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  1. If we were to get erskine back right now we would have to pay a fee to Livi just now - when he could be free in summer elliot was going to be one of our highest earners when Caldwell tried to get him in summer no problem really with either back say in summer but not before we try to sign the likes of Forrest, Harvie, mccart etc who would be far better value. In fact I would be disappointed if we lost out on those players because we redirected wages to erskine or Elliott at this moment in time
  2. To be honest all 4 of those players I would happily see leave as they have barely contributed
  3. Miller may have got himself into the right place but he is paid a very very decent wage to put these chances Away - he is constantly failing to do this now. We could probably have Forrest, harvie and mccart for what he is getting or at least 2 out of the 3
  4. Would the buy back be at a small fee? I’m not really complaining either way as I’m delighted we have managed to sign him
  5. Doesnt he play in a similar role to Forrest? I wonder if McCall has decided he would prefer to sign the Ayr player instead because he worked with him before
  6. Great signing. All the best with Partick Thistle Zak
  7. Zanatta unfortunately is the one player who doesn’t look like he has improved since McCall took over. Delighted when he first signed but completely underwhelmed since he has signed, whether it be a constant shirking from tackles or just generally looking disinterested. He might have another year of his contract but if we can bring in better then would have no problem with him being moved on unless he gets his act together
  8. Does mccart not already play for ICT don’t see how they would offer a PCA - surely just a contract extension? dundee also want to buy Forrest and loan back according to a couple of their supporters- in which case I would hope we are thinking of doing the same thing, with the proviso he can’t play against us. i wouldn’t expect the Rudden deal to be announced today just because understandably most of the PTFC staff will be away at colins funeral
  9. Just thinking a 2 year deal takes us to January 2022, I’m wondering if it’s in fact a 1 and a half deal or a 2 and a half year deal. I hope it’s the latter
  10. Really wouldn’t push the boat out too much for Austin don’t forget we are linked also with Cammy smith, mccart and Alan Forrest, also potentially Blair Lyons . though we could just as easily miss out on all 4
  11. I’m not going to get excited about Austin- been here since August, very possibly at some expense (getting him over from Australia for a start) - and he has contributed fast runs but not much else in a game which we had already lost when he came on and in that sense there was little pressure on him. to say the least Austin was a very very strange signing from Caldwell
  12. If we are being fair he has been here a year and a half and nowhere contributed enough. He’s not alone and in fact sadly that’s the case with so much of this squad- but there’s no reason to keep him if we can get better
  13. Zanatta and jones are sliding towards out for me-bar 2 games zanatta has looked uninterested and completely chickened out of players. Jones has scored 2 goals- big deal he’s either been injured, so easily brushed off the ball or chickened out of tackles as well slater was average last season and been injured most of this. For a player whose signing I was pleased at he’s been underwhelming and a passenger - we cannot have any more passengers
  14. I actually thought that was coles worst game- extremely toothless at set pieces today and looked a tad unfit
  15. Yep and considering his poor goal scoring record considering how much of a wage he is getting I expected him to be motivating and geeing up rest of the team- but absolutely nothing