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  1. All excellent and very good posts which pretty much covers the Majority of Reasons and interesting how we are very much on Par with St Mirren
  2. I strongly suggest you stop making stuff up - I replied to a Poster - I havent said anything in any shape or form that is remotely inappropriate - dont dare accuse me of something that is not true or attempt to twist things for your own ends - unbelievable
  3. And Im stating it again - not sure about your obsession with David Beattie - but carry on - doesnt change the pertinent facts of where we are Notice you havent or at anytime responded to the issues raise - much preferring to deflect regards David Beattie So If Im wrong state where Im wrong - not irrelevant remarks regards a past Chairman - discuss whats been said ?
  4. Serious Fan Engagement - are you joking Where was the Fan Engagement from TFE and the Thistle Trust that "decided " along with Colin Weir that this was Good for the Future of the Club Where was thye due diligence on how the "Fans" were going to be able to balance the Books ? Who is going to commit the sort of Money thats required - Colin Weir goes end of March - we have No idea who takes over - how its funded - who is going to be in charge 3BC will decide if the proposals are to there liking - if they dont - what happens - well Mr Goodwin assures us that wont happen - oh well thats reassuring Motherwell took Circa 2 Years with a LOT of support from the previous Owner and a Big Support from there Fans - last count was circa 300 pledges from Thistle - do you seriuosly think that is a sustainable Business Model This isn't going to be some sort of Joyful pulling together of Thistle Fans -its going to be Dundee FC Trust - but pointing that out is "sniping" In most cases of Fan Ownership you have a Groundswell of support - we dont - Half Dozen people decided and we are being lumbered with it
  5. Are you seriously that niave to think that a Club that declared a £750K Budget deficit for this Season - which is now going to be handed over to Fans - with No plans how to close the Budget Deficit and with a Property Assett of Circa £5MN isnt raising interest by those looking to buy a Football Club on the Cheap ? You are deluded if you think thats not happening - there is nothing "Snide" I have expressed my concerns up front and Open - I think TFE are pushing us in a direction that has no real support in the Fan Base and towards something that puts the Club in Danger - thats my View - No one has come up with anything beyond "they are Thistle Fans " to counter my concerns So dont bother accussing me of "snide" comments
  6. All very sensible and reasonable suggestions - key to all of this is exactly how much say are the Fans going to have in Running the Club and that the Elected Board is not simply Window Dressing where the real Power lies elsewhere Also there is a Major Danger that if we hit Cashflow issues - there are those watching developments as we speak who would move in and take us over on the Cheap as we would be desperate However I like the idea of an Emergency Fund with very strict Rules of use and targeted Funding Fans will have to accept that we are not getting promoted anytime soon and its going to be merely survival in this division for a Number of Years - this "Top 6 Myth " put out by TFE is simply not reality as most Clubs will be better funded than Thistle People want "Fan Ownership" well welcome to an Upmarket Stirling Albion - we are not going to be FC Barca Dundee with Wide Support amongst the Fanbase lasted 2 Years under Fan Ownership - something TFE forgot to mention and that was with Fan Support
  7. The Working Groups have zero to do with the Trusts on any level - they are Constituted Organisations - its not for Colin Weir or Paul Goodwin and his Gang of Merry Followers to decide Its already been pointed out that Two Trustees now sit on the Board which means that the balance of Board Members and Trustees is not as per the Original Structure - therefore there requires to be Fresh Elections Currently the Thistle Trust have backed Fan Ownership - yet I dont recall there Members being asked for an opinion We are talking about Fan Ownership and Democratic Process - Yet TFE - who elected them to Speak on behalf of the Fans - Thistle Trust - when did the Consult there Members As for the Working Groups they are deciding the Future of the Club - under the auspices of TFE - yet No one really knows who TFE are - dont you find all of this remotely concerning ? As for "Fan Ownership" its a MASSIVE Risk to the Club - No Debate - No Review of the Options - Paul Goodwin stands in Front of Firhill with a Wee Board and its decided
  8. We have No Say - Paul Goodwin and his Gang decided how it was going to work No other alternatives were considered We have a Transitional Board with "Business People " No one is taking "The Huff" the decisions are already made - people are entitled to disagree - point out where they believe its wrong and pass an opinion
  9. Why "engage" we are being told by TFE we are getting Fan Ownership - No other option was considered - Paul Goodwin and his Gang decided what was best for the Future of Partick Thistle
  10. Maybe people dont get involved because they believe its wrong and shouldnt happen
  11. Colin Weir is 3BC - he owns the Company Jlo is a Director of 3BC
  12. It was in September - there has been No Significant incomes beyond projections and nor any reductions in Overhead The difference is under Fan Ownership we cannot get Investors nor are we going to attract the type of people who turned the Club around eg Beattie - Billy Allan - Grieg Brown - a small Club needs people on the Board with the level of Contacts that can pull in favours - we basically are betting on Colin Weir As you have pointed out - previously No one person owned the Club - Colin Weir has 60% of the Shares - in these circumstances the Owner Funds the Club - in our rather bizarre set of circumstances TFE backed by the Thistle Trust decided we were having Fan Ownership No discussion on what was best for the Club - it was decided - people talk about Fans having a say - part of that say should be if we want Fan Ownership in the first place and be clear regards the inherent risks Not once have you pointed out that this carries a massive risk to PTFC
  13. The exact opposite - there is a higher chance that with no external Investor that we run into Cashflow issues - the options are therefore to sell it onto a Private Owner ( as happened at Dundee or the other possibility is Administration and it will defo go into an Assett Stripper its an Urban Myth that Fan Ownership somehow gives us better protection "if the club fails under fan ownership it fails" so you would rather have the Club disappear to satisfy your obsession with Fan Ownership than have a Model that gives us stability - Yes Clubs Fail under different Models but for the last 10 Years most Scottish Clubs have been financially stable with the exception of Rangers - which was the result of decisions take over a decade ago - to sell Fan Ownership as a Model that has less risk is frankly Nonsense .
  14. No your Not - its the only option you have remotely suggested - and you have backed it 100% without question As for those proposing it e.g. TFE and the Thistle Trust show me there Business Experience ?
  15. Nope No Speculation - this Years Budget was clearly stated at the AGM And unless there is a substantial influx of Cash circa £1MN or Cuts of the same Value we have an issue - so save your it will all be Wonderful - Where do you think the Money is going to come from since your all for Fan Ownership ?