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  1. A priority IMO is the goalkeeping position. I personally like a goalkeeper to dominate the six yard box. Giving the defence confidence to concentrate on their own jobs. Scott Fox is rooted on his line far too much! This has most certainly cost the team goals and points! In the recent match at Firhill against ICT he even ends up behind the goal line at ICT's goal, unbelievable!
  2. Has the club considered taking down the Thistle banners and flags in the JLS? The other arse cheek caused a lot of damage recently, that initiated a lot of fundraising activity to replace the banners they had disrespected! Do we give the great unwashed who will contaminate the JLS on Saturday the benefit of the doubt, that they can behave any better?
  3. As I see it, there exists, three options: 1 - Consortium deal goes through - New owners with possible potential to invest. 2 - TfE/Colin Weir deal goes through - Community ownership donated to the fans. 3 - Status Quo - Both of the above options fail to come to fruition. Do not know enough about option 1 to come to a conclusion, but have concerns. Concerns about option 2 also: Colin Weir wishing to cover the cost of buying the necessary share holding to donate to the control of an organisation that we know very little about? A group of fans. Buying the shares is the easy bit, that is to stand still. To invest in the future would most certainly require significant further and regular funds. I do not believe our hardcore base of support 2000/2500 can sustain this in the mid to long term through a pledge scheme. Do we hope that Colin Weir is prepared to underwrite this further investment on an ongoing basis? Colin Weir is not a young fellow and I am led to believe, unfortunately does not enjoy good health. Remember Gretna FC. Philanthropic and well meaning benefactor passes away. His family have no desire to continue backing a football club.................the rest is well documented!
  4. "The Board agreed that there was also a need to develop new income streams to create new funds. It is unreasonable to expect that fans and sponsors provide all the funds to support the Club’s aspirations (nor do we have a sugar daddy or major donor as is rumoured by some fans – Colin Weir has never had any ongoing financial commitment to the Club, instead choosing to fund the Thistle Weir Youth Academy on an annual basis)" So, the Club is funded by "fans and sponsors", and, we do not have a sugar daddy or major donor in Colin Weir? Surely the board should be currently active in attracting investors onto the board? The current board is four in number, including Alan Rough. As far as I am aware, none of them have a financial investment in the business? This is extremely unusual for a professional football club! How do you get the gig? Nudge,nudge - Wink,Wink? Who appoints the Chair? Be assured, the kudos of being a director of a football club will be of great benefit in their other business and social circles, including receiving free entry to home & away matches to view from the directors box. Supporters pay more through the turnstiles than any of them!
  5. My concern is, that although we have to cut our cloth accordingly at a time like this. As far as I am aware, our current Board of Directors have no financial investment in the Club? They have nothing to lose by the decisions they make! However, other stakeholders in the Club - Players, Staff, Sponsors and Supporters are affected by their decisions. We should not have One financial investor in Colin Weir, too risky!
  6. Now we are looking forward to a two stand stadium, can the club not at least move the camera position over to the CW stand. This would ensure that any TV coverage would at least span over stands that are occupied. Glasgow warriors had a temporary scaffolding arrangement when they shared Firhill.
  7. The fact that our directors box and the home dugouts have been located in a stand that is normally filled with away fans, has deflected the general feeling of annoyance and anger that the jags fan are feeling at the moment. I have always thought that this contributed to the slow lack of action by the board during Archie's tenure, and it now continues with Caldwell. When we lost away to East Fife and it got a bit hostile, both Archie and the board were visibly rattled! Why do we not pack out the Aitken Suite on Saturday and again the following week, for a rousing chorus of 'Sack the Board' and 'Caldwell must go'. The board would certainly here as the boardroom is only through the foyer!
  8. The point is his arrogance! It is his way! It is a team game. The players have opinions, skills and experience. He is making the error of trying to fit square pegs into round holes! Archie made the same mistake for a long time, but at least he is a decent and humble human being, who I am certain will have learned a lot from the experience. John Lambie said, " You can only play with the c--k you have got", and duly got the best out of the squad of players he had to work with - on numerous occasions! It is obvious that Caldwells demeanour does not encourage good teamwork. He has been disliked throughout his career because of this.
  9. I have been a Jags supporter for 55 or so years, and I have never seen anything like the current situation that has been created internally by the Club, in all my days! That article is dated today and is an obvious PR ploy to establish that GC's way is the only way! It is me, me ,me all over it! This guy is making Donald Trump sound reasonable! I can hear him now - bedazzling our Chairperson with his "do not listen to the Fake News" that the fans are rolling out on every platform. "They no nothing about the game of football! - Only I the magnificent Caldwell possesses the knowledge required" "Only I can switch the dugouts - create a Whats App scouting system - attempt to turn around an oil tanker, and make the comfortable feel uncomfortable" Aye, but he cannae win an effen FITBA MATCH! Is this the 1st of April, or what? I am convinced he will be wearing a David Icke shellsuit in the dugout on Saturday! It beggars belief that the Board are allowing our great football club to be turned into a laughing stock like this! Partick Thistle Football Club is not the place for such an incompetent charlatan! He has to be removed, for his own sake, never mind the future of the Jags! Have not a clue what to expect on Saturday!
  10. I was at Cappielow and after watching this video, I am still of the opinion that Bell could and should have done better at all 5 goals. The defence have no confidence because he does not command his area, and rarely comes off his line. Yes, crosses were not being stopped from coming in. But an experienced keeper like Bell should be marshalling his defenders and come for everything that looks like entering the six yard box. If it is true that GC blamed McGinty solely responsible, then I can understand McGinty's frustration. We have to start trying to be more positive in an attacking sense, Sneddon for Bell for the above reasons. Push Penrice and Fitzpatrick into attacking midfield roles with Bannigan providing support and cover, Erskine to probe and link up with the forwards, he is the only creative player we have. Pick whoever up front, we have a selection of forwards who I am sure are better players than they have shown to date, because of the negative tactics. Kind of stuck with defenders we have, but as a unit move the ball forward quicker. I have been going to support the Jags for over 55 years now, and all I ask the players and the new manager is that we change the attitude that has prevailed for 18 months, positive attitude with honest endeavour can turn things around.
  11. I agree with the consensus of opinion being made on this topic: Same movie - (Loss of goals late in the game) - for several seasons now, not just the current one. Lack of stamina, and length of recovery times from injuries. Archie's poor use of substitutions. In any walk of life, repeating the same errors over and over are normally unacceptable. We have to start learning some lessons! I know that in recent years, Archie and Ian Maxwell have attended several Q & A sessions in both Edinburgh and Maryhill. Can anybody who has attended inform if any questions relating to the above have been asked, and if so, what the response has been. Or are most of the questions syncophantic and just a love in?
  12. Speak for yourself, also. You state that the fans you spoke to were perhaps confused, but not angry, that is your assumption. In the heat of the moment, during the first 10 minutes when our defence "couldn't keep weans out of a close", and the 2 cheap goals were conceded. Many fans in and around where I was sitting, which was slap bang in the middle of the Jags support, were aiming insults and abuse at Archie. Many blaming the team selection as the reason for getting caught cold. I am sure that this was borne out of frustration and disappointment which most certainly can quickly develop into such angry outbursts. You disagree, when you state that , "being caught cold had nothing to do with team selection" and you are entitled to that viewpoint. I am sure you will admit that voicing opinions that may differ is exactly what the forums are all about. Moving forward, I was intrigued to read in the Sunday papers, Kris Doolan making a case for Archie to play both Doolan and Sammon up front. Indeed, Doolan thinks they would complement each other well. This is the first time I can remember any player during Archie's reign making a public statement about how the team should play. Archie's response seems to be that he wishes to stick with the lone striker role. Any thoughts?
  13. I am just back from the piggery, and that is the angriest I have felt our fans have been against Archie's starting line up. He states we are going to have a go - then puts out a side with no pace, width and Barton back in midfield! Does he do that to annoy us? If we had started the way we did against Rangers during the week - who knows, we might be in the quarter finals. On the positive side we get back into the game and have a chance at half time. Most fans wanted Archie to change it by bringing on a sub or two and have a go for it. (Where have I heard that before?) As usual, as long as we are in the game, Archie never changes anything. Subs come on after we go behind 3-1. This is a recurring theme with Archie's use of substitutes. Why O why, can we not pick our strongest and most positive team and let the opposition worry about us? IMO Archie keeps changing the starting line up to suit how he thinks we can nullify the opposition. Always conservative and gives too much respect to the opposition. Especially the Old Firm. The last week was our best opportunity in Archie's reign to defeat the Old Firm. We failed yet again! I have followed the Jags for over 55 years, and I fear we will never win a cup, or ever beat the Bigot Brothers as long as Archie persists with his tactics. I would love it if he could grow a pair and prove me wrong!
  14. I am also behind Archie. Problem is there are no teams behind the Jags in the League. He seems to be quite 'strachanesque' in the way he sticks doggedly in attempting to persist with players trying to play a system that they cannot play. Gordon Strachan was stubborn and loyal that way, and we all know what fate befell him. I really do hope that Archie can try something different. All of our opponents do not need to send scouts to our matches - they all know how we will line up, and the tactical options we will adopt. McCann was at Firhill last Wednesday and nullified our same starting line up from the word go - we should have started differently. Surely, we must play to the strengths we have. Put Barton into sweeper role - for Pete' sake he was our Player of the Year in that position. Drop Devine or Keown, they are too similar, keep going for the same ball and are so close they regularly play ricochet's off of each other. Move turnbull into midfield, most comfortable defender on the ball. Play Sammon and Doolan as a twin strike force - we need goals from somewhere? Lone striker role no use at this stage. Fit whoever you want from the rest available. Perhaps dropping some of the ever presents might do them some good. As a collective the team are making the same mistakes, and the heads go down to quickly, week in and week out. I have only noticed Edwards and Cerny getting angry with their team mates on the pitch. Get some pride back! Show some leadership, both in the dugout and on the pitch! We are Thistle! We can get thru this!
  15. Trust Archie and Shaggy were at The Gorgie building site today to plan for the big midweek derby! We have nothing to lose because everyone is expecting us to feel the brunt of the expected backlash of the thumping the great invincibles received today! If Archie can ever learn or even consider changing his team and tactics, then set up to play the long ball game! It's not what the purists want, but Hearts playing with two 16 year olds, should how effective it can be. Celtic's weak link is their defence and goalkeeper. - The Jags weak link is our defence and midfield! Quite simple - cut the midfield out, get Celtic on their heels and press a high game for as long as we can! Failure to change anything - whether it be personnel or tactics, is simply a capitulation! Fight for some pride, you never know - or just chuck it! Over to you Archie - I'll be there cheering you and the team on as ever, remember........thru thin and thin!