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  1. Yes he did. He organised them the whole game. Assume he was captain. It made me wonder if we hadn’t freed him all those years ago, would he be a jags legend by now?
  2. Certainly no positives!! However that was not a game of football. The game should have been called off. Arbroath adapted to the wind far better though and we, especially Fox and Saunders, were absolutely clueless in possession. In addition, all 3 cb’s couldn’t cope with any aimless ball into the box. McKinnon is fat, slow and unfit. He has had a good career for such a limited talent and I admire him for that but he has a huge challenge to get up to speed at 35. 2 Excuses 1. it was the 1st game for 4 or 5 players and they may need time to knit(although we don’t have any time) 2. The wind made it impossible to play any football so the new players could not be fully assessed.
  3. A really crap Jags team winning with 8 men. Scottish Cup I think
  4. Williamson could step up to Kakay’s role if Austin ain’t up to it. Then he wouldn’t need to defend so much!
  5. I think he decided we needed to take some action at ht despite controlling the game for 30 minutes. Penrice has been good at LB recently and he saw him as an enforcer. Im surprised he hasn’t worked out Robson’s ineptitude sooner because we were absolutely screwed when he appeared. Hes now had long enough to appreciate the awfulness of the squad so hopefully will get Robson, McGinty, Cardle, Miller, Saunders and possibly Williamson out the door ASAP with appropriate replacements. Even half of these plus the 5 already gone frees up 8 places. I thought Austin did ok and Banzo good again. Penrice and Zanatta combined well for 30 minutes but Zanatta needs a kicking. I wasn’t in favour of Mckinnon until today. He’d have kicked a few arses.
  6. Nearly all of those mentioned would be beneficial. But I’m not so sure about McKinnon. Yes, we need a player of his type but he was very ponderous against us in August, looking well past it. Hes also a psycho! A few years ago perhaps.
  7. I have supported Thistle forever because of the lack of any bias and the benefits of inclusivity. I’m sure Mr Weir would have concurred.
  8. It was the only 9 month period of abstinence in my Jaggy life. He was a disgrace.
  9. Weebaw1

    V Alloa

    Slater and Zanatta in for Kakay and Cardle please. Zanatta will need to do a lot more than last week though.
  10. Yes I wondered too. Perhaps he shouted ‘dummy’ because the Morton defence also missed the ball! We should have been 4 or 5 up at ht such was the quality of our play especially the full backs and Bannigan. But there’s something still lacking around the edge of the box as we didn’t create many clear cut chances. My Morton supporting pal cannot believe how good we were, claiming we’re the best team he’s seen all season.
  11. Great atmosphere in the standing area. All grounds should have this as I’m sure more fans would turn up. I’m fed up sitting in funereal silence especially at home.
  12. Kris was a great Jag but, in his last 18 months he was exactly as Ayr United supporters saw him. I am not advocating Harkins as a striker(good God) but he did more in 15 minutes vs Caley than Dools did all last season. He won 2 headers, laid on 2 potential goal scoring opportunities and held off a defender. McCall surely realises that Kris’ time as a player at this (low) level is over.
  13. Perhaps they’ve been managed better since they left.
  14. Yes, another window when we need new players to stave off relegation. Ive been wondering, if we had kept some of the players we released who are either playing at our level now or the same level(Nisbet,Brownlie Little, Ridgers etc etc) and signed some deemed not good enough(Hemmings,the guy who’s been Burton Albion’s POTY the last 2 years whose name escapes me), we wouldn’t have needed all these diddies signed by Archie and Caldwell. Some of these players could have been club legends by now!! And how much money would we have made/saved? McCall’s unenviable task is to clear up the shambles created by the 2 previous managers. However it shouldn’t be too difficult to attract better players to Thistle compared to some of the diddy teams in our league.
  15. Why is Cardle playing? He’s diabolical every week.