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  1. Quite right. Do you work for the SPFL? Sometimes you cant measure morality in pounds, shillings and pence.
  2. From what I'm reading most of the teams in our division cant afford to play with no fans. If true this is looking like no football until very late in the year, if at all. Grim.
  3. I would expect that. But nothing ever guaranteed. Big challenge with Falkirk in the league
  4. I dont see other teams doing what you suggest. Are you the wetherspoons owner by any chance?
  5. We would still need a new manager and have to pay off the old one. Do the sums.
  6. Any chance you could bring something new to the debate?
  7. I think it's more important to find a route way through the CURRENT situation. The past is history and I'm bored of the same arguments/agenda coming back out ad infinitim. Who knows the hearts potential legal action may save us being relegated. If it doesn't we are where we are. We will have limited financial options no matter what. I'll sure we will survive. I hope we flourish.
  8. Excellent statement. Hard hitting as it comes. Well said. Will it make a difference. Probably not.
  9. Premier League clubs shouldn't be relegated if season isn't completed - Brighton owner - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52339058
  10. How can it be 100 per cent his fault when the season has been halted with 24 points to play with. Or are you blaming McCall for the virus. Was he in Wuhan looking at players? If he was I agree it's all his fault.
  11. If you cant say anything constructive please please come of the forum while you're withdrawing your support. We wont miss you.