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  1. rustic

    Who's picking the team?

    Seems the players are this week. According to Radio Scotland news, Gary Caldwell has asked the players to each write down their preferred team selection for Saturday. Different. Who's committed and who's not?
  2. Cool finish. This time the keeper did come out and close him down and he still squeezed it into the corner. Confidence not affected by the earlier one-on-one. Love the crowd scene and specially the soundtrack. Camallain, you bring pleasure to thousands. Thanks for sharing.
  3. The perfect cross made the finish look easy plus the keeper stayed on his line instead of coming for it. Great goal.
  4. rustic


    Glad you enjoyed your pint, laukat and long may that continue.
  5. rustic


    All you Caldwell detractors, doom and gloom merchants and negative pessimistic miseryguts posters on here must have been crying into your beer last night at the thought that he might just be going to make a success of it.
  6. rustic

    Jags vs QoTS 26/1/19

    Funniest post this week, thanks jot
  7. rustic


    I thought Gary Harkins changed the game when he came on on Saturday
  8. rustic


    Scored a great goal down at Stranraer
  9. rustic

    Stranraer 29/7/17

    One for the knicker wetters
  10. My nomination for post of the year!
  11. rustic

    P A Y E Pitch Fundraising

    Include me in at £2 a point. C'mon the Saints! Only kidding.
  12. rustic


    Need to get him to shoot when the chance arises as it did a couple of times on Saturday. Don't know if that's a strongpoint for him or not - come on, Mustapha, show us you can against Killie.
  13. rustic

    Dougie Imrie

    Usually an Olympic standard diver but didn't see that yesterday. I hate him but could love him if he played for Thistle.
  14. rustic

    Saints V Jags

    Sean was my MOTM against Utd, I'd hate to see him not start!
  15. rustic

    Robbie Muirhead

    A few more of those 40-yarders should see us climb the table a bit before Lyle Taylor's next return in January.