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  1. Surely an independent panel will not rule against any compensation if that’s what they deem to be correct solely because of the money spent on lawyers?
  2. I’m sure you are right - 700 sounds right
  3. To be fair to IM - the SFA are the appeals body (depending on how court works out!) so he, nor the SFA, can get involved!
  4. While I generally agree do you not feel that if the SPFL had shown “coherent and decisive leadership” then we would not be in this mess now. Good leadership would have cajoled the clubs into 14-10-10-10 at the very outset. what makes you think that the current setup are capable of “coherent and decisive leadership” now?
  5. Just for 100% clarity what is being reported here is what was said on the radio - although the person saying it was George Fraser the Chairperson of the Scottish Lowland League
  6. Seems we are now causing some seethe amongst other clubs who, according to the Daily Record, want to expel us from senior football! So protecting your interests after what is seen as an injustice is worthy of expulsion but run up debts of nearly £100m cheat the taxpayer, the face painter, the flower arranger and be liquidated and we will bend over backwards to get you in to as high a league as possible! Anyway delighted this is causing angst amongst some other clubs. I’d like to wish David Thompson all the very best - a highly respected friend of the Jags. If this does nothing other than bring about the downfall of Neil Doncaster, a man who should have led his organisation through this crisis rather than fumbled his way through it, then all good and well. if his board had decided at a very early stage to say no club will be worse off and led the clubs to a solution that suited all as there was one, then he would have got a lot more sympathy from all clubs and I’m certain it would have carried - that lack of leadership and understanding is why we are where we are.
  7. We’re Partick Thistle we’ll sue who we want!
  8. That’s the we have done it for years and years - I am a bit of a traditionalist and don’t really want to see us change things that don’t need to be changed - like playing in red and yellow.
  9. I mentioned this on Jagzone before kick off - I have been on about it since the days Caldwell left! I’ve pleaded and pleaded so glad it’s back to “normal!”
  10. It’s a complicated issue if the club are trying to sign Brian Graham. He has a one game ban to serve and if Thistle were to sign him today he could play tomorrow but then miss the game at Arbroath. If however they waited to Thursday then he will serve his ban with County for their game on Wednesday so he’d be free to play Saturday. This is all assuming of course we are trying to sign him. I’d guess if he is a target he will sign on Thursday next week.
  11. michael m

    New Owner

    I didn’t fancy naming him!!
  12. michael m

    New Owner

    Think he might have been led a merry dance by an “unscrupulous politician!” - hard to believe I know!
  13. Reece was injured - all being well fit for next week. Recent TV curse maybe but we did win in Inverness a few years ago!