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  1. Not sure if it was his very first game in charge or not but I remember beating Celtic at Firhill in a Glasgow Cup final.
  2. Thanks Stu. Partly explains why I didn't recognise the guy in the hoops.
  3. Frank Coulston with Bobby Lawrie in the background. Don't recognise the Celtic player. Is the the 5-1 home loss after the LC final?
  4. There's some hand-shaking going on just to the left behind Davies Mathers and what looks like a ball boy carrying a corner flag way back and left. My money is on full time. Is the smiling Smelly in the middle a young Ian St John?
  5. Agreed. The Thistle strips seem to be missing the badge. Unusual.
  6. Too true. Spoke too soon yesterday about the site being back to normal but everything seems OK tonight. Good to be back in, even if only to come back to the usual family squabbles.
  7. Just managed in for the first time in days. Properly fixed now?
  8. Just looked up QP's fixtures for the season and they also played Montrose at home that Wednesday, losing 4-0, presumably in part because they were all knackered as they also had a game on the Saturday before the Thistle game. But what's even odder is that their next game wasn't until the following Monday so I've no idea why they had to play three games on the bounce like that. As ever, the usual sensible scheduling from our football authorities.
  9. Oh, that's a nice suggestion but apparently Easter was the week before. I'm wondering if Queens had a second game forced on them that week to clear the backlog before the end of the season.
  10. My memories of this game are that it was played midweek but Google tells me 19 April 1971 was actually a Monday, which would have helped the crowd even less than the traditional Wednesday. Great night though and I can still taste the celebratory chips on the way home. I'm guessing it was a rearranged postponed game from earlier in the season. Anyone know why it was scheduled for a Monday?
  11. The first and last time I was in Montrose for a Thistle game was in the 1970-71 season and we ended up getting promoted. A lucky omen?
  12. Excellent stuff CCJag. I'm one of the blobs on the terracing behind the goal in the clips from the East Fife game. Must have watched it a dozen times now but I'm still not quite sure which one.
  13. Before my time but some of you might like this. Action from Aberdeen v Partick Thistle at Pittodrie, 26th Jan 1959. Hogg (og) scores for Thistle. Not sure how to post the photo so here's the link. https://mobile.twitter.com/74frankfurt/status/1143245907678375936 Was anyone there?