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  1. Paukea

    4 minutes of NOTHING!!!

    George Francis would bore you to tears..Same rubbish week in week out it’s actually embarrassing..if I here “well Gary commiserations “ one more time.
  2. Paukea

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    This won’t come as much of a surprise but hearing on good authority that 3 of the 4 Caldwell still wanted were as follows Ben Hall Davis Keillor Dunn Zac Rudden Think all of these lads would have made a decent contribution and Rudden’s goals may of been the difference in achieving a play off spot. Do clubs still loan players for free..Genuine question as that seems the only way we can still add players
  3. Paukea

    New Owner

    Who’s lying then? The club is an embarrassment at the moment.
  4. Paukea

    New Owner

    I’m sure Caldwell said at the first “meet the manager night” that he hadn’t spent all last seasons budget.. Ma Heids fried!!!
  5. Paukea

    J Low

    I think it’s obvious the board are only back to sell up..if the dual ownership fails to be approved then I’m sure they will be delighted to sell to Colin. pretty sure we will be in better hands with Mr Weir than some random Americans who clearly don’t spend money
  6. Paukea

    New Owner

    Does anyone actually know what’s happening because this thread is all over the place. Didn’t Caldwell say he had only used a third of last years playing budget available to him but we are to believe that he has already spent 3 times that amount this year with around 5 less players and also with the likes of Doolan,Macdonald,Spittal,Storey all away. who’s fooling who here? Can the current board pocket the Fitzy and Lindsay cash..Just asking?
  7. Paukea

    New Owner

    Not looking good and the silence is deafening. At the very least £600k just added to the coffers for Fitzy/Lindsay so how's this even possible. Maybe Miss Low could fill us in?
  8. Paukea

    New Owner

  9. Paukea

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    I wouldn’t say anyone is pinning Promotion hopes on him but it’s clear for all to see he’s streets ahead of Penrice in that position we are also in desperate need of a proper attacking no 10 who can build and link attacks.
  10. Paukea

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    James Penrice had an absolute shocker today...Thought he was absolute mince in midfield..didn’t track runners, caught out of position and constantly fouling players all over the place. to be fair many were honking today and the teams shape, energy and build up play was non existent. must be sorted pronto and I would start with ditching 3-5-2
  11. Can’t believe it’s Friday and this thread is just beginning..We must be buzzing for the season to get started. TEAM Sneddon Williamson Oware Mcginty Penrice Palmer Bannigan Cardle Gordon Robson Miller SUBS Fox, Niang,Saunders, Wilson, De Vita, Mansel, Jones would like to see Austin but I’m sure Caldwell said the Utd game at the earliest for him. We should certainly be looking to win this so here’s hoping for a big support and a good performance.
  12. Paukea

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Freddie Frans has been completely banished by Neilson Please come home Freddie
  13. Paukea

    Mitch Austin

    Obviously talking about the 2 already signed smarty pants. De vita looked done in after only 10 minutes on Saturday Austin would be a cracking signing though so let’s hope all is well and it goes ahead
  14. Paukea

    Mitch Austin

    Signing expected in next 48 hours. Medical found bruising around his knee and due to him suffering a previous ACL Thistle want his scans inspected by experts in Glasgow looks like Caldwell is trying to sign every crock going de vita Alex Jones
  15. Paukea

    Jags V Hamilton 20/07/19

    Definitely need to up our game today but feel it’s one we could win. No doubt Caldwell will go with 3-5-2 but I would prefer to see a change in formation Sneddon Williamson, Oware, Mcginty, Robson De Vita, Gordon, Bannigan, Cardle Miller, Jones Subs Fox, Saunders, Penrice, Palmer, Wilson, Mansel, Galasso