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  1. Ryan Edwards

    He was 100% man but with absolutely no end product. He was one of the reasons we hardly scored any goals. Yeaterday Fitzpatrick was on the pitch 2 minutes when he delivered a great run AND a killer pass. Spittal, Lawless and even the wonderful Erskine were unable to do this last season so all our possession foundered in the ‘final 3rd’. Perhaps I’m dreaming but Fitzy looks the real deal. Offer him a decent contract now in our own and his best interests.
  2. Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo New Signing

    He and Fitzy are gonna terrify Championship defenders. As long as Archie plays them!
  3. Excellent performance all round. The boys were exhausted by the end. Well done to all. only down side was embarrassingly poor Jags support. There is no point housing us in 2 stands if nobody turns up.
  4. Team rebuilding

    For the sake of the Partick Thistle Preservation Society we need to sign Wonderboy. Otherwise we’ll be in Dead End Street. Will See All My Friends at Shangrila tomorrow.
  5. Does anyone know whether the fight took place between the Ayr guy and our guy? They both disappeared and didn’t seem to reappear. A throwback to the 70’s. My son had never seen anything like it!
  6. JUST IN

    I spoke to McCall fleetingly during the week. He was quietly confident and said we just pass the ball square all the time. he said they had signed 3 or 4 ‘great players’. Why could we not have signed them instead of the diddies(OWAre excepted) that Archie has signed?
  7. Congratulations to ThistleWeir

    Absolutely brilliant, lads. I hope this is the start of something great. My dream is for Thistle to produce a young team similar to the great McPRland inspired team of 1971/72
  8. League Cup draw

    This will be a great, badly needed payday. Jags supporters should turn up if possible to support the team as, a. We might win. Just imagine if you miss that one!, B. It may be a good game with Thistle playing well and taking some positives, C. It is always good to see Firhill rocking, D. The team appreciates and desperately needs our support, E. It could well be the only game vs a PL team this season, F. A good chance to see most of the Scottish team. G. It’s good to get a midweek pint I could go on. I appreciate some folk will be working and others balancing finances. I know family finances are far more important. But the ‘I’m not going because I dislike their fans’ excuse is not valid. I dislike Killie fans, Dundee fans, Hibs and Hearts fans because of historical abuse(used to dislike Clyde fans too, ha ha) but this would never stop me watching my beloved Jags. Cmon, let’s turn up in numbers unless there’s a good reason not to.
  9. Ayr at home

    Some good points being made. I watch the top teams scoring goals with 5/6 players in the box. Hibs are a great example. We played brilliantly until Ayr’s goal but we didn’t score due to a lack of bodies in support. Storey and Erskine started on fire with some good deliveries but Dools was always crowded out. Remember Martin Hardie? Box to box!! What a great player for Jags. Slater looks the most likely of the 3 mids to be able to fulfill this role and he should be instructed in no uncertain terms to get on the end of crosses. Perhaps Christie’S crossing is no worse than most of the others. With the role he plays, up and down that flank, bursting a gut to hit the bye line, his deliveries could be more important than others considering the positions he gets into.
  10. Ayr at home

    We should have scored early on as Erskine and Storey we’re running riot. For about 15 minutes. OK, Christie had a horrible mistake but that shouldn’t be the end of the game! We did absolutely nothing after that and the heads went down. No motivation or attempt to change. It was apparent to all but the management that Penrice should’ve been moved to def mid and Melbourne on at HT. Gordon and Spittal were a waste of space and Erskine disappeared. Scoring continues to be impossible and, with Dools anonymous, it’s a huge concern as Storey is not a striker and will not score many goals as shown in the last minute when duffing a sitter. Fitzpatrick showed more in 10 minutes than Spittal has for 6 months. Have some bottle Archie and get the rubbish out the team!
  11. Ayr at home

    Quite right 11-1. We’re playing Ayr Utd ffs. Perhaps their boss should be our boss but we should be humpin Ayrshire reserves. Lets have some positivity!
  12. Ayr at home

    Seeding should be eliminated
  13. Team rebuilding

    Just thinking. Life would’ve been worse if they had beaten Livi. We’d have lost to them too! Roll on the new Jaggy dawn!
  14. Team rebuilding

    Joy! Worst luck to DUFC and the 3 defectors. failures transgressors imposters wage thieves I am not bitter! But nervous about our meetings with the filth.