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  1. The King is dead dry ones eyes and get over it we don’t need another coach because as a business cash is key. Much prefer the money going on a player rather than this continued sentimental clap trap. At least you probably still have his poster on your wall or ceiling ... just your view
  2. Last time I looked Partick Thistle were a business not a charity Kris Doolan has had his day we have enough coaches can we please move on
  3. So expressing an opinion contrary to yours makes everyone Who does a miserable sod ???? Doolan is finished at this level pretty much in the same way he was just before he left. Decent striker In his time but this club have to sign better to move upwards and onwards. To be fair reading your post has made me miserable I’m away to take the dog out at least he listens
  4. Great Thistle manager. One story I heard was that Bertie used to wear his European cup winners medal around his neck and would pull it out when he was having a managers rant saying ‘ have you got wan of these Have you got wan of these’ One time while absolutely tearing into Tony Higgins he used that phrase to which Higgins replied as long as your my manager I’ll never get wan of them. Great reply
  5. Hopefully not on the park as that would be a waste of a wage. Definitely in the background as a coaching role with the young players and then in and around the team on a match day making sure they know what playing for Thistle is all about
  6. See these people of quality you keep talking about why was it that they were so happy to walk away and endorse J Low as chairperson and then when a takeover is looming and not facilitated fast enough apparently they are happy enough to send sheriff officers in and remove her.?????? Strange that but hey ho they now once again have the best interests of PTFC at heart. I have no axe to grind and will acknowledge that David Beattie has been a steady and reliable chairman but let’s not cloud the matter with smoke and guns who knows what the capabilities are of fans ownership in contrast to building equity by for self gain ???
  7. It most certainly did. We will see how many goals he scores at the end of the season. Committed player who will give 100% regardless.
  8. Absolutely stupid thread basically sums up some of the numpties that we have in our support. Do you know what Kenny just keep scoring and show us what a true centre forward looks like it’s been some time ?????
  9. St Mirren got beat last week from Hibs and crashed and burned out the League cup but hey ho let’s not get facts in the way of a debate/forum
  10. 4500 fans of St Mirren turned out today in this weather even though their team had made a Shite start to the season and apparently watched a good team performance leading to a good win over Aberdeen. Makes you wonder about if weather really makes a difference or it’s more about putting up with the same old shite
  11. A slow lingering death whilst others celebrate enhancing their pension pots
  12. Bertie Auld ????? Really 2 Scottish Cup semi finals beating the old firm on a regular basis much better times than this crap only only one word for it.......... Bye
  13. We and the other 2 clubs first of all have had the decency to respond and secondly have backed strict liability not against it.
  14. To be fair Doolan could go tomorrow and we wouldn’t notice the difference and lets not blur history about the fantastic servant stuff Erskine was quick enough to jump ship to Dundee Utd. Out of the 2 would definitely keep Erskine as he has the potential to either score or create that opportunity for others if played in the correct position.