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  1. Gary is one of those players I get excited about. There aren’t many who can drift(perhaps not glide like the old days)past defenders like he does. Its a great shame that he can’t run any more. But his cameo vs. Stenny was worth the (concession)admission money. I do think he could be used as a 20/25 minute sub when we need a spark eg nearly every home game this season.
  2. Martin Grehan ragdolled Gary in his only appearance at CH. Good idea that didn’t work!
  3. So, if virtually no Jags fans go, we should charge the maximum gate fee possible. Alternatively, it would be brilliant if we could make the old stand rock by filling it with Jags fans here, Jags fans there, Jags fans everyfeckinwhere! Just like the old days. And of course only charge us a nominal amount due to the decrepitness of that part of the ground.
  4. One of the funniest moments in sport(along with the Zaire guy running out the wall at a free kick and blootering it down the park!!). And the Paddy Connolly ‘goal’ And Rivaldo clutching his head in agony.
  5. The accusation of negative play was perpetuated by one of the old firm after Alan Rough’s incredible performance which I think had us briefly at the top of the league. Then we beat Aberdeen at Pittodrie with Roughie again magnificent and they jumped on the bandwagon. It was all bull. From memory we played with the great Somner and Craig as dual strikers along with Denis, Badger and Parky(not all at once). Hardly defensively minded. Then he returned to save us with ‘The Magnificent 7’. A truly diabolical team that he saved from relegation to 3rd tier getting 4 wins out of 7 games. Then he was replaced by our worst, laziest, stupidest, fattest, most ignorant balloon of a manager in Derek Johnstone and disappeared forever. Auld was a fine Jags manager. Regrettably Bertie appears to have forgotten about his time at Firhill which was superb, as he never mentions us.
  6. Can’t argue with this. Would probably retain McGinty and Saunders if we need to. O’Ware made an inexplicable compounded error which is fresh in the memory. He’s hardly won a header all season. Morton may take him back. He reminds me of several Clyde players who couldn’t be bothered. McCall will now be aware of who he wants replaced. I hope he has an idea of potential replacements already(as he is the man with contacts).
  7. O’Ware’s appalling error compounded by his extraordinary sending off and penalty concession in the 3rd minute requires severe questioning by management. Leader of the defence? Give me a break! It appears we then threw in the towel. I hope McCall kicked 10 pairs and one ass out the door.
  8. Caldwell’s January signing worked. We stayed up. Anderson was very slow but did a good job. He was inspirational and a goal threat, precisely what all our centre backs are not. Is he available?
  9. They were a great short lived band(Blind Faith for the Un-initiated)
  10. Sure, that Alloa move was impressive but it was their only good move. Thistle were superb for the 1st 15 minutes and produced some excellent passing moves, one of which resulted in Slater’s chance. Miller’s chance came from his pace following Slater dispossessing an Alloa player. However when we didn’t score all the movement and passing ceased. This has been happening in all games recently where the intensity level drops to zero. I think McCall has found a good midfield 3 but they are fairly inexperienced and need to be encouraged to keep driving forward to dominate when things go quiet.
  11. The mid 3 were good and Kakay improves every game. Miller was fine but there is a lack of quality/composure in final 3rd. Cardle could have been subbed after 25 minutes he was so bad. He had infinite possession and nearly always gave it away. Surely at least 30 minutes of Harkins would have made a difference or was McCall making a point after Saturday? Alloa are a dreadful team. Even Buchanan played out the game ‘behind the ball’. We should be humping teams like this. It would help if we took our easy chances early on before we lapse into despondency which the lasts the whole game.
  12. Weebaw1

    Vs Morton

    Spot on RS. Jags fans have long memories. I’m still cross about that one all these years later. Lambie undoubtedly had a huge positive effect on Chic. Another outrage was Badger getting sent off vs Celtic in Scottish Cup for taking a quick shy. Tommy Burns told the ref to book him(for a 2nd time). But I cant complain about any of Banzo’s indiscretions.
  13. Weebaw1

    Vs Morton

    McCall will bring out the best in Gordon who is a wonderful finisher. He thoroughly deserved his MoM award as we would probably have lost had McCall not introduced him. He has an instinct for goal and a cool finish. Could he be a striker? I am also confused why Williamson doesn’t play as a winger or wide right in a 4-4-2 as he can’t defend but is quick with a good delivery.
  14. Couldn’t believe the exodus after our 2nd. That lot have more in common with Sevco than I thought.