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  1. He isnt the head of Supporters Direct - he has his own Supporters Group - nothing to do with Supporters Direct
  2. What they spend any income on is up to the Board - but we have a right to know the position of the Propco Investment and again - the Land Transfer is unrelated to Propco - please stop attempting to link them together - Land Transfer is 3BC - may or may not happen - we have no control over it Propco is PTFC - we have 100% Control over it- as to the position of the investment
  3. Shares are held by 3BC - 3BC were 100% owned by CW - so form part of Estate - they are included within it for purposes of the Will Settlement - long way of saying - Yes
  4. Norman Springford and Eddie Prentice awarded the Shares to Brown and Tom Hughes and yes shares were awarded to Family to overcome the dual Shareholding rule when he went to Stenny
  5. Agreed - like getting a statement regards the position with the Propco Investment ~ Im assuming you agree that the Club should issue one ?
  6. I personally think we should have an update on Propco Investment
  7. Because you dont discuss Future Managers whilst you currently have one - so Yes you are being thick ( or attempting to defend something thats 100% wrong ) how would you like your potential replacement discussed in public whilst your doing your job ?
  8. No - thats in relation to the land Transfer - it has zero to do with the propco Investment - the two are not related The Club should-assuming it all went to plan ( return wise ) - have received £900K from Propco That has nothing to do with 3BC - any land Transfer etc etc - Now at some point there may be an offset of the £900K in Lieu of the Land - that will be a decision as to wither its better to have the £900K or the Land - but currently its the £900K - the land is a maybe - as there are lots of factors at play ref CW Estate
  9. Ok I will ask again - do you agree that the Club should make a Statement regards its Propco Investment - given its value and High Profile ?
  10. I was told directly they got the money back they put in - JLS has supported this by the Sum he stated for 7% ( £100K ) which was one of the original STJ Investors who put in £100K for 10% ( diluted down to 7% ) No we "Dont Know" but all evidence points to zero profit ?
  11. JlS - incorrect - 7% was diluted down from 10% - the £100K was the exact investment sum for the 10% - there was no profit My understanding - everyone got there money back they put in - irrespective of Share % - No Profit
  12. Ok so point 3 - is the key bit - the Club should have got there £900K at point of Sale - thats agreed by everyone Now Propco was highly controversial - that again we are all agreed on Fans were never comfortable with it - that again we are all agreed on But its been bought and the Propco Shareholders get paid - that again is something we all agree on So its very simply - this was a very large and highly controversial property deal - it was publicised as being good for the Club - therefore as its now concluded - the Club has a duty to issue a statement as to the Clubs Investment return - as its substantial ( £900K ) this is unrelated to any land deal from 3 BC - or Colin Weir Estate or Fan Share Transfer - Not related in any shape or form We cannot wait until the AGM and as Propco was set up via an EGM then there is precedent that Propco is large enough to get treated separately from the General Accounts Propco has ZERO do do with 3BC and ZERO to do with Land Transfer - Share Transfer or CW Estate - ZERO Its a long standing PTFC Investment - the 45% Shareholders have a reasonable right to know what the outcome is ( of which your one of them ) Happy for anyone to state alternate views as to the premise on why I believe we should have a statement from the Club ref Propco So straightforward Question - as a Shareholder do you support the need for a Clear & immediate Statement regards the return the Club received from Propco Investment Puts it to bed once and for all - as to who got what - and where any cash ended up ?
  13. Ive cleary stated the second part of my statement is a guess - whats not in dispute is that PTFC are due 50% of the Sale of Propco - thats factual therefore Propco who the Club 50% of the 2 Million unless the aggregated interest clause kicked in - if that was the case the Club has a duty to tell us This is a £900k investment on our books - so stop trying to be your usual smart arse self and dismissing what are perfectly reasonable questions
  14. First part Correct Second Part Im guessing - that there would be a Write off from PTFC regards the £900K owed to PTFC by Propco Sale - in Lieu of the Land return - however that Write off can only happen if the Land is transferred- and it all happens at the same time - so if there was a delay ( on the 3BC ) side The £900K should be paid to Thistle by Propco - held in Trust until Land is ready to be transferred - otherwise your at risk if Land Transfer falls through - for any reason outwith 3BC Control