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  1. Inverness, Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers. ..and a big, fat NO Thanks BB
  2. Inverness CT Celtic BSC Glasgow Motherwell Ayr United Aberdeen Rangers Falkirk 23 goals Thanks BB
  3. I was a young kid watching watching the game on TV. I remember it clearly. I think he scythed Helmut Haller.
  4. Better or worse than the trough that ran along the top of the JHS back in the day? My two biggest memories of going to firhill in the late 60's were: 1) Getting a lift over the turnstile to get in for nothing 2) The second half flow of urine that rolled down the steps of the old stand
  5. Round 3 fixtures AHHHHAHHAHHHAAHH Bonus Point Question 3 8 Bonus Point Question 4 4 Thanks BB
  6. The good old days when players wore numbers 1 through 11. Is McQUADE, Coulston, Bone, Rae, LAWRIE. the easiest forward line to remember during the history of the club?
  7. Thanks BB and thanks for offering up this great contest again. Round Two fixtures ahaahhhahhhhhhaa Bonus Point Question 1 Cove Rangers Bonus Point Question 2 Partick Thistle
  8. I was pretty young when he played but I think George Cunningham had dark hair and was thin, so I'll say it's him?
  9. Well, at least we heard the call on the goal before it disappeared again
  10. On the fritz again? No audio here
  11. Was he given a fair shake by the club? Was it lack of skill or lack of fitness that contributed to his demise? I'm kind of surprised that no one has picked him up, as he did show flashes of excellence playing premiership football.
  12. Brilliant stuff CCJag. Thanks for sharing. In all that footage not one player was wearing fluorescent orange or yellow boots