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  1. Jordanhill Jag

    Ryan Edwards

    How do you know how far each Player Ran "going on stats " ?
  2. Jordanhill Jag

    State of Play

    Zero Chance thats happening - we just laid off half the Office Staff - Day Trip to Largs Maybe
  3. Jordanhill Jag

    State of Play

    For the Record the Hills on the Switchback are Torture - I do the Old Glasgow Uni 5 Mile Road Race Loop which has Cleveden Hill Half Way Round it Its a Looooong Time since I ran anywhere near the pace of Ms Muir the Machine For those who are Runners we have a Partick Thistle Running Club page on Facebook
  4. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    Yip -and we want to encourage it
  5. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    Exactly - its creating yet more barriers to getting Youngsters to go to the Game - when we have an aging Fan Base and plenty of other options for Youngsters to spend there time doing -of all the things Thistle have to deal with and they see this as something to mess about with - couldn't make it up
  6. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    You need to register upfront for the free ST Without the season ticket it costs a fiver ST is only valid for JHS (Family Section) so can’t be used for JLS Free walk ups no longer happe
  7. Jordanhill Jag

    Youth Academy closing ?

    Ok Agreed
  8. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    YOu have to apply in advance for a Season Ticket therefore you dont get any Walk Ups ? Simples
  9. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    No they need to apply in advance for a Season Ticket - so we dont have any Walk Ups - thats a Major Change and goes against the whole concept of encouraging local kids off the Streets
  10. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    Correct - its always going to be an issue ref Kids at the Game - you simply manage it
  11. Jordanhill Jag

    A night with GC

    Fair enough - but GC has a long way to go and lots of Fans think he is Full of Talk ( based on previous Track record ) and he has still to deliver - some folk have already judged - others giving him a Chance - you stated early on Archie Should Go - ( you were correct ) maybe JLS is correct about GC ?
  12. Jordanhill Jag

    A night with GC

    And you hated Archie ?
  13. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    Or given everything else thats going on its another Cost Cutting Exercise ? Which do you think is the more likely Its complete nonsense changing the Rules - we have a Big Empty Stadium
  14. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    You wont get any Local Walk Ups or Youngsters Pals who they bring to the Game and end up coming back which was a key part of the original idea
  15. Jordanhill Jag

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    The original idea was that it would encourage local kids to "wander in " and hopefully get the Thistle Bug or Young Fans who would bring there Mates and Peer Pressure would convert them - in short what they are proposing goes against the original principles and is simply making it available to current Fans - of all the things to cut Kids Go Free is the last one So its an attempt to cut the number of Kids Go Free Tickets - simple as that - its worked for 10 Years there is no need to change it on any level Funny enough the Person who was always adamant that local Kids should be able to walk up and get a Ticket on Matchday was David Beattie - he considered it a key part of Kids Go Free - but we have New Leaders - different views of what its about I suppose In one of the event Days ( Red & Yellow Day ) we managed to get over 1000 U16 to the game - that was a Proud Day for those involved Nor will I ever forget when the BBC News at 10 ( UK ) re big Headlines and at No3 they said "and we will be going live to Partick Thistle to look at there Kids GO Free Campaign - Ami Small & Stuart Mcphee put in a 14 Hour Shift that day Now apply for a Season Ticket - Sad Day - we were 100% committed to this idea - 100% now its another chip away For me this beyond anything is simply end of the line - time for change