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  1. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    I keep hearing how good a signing Saunders and Anderson have been but does anyone else think our defence is very weak at times i think we look like loosing goals every time the opposition attacks and I’m not convinced on Hazard either. caldwell seems to be setting us up hard to beat but I think we need to play on the front foot as that’s what we seem best at especially when we play Cardle and Fitzpatrick For me we need to play 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1 and stop changing the team and set up most weeks
  2. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    Or maybe a P****
  3. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    Spittal's cross is nodded down into the path of Storey but his shot spins wide of goal. why am I not surprised
  4. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    You just knew it would be Miles before Aidan please just leave Caldwell
  5. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    2nd Sub please
  6. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    McDonald will pounce second half
  7. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    We will claw this back
  8. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    It would take an own goal
  9. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    Will we wait until 3 down to change? get this Chancer out
  10. Paukea

    Dunfermline 06/05

    Wing backs aren’t working..get Mcginty off and go 4-4-2 with cardle on
  11. Paukea

    Morton 30/3/19

    If we go with the same line up as last time he should be sacked immediately but even GC ain’t that stupid. attacking line up with an attacking mentality is what’s needed from now until the end of season. Agree the wee Jolly has put added pressure on the run in Today and every other game until we’re safe is HUGE
  12. With Falkirk beating Ayr on Friday yesterday’s win was massive and started a huge week Perfectly for our club. On Tuesday he has the chance to take us to Hampden (McDermid Park?) where we would have a great chance to reach a Scottish Cup Final. “Oh how we would all love that” On Saturday as we head to Falkirk we could be 4 points behind if they manage to beat County on Tuesday which means by 16:45 we could be 7 adrift. I suppose every remaining fixture is huge but with the Cup thrown in this week Caldwell has a chance to maybe turn even the most critical supporter into a fan of his.
  13. Embarrassing As always they look terrified Ball retention is non existent Two half time subs are a must Mansell and Harkins off