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  1. Leighton was way overrated. No wonder Ferguson dumped him out of the Cup Final team.
  2. Assuming the season is now over, there is no solution. There is no way that we should be relegated but try telling the Arabs that they ain’t getting promoted! So the previous suggestion of finding 2 new teams to start at the bottom is the only logical outcome. This season should be consigned to dust. It was only a bad dream.
  3. A flat back 4 please! Neither O’Connor or Penrice threaten anyway so let them defend. A protector sitting in front of them (McKinnon?) should negate the supply. 1 up front with Gordon and Cole busting a gut to support. Ok there’s no width but if Williamson ain’t fit nobody can play wide anyway.
  4. Another reason to chuck it. At least they don’t cover the seaside league. Friday night terrestrial football is an outrage.
  5. Fortunately Cardle appears to be injured. He had so much possession 1st half and wasted it all. To be frank, we’d be better off without Cardle. If Austin is worse than him, he should join Jones, O’Ware, Robson and Saunders on the scrap heap. These players are useless. O’Ware should immediately be relieved if the captaincy. His performance tonight was diabolical. All those unavailable should be in the team next week including Sneddon. That cross was about 3 yards out and Fox should have attacked it easily. The whole midfield was non existent though Banzo manfully struggled through the vacuum vacated by his colleagues Cole and Gordon, 2 players who have at times excited but who were liabilities tonight. McCall has a helluva task to keep this lot up. Graham seems to now realise the level of incompetence of most of his team mates but we can’t afford to let the malaise spread to him so McCall should enlist him as captain now. A captain needs to lead by example.
  6. I thought the Liverpool decision was correct as Firmino collapsed as if hit by a truck. Footballers do this to get penalties and opposition red cards. He should have remained strong and given himself a chance to score. At least there was some degree of interference with Firmino. Forrest is a wee skinny nyaff and was blown over by a mysterious gust of wind. Perhaps also the fingernail on back contact also contributed to his collapse. The ref should have booked him and told him to grow up. I liked the attitude of our players who didn’t take any garbage from a very cynical Ayr team. I haven’t seen this for a while. Graham is clearly an influence in this respect. Cardle has his best game for us but must not get carried away otherwise the aggressors like Harvie will benefit.
  7. Yes he did. He organised them the whole game. Assume he was captain. It made me wonder if we hadn’t freed him all those years ago, would he be a jags legend by now?
  8. Certainly no positives!! However that was not a game of football. The game should have been called off. Arbroath adapted to the wind far better though and we, especially Fox and Saunders, were absolutely clueless in possession. In addition, all 3 cb’s couldn’t cope with any aimless ball into the box. McKinnon is fat, slow and unfit. He has had a good career for such a limited talent and I admire him for that but he has a huge challenge to get up to speed at 35. 2 Excuses 1. it was the 1st game for 4 or 5 players and they may need time to knit(although we don’t have any time) 2. The wind made it impossible to play any football so the new players could not be fully assessed.
  9. A really crap Jags team winning with 8 men. Scottish Cup I think
  10. Williamson could step up to Kakay’s role if Austin ain’t up to it. Then he wouldn’t need to defend so much!
  11. I think he decided we needed to take some action at ht despite controlling the game for 30 minutes. Penrice has been good at LB recently and he saw him as an enforcer. Im surprised he hasn’t worked out Robson’s ineptitude sooner because we were absolutely screwed when he appeared. Hes now had long enough to appreciate the awfulness of the squad so hopefully will get Robson, McGinty, Cardle, Miller, Saunders and possibly Williamson out the door ASAP with appropriate replacements. Even half of these plus the 5 already gone frees up 8 places. I thought Austin did ok and Banzo good again. Penrice and Zanatta combined well for 30 minutes but Zanatta needs a kicking. I wasn’t in favour of Mckinnon until today. He’d have kicked a few arses.
  12. Nearly all of those mentioned would be beneficial. But I’m not so sure about McKinnon. Yes, we need a player of his type but he was very ponderous against us in August, looking well past it. Hes also a psycho! A few years ago perhaps.
  13. I have supported Thistle forever because of the lack of any bias and the benefits of inclusivity. I’m sure Mr Weir would have concurred.
  14. It was the only 9 month period of abstinence in my Jaggy life. He was a disgrace.
  15. Weebaw1

    V Alloa

    Slater and Zanatta in for Kakay and Cardle please. Zanatta will need to do a lot more than last week though.