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  1. It’s a complicated issue if the club are trying to sign Brian Graham. He has a one game ban to serve and if Thistle were to sign him today he could play tomorrow but then miss the game at Arbroath. If however they waited to Thursday then he will serve his ban with County for their game on Wednesday so he’d be free to play Saturday. This is all assuming of course we are trying to sign him. I’d guess if he is a target he will sign on Thursday next week.
  2. michael m

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    I didn’t fancy naming him!!
  3. michael m

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    Think he might have been led a merry dance by an “unscrupulous politician!” - hard to believe I know!
  4. Reece was injured - all being well fit for next week. Recent TV curse maybe but we did win in Inverness a few years ago!
  5. Happy New Year to Thistle fans far and wide - may 2019 be a whole lot better than 2018!
  6. I'd be surprised if any after Joe and Steven Craig. Before that there's only two Ian Cameron's?
  7. Perhaps not the best choice of ref - he was kicked off the list for accepting bribes on European trips if I remember correctly. Mr JRP Gordon of Newport Upon Tay! If you listen to Robert Reid's banter at hospitality one of my favourite lines he comes away with is that of ref Jim Renton who, according to Robert, thoroughly deserves to live in Cowdenbeath. That always makes me laugh!
  8. Sad to report that a key figure from our League Cup Final success on the 23rd October 1971 has passed away. The name Bill Mullen might not mean a lot to many but he was the referee for the match and I had the pleasure of chatting to Bill on many occasions about the game, one which he remembers with great fondness. He always expressed his delight at the game and the manner in which both sides played the game and was always happy to chat about that match. Bill passed away yesterday at the age of 90 and l wish to pass on my deepest condolences to his family. Referees today sometimes get the rep of being a bit robotic but Bill was the complete opposite.
  9. Thistle 2 Falkirk 0 - both goals scored by John Buckley - the second Chic took to the byeline before putting his foot on the ball, stopping and looking up before placing it right on Buckley's napper while the Bairns defenders just stood back and watched (with great admiration!)
  10. I read that the office is closing early today (at 3pm). This is for staff training - to be honest I thought the team recruitment had made a nice steady start but I suppose if needs must we look at every avenue to boost the squad - Statto for centre half obviously and Gerry B will no doubt still lead the line but I'm not overly certain the best roles for Ross and George.