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  1. Sooner have no game than a permanent plastic pitch. Dreadful to watch.
  2. Rain been ridiculous for a few days & actually getting worse - really can't see it going ahead. No idea if that's a good or bad thing. Suppose good if we can get a fitter squad.
  3. Got in from work, game had started on TV. Watched about 5 mins before my wife came into the room. 'Watch it if you want - I don't mind' she said... Enjoyed Jamie's Friday Night Feast & 8 Out of 10 Cats on Channel 4. Sad thing is, that was me at home, not even at Firhill. I've been supporting Thistle for nearly 40 years and I'd rather watch Jamie ****ing Oliver. This is VERY bad at the moment - the only thing that will get us out of this mess is serious effort & desire from the players - sadly it really isn't there at the moment.
  4. OK... Does it REALLY matter what's been said on here? Can't be too many people reading it, even in relation to our limited fanbase. Sure any new strip / supplier will be met with the usual mixture of wild outrage / mild outrage. Let's all be friends.
  5. Sadly agree that we seem to be rudderless. But what do we change? WHO do we change? And with whom?!? Worrying times. Thought we'd turned a corner, but sadly getting even worse, which I thought was pretty much impossible.
  6. The league table does not look good at the moment. 2 behind Alloa (who have a game in hand) and 3 behind QOTS (who have 2 games in hand). Have to say, I'd bit your hand off for a play-off spot right now.
  7. Messi could be our player & it wouldn't matter a jot at the moment. What's happened to us? Genuinely find it hard to explain - on paper, we've a decent team.
  8. Hope we can afford life down a division because that's where we're heading. Grim stuff.
  9. Can't say he's not shaken things up a bit! Attack minded, good to have a couple of options on the bench too - will likely need it as don't see some of the starting XI having the legs for 90 mins in this weather. Need a win!
  10. Anyway, doesn't look like Doolan is coming back. Had hoped to get one / two more in, but seems we will need to make do with what we have. Need to start winning games - they'll soon run out. 3 points tonight please. Hope Rudden fit & can start alongside Graham.
  11. I'm not saying he'd be a starter every week or play 90 mins - but if we need a goal with 15-20 mins to go, I'd back Doolan at this level. Agree regarding Morton. Regardless of where he ends up, wish him all the very best.
  12. Would 100% take Doolan if at all possible. Great threat, even from the bench. Also intelligent enough to play behind the main forward(s) & hold up the play. First touch outstanding. Also also, echo what others have said - would simply be a great guy to have around the club.
  13. Anyone heard any more about Forest? Would be a good addition and we need all the help we can get now.