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  1. dl1971

    Reasons to be positive

    Anyone BUT the OF. All about getting as far as possible. I cannot abide talk about lucrative OF games!
  2. dl1971

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    I understand jagsfox. Question if we got beat would you call outhe guys who would have slated GC.....?
  3. dl1971

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    Yep. Miller goal.
  4. dl1971

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    I'm assuming no one is being signed given our circumstances.....or am I in for a surprise?
  5. dl1971

    New Owner

    So we will be meaner, leaner and hungrier while owned by a billionaire. How lucky are we.
  6. dl1971

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    I've been pretty supportive of GC but hes talking rubbish with regard to needing a leader on the park. My view is that all pro players should be leaders especially the experienced guys. How can Miller hope to be a manager without ahem leadership. It has been obvious for a while that as a team we are far too quiet on the park. We are missing McDonald badly at the moment. Maybe our new Aussie will bring a bit of steel to the line up. As always I'll reserve judgement fully until I'll seen another half dozen games.
  7. dl1971

    New Owner

    So the money for Lindsay and FItzpatrick is being fully used to balance the old boards crazy deficit.......all 800k of it. What on earth would have happened if that transfer money had not come in?
  8. dl1971

    New Owner

    That's the key for me. Why they are investing, what they are investing and some idea of what their objectives are. Surely some detail on that is not unreasonable?
  9. dl1971

    Willie Gollum

    What annoyed me at the time was that bannigan or any other thistle player did not even complain that the wall should be far further back. Meek.
  10. dl1971

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    It's not the formation. It's the quality of players we have. Caldwell has been flayed for playing 3 5 2. We played 442 and were bossed by DU all over the park.
  11. dl1971

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    No excuses. Outplayed vast majority of game. 4 4 2 didn't work I'm afraid. Far too passive. Only threatened briefly when we got williamson on the overlap.
  12. dl1971

    Open Day - Saturday 10th August

    14.31. Q/A finish
  13. dl1971

    New Owner

    I understand how an owner secure finance against the assets of the club. I'm fairly sure the vast majority of football clubs operate in a similar vein. Man United being the best known example. The danger is I assume the owner defaults on the loan. If he is a billionaire is that likely? Like most I'm having great difficulty in understanding why us, but it may turn out we will be even more financially secure than we have been of late....we will know soon enough.
  14. dl1971

    New Owner

    If he makes us successful he can sell us on. If we are not successful he cant. So it is in his interest to make us successful....however you define it.