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  1. If you read what I said the process is that you go via the SFA not via the Courts - SFA Rule 99 - which we are most likely in Breech of - you cant be a member of a Sporting Body and ignore there rules
  2. Why is it shameful - he is expressing a valid and thought out view - one that other Fans Share or are we all to go along with the "Poor Thistle" mentality - there was a simple solution - don't be in the relegation zone - would we be as bothered if it didn't affect us ? Would we Vote to "do no harm " Or Vote in the best interests of PTFC ?
  3. We went all the way to the High Court last time we were in this Position and had a QC The Case was thrown out as Courts do not want to get involved in disputes of Sporting Organization's between members - as you are in effect suing an organization whose rules you have been party top drawing up - which makes no sense ?
  4. On what basis should he get a Life Ban - it didnt involve the Club nor was it anywhere near the Stadium - like all Clubs we have a Broad Spectrum of Fans - including idiots
  5. I think its about Focus as a Club - as these things have been getting equal standing to the First Team on the Park
  6. Ok your probably correct due to our current position - however - you have to start somewhere if your going to have change - so you start with what an alternative strategy to the one we have would look like There is obviously something not working or we wouldn't have gone from Top Six to level three within three Seasons Therefore its time for change
  7. Your probs correct - but I was asked what my solution was - Ive given it - its based on the one Fergus used for Celtic - and gives a guarantee for a Fan Ownership Model thats sustainable
  8. External input was to recruit a Board of Trustees only - in the short term its my view that hands on experience of running a Profitable Business is required - we need direct hard experience when we are in the trenches next Season In the long term as Fans take over the Club and with the right Controls put in place the detailed skill levels become less stringent Also a Board of Trustees as Ive suggested would be recruited from both Private and Public Sector If you think how Fergus structured Celtic - a PLC Board ( who are defacto trustees ) with an Operations Board - it provides checks & balance - hence there financial stability compared to Rangers
  9. Certainly Thistle Minded and has always taken tables at any events - his Brother was defo a Jags Fan and Alan used to have an Ambassador Package at Thistle - But he is of the calibre to pull together a Trustee Board ? or Lord Kelvin who is a Jags Fan - there will be others
  10. 100 % agree that Jackie Mac took risks with Younger Unknown Players - did the same at Dundee Utd - League One is where you give Young Players a chance - No more OF Loanees
  11. Well after Three Years on a downward Spiral - My View is that we need New People running the Club - there will be enforced changes due to Economics No one apart from paid staff receives a remuneration - Board of Trustees - get external input - there are people external to the Club that would support us - means we avoid the politics - key to that is get a really Good Chair for Trustees - let him or her decide has to be someone like Lord Kelvin or someone of his stature - or Alan Foy CEO of SmartMetering PLC After that Trustee Board appoint the interim Board for Two Years with a Written remit and Plan The key issue is that this cant be done via a Committee or pals of pals - you want Good people - you approach them - give a time limit to there involvement - and a clear remit We need change - otherwise we will simply continue as we are - you cant get relegated to the level we have and not make radical change -it simply not sustainable
  12. I think we are now beyond Working Groups and we now need a Board to take us over the next Two Years - lots of people dont like Committees and had massive reservations as to who was in Control of the Working Groups - this is about who is best suited to get PTFC moving forward and at the same time delivering on Fan Ownership in a managed process that ensures we have longevity
  13. This is true - however at No point is any acceptance that in the main this has been created by PTFC over a Three Year Period
  14. Partly and in the short term - Ive laid as I think this is needed