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  1. I think Willie Gibson was one, maybe Peter Weatherson too
  2. One thing I have always been surprised the club dies not produce more of is pennants. i see something on ebay but they are just made by individuals with no money going to the club unfortunately
  3. What a wonderful donation. Incredible work by everyone involved
  4. Which one Norge - I couldn’t see anything on the website?
  5. Be interesting to see how other clubs cope apparently Livingston have asked for fans for donations to keep the club going on their website inverness according to someone on pie and bovril have asked for all staff to take a 20 per cent pay cut
  6. I don’t know if it’s open to football clubs but when it was announced last week that the government was paying up to 80 per cent of staff wages for companies up to a maximum of £2500 a month would this be open to Partick Thistle to apply?
  7. I got a call from Ryan Williamson earlier today asking if me and the family were okay during this coronavirus crisis and if there was anything they could help us with such as shopping, getting prescriptions or anything else. Well done the club and players for going out of their way to do this for the supporters at these unsettling times.
  8. Thinking of you and your wife AJ on this very sad occasion
  9. I’ve probably been a right argumentative d!ck to many of you on here over the years. But I think the events of the last few weeks have put a perspective on there’s really more to life than football. As disappointing as relegation would be if it happened that the season officially ended today and the league placing stood it will be worth putting up with, if as much as one life is saved. most importantly I hope all of the Partick Thistle family keep safe so we are all here to agree/argue with each other for next season. Keep safe everyone
  10. You would hope not especially when potentially people’s lives could be at risk. That’s far more important than a game of football going ahead. dont wish to sound overly bleak but even if they made an announcement that the season had to end now and we were even relegated I would take that knowing we are all around to hopefully witness promotion next season than anyone suffering from complications off this awful virus simply because the old firm would be hit hard in the pocket
  11. Been mentioned there were coaches there from Alloa studying us - hoping we have been as proactive studying other teams
  12. And hopefully our first victory of the season against Dunfermline- we should be looking for revenge against a team we have conceded 8 goals against in 2 games
  13. Completely agree, I do think there is a good manager in Ian McCall as seen elsewhere and would be okay with him staying, though annoyed he had not kept us up. I was a big supporter of his in management prior to his appointment though so far have been underwhelmed and very disappointed at results on the park to say the least. Like you, if we go down or even if we stay up I really don't see much of a case for keeping Archibald and Arthur - they have not brought much to the defence or the goalkeeping side of things with their coaching. Besides O ware and Fox to name others should be more than experienced enough to not really need to rely on these 2 coaches anywhere. Could Archibalds wage have been used to sign another defender in the January transfer window for instance? I guess we will never know If we go down I would not have a problem either if we did not keep Thistle 'legends' Fox and Bannigan - both having contributed little this season and in Bannigans case not much the last 2 and neither displaying much leadership. The same goes for O ware. By contrast I would hope the club would be doing everything to retain Graham, Rudden and Lyons - simply because all 3 would score a barrowload in League one - that very likely will depend on whether there are relegation clauses in the contract. Out of the 3 I would likely to expect Lyons to stay as although we would in all likelihood be in the same division as Montrose we are clearly a bigger club. I fully expect if we go down both Doolan and Erskine will be signed as Thistle 'legends, as both will be free agents,' with the idea that it would give the club and fans a boost, but like you can see that there has been a culture of cronyism which I too have concerns about and the employment of these 2 could potentially fall into that category, though I do think playing wise they would offer far more in League 1 than the championship. I don't think the club has benefitted at all from cronyism the last couple of years