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  1. We have relegation written all over us. Dunfermline were there for the taken and we bottled it..Everything stinks right now
  2. The defence is a total shambles o’ware is honking and fox can’t command his six yard line never mind his box i actually can’t stand O’ware. Constantly screeching at others but is utter dug mince himself he is the prime example of what is wrong with our team at this time
  3. Totally agree on Austin we need to give the guy a chance. If we’re binning people on being injury prone then Bannigan, slater, Oware, Gordon, Jones must all need to go also
  4. Ryan Williomson Tommy Robson Tam Oware Ben Hall Gary Harkins Rafa Da Vita Alex Jones Mitch Austin All Staring tonight
  5. I heard that Miller has asked to leave in January so that should free up some wages its all about forward players for me in January wingers, no 10 and a striker please
  6. Paukea

    Vs Morton

    After McCall claimed this weeks starting line up will solely be chosen on “who trains the best” it will be interesting to see how we line up. They haven’t won away while we haven’t won at home Is it too early to declare a “must win”
  7. Severely lacking in attacking options signing two injury prone forwards in Austin and Jones huge mistake signing mansell huge mistake a defence which is so poor lets hope we can stay with the pack until January Get play offs out our system as we are once again in a relegation battle Thanks Caldwell
  8. Mcginty’s distribution is good but his positioning and actual defending are chronic..he’s never a captain...Oware has also shown very little whenever he’s been on the park..I think here lies our defensive woes with the lack of a defensive midfield general compounding matters. upfront our creativity is limited to Zanatta and Cardle. It’s so predictable and easy to counter. We have nothing through the middle so can’t mix it up. The spine of the team is non existent. our squad is very meh in every position, they lack character and fight very worrying times and if I was a manager I wouldn’t touch them. everyone of them should hang their heads in shame after that performance today. Absolute wage thieves
  9. Ratnamara to be announced at 5pm
  10. So he’s effectively Spittal’s replacement was hoping for a defensive midfielder and a striker as Jones is complete mince
  11. It all happened from the Morton game onwards