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  1. Agreed. I think the manner of our defeats to ayr and dunfermline made us all feel that things were grimmer than they actually were. If we can get our home form going there would be light....
  2. He was a great manager and I dont think he got the credit he deserved. 5th place in the premier. 2 scottish cup semi finals ( we were cheated v rangers ). Maybe he was overly defensive at times but I'd take any of his teams right now.
  3. I can accept losing an early goal. Getting sent of after 1 minute is idiocy.
  4. I like the attitude of Chris Wilde from Sheffield. Simply put you have a chance if you attack when you can ( no matter the opposition ). Sitting back for 90 minutes means you get beat. Never say never....
  5. Absolutely awful. Could have scored 3 or 4 but our standard of play was as bad as I've seen the last few years. Only positive that's 3 wins......clutches at straws.
  6. dl1971

    New Owner

    I agree. The two men and their objectives are the polar opposite. Even the most simple village idiot could come to that conclusion. There are of course exceptions to that rule.
  7. dl1971

    New Owner

    So broadly speaking you are happy with the deal?
  8. dl1971

    New Owner

    Great news. Assuming that our existing shareholders have done their due diligence....but of course some fans will never be happy. Weir has invested massively in our club. Possibly more than any fan ever has? If people think than whatever fan based model wont succeed, it's simple. Get yourself elected.
  9. dl1971


    Could be our biggest away support of the year!
  10. dl1971

    Vs Morton

    Incredible. Should have been 2 up at half time. Started second half slow and another rash tackle by bannigan. Gordon scored two smashing goals and morton missed a few decent chances. Man of match for me was Tam Oware. Best I've seen him play. Anyway great to celebrate a home win!
  11. Roughie out legends Jackie in terms of significance internationally. 54 caps and 3 world cups. Amazing! Will never ever happen again.
  12. I've never believed that players dont try or are *shite* at professional level. Some are simply not good enough for our aspirations at the time ( insert league to suit ). Then again I didn't actually see the game on Saturday otherwise I may be a little more animated!
  13. dl1971

    New Owner

    What is the latest on Austin. Is there any expectation he will be fit to play this season? Someone must know....
  14. Understandable as he has the balancing act of trying to get the best out of them, while simultaneously mentally moving most of then on from January onwards.