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  1. It's the best thread in the whole Internet. Hopefully one our techies will have it back soon.
  2. Pre 1921 so I'll guess there's a WW1 link - either enlisted/called-up players or demobbed players returning?
  3. OK, as no-one else is nibbling, here's my guess. 1921 cup finalists?
  4. Dundee again, but smaller crowd so different game?
  5. Great set of pics. This one versus Motherwell?
  6. So it's Thistle in the dark tops with the light sleeves? Don't remember seeing this strip before. Is it blue and white and were both teams wearing change strips because of the red and yellow / black and gold clash? Apologies for all the questions but I'm only young (57!).
  7. Looks like Hampden, maybe early 50's, but it doesn't look like Thistle and doesn't look like full blown international match either. I'm guessing there's a Jag in the photo playing in some other representative match. Am I close?
  8. Not sure if it was his very first game in charge or not but I remember beating Celtic at Firhill in a Glasgow Cup final.