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  1. What's Alex Salmond doing these days? He's a Jambo, with experience of success in court against the odds. Jags could nominate Laura Kuenssberg, who would be sure to present an articulate version of our case.
  2. Maybe wishful thinking, but it sounds like an own goal to me. Combined with Saturday's letter, it amounts to issuing threats while a hearing is in progress. Any suggestion that the rule book of the SPFL, or indeed any other organisation, should take precedence over the law of the land is not going to go down well with the legal establishment. It seems that Neil Doncaster is not familiar with the expression "when you're in a hole, stop digging".
  3. At least it is officially League 1, and not a combination of clubs from League 1 and League 2, which would have given the SPFL an excuse to scrap promotion.
  4. There was some speculation at that time that Thistle's action could lead to their expulsion. It came to nothing.
  5. I'm sure that once their lordships take into account the provisions of the Relegation Before the Season is Completed (Football), Prevention of, (Scotland) Act, we will get the verdict we seek. Then again, the judges may have difficulty finding such legislation. What has been visited on Partick Thistle is just plain wrong, but that doesn't necessarily make it illegal. It is likely that the concerns raised by Woodstock Jag would have been in the minds of the Board when they made the initial decision not to pursue legal action. The offer of funding, which I suspect came from the east of Scotland, put them in a very difficult position, and they decided it was best to accept it, on the grounds that we have nothing to lose. I hope they're right.
  6. So who is first in line, if one championship club either goes bust or decides they don't want to play?
  7. It's a measure of how desperate things are becoming, that our best hope might be Neil Doncaster. As we know to our cost, he can be very effective at "persuading" clubs to vote in a certain way. If he were to throw his weight behind this latest proposal, with threats of the financial implications of rejecting it, followed by Hearts taking legal action, it might just have a chance.
  8. Here's another one, updated for the times: Oh when the Jags, go marching in When the Jags go marching in I want to be in that number But I can't because of social distancing
  9. Good news for football clubs, making it less likely that clubs will go bust. Season to start in November?
  10. Better to approach League 1 with a sense of grievance over an injustice, than off the back of a demoralising failed relegation battle.
  11. BBC Breakfast showed an interview with a former chief executive of the Football Association, discussing the various options for bringing the season to a close. "One thing you can't do, is relegate teams when the fixtures have not been concluded." He forgot to add, unless you're in Scotland.
  12. Here's how I see the start of next season going, assuming we don't get rescued from League One before then. It is traditional for a team promoted as champions to be given a home game to start the new season, to allow them to unfurl the flag, set off fireworks, and provide other entertainment to get both fans and players fired up. For their opponents, they are given a team with a reputation as a soft touch, that will not be likely to spoil the big day. So who do Hibernian get to celebrate their return to the Premiership? Partick Thistle. Ayr United's guests on their gala day back in the Championship? Partick Thistle. On both occasions we played our allotted role to perfection. Older Thistle fans may recall a 4-0 rout at Forfar in similar circumstances. So stand by for a first ever visit to the home of Cove Rangers, the Gretna of the north, who this time last year were in the Highland League. But don't rush to book accommodation for the Saturday night; there might be sufficient interest in the fixture for our humiliation to be seen by the nation on television. We never beat Gretna, and we seldom win on TV, so we know what to expect. A defeat, probably by a wide enough margin to ensure bottom place in the league on day one. Then the second wave of coronavirus kicks in, and with it a new lockdown. SPFL declares the season finished, and it's off to League Two.
  13. Clubs are desperate for the end of season money, to which they are entitled, in order to survive. They are being told, "you're not getting it unless you vote to relegate Partick Thistle and Stranraer". Abhorrent hardly does it justice.
  14. What happens in England matters, on the evidence of what happened when football stopped. The Scottish Government had announced that mass gatherings would be banned from Monday 16 March, which was widely seen as giving the green light for the Old Firm match on the Sunday, and the round of fixtures on the Saturday, including a winnable home game for Thistle against Alloa. In England the situation was the same, with the Premier League announcing that the weekend fixtures would go ahead. But the EPL was spooked by the news on the Thursday morning that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Chelsea player Callum Hudson-Odoi had tested positive for coronavirus, the virus having spread more quickly in London than elsewhere. They pulled the plug on the weekend that morning. The SPFL felt obliged to follow suit, thus depriving Thistle of a possible opportunity to get off the bottom of the league before the music stopped.
  15. One of the many sponsors of the League Cup was CIS Insurance, with a knock-out format from the start. Thistle were dumped out of the cup at Firhill in July by Alloa Athletic. On the way out, a fan shouted "yer insurance is rubbish, anyway!"