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  1. jlsarmy

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Can’t see this being resolved anytime soon, I’m sure other Clubs looked at this and saw all the red tape involved . We’ve taken punts on Coullibaye and Ntambwe , not the best way to build a promotion winning team , not sure if any of them will work out . As one other poster said still messing about with recruitment and it’s almost October, this is obviously reflected on results. Not optimistic at all
  2. jlsarmy

    ICT Away

    Are you for real , some of these players shouldn’t be wearing the jersey .
  3. jlsarmy

    ICT Away

    Didn’t go today , pretty glad about that now but it’s patently obvious that a lot of these players just aren’t good enough, our Club is a shambles just now on the playing side , time now to get rid of all the old pals acts and give us a chance of a successful future . 3 nil after 30 mins totally unacceptable
  4. jlsarmy

    Chief exec update

    Absolutely agree with your post , you could probably add on the recruitment of the reserve team which they are absolutely not taking seriously as a pathway to the first team , as regards Gerry Britton I thought he would have been a step up from Maxi who struggled with the Jags lottery ( where did he end up ! ) but seems Gerry’s law degree has come in handy for spinning nonsense about the team and the manager. The supporters aren’t daft .
  5. jlsarmy

    Chief exec update

    Anybody else think that Gerry going on about concentrating on the League is actually putting more pressure on Archie and the team. He would have been better saying nothing especially as we’ve got a hard game against Inverness on Saturday. Think if we get beat on Saturday his comments will sound ridiculous.
  6. jlsarmy


    The way it’s been set up , think we’ve got 5/6 signed reserve players signed up , the rest of the team for the reserves are made up either from players from the first team or some of the 18s who don’t get paid at all and aren’t even on expenses contracts. Not sure how they expect commitment from up and coming players if they don’t commit to some sort of recompense. In my opinion unless PTFC don’t take this seriously it just becomes a hobby for some of these young players as they’ve got to earn a living elsewhere, so much for developing young players Training Academy Really ? Footnote, because the 18 s team is supplemented with 15 and 16 year olds , they unfortunately can’t play for the reserve team which is one of the reasons we couldn’t fill the bench today A mess
  7. jlsarmy

    Archie...then or now?

    Take it you didn’t watch us at Ayr United , Dundee Utd or Methil yesterday We hardly competed in any of these games this season so where does the positivity come from ?
  8. jlsarmy

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    Do you work in B&Q ?
  9. jlsarmy

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    Would love to know where the belief is coming from , results , recruitment, style of play , relegation?
  10. jlsarmy

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    And the answer is ?
  11. jlsarmy

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    Give Archie credit for getting us over the line but it was McNamara ‘s team in essence , the way we’re going just now , it’ll be a top six team to a third tier team within a couple of years. Within any failing business if you don’t react there is only one outcome, the manager has lost the confidence in the majority of supporters, it should be changed .
  12. jlsarmy

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    Short term thinking will get us in a relegation battle this season, we’re starting to get into a routine where it’s acceptable to be beaten by East Fife . Facts are McNamara turned our drifting club around, instilled a professionalism within the Club , started the Sports Science to help with fitness levels etc. He had contacts within football to pick a player , Taylor Sinclair, SODS , Muirhead , Craigen,Scott Fox etc , made Paul Paton into a good holding midfielder instead of a run of the mill full back. Archie got us over the line and he should get credit for that but it was McNamara’ s team As regards Dundee Utd , he signed Andy Robertson ( whatever happened to him ) His problems started when he lost Robertson, Gault , Armstrong , Mackay Stevens and Cifti almost at the one time , not many teams would have recovered from that . I would take him back in a minute , despite the circumstances in which he left. Negativity has set in within the Club and Supporters , it has to be changed.
  13. jlsarmy

    East Fife away

    With regards Doolan , it’s a miracle the amount of goals he’s actually scored for us due to the style of play we’ve adopted especially in the Archibald years . Still persevering with two holding midfield players and 1 lone striker even in the Championship, nobody who watches us could even remotely call us an attacking team. That said Dools is off it this year , not sure if that’s because he’s still carrying the knee injury from last year or he’s simply off form.
  14. jlsarmy

    East Fife away

    Sorry Sandy, the reality check for the last 18 months is Alan Archibald has done his time , over the last season and a bit he’s only taken us one way and that’s on a downward spiral . We’ve got relegated from the Premier League from a position of strength after we reached the top 6 and the downward trend is continuing with today’s defeat . We should have better players than East Fife currently bottom of the third tier in Scottish football even if we played our reserve team as we are a full time team and at the very least should be fitter. The board are culpable as well for letting this scenario happen and taking the easy option and letting Archie continue when a fresh outlook was needed around the Club to instil enthusiasm and excitement back into the Club and the Fans . Worrying times ahead
  15. jlsarmy

    Team rebuilding

    Got to agree with you PT , think the Club is an absolute shambles just now , seems to be no joined up thinking for the players we’re getting in, loan deals , 6 month contracts , so much for the rhetoric for rebuilding the Club after relegation .