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  1. I suggested a draw would not be a disaster prior to the game. If we got a point the weeping and a wailing would be a little diminished...maybe. Like most I'm dissatisfied we got beat but....we move on. It's kind of ironic that those who have slated Campbell in the past should be eating humble pie ( you know who you are ). I'm still sure we will be ok this year and next year the pressure will be really on McCall to deliver.
  2. Very similar I agree. Maybe we should have kept him similar to those who wanted Dools to stay?
  3. I wouldn't underestimate arbroath at all. Depends on weather perhaps. I'm hoping for a win but pragmatic to say a draw not a disaster, with new players bedding in.
  4. That's what odonnell and Taylor Sinclair did to great effect in out best team of recent years. Whether the new guys are a patch on this I dont know. If the wing backs do bomb forward, I'd guess that McKinnon would drop back?
  5. Worth remarking about but not the tired old insinuation that anyone over 30 is past it. As for our record of selling anyone on in their late 20s or early 30s is pretty much zilch. The value will be on the pitch if he plays his part in next 2 years.
  6. Dont understand some questioning the length of the contact. Takes him to a mere 34. Plenty of strikers older than that continue to make a contribution and plenty in the past. Let's be positive that the team is looking far better ( on paper ) than recently.
  7. We are only 3 points off 5th so see no reason why we cant bridge that gap? Hopefully the new signings will make a fairly immediate impact.
  8. Looks an impressive bit of business. I get the feeling that McCall thinks we might just sneak into the play offs. That said until we see these guys bed in who knows.....ROI international so must be a decent player.
  9. Maybe barjonas can play right wing back?
  10. We could do worse than planting trees all over the bing, assuming there are no future plans to build something tangible there....
  11. Dont overly disagree and the same applies to nearly all ex players. Would make an exception for Stevie Odonnell when we get back to the Premier....
  12. It was 1995....that's some going!
  13. Presumably the manager sees them every day and is best placed to make those decisions? Bottom line is most of us were fearful of a hounding. Yes it's a defeat but bit by bit the team is getting better.
  14. Need to take those rare chances.....