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  1. Third Lanark


  2. Third Lanark


    Still not to sure why he was signed sure there’s potential talent there, but there was potential talent with shankland which we could have taken a gamble on
  3. Third Lanark

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    Think your being harsh on Spittal mate with your one good game a year comment - was one of our top scorers last season and currently joint top for this season, plus last year was youngest regular starter (McCarthy was not a regular). He has done far more this season than likes of Doolan, quitongo, storer, Storey, mutumbi etc etc
  4. Third Lanark

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    We could have had 4 goals if it was not for some poor finishing from Doolan Storey and in particular mutumbi.
  5. Third Lanark

    Club Shop at Firhill Open During Week

    Nah it’s probably true mate haha
  6. Third Lanark

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    I don’t think Doolan has done anything this season to be excepted unless we are talking about previous service to the club as this season he has been appalling
  7. Third Lanark

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    Not sure quitongo has done enough to get an extension offer to be honest
  8. Third Lanark

    Paratroopers training squad

    I’d rather they were put through some hard fitness training than the club spend thousands taken them to Spain for a week where judging by fitness and results when they came back it looked like there was more emphasis on them having a holiday than doing training
  9. Third Lanark

    Rocksport Archie's interview

    Interesting that I heard from 2 different family members of players that since Caldwell and Kerr came in their has been far more input in getting the players onto fitness diets as well compared to the previous 18 months- I’ve no reason to doubt the sources but thought this would have been something any sports dieticians or sports scientists would have monitored far more
  10. Third Lanark


    Neither Doolan or quitongo are proving themselves at scoring goals at this level this season- in fact Doolan has been extremely poor
  11. Third Lanark

    AGM and Accounts

    Thanks javeajag quite surprised they were mentioning only 4 weeks to assemble the training complex- that seems really quick
  12. Third Lanark


    To a large extent that good use at the other end is down to the strikers - I remember Doolan blew a great chance at Alloa and Doolan, Quitongo and SPittal (with his penalty miss) all blew great chances on saturday as well)
  13. Third Lanark


    Yep we are paying Archie and Scott till next summer. Caldwell got a 2 year deal so probably not as cheap as some may think to pay him off too
  14. Third Lanark

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Doolan always very poor I thought today
  15. Third Lanark

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Spittals penalty was terrible doolan had 2 great chances in the first half and did nothing with them Quitongo was anonymous still don’t think we deserved to lose