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  1. Think they both look brilliant, would buy both of them .
  2. That’s a good idea , or you could dress it up for the youngsters , pay the season ticket upfront, attend the majority of games and they get a replica shirt at probably wholesale price of £25 at the end of the season. Think there is lots of different ways to build the fan base again , if we possibly just think outside the box a little bit .
  3. I don’t think that would stop supporters buying season tickets to support the Club , even if the supporters did pay slightly over the odds depending on what league we’re in, it could be sorted with free merchandise or whatever. I didn’t renew my season ticket last year for the first time in 20 years but I’m going to renew next year. Get the season tickets on sale just now if it’s going to help the Club. Nothing like a crisis to galvanise everybody!!!
  4. What the SPFL should do is pay out the prize money on League positions as they are just now to help keep the Clubs afloat . They should render the season null and void , regardless of whether Celtic or Dundee United are top of their respective leagues. The circumstances just now are from a horror movie and people are losing their lives due to this pandemic, Just now football is of little consequence.
  5. Think the season is null and void , they’re talking about the peak of the pandemic is going to be June . Though we all love our Club , the most important thing is for us and our families all to remain healthy. Once this is all over, we can start debating why Foxy doesn’t come off his line !
  6. And so far nothing from the SPFL , at this moment Doncaster and Co aren’t fit for purpose.
  7. Think it’s a lot more complex than that Norge ( Colin Weirs passing , Colin Weirs estate and tax implications into the bargain.) I’m not sure what Jaqui Lowes input is in all of this
  8. I’m sure some of them have but if they’ve looking for guidance from the governing body , think they’re going to be disappointed.
  9. Listening in to the phone ins coming home , what an absolute ramshackle organisation Neil Doncaster and Co run . Doncaster has come out already and said there is no provisions for our Clubs if they are in trouble with this scenario just now . I’m sorry but I’ve got clients who have cash reserves put aside in case of cash flow problems etc etc , I know the circumstances are totally different from anything we’ve ever experienced before but surely Doncaster and Co should have had some sort of contingency plan if an untoward circumstance took place . The SPFL Clubs have been left to fight their own battles to actually survive this ( forget about League positions ) with no help at all from their governing body . IMO disgraceful
  10. Thanks for the link , thought Dools came across really well .Regardless of what people think he can still do on the park, he should have been back at the Club in January in some capacity rather than the deadwood Old Firm loanees who have no real feeling for our Club. I think he would have helped in the dressing room to get everyone onside and help spark our season again and maybe get rid of some of the apathy amongst our supporters who have almost given up , only 1700 PTFC fans at the Dunfermline game which is absolutely shocking. Surely there must be a role somewhere at our Club for someone who gave so much on and off the park and who was/is a fantastic role for our young players.
  11. Working in the Hospitality industry today and some of the staff are worried about the influx of Leverkusen fans into the City . Why did UEFA deem this acceptable as the seriousness of the situation over in Germany next week means Sevco have to play behind closed doors but allow German fans to fly into our country before that . Absolute madness
  12. Agree it’s a very low bar but better than beating Inverness and Dundee away from home or even Inverness at Firhill ?
  13. Think you were watching a different game , gave the ball away constantly and launched the ball up to Graham and Rudden with little affect Paul Paton bossed the game and our midfield, a Dunfermline team without arguably their 2 best players Ryan Dow and Kevin Nesbitt.
  14. Unfortunately JeanieD , I think you’re right , think the apathy around the Club is there for all to see , roughly 1600 Jags fans there tonight for an important game . McCall’s January window hasn’t sparked anything at all , examples Barjonas , McKinnon, O’Connor all on the bench .
  15. Surely you’re can be pertinently critical about our team if you think we’ve underperformed with the 3 rd highest budget in the league after the 2 Dundee teams . Or maybe you think we’re doing ok ?