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  1. Could have done with dick Campbell doing us a favour against Morton to cap it off - unfortunately not but
  2. Definitely. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if they had turned professional in the 1890s when everyone else did. Would think Celtic and Rangers would not have won as many trophies as they have done since
  3. Was talking to a Queens Park director about it - he said there was little choice. Pretty much of all their best players get picked up for nothing by Scottish teams including the old firm. I had assumed (wrongly as it turned out) that most teams compensated them in some way, but he said very few do and that the old firm,Dundee United, hearts and Hibs were in particular bad for this. wasnt an easy decision for them to make but it ensures they will benefit financially far more with their players moving on as well as probably able to sign some better players so that when they get promotion they can stay up
  4. Also we get half the gate so the more supporters the better- could help with signings etc in January window probably a few hearts and Hibs supporters through for the Penicuik end
  5. That’s a fantastic support Penicuik are bringing through
  6. Banzo May have previously been a class above but sadly this season nowhere near that. While your entitled to your comment about Gordon I’d say he offers far more than banzo think your slightly harsh on hall given this was his first league game since Ayr at Firhill - he didn’t really do much wrong
  7. Great to see Osman getting a call up as well
  8. Kakapo, Penrice, o ware, Cole and impact sub Gordon were outstanding today. The rest battled well with fox producing important save Only disappointments were for me banzo again and a woeful zanatta who really was poor
  9. In particular a big well done to Shea Gordon- has had his share of being slated but an absolutely massive impact from him today
  10. I’m hoping the players are willing to make amends for the last game against the ton at cappielow where we had a horror show of conceding 3 goals in 10 minutes to them
  11. Shankland was another who got another chance that paid off
  12. According to the daily mail article- if it is to be believed then I understand Conway has not withdrawn but still trying to buy the club. ican only guess that because Chien Lees name no longer comes up then presumably he is no longer involved
  13. Maybe the communication from the fans group Again if Weir is offering money for free that’s got to be better than non jags supporting Conway who solely wants money for himself and lets face it is unlikely to ever set foot in Firhill more than once a year
  14. Rather than the Weir money stops should we not more worry about consortium money since they don’t invest any and secondly if so it’s only done by saddling clubs with huge loans that are only beneficial to the consortium, while only selling players that make money directly to the consortium. no idea how long weirs money lasts I guess it’s how long is a piece of string but in meantime it’s money for free and without having to pay any huge loan. Any money from selling a player goes back to the club and not direct to that vulture Paul Conways pocket
  15. Do you have a link jagfox to where it says weirs bid is set to go through as I honestly cannot find anything on that part. Thanks