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  1. Couple of Bertie stories which I was told : seemingly there was an offer from Leeds United for Bobby Houston in the region of 100k which Bertie turned down , so Bobby goes into the managers office and asks why the offer was turned down to be promptly told by Bertie he was doing him a favour as he shat himself in front of 5000 fans At Firhill and he had no chance in front of 25,000 at Elland Road. The other one was at half time at Love Street when we were getting beaten and I think it was John Marr who stuck the heid on one of his teammates going up the tunnel . John Marr didn’t get fined as Bertie thought he was showing “ character “
  2. Think GB will be happy he’s only the general manager and not the CEO ! You didn’t have to be a PR expert to know that Dools treatment was disgusting. I’m not defending any of the last couple of Boards, they both made huge mistakes re the managers , Beattie should have changed Archie when we were struggling in the SPFL and also after relegation. Caldwell should have never been appointed at all by JLow and her directors. Time will tell whether David Beattie chased the money or it was in the best interests of our Club.
  3. JJ , you’re absolutely right re naming the stand , it should be named after legends ( Lambie and Mcparland ) You know GB , he’ll tell you himself he was as culpable as the others re Kris Doolan If you’re a CEO of a Company, you’re maybe slightly more than an employee as such , more decisions on a day to day basis and if things don’t go right then the bucks stops at the CEO If not , why not just call GB office manager ?
  4. “Those involved with telling his wife should be ashamed “ That was your quote
  5. Surely not even Gerry Britton as well JJ
  6. The game he played at Perth was his best game for us , roasted Steven Anderson that night , Archie didn’t include him at all when we played Celtic on the Saturday which wasn’t a great incentive to any player who had won the MOM the previous game. In fairness to Archie, Kevin Nisbet was told lots of times about his work rate , fitness , attitude etc, don’t think they doubted his ability just other aspects of his game to make it to the next level. Looks a player now and could have a similar career path like Shankland has now .
  7. Not so sure about the” quite easily “ bit, think it’s a hard sell for McCall , possibly bottom of the League, trying to get players out who are under contract which might cost us a few quid. Think it’s going to be short term loans rather offering players contracts especially with our precarious league position.
  8. Not sure if your post was tongue in cheek or not but there is substance to that scenario , get the infrastructure of the Club right , start utilising the Academy and give them a pathway to the first team. Not an ideal scenario but at least it would let us build foundations for years to come .
  9. Hope you’re right , but in this January window I’ve no idea where this proven striker is coming from.
  10. Think it’s more embarrassing getting humped 5 - 1 against a team featuring Danny Devine
  11. jlsarmy

    Jacqui Low

    I would imagine the current BOD will be on the same wavelength as Colin Weir or they probably wouldn’t be there in the first place .
  12. jlsarmy

    Jacqui Low

    I’m not demeaning you , I’m only pointing out as a a majority shareholder within the Club that Colin Weir undoubtedly will be key to the direction that the Club moves in as you would expect from the Shareholding he’s acquired. Did you Google majority shareholder?
  13. jlsarmy

    Jacqui Low

    JJ , do me a favour and Google majority shareholder , we’ve got a majority shareholder who has a 55% stake in PTFC , his voting rights are I imagine roughly 55 times roughly your stake in PTFC . Regardless of what you are telling us , Colin Weir will decide what direction we will be going in and I imagine the BOD will help him implement his philosophies and ideas .
  14. jlsarmy

    Jacqui Low

    Was she playing Centre half ?
  15. She made one correct decision, Archie’s time was definitely up , one wrong decision in employing Caldwell.