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  1. One of the many sponsors of the League Cup was CIS Insurance, with a knock-out format from the start. Thistle were dumped out of the cup at Firhill in July by Alloa Athletic. On the way out, a fan shouted "yer insurance is rubbish, anyway!"
  2. Thistle's game in hand came about through no fault of their own, when they had the misfortune to be scheduled to play Inverness (them again) away on the day when Inverness had to play a cup quarter final, which took precedence. Rather than speculate on what the result might have been, the fairest way would be to apply again the result when the teams met in the equivalent match in the first half of the season - Inverness 1 Partick Thistle 3.
  3. We won't be relegated this season. We have three chances to avoid going down, in order of likelihood: 1. Coronavirus. If it spreads like it did in China, which many medics think is inevitable, then the government will have to ban public gatherings, including football. Then the season will be declared null and void. Bad news for Celtic and Liverpool, whose fans are already celebrating nine in a row and a first championship in 30 years, good news for Partick Thistle and Aidan Fitzpatrick's Norwich City. 2. League reconstruction. Last year there was talk of increasing the Championship to twelve teams, when it was realised that one of the best supported teams, Falkirk, were going down. Expect it to be raised again, if it looks like Jags are doomed. 3. We could start winning football matches.
  4. Why? We're in a relegation battle with three teams immediately above us, Alloa, QOS and Morton. These are the 6 pointer matches. Last time we played Queens, we won. Last time at Alloa, we drew. Last time against Morton, we won. All away from home. We play these teams at Firhill in March, great chance to move up the league. We should perhaps be thinking what effect the persistent negativity, regardless of the evidence, might have on everyone connected with the club.
  5. Adverse weather conditions benefit the team that is physically and mentally stronger, and with the greater will to win. Not qualities that have been greatly in evidence at Firhill in recent years. The outcome is what we saw in the first visit to Cappielow last season, against Dundee United last week, and again yesterday. Let's hope the team gets to play with the sun on their backs sooner rather than later.
  6. Sounds like quite a few of tonight's team could find themselves in the first team on Saturday, if they're not careful.
  7. Difficult to assess how significant this victory against unfamiliar opponents will turn out to be. But we can certainly take encouragement from possession football played tonight, denying the opposition the chance to test our defence. Da Vita and Kakay showed enough playing away from their normal positions to add to the options available. Hope none of the fans who turned out to support Thistle tonight loses out to glory hunters in the scramble for tickets when we get to the final.
  8. Lewis Mansell released by Blackburn https://the72.co.uk/131098/blackburn-rovers-announce-retained-and-released-list-fan-reactions/
  9. Falkirk were relegated from the old First Division in 1969, after Thistle drew 2-2 at Brockville on the last day of the season. I remember the Jags fans singing "So long, it's been good to know you". Not so funny the following season, when it was our turn to be relegated, for the first time in the club's history.
  10. At half time last week, the TV commentator remarked that Thistle were "struggling to get their most influential players on the ball". On the park might have been more accurate, with Spittal, Fitzpatrick and Cardle all on the bench. That needs to be remedied today.
  11. Sivad

    Conor Hazard

    Might as well give Sneddon some practice. Celtic won't allow Hazard to play against them in the Cup Final.
  12. Thistle have scored the first goal in all five matches in 2019. Sadly, in all four league matches, we have conceded the last goal.
  13. We're going to have to be stronger - much stronger. All but two of our points have been gained at home. Only six of our remaining fourteen league games are at home, four of them against the top four in the league table, all of whom won on their previous visit to Firhill this season. Indeed, if all our remaining fixtures produce the same result as the first time round, we will gain a further five points, with a total of 24 points, one more than Alloa have already. A 100% improvement would give us ten points and a total of 29, one less than the total that consigned Dumbarton to a doomed play-offs campaign last season. Even a 200% improvement, for 15 and 34, would probably not be enough, given that none of the teams in the bottom half shows any sign of going on a Brechin type run of defeats that would come to our aid. We can only hope that the new recruits will contribute sufficiently to turn things around, starting on Saturday.
  14. Look at the number of Thistle players in the opposition penalty area. A rare sight this season.
  15. Sivad


    Just as well Storey's hit form as a striker.