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  1. Team rebuilding

    An incredible signing well done to Archie and the club for getting that over the line
  2. Team rebuilding

    I’m probably being niave but should we really be playing Fitzpatrick so much in these games thus risking an injury when we have seen how important a player he is to the first team?
  3. Junior Jags initiative

    Thank you AJ much appreciated mate
  4. Ryan Edwards

    I have criticised plenty of the other non defenders in other posts believe you me. But the specific post I was responding to was your comment about one of our defenders and therefore found it natural to respond
  5. Junior Jags initiative

    I just need to wait a few more months then I can get Junior signed up and if they don’t want the stuff then the big kid in me will gladly take it
  6. When I bought my tickets on Friday from the club I was told Celtic had sold out their end completely by the Monday of last week
  7. Team rebuilding

    Heard we have Alex Petkov currently training with us - he’s with the Hearts under 20s - I think he plays in midfield
  8. Ryan Edwards

    He was a very good defender playing with Liam Lindsay for 4 months- I cannot say any of our defenders last season were very good I’m afraid
  9. Would be the only thing he did wrong then was outstanding getting stuck in everywhere as did the rest of the team - I’ve been a big critic of mcginty at times I couldn’t fault him either. Christie too outstanding- the only slightly quieter ones were Doolan and erskine when he came on but a terrific team performance. More of the same please jags - in particular would love to see penrice and Fitzpatrick given longer deals ASAP. mutumbi - 2 games- 2 outstanding performances Because of a bloody pillar in the main stand I couldn’t see the 2 goals Celtic got in the second half and if there was anyone who could have done better there
  10. Team rebuilding

    Don’t think either of them could pay 1.2 million dollars- that can be the only reason why the lad has not had a club for a year and a half otherwise he would have been snapped up a long time ago
  11. Team rebuilding

    If the club has to pay the 1.2 million dollars is maybe why he is holding off for clarification. Not been funny but if we could have afforded that then surely we would have signed shankland by now at the lesser price given he is only 23 and scoring regular goals in this division- whereas because of the uncertainty over the compensation Coulliaby has not been able to play competitively for a year and a half?
  12. Team rebuilding

    If we can afford Soulliaby then Shanklands reported fee that Ayr United want should be a breeze lol
  13. Player Sponsorship 18/19

    il take one too Phil please
  14. Stranraer v Partick Thistle

    No goals conceded by Sneddon either in his 2 first team games - another who potentially looks to have a very good future in the game
  15. Stranraer v Partick Thistle

    3 first time goals as well - okay oware scored previously against hearts but that was a friendly