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  1. There were a few rammies in the cw stand and quite a number of Celtic fans. They were primarily located next to the offices. There was a high police presence and lots of stewards. Looks like they’d taken a Pre-planned approach to contain them in that area if any trouble arose. There were a few dotted around. Indeed there were a couple right behind me - but they were <7 years old and with their dad. I’m not aware of incidents in other areas.
  2. Aside from the cockup with selling colin weir stand tickets to Celtic fans online. Am I alone in thinking it was good to see the ground so full? If we played Celtic again I’d be inclined to give them 2 stands again. I’d only keep 2 stands for us if we were confident of filling them. Can’t see that happening now. i was worried that making it feel like an away game might lessen our enjoyment; or impact our team. That didn’t happen for me.
  3. I know what you are saying but disagree. Both penners and tommy are very one footed. Their natural tackling shape and foot make it much easier for a left winger to pass them on the outside. We had few options today which is why I can understand why mccall played robson there. I’m sure he did that with reservations. But we can all agree that it did not work. tbf we may well have struggled if Williamson was playing. He puts in great deliveries but is poor defensively. Hence - we definitely need a rb. It’s our number one priority in my opinion.
  4. Played pretty well. Banzo was my pick for our motm, but I though rogic was superb for Celtic. He was very impressive. We definitely need a rb though (I saw Christie Elliot behind us) - wish he was still here. I felt sorry for tommy robson. He was poor but played out of position, against the best team in the country. McCall regularly doing his nut in shouting at him. I actually enjoyed sitting behind Ian. His passion is infectious. i feel strangely positive after another of defeat. I’m not even drinking. on we go to Arbroath (although I think we are missing that due to sons pesky scout camp).
  5. Hmm - this is not looking great. I already have my tickets but can see why some fans will avoid. I hope lessons can be learned from this, and hope the game passes without incident. it was odd that the tickets were not on sale after the game on Saturday. My guess is that we were just not organised. In defence of the club they have probably been distracted by recent events with colin weir. I think we also have fewer staff overall. mind you after the game last Saturday I’d possibly not have bought tickets straight away. I did notice that the Celtic slo was trying to get in touch with our slo tonight. Hopefully to return some tickets and/or put in place measures for Saturday.
  6. In terms of getting tickets - can we just buy from the club office? I see there is an online way but I'd rather buy in person.
  7. blakey

    V Alloa

    Zanatta in for kakay? Especially as it’s against his old team.
  8. Ah ok thanks. From what I read we are trying to keep them, and they want to stay. Hopefully we can swing it. As an a random aside. What are the lyrics to that Gary harkins song? There was a bit about his baldy spot that made me laugh out loud yesterday.
  9. Did I miss something. Are Cole and kakay leaving in January? I thought we were trying to extend their loans? btw - loved it yesterday. Thought the team all played great. No failures at all.
  10. I hope you guys go to the event at the club tomorrow. Otherwise this thread is going to go on for 200+ pages. You are all obviously emotionally attached to the club. Surely there are more productive ways of spending the countless hours on this topic; instead of bickering on this forum.
  11. I’d start with mansell but I think he’s on a 2 year deal. Would also ditch hall, de vita but think they are both loans. Despite harkins great cameo on Saturday I think he is also a waste of a wage (hate saying that as he is one of my favourite jags ever). I also don’t rate Williamson but we have no other RB, unless kakay moves back, and he looks better further up.
  12. As an aside - really refreshing to partake in forum discussion on players; as opposed to all the tedious boardroom politics stuff. I joined in those other discussions for a while but much prefer debating the merits of the squad etc. Also - really great to actually enjoy being at the football on saturday. It almost felt weird!
  13. Remember responsible drinking at this time of year!
  14. Its funny how we can see things so differently. I actually think we have an excess of options in the middle of the park - the likes of Slater, Harkins, Gordon all not in the starting eleven just now. In terms of ball winning midfielder that's just what Banzo is there for. We also have Palmer who is not dissimilar to Banzo. Central defence we also have mcginty, saunders, tam, hall. Where's the cover/comepetition at striker or fullbacks? That's the priority for me.
  15. Yip - I thought similar but think we still need more options up top. Jones will hopefully grow in confidence now that he has scored. Despite the fact that harkins did really well when he came on. He really can’t be an option up top on a more regular basis. I’d like to dump mansell and de vita and bring in a more worthwhile option. Not sure if that is likely or possible. Also think we need more cover and competition in the fullback areas. Williamson in particular- puts in great deliveries - but is very poor defensively.