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  1. The fact is we already give Young Players experience from other Clubs who then sell them on - to make out this is a terrible thing because it may be Barnsley is complete nonsense - we already do it - its part of Football
  2. It doesn't change the fact that Business in General is following a Model that has Investment Funds Owning Multi Companies in similar Industries to achieve Economies of Scale nor the Fact that this Model is being used in Football for the same Reasons - but as Ive said - Thistle have the Weir Money Comfort Blanket
  3. I accept your personal view however harsh reality is that the business model of multi club ownership is only going to grow as it reflects how business now works to achieve economies of scale - and it will be a source of much needed investment / we have the Security Blanket of the Weir money - which skews things - without it people wouldnt be so dismissive of outside investors And what happens when the Weir Money stops ,
  4. Seriously ? you have just made up a whole load of nonsense who said we were getting Barnsleys Young Players to sell them on - also exactly what is it that we do when we get Young Players on loan from other Clubs at present - how does that benefit Thistle differently ? Still waiting on your answer ref communications between the Thistle Trust and TFE btw
  5. Why would they be "dubious" - the only thing they have to review is the possibility of Two Teams owned by the same people meeting each other in Europe Therefore its nonsense to suggest they had the same view as some of the Fans What is more likely is that the thought of someone getting involved with Scottish Football who may want change to the Cosy wee existence of the SFA isnt Welcome However they seem to cope with Dual Ownership throughout Europe but in Scotland we cant Ignoring Thistle - this will harm Scottish Football as its desperate for Investment - the Multi Club Ownership Model is being used more and more Scotland has now stated New Money is not Welcome So lets hope all other Clubs get a Fan with a Massive Lotto Win to buy them - or they are going to struggle The Non Response the Consortium received is frankly a disgrace from our National Body and reflects the General State of Scottish Football - it will be interesting to see who benefits from the Consortium failing - be careful what you wish for - you may just get it
  6. It was Kieron who was the JT Rep on the Board
  7. Just as well there is No Bevvy in Saudi - there is no way you could say that Sober we have newer more expensive worse ones now
  8. On that we 100% agree
  9. As you alluded to on your update - it would seem that the position seems to be fluid
  10. Given his fast experience in Football which was a key part of him being the CEO than he obviously has an input
  11. No - I think that Comms has to improve - however on the Takeover I think its more complicated than putting on a deadline - TFE who if the Press are to believed have hit the same issue - therefore I think we have to accept that updates on this matter are not easy I would rather nothing than Spin
  12. It was poor the last Two Seasons under Maxi Also ?
  13. Nope - it owned by a Highly Successful Businessman and he uses a lean mean Business Model which is 100% focussed on Results on the Park there £ to Points Ratio is massive - so what they have shown is that you dont need a massive budget to be successful - what you need to do is drop all the stuff that isnt relevant
  14. Its very simple - the objective is to win Football Games as Partick Thistle FC to do so you drop everything that doesnt have that objective - Ayr United have a flat simple cheap model - they deliver far more points per £ than Thistle do so whatever they are doing copy it We are not a Social Cause - we are Professional Team in the Championship - you want success - be that and that alone .. We cannot afford anything else in money or resource
  15. I agree 100% - Complacency and a Sense of Entitlement Crept in - we had all the Trappings of a Top 6 Club- but none of the Focus and Professionalism -and that Applies Equally to Players - Backroom Staff and Non Playing Staff - we carried more Passengers that Easyjet - Problem is that Culture is very difficult to remove- that you view Yourself as a Premier Club - problem is this is a Sport - Trappings of a Big Club doesn't match the Grim Determination that creates a Winning Team - and this includes Academies & Training Grounds - Womens Teams blah blah We simply seemed to have lost the Hunger & Desire as a Club From the Boardroom to the Playing Field - Clubs Like Hamilton - Livingston seem to have this - we dont A Senior Person in Falkirk once told me the worst thing that ever happened to them was a Top 6 Finish in the Premier - I now know what he means So how do you cure it - very simple get back to basics - drop everything that doesn't get Wins on the Park - everything - Staff - Coaches - Hangers on - Be a Football Team First - look at Ayr United infrastructure - copy it - person for person - everything they do or dont do - Copy it If they dont have a Womens Team - dont have a Womens Team - If they dont have a Cheif Exec - dont have a Cheif Exec - Copy it Because it works- and what we have doesn't .........