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  1. Office Closes early

    I read that the office is closing early today (at 3pm). This is for staff training - to be honest I thought the team recruitment had made a nice steady start but I suppose if needs must we look at every avenue to boost the squad - Statto for centre half obviously and Gerry B will no doubt still lead the line but I'm not overly certain the best roles for Ross and George.
  2. Welcome Thomas O ‘Ware

    Can't recall a gangly winger called Maria!
  3. Refs for playoffs

    Thursday - Craig Thompson Sunday - John Beaton positives - neither are Andrew Dallas!
  4. douglas clark

    Is Douglas Clark a new team? An amalgam of car Giants Douglas Park and Arnold Clark?
  5. Hamilton

    Partly the hero! He was the ref - the Lino was Stuart Stevenson!
  6. Hamilton

    The ref supervisor on Saturday was Euan Norris - a former grade 1 ref
  7. Random Suggestion: No Drawn Matches....

    Have long held the belief that any drawn game should be settled by a giant game of Ker Plunk in the centre circle! Now THAT would be a tense affair
  8. Possession A Problem?

    Not quite accurate - every game we've won we've played that formation but we have lost some too!
  9. Aberdeen......

    Fraser injured against Celtic.
  10. Possession A Problem?

    How do you know I'm not this season?
  11. Motherwell 13/12/17

    My guess is that the assistant ref was unsure if Dunne got a touch on the ball and didnt want to flag as it would have been a goal if he didn't. He would then alert the ref via his mic of the fact that he has some doubt about the validity of the goal and wanted a chat. They would then discuss whether Dunne did get a touch and the ref would confirm that he did so it was then it became offside.
  12. Doolan

    Many have tried but Kris is extremely happy at Firhill and has had no desire to leave so far - but he has told me he has had many offers previous
  13. Doolan

    That’s only because he had a bag of ice on his knee as prescribed by physio - said he played pain free today
  14. Happy Anniversary!

    Referee IMD Foote and as Robert Reid eloquently says in his Boardroom Banter should be IMD Flute!
  15. Ross County V Thistle @ Dingwall

    Soon? Been there a while you know