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  1. Third Lanark

    Poor crowd expected Nomads game

    Did we get any money for it being on S4C?
  2. Third Lanark

    New Owner

    Sorry I meant Scottish Football news - I should have been more specific
  3. Third Lanark

    New Owner

    Where did you hear this? Surely it would have made the news as regardless of whether people are for or against- it was big news as would it not have been the first time in Scottish football that dial ownership has been raised
  4. Third Lanark

    New Owner

    For the budget he has got not sure neilson is really a roaring success- would have been better than Caldwell yes but if he has been struggling 2 years running nearly on the largest budget in the division I don’t think he is as great as some may think
  5. Third Lanark

    Thistle vs QotS Thread

    He was very poor today- but he’s our top scorer- we would be relying on mansell jones etc - not a chance should he be out the door
  6. Third Lanark

    Thistle vs QotS Thread

    Disagree about Williamson but at end of day he wasn’t reason we lost. miller by his standards this season was poor as well (just realised I hadn’t mentioned him) Still probably deserved a draw- onwards and upwards
  7. Third Lanark

    Thistle vs QotS Thread

    Oware Robson banzo and Cole when he came on were really good disappointing from zanatta today he is better than that cardle tried as always but had a stinker gordon and Williamson really poor - the way Williamson let himself be brushed off the ball at the end was ridiculous plenty of work for McCall to do though a draw would have been a fair result
  8. Third Lanark

    New Owner

    I honestly didn’t know that, are they still on the board presently?
  9. Third Lanark

    New Owner

    The alternative is for it to be in the hands of the consortium who are not jags fans, will likely barely ever be at Firhill and whose main priority looks to be making money for themselves
  10. Third Lanark

    New Owner

    Would you be happy for the consortium to take out loans against the club as they did with Nice? would you be okay with the member of the consortium allocating themselves wages as directors of the club? They do this at Barnsley. Beattie and co don’t do it with the jags
  11. Third Lanark

    New Owner

    Out of likes but for me this highlights concerns with the consortium
  12. Third Lanark

    Is McCall the Messiah?

    The mysterious Mitch Austin?
  13. Third Lanark

    Thistle v Fake thistle.

    Let’s him give him a chance but - what’s that now 6 goals or so
  14. Third Lanark

    Fake Thistle v Us

    He was also very brave when he was open about mental health illness he had suffered previously too
  15. Third Lanark

    New Owner

    Presumably the consortium do want fans to spend their money on games, merchandise, hospitality etc so it would be in their interests to have fans inside and be approachable to these fans, a bit more than they have done so thus far