twinny handle things on the moderation side and then laterly with the help of Douglas Clark, we've had next to nothing to do as moderators of the site. A handful of posts in the last few years have been moderated and moderated in such a way that nobody even noticed the majority of the time. So well done to you guys, the members of this site. You make it what it is not the 'staff'. Good luck too to the new Admin. Past experience tells me that this might not have been the best time to take the running of this site over given how results have gone recently!
  13. Willjag

    Future Of The Forum

    The forum should shortly be moving over to a new owner, so please bear with us in the meantime thanks.
  14. Willjag

    Future Of The Forum

    As Twinny says Douglas...if someone hits the report button, you'll get notification when online. And yes, pretty much self policed these days. I do reject a ton of spammers every week though. Very few new members wanting to join these days.
  15. Willjag

    Future Of The Forum

    Folks. I go through the validating queue on a regular basis, however 99% of the requests are spam that I just delete. Occassionaly I may accidentally delete a real one so if any of your friends that are trying to get in have problems, let me know please.