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  1. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Got to give him a chance. Hopefully he can get Coulibaly ready for action soon! Been a while now...
  2. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    Just saying what I heard! Hadn’t given it much thought to be honest. 50k better than hee-haw (we’ll pay more than that i’d imagine) & may suit what he wants to do. Who knows?
  3. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    Paul Lambert seems to be a strong rumour...
  4. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    I’d agree with that. Butcher isn’t the way forward.
  5. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    Think I’ll go for an accumulator... Duffy then McIntyre then McCall.
  6. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    Application deadline tomorrow, so hopefully clearer early next week. Duffy & McIntyre seem decent guys, but not what I imagine we’re after.
  7. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    Scot Gemmil being linked again I see, along with Caldwell & McIntyre.
  8. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    Yeah, you’re probably right. A shame as I think it’s the perfect time for him now. We shall see. Low’s comments in the Times are very encouraging though - not just hyperbole.
  9. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    See if Archie calls McCall & says ‘it’s cool, take the job’ - reckon he’d take it?
  10. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    We need a strong manager with new ideas. Duffy & Chic, whilst I don’t doubt are decent guys, don’t tick the box for me. There is a good squad of players in there, a decent infrastructure & the upcoming training ground. Attractive to many I’d hope. For me, I am really veering towards McCall - I think he’d be ideal for us at the moment.
  11. Gary Peebles Tackle


    No sign of Coulibaly?
  12. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    I’d be happy with that.
  13. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Who's next?

    No idea who is available or indeed interested, but if we could get Ian Mcall, I’d be delighted. Good manager & by all accounts a nice guy too. As long as we stay well away from the high profile ‘just retired’ OF / English Premiership primadonnas, I’ll be happy. Again, all the best to Archie & Shaggy. Hope everything works out for them & their families.
  14. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Archie sacked

    No idea who will do any better - today we weren’t awful, just lacked cutting edge & lost very u fortunate goals - a ricochet & a dodgy looking penalty. All the best - sad day in my opinion.
  15. Gary Peebles Tackle

    Ross County Home

    3-0 Thistle.