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  1. dl1971

    County 13/04

    So despite the sunny weather very little signs of a sunny disposition regarding game against the mighty Alloa. At this rate Goodwin should be getting the Scotland job! Here's a mad thought we might actually win.
  2. dl1971

    County 13/04

    Sensible comments. The key question is define sufficient time in modern football terms. Is it 5 games, 10 games, half a season or one season. It varies. I'm not overly impressed by Caldwell and that is to do with football tactics. His personality is of no great interest to me and nor should it. It's results and the picture moving forward. If we stay up the board will stick with him and all the ire and fire of a few on here won't change that. If we go down he will be binned. I still get the feeling that a precious few would accept going down if it meant Caldwell was sacked. That's something I can't ever understand.
  3. dl1971

    County 13/04

    Knowing our luck probably lol.
  4. dl1971

    County 13/04

    Not a bad result for us. Morton still in the battle. Always best to wait until the 90 mins are up.
  5. dl1971

    With The Jags in Sweden 1972

    Just watched this through. Lucky I wasn't drinking or a few tears would have been shed. I'm now of an age and children flown the nest that I would follow the jags into Europe....just once would do. 2021 looms...
  6. dl1971

    County 13/04

    Don't disagree with this. When we all look back on thistle history the last 5 years were a great chance to really do something. Rangers in the grubber and Celtic pre Brendan Rodgers were their for the taking. Also if the board had put in a measly 200k at Xmas 2017 we would not be where we are right now. We will bounce back but God knows how long it will take this time. As Bill Hicks once said " we're only here for the ride" Got to try and enjoy it....
  7. dl1971

    County 13/04

    Worry ye not juggernaut. I have confidence. Not only will we beat alloa we will then beat Ayr on the Tuesday night. Then again we might not lol.
  8. dl1971

    County 13/04

  9. dl1971

    County 13/04

    I wonder if we had sneaked a win yesterday how much of the above posts would have flooded in? Small margins. It will be like this every single game. That game in hand IS vital also.
  10. dl1971

    County 13/04

    I'm pretty sure that Caldwell and the players are feeling distinctly uneasy being bottom of the league with 4 games to go. But as manager he HAS to somehow stay positive things. If he didn't nervous players could implode. I agree he doesn't come across with some of his comments, but what can he say realistically? Alloa game is huge. We need the fans to come out in numbers....
  11. dl1971

    County 13/04

    Normally a point would have done us. Results have went against is today. Think I'm now hoping that qos and Morton continue their slump. Surely alloa can't win 5 in a row!
  12. dl1971

    From the terrace - Hyyts

    Now that brought a smile to my face. Great stuff
  13. dl1971


    LMAO. He should have scored a hat trick that night.
  14. dl1971

    County 13/04

    No doubt Caldwell is to blame for that too....injuries part n parcel of the game. Get on with it.
  15. dl1971

    County 13/04

    Our away form since January pretty good so hopefully that continues. Lots proven wrong with there Morton predictions. Would like to see us prove them wrong again. I'd take a draw but a win would be fantastic.