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  1. Alex Jones, Steven Saunders, Darian MacKinnon, Tommy Robson, Evan Galasso,Ruarigh McIntyre will all leave 31st July club in talks with Joe Cardle
  2. At least 3 Premiership clubs have supposedly rejected the proposal. i think we all knew this though. hard to take but I’m sure we will rise again
  3. Surprised there hasn’t been an update on who’s left and such like today
  4. What a bore this thread has become. BTW the season has been shut down. lets move on
  5. With so many variables on next season how should we prepare? what division will we be in? Will football resume in August? Will fans be able to attend. Will clubs even survive? I take it we prepare for the worst and hope for better. Recce Coles and others departure got me thinking on the squad for next season. Who should we keep or should we use this opportunity to scrap the lot and start again where possible. Who’s under contract for next season and can they break it with a relegation clause? For me, and it is only my opinion, I can only find reason for keeping very few being Rudden, Graham and Brownlie but will they stay. I would also take back Mayo. League 1 football is brutal and so many of our current crop are just not cut out for it and would seriously struggle. Massive decisions are due to be made as only immediate promotion back up is surely acceptable
  6. We have relegation written all over us. Dunfermline were there for the taken and we bottled it..Everything stinks right now
  7. The defence is a total shambles o’ware is honking and fox can’t command his six yard line never mind his box i actually can’t stand O’ware. Constantly screeching at others but is utter dug mince himself he is the prime example of what is wrong with our team at this time
  8. Totally agree on Austin we need to give the guy a chance. If we’re binning people on being injury prone then Bannigan, slater, Oware, Gordon, Jones must all need to go also
  9. Ryan Williomson Tommy Robson Tam Oware Ben Hall Gary Harkins Rafa Da Vita Alex Jones Mitch Austin All Staring tonight
  10. I heard that Miller has asked to leave in January so that should free up some wages its all about forward players for me in January wingers, no 10 and a striker please