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  1. Third Lanark

    Ryan Edwards

    I see a McGinn has won player of the year with St Mirren however I can’t remember if there are 2 of the 3 brothers playing there
  2. Third Lanark

    Out of Contact Players

    Inverness interested in signing Shankland(according to the sun), would hope we could match their wages and make a better offer
  3. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    Think this has been discussed about a million times- no one is saying he is a saviour- if he gets off badly next season he will be out. he has been given some leighway because there was so much dross he inherited, possibly more leighway than he should but time will tell it’s all kind of the Thistle way anyway- Archie’s remit last year was to consolidate top 6 and he didn’t achieve it we were relegated and he wasn’t sacked for that dick Campbell was appointed to keep us in the first division when he was appointed and failed but wasn’t sacked because of it - so I guess there are precedents not that it’s a biggie but pretty sure we couldn’t be automatic relegated before last game of season was it not playoffs and ultimately it’s the position we finished in after last game of season not before it that counts which while not great was an improvement on 8th and was not going to result in him being sacked even if you think it should have but as has been said by lenziejag been discussed to death. Got to be honest I don’t recall any poster anywhere using the words that he is our saviour as you have claimed
  4. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    They were still willing to take a pay cut though regardless
  5. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    Neither did the other players such as Spittal or penrice
  6. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    I too thought he was excellent in the role, as I said previously I thought there had been a big rise in sponsorship and hospitality over the last couple of years, due in no small part to Ross
  7. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    It’s not a case of good guys and bad guys. I’m certain all these office staff sadly facing redundancy have been doing their hardest for the club
  8. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    The rest of them were worse, eg osman,barton etc etc and hence why I was not in the slightest sorry that those chancers left I’m not saying erskine and Doolan stole anything and apologies if that’s what it looked likebut I’m saying they were I’m my opinion poor (and that could be a variety of reasons eg health, injury, fitness, managers) but because of their legendary status this might get overlooked. What I am saying is that I have more sympathy for the guys realeased today, there is nothing they could have done about it and were likely on far less wages than either Doolan or erskine. do you not have sympathy for the guys laid off today? of perhaps more concern for me than the treatment of Doolan and erskine from the club is that it looks a forum poster knew that these people were going to be laid off before they did because of a mole. Now I find it pretty appalling that a mole (presumably someone at the club or very close to the club in some form or other) decided to tell their mate on a forum about these redundancies before these people found out themselves. That is shocking behaviour or don’t you agree?
  9. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    Their treatment was not any worse than Kenny Watson’s or Kenny Arthur’s. Doolan And erskine will deservedly be legends at the club. The last year and a half has seen them paid high wages for pretty mediocre performances and unfortunately in football that sadly happens. Both had plenty of opportunities to contribute far more in the last couple of years even before Caldwell was appointed. Some people seem to think that because they are legends they should be given new contracts regardless, sorry but they need to earn them. There was possibly even a bit of complacency kicking in for them that things were comfortable, and maybe Doolan going to a new club will help him rediscover his form. Kets not forget Doolan is getting a deserved testimonial out of it but those office staff being laid off are in considerably worse position than those 2 and IMP deserve more sympathy
  10. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    Thought you were away?
  11. Third Lanark

    Youth Academy closing ?

    So we have not had to pay off Archie at all or spend a fortune paying off the dross he signed Given most people say the financial problems have been a result of the last 2 years no idea how he can solely be to blame. Doubt he will have much to do with financial planning for the last 2 years- only you could make the sad news of redundancy into a let’s get at the manager- pretty disgusting as for your put £2000 into the club all kinds of fans put their own money in through sponsorship etc but do not feel the need to constantly go on about but your arrogance knows no bounds good riddance
  12. Third Lanark

    State of Play

    What leaked info over 2 years ago?
  13. Third Lanark

    Dools Race Night.

    So far signing Gordon, Williams and cardle looks alright to me. ripping the arse out the club or some might see it as moving on players past their best and on high wages and who had done nothing to stop the decline of the club over the last 2 years as for unity you never get that anyway- there was a group who wanted Archie out unfairly during the seasons he had kept us in the SPL, McNamara had his critics so too did Ian McCall even
  14. Third Lanark

    Dools Race Night.

    He didn’t do that much under Archie before Caldwells appointment and for me was disappointing in the relegation season and sadly given he was probably a high earner I can see why he was moved. I get that the whole team were but if erskine was one of our legends and supposedly a big influence in the dressing room then it’s a bit disappointing it didn’t seem to show more often Rightly or wrongly it looks like the club is going Down the no more cuddly toy route now.
  15. Third Lanark

    Dools Race Night.

    Surprised Archie and Paterson didn’t go - Kris played no smart in getting the promotion in the first place and keeping the club up while they were in charge