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  1. Yep it's so transparently Doolan.
  2. Just for the record, the statement does not say that the transfer of the land is held up by Colin Weir’s estate. In context, it more accurately explains that has delayed the transfer of shares. It explicitly acknowledges that the delay to the transfer of land ownership was because of tax issues. Now those tax issues may exist because of Colin Weir’s estate, but they haven’t said that.
  3. So... has the land been transferred yet?
  4. It’s not the same. A couple of Fulham games have had a decent atmosphere but nothing compares to Scottish football. Some of the grounds don’t even sell pies.
  5. After 8 years a season ticket holder I had to move to London for work just after the 2017-18 season had started. Took in the Hibs away defeat on the opening day of the season and the home defeat to Aberdeen. Thereafter I saw the pre-Christmas victory over Hamilton and the John Lambie Derby. The only game I saw in the flesh during Gary Caldwell’s tenure was a 0-0 draw at Grangemouth. I returned for Doolan’s Testimonial and then took in the Dundee, Morton and Alloa games around Christmas/New Year. Made the mistake of making a point of getting to the Raith game a few weeks back. It’s frustrating not to be able to get to Firhill frequently but it’s the travel as much as anything that makes it expensive/inconvenient. I do try to get to games in and around London but this ******* virus has stopped that and all...
  6. I’m not sure Abramovich is *in* Boris’ pocket. The other way around, perhaps.
  7. Back Pocket Vladimir Putin Kremlin Moscow
  8. My background is legal but I’m not a solicitor.
  9. This isn't quite right Jim. The Club is a (substantial) but (just) minority shareholder in PropCo. It cannot issue an instruction to wind-up PropCo or to insist a dividend is paid out. If, for example, Beattie and the others wanted Firhill Developments Limited to reinvest the cash it now has, there is nothing in the Articles of Association to prevent them from doing so. Come to think of it, it may well be the case that it is more tax efficient for them that the proceeds are distributed by way of dividends gradually, rather than in a single lump sum. But I'm not an accountant and I could be wrong about that.
  10. One of two statements would do: ”The Club understands that Firhill Developments Limited is likely to make a distribution of its cash assets very soon and as a shareholder in FDL the Club anticipates that it will be a recipient of a dividend in line with the Company’s Articles of Association.” Or ”Because of how the deal to acquire the land was structured, it has been agreed that the Club will not retain (all/some of) any distribution made by Firhill Developments Limited. It will instead receive the Bing and Main Stand in full and in lieu of that distribution once Three Black Cats and the Club have resolved certain tax issues associated with the deal.”
  11. It isn’t “automatic” no. They are held by the executors of the deceased for the benefit of the estate. In the absence of specific instructions as to whom they should be bequeathed they form part of the intestate estate and the *value* is distributed, as with any other asset. That doesn’t mean specific people are entitled “to the shares” but if a family member does receive the shares that counts towards their legal entitlement under the succession laws.
  12. The Club statement made no reference at all to what was expected to happen to any distribution of PropCo's cash assets.