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  1. Probably agree about QOS , if Alloa continue with their current run of form they’ll escape relegation easily ,think Alloa and Arbroath are top of the form League over the past 6 games , think we’re bottom!!
  2. There was/is no focus on the youth and giving them a pathway to the first team. The budget I believe last year was only 30k to give any of the promising players a professional contract. It makes no sense to me why you would coach youngsters from the age of 9 yrs old onwards , then when it comes to joining the paid ranks there is no budget to keep them on and that’s why players like Dylan Tait are slipping through the net. The focus was always on the first team , with available monies getting put into there ( that worked well ! ) , maybe in the coming years we should focus on the Academy, bringing youngsters through to the first team and possibly give us foundations for a successful future.
  3. Wish I had your optimism AJ , Dunfermline have turned us over at Firhill and East End Park Not sure where the next win is coming from
  4. People who I’ve spoken to rate Mayo but it’s a huge step up from u20s football especially playing in a team that’s in a relegation battle. Old Firm loannees are a huge gamble from Ian McCall to get out of this mess .
  5. Think she’s doing the coaching for defending set pieces .
  6. Only watched Brian Graham for 4 games but looking at him last night, he’s got a will to win that the rest don’t appear to have at this minute. Take the armband off O’Ware and give it to Brian Graham because at this moment he’s our best chance at getting more out of some of these players and it would also show to O’ware that he’s got to step up his performances regardless that he’s got a new deal.
  7. Could say the same about Bannigan “ best midfielder in the division “ Seriously
  8. Just back in from that shambles, not really sure how McCall is getting absolved from a lot of the criticism. He took over after only 6 League games and we’re actually looking worse now than we were before. There is no discernible style of play , whether that’s a pressing game although I don’t think some of the players are fit enough for that or sitting in and playing on the break but probably not enough pace in the team for that either ,not sure how they are being coached but we’re too easy to play against, the full backs don’t tuck in to help the Centre halves and Cardle and Shea Gordon didn’t cover the full backs when the full backs moved forward which left us exposed. IMO the transfer window has been an absolute disaster with only Brian Graham having the ability to make a difference to our team , McCall has to take the blame for this filling our team with Rangers and Celtic u20s , an unfit 35 yr old in Darian McKinnon . What we needed in the transfer window was players with pace and power , Ian McCall has failed miserably in the transfer window and it’s going to be a struggle to stay up .
  9. Missed out Gerry’s daughter on the pie stall !!!
  10. Think there was a reason why he wasn’t getting a game for Hamilton , think his best days are behind him.
  11. Think Rudden has a 2 year contract
  12. Huge difference playing u20s football for the Old Firm than playing in a relegation battle in the Championship, we’ve not got time or enough games left to find out whether they can cut it .
  13. How would Ian McCall know if the loan players are any good if they’re just making their way in the game and have not played any first team football,my point was nothing to do with finances more to do with the thought process on how he thought these loan players are going to make a difference in a relegation battle when they are still learning the game .
  14. You’ve got to break the signings down Cole , Barjonas, O’Connor, Mayo are all loan signings and I don’t believe would cost a lot The contract signings, Zak Rudden on a 2 year deal who is a work in progress and hasn’t played a lot of first team football, Blair Lyons on a 2 year deal and loaned back to Montrose , Brian Graham on a 2 year deal and finally Darian McKinnon on a 6 month contract and whose best days are behind him. If people think that we had a good transfer window they’ve been seriously misguided, IMO only one player out of these transfers is going to make a difference in a relegation dog fight and that’s Brian Graham. Not sure where MCCalls masterplan came from
  15. The way we are set up is paramount and that’s down to the manager/ s , struggling to remember us playing on the break and 4 or 5 players bursting a gut to attack the opposition’s goal. There is no desire in the team , no physicality and very little pace. Worrying times