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  1. Shankland is full of confidence and sharp as a tack. Be good to mark him at corners, not back off as he runs at goal for forty yards or leave him in acres of space at the edge of the box....oops. Our centre halves are woeful- they didn’t even compete. On that showing not convinced at all that o’ware is anywhere near captain material- head went down way too easily. kenny Miller is the complete antithesis of shankland- old, slow, unable to finish, a negative influence- actually shite just sums him up better. As for robson - a complete oddity but never a footballer
  2. Yes, he was named. GC was getting stick for envelopegate, and was quite bitter about the negativity given that thistle then pumped QoS in the following match. He thought he was making the point that despite none of the other players including him, he chose to pick Mansell and he scored. therefore it was not the players picking the team but rather good management by him and the exercise had been some kind of motivational master stroke. whatever you think it says about Caldwell - and I would agree- unfortunately it also says a lot about Mansell...
  3. Mansell too if it can be done. GC on off the ball saying no player picked him in their favoured team for match against QoS end of last season- says it all
  4. Harkins, Miller, cardle, robson, hall, Austin can go for starters
  5. McGowan might have scored the goal but he wasnt a standout for me. Meekings bullied jones for the most part. wasn’t particularly impressed by Hemmings, fox made at least two brilliant saves from Dorrans. Other than zanatta zero attacking options on the bench. If Austin is not worth ten minutes before harkins then he must be poor. Roll on the transfer window
  6. Thought Keatings was their stand out player.
  7. Will be really surprised if de vita is at firhill in the new year- he’s been disappointing. Pretty sure mansell is under contract for another 18 months or so. I think hall might be off ski too but agree that he has looked alright in the games he has played
  8. ironfist

    Just in

    Totally agree. Good performance against a decent side
  9. agree that vast changes are required but we have a large squad, I can’t see many teams desperate to sign any of our players, there are not going to be many desperate to sign for us marooned at the bottom of the league. Not many I would keep tbh- maybe fox, penrice and banzo- the rest can walk
  10. Alloa are the poorest team I’ve seen at firhill this year- but the fact we couldn’t beat them is worrying. Cardle is not good enough, Miller is not good enough and Zanatta after a brilliant debut looks poor as well. It is the lack of creativity and ability to take chances that is killing us. That is not down to bad luck- it’s simply because we are poor. Was anyone actually surprised when Alloa took the lead? It’s just like ground hog day. The squad needs a massive overhaul and I’m not sure that can be achieved in this window. If we stay up that will be a good achievement this year
  11. The players are absolutely honking- they have had far too many chances. McCall is a proven manager at this level and he will be given time
  12. On a two year contract- wowser- bring back Graham Gibson, Roger Eli et al
  13. We have absolutely no options in attack. To sign Mitch Austin was absolutely criminal. To sign him AND Alex Jones was absolutely idiotic. Even cardle who gives his all is quite frankly poor. It’s a real chore going to games these days...
  14. Disappointing result on Saturday but for me there’s already signs of change in our style of play. We’re more direct and look to get the ball forward far sooner. I don’t think we defended badly on Saturday but we are short of options up front. The criticism bannigan gets is OTT. Thought we should have had a pen and overall did not deserve to lose.
  15. Graeme mcgarry saying Archie as assistant and Scally as part of coaching team too. Great work David Beattie