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  1. As David Winnie said in his piece , seeing the documentation is key , as least now we’re guaranteed some transparency , would we have had this before going to the Court of Session ? I’m not so sure
  2. The reluctance of the SPFL re documents suggests this has got a bit to run yet
  3. Unfortunately that was the only way to go , if we had to to get the SFA to arbitrate before I’m not sure there would have been a good conclusion. At least now we’ve got an independent legal panel to arbitrate it . I’m sure Doncaster will be looking forward to handing over his documentation and the SPFL’s incomplete minutes of meetings.
  4. Don’t think we’ll get that but I’m sure they’ll be a bit of haggling or we go to reconstruction
  5. It’ll still be at our discretion whether that’s acceptable or there will be no agreement.
  6. Ok , how do you think it’s going to be resolved ? , taking into account it’s going to be an independent panel . If it’s not resolved it’ll be back to Court again.
  7. Did you not say it would have been thrown out , that’s not what’s happened .
  8. It’s obviously got to be arbitrated or if it’s not it goes back to Court , so something has got to be resolved whether that as you say is a solidarity payment as it’s probably too late for reconstruction. Still think this is going to run , arguing for documents, minutes, copies of alleged email from Dundee which the SPFL were reluctant to hand over .
  9. Listened to it a bit , trying to recover SPFL documents and they’ve got incomplete minutes of meetings ! Hopefully the judge sees through the shambles of this organisation they call the SPFL
  10. Would you really trust Doncaster and Co to administer the right decisions giving them executive powers ! They can’t even a conduct a vote properly.
  11. It was Maxie who started the ball rolling with the letter to UEFA with the intention to call the season before the Clubs voted , think that’s one of the reasons why we couldn’t get the SFA to arbitrate this .
  12. Is there not meant to be some impartiality from both bodies, they should be standalone organisations and if they had been it would have been easier for the SFA to mediate if there was a problem, instead between them Maxwell and Doncaster decided to call the season. Re the rule book , I’m sure coercion isn’t amongst the rules .
  13. Why on earth would we want the SFA to arbitrate this when it was obvious re letter of intent that the SFA and the SPFL were working alongside each other .