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  1. Ruchillnomore

    attendance v DU

    St Mirren got beat last week from Hibs and crashed and burned out the League cup but hey ho let’s not get facts in the way of a debate/forum
  2. Ruchillnomore

    attendance v DU

    4500 fans of St Mirren turned out today in this weather even though their team had made a Shite start to the season and apparently watched a good team performance leading to a good win over Aberdeen. Makes you wonder about if weather really makes a difference or it’s more about putting up with the same old shite
  3. Ruchillnomore

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    A slow lingering death whilst others celebrate enhancing their pension pots
  4. Ruchillnomore

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    Bertie Auld ????? Really 2 Scottish Cup semi finals beating the old firm on a regular basis much better times than this crap only only one word for it.......... Bye
  5. Ruchillnomore

    Strict Liability

    We and the other 2 clubs first of all have had the decency to respond and secondly have backed strict liability not against it.
  6. Ruchillnomore

    Winter window

    To be fair Doolan could go tomorrow and we wouldn’t notice the difference and lets not blur history about the fantastic servant stuff Erskine was quick enough to jump ship to Dundee Utd. Out of the 2 would definitely keep Erskine as he has the potential to either score or create that opportunity for others if played in the correct position.
  7. Ruchillnomore

    Training Ground

    I personally asked the question re relegation 18 months ago at the open day when Archie Ian maxwell and the current Chairman was in attendance would it have any impact on the training ground. All in attendance were given 100% assurance by the said panel that the training ground would go ahead regardless and relegation has no impact whatsoever.
  8. Ruchillnomore

    That Chico Moment

    A wonderful free kick against Airdrie back early 90,s in front of the shed. Must have been 30 yards out and remembering turning to my brother and saying “he’ll do well to score from here” couple of seconds later pandemonium in the shed as it nestled in the back of the net. Happy days
  9. Ruchillnomore

    Who's next?

    Deal to the end of the season bit strange obviously he is confident that he can get them promoted. Also states in the same article that he also spoke to us
  10. Ruchillnomore

    Who's next?

    Not Robbie anyway
  11. Ruchillnomore

    Dunfermline away.

    To be fair it’s probably quite an important one
  12. Ruchillnomore

    Dunfermline away.

    Never mentioned league position but seeing as you mention it on current form we are not winning the league. However would be delighted to be proved wrong
  13. Ruchillnomore

    Dunfermline away.

    Unfortunately in the real world you don’t separate Home and Away form to decide if your title contenders. Most people on here have made a decision on the overall form/ performances. To pick just the home form as the basis of your argument / defence is ridiculous. If Archie was that desperate for a point on Friday then maybe he should have stuck to the same tactics as the previous Saturday that way we might have scored a goal increasing our chances of a mighty draw. So sad that he chose to be defensive smacks of desperation for a point rather than clear thought out tactics for a win against a poor side.
  14. Ruchillnomore

    Dunfermline away.

    So by what you say home form ie winning games is keeping him in a job so by that reckoning Away form ie continuing to lose games has no bearing........ well balanced thought process there. We have lost more than we have won and funnily enough all away from home and once again our goal difference is minus something has to change as this is not the premier league where all roads for us lead to survival all roads for us need to lead to promotion contenders as said by the board unfortunately no where near that on our performances
  15. Ruchillnomore

    Dunfermline away.

    Unlike the previous 4 games which we will ignore and hey ho by the 27th Oct everything will be fine maybe.....possibly or do the emu sorry board thing Lucky for Archie he has 3 games at home and the mighty Alloa away. So what out of the next 4 games do you deem as acceptable in relation to results ??? Or are you going to post on a game by game basis my thoughts on the next 4 games Ross County Draw/win Dundee Utd Win Alloa Win Ayr Draw/Win anything less than these results then he should go