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  1. Do you think there is a realistic chance of the club getting any compensation from the arbitration panel
  2. McManus won’t be returning to Falkirk- that’s a blow for them but good news for us. would love to see him at Firhill but likely going to the pars
  3. I thought someone was paying our legal fees though?
  4. Thanks mate, it does look smart
  5. I think it’s good news really as the club needs every penny it can get and this move is obviously bringing in some much needed funds so it is essentially good news
  6. Have you got photos of it mate? Just be good to see photos of it as opposed to the sort of computer generated images on the Greaves website
  7. The service is incredible, my first item within about 3 days of order, second within 5 days, almost everywhere else you would be waiting for weeks. Its absolutely brilliant I dont think we or the club can thank Phil enough for what he is doing
  8. Was it a security alarm company who sponsored the back of the shirts previously?
  9. They are on furlough so they cannot work presently and do interviews etc. The only player not on furlough is Ross Docherty
  10. No I’m still waiting- I’m a bit concerned I have not had a confirmation email of it being dispatched
  11. Actually just reading the comments of those that have been posted in the last few days and there is a lot of Jambos who have donated now
  12. What away strip? It’s not been released yet? Are you sure you are not getting mixed up with the goalkeeper top
  13. It’s certainly been a night of the king knives out for the way we have been treated by the SPFL clubs
  14. hope some of the SPFL lawyers are not regulars on this forum- they will surely just steal WJs posts for to use in court
  15. You could say Brian Graham, o ware. Banzo and Docherty are pretty experienced old heads