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  1. In 2019 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/scottish-championship/jahrestabelle/wettbewerb/SC2/saison_id/2019 Second most goals scored, County on 28 us on 26.
  2. Lack of goals? We’ve scored the second most in the league in 2019 after County
  3. The lineup should be Hazard Elliott Saunders Anderson McMillan Bannigan Slater Fitzpatrick Spittal Storey Coulibaly(Doolan if not fit) Absolutely no reason for Harkins to be in and Penrice should be dropped before Elliott.
  4. I’d play Sneddon Elliott Keown McGinty Penrice Slater McCarthy Bannigan Fitzpatrick Quitongo Coulibaly
  5. For me Jefferies goes to rb. Bit confused as to why Mutombo, Storer and Erskine are in ahead of Quitongo, Coulibaly, Fitzpatrick etc Coulibaly might not be match fit but I would at least be having Quitongo in there.
  6. In all seriousness I would go to a 4-2-4, our defence isn’t that good so we’ll need to outscore other teams Bell Jefferies Keown McGinty Penrice Bannigan Slater Fitzpatrick Doolan Coulibaly Quitongo
  7. Would go for a 3, especially away. Only doubt for me is do we break up the Penrice, Slater and Storey partnership on the left with Penrice at cb or do we keep it the same with Scobbie at cb. Bell Keown McGinty Penrice Elliott Bannigan Slater Melbourne Spittal Doolan Storey
  8. Keown hasn’t been up to it lately and we need a change of formation that will better suit Elliott. Bell Jefferies McGinty Scobbie Elliott Bannigan Slater Penrice Fitzpatrick Doolan Quitongo
  9. Can confirm this, a guy I speak to at the games messaged the man himself on twitter and he said the same thing.
  10. There’s been a Facebook poll on this, but some people think that doesn’t matter because the Facebook fans are ‘wallopers’. Would like to see the opinions on this on this site.