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  1. Only a couple of Macdonald’s saves were what you could call “worldies” even if you’re generous with the definition of a worldly.
  2. Defence a bit rubbish. Miller pretty ineffective. Cole decent. Alloa unlucky not to be awarded that goal in the first half.
  3. I just want to add that yesterday’s result was delicious.
  4. Can’t quite believe anyone thinks that was a close game in terms of quality of sides. The defence is rancid, but Williamson is the turd de resistance. We need at least a right back and a centre back. The midfield is soft as brie and can’t play an incisive pass for toffee. And our forward options? **** me. Almost makes you nostalgic for the days when Miles Storey was a staple fixture of the matchday XI. The only positive on Saturday was that Fox stopped it being 4 or 5 going past him.
  5. I will be in attendance. First non Testimonial home game since Doctor Required In Inflator Room tried to kill our Club. Get right into them. Super Ian McCall.
  6. His impersonation of Alan Cowan is *quite* funny.
  7. Terrible statement. Bunch of amateurs.
  8. This with bells on. There was a clear style of play being attempted.
  9. You’re all wrong it’s the love child of Henoc Mukendi and Viteslav Mooc.
  10. To be fair she directly quoted a Jags fan in her full judgment...
  11. It makes *perfect sense* to have Doolan and Erskine back. They would be filling the role as mentors to the new generation. Remember McCall last time had Donnelly and Archie, brought in Rowson, McNamara, Maxwell, Hinchcliffe etc. Not, with one or two exceptions, absolute stand-outs in this league in their positions, but with a core talent, a maturity and a hunger to prove something in the next stage of their careers in football. We went on about “men v kids #WeGotThis” in our title winning season but the bedrock of that team was wise old heads providing depth and experience to the bench and coaching team. Loth as I am to say it, if the personalities can be contained it’s also a good reason for keeping Kenny Miller, at least to the end of the season.
  12. Heard this news in the JFK Library in Boston. We choose to appoint McCall. Not because being a Jag is easy... but because it is hard. Ian McCall’s Red’n’yellarmy!
  13. Guy has some brass neck attacking Coulibaly’s attendance at training when he can’t even be arsed turning up for his own sacking.