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  1. Third Lanark

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Spittal was one of our top scorers last season how on earth can you blame him for relegation when several more experienced players including the captain didn’t try a leg- and is he not one of our higher scorers this season with more goals than Doolan? He’s a young player and I think confidence has been his problem hopefully the new manager is the man to give him that confidence- there’s definitely a player in there
  2. Third Lanark

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Brice is on a 1 year contract I’m sure quitongo and the lad from Dundee are on 6 month contracts I think
  3. Third Lanark

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Potentially we might not see a big improvement until he can bring in his own players so I hope he’s cut some flack
  4. Third Lanark

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Think this will be a great appointment- well done Jacqui Gerry and the board. all the best at Firhill Gary and Brian
  5. Third Lanark

    Who's next?

    Not convinced chesterfield were a straightened club as they seem to have been a complete shambles off the pitch with lots of problems
  6. Third Lanark

    Who's next?

    I’d take him over the uninspiring Duffy McIntyre Hughes etc
  7. Third Lanark

    Who's next?

    There was very few other games actually on and they are both former Dundee United players so I wouldn’t read to much into it. They were probably just looking to take in a game
  8. Third Lanark

    Who's next?

    You do not know that Lennon would have kept St Mirren up. One of the things that angered St Mirren fans about him is that he did not bring through a single player from the St Mirren youth academy during his lenghty tenure and didnt give youth a chance. Considering we have a hriving youth Academy if he continues with that attitude then it would be a real hindrance. Clyde also has the biggest budget in their division so it is to be expected that they are in a play off position
  9. Third Lanark

    Who's next?

    He is overrated you forgot his relegation with Dunfermline. Also he needed Mc Gregor’s millions to bail him out a couple of times you also have to wonder why no one else has taken a punt on him too since he was sacked from county
  10. Third Lanark

    Who's next?

    If McCall is out of the running I wouldn’t be against someone like Goodwin or even possibly Caldwell
  11. Third Lanark

    Ross County Home

    Quitongo has been with us as a player for a month and before that had been training with the club for another month- I’m at a bit of a loss as to why either his fitness is not better or why he hasn’t been given longer on the pitch
  12. Third Lanark


    He really should have just been given a 6 month contract- now he will likely be paid off in January and we will have wasted more money. Should also have only given Brice a 6 month deal to prove himself and don’t think Mcginty should have been given 2 years either
  13. Third Lanark

    Who's next?

    He’s with Dundee at present
  14. Third Lanark

    Who's next?

    Duffy actually had a very decent budget at Morton- they have long had a decent budget courtesy of their funding from the Rae family
  15. Third Lanark

    Archie sacked

    As has been said 2 jags legends and thoroughly nice guys who genuinely did their best for the club and gave us some great moments as has also been said something has clearly gone wrong the last 18 months and while not an easy decision to make I can see why it was made all the best to Alan and Scott for the future