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  1. Thanks Stu. Partly explains why I didn't recognise the guy in the hoops.
  2. Frank Coulston with Bobby Lawrie in the background. Don't recognise the Celtic player. Is the the 5-1 home loss after the LC final?
  3. There's some hand-shaking going on just to the left behind Davies Mathers and what looks like a ball boy carrying a corner flag way back and left. My money is on full time. Is the smiling Smelly in the middle a young Ian St John?
  4. Agreed. The Thistle strips seem to be missing the badge. Unusual.
  5. Too true. Spoke too soon yesterday about the site being back to normal but everything seems OK tonight. Good to be back in, even if only to come back to the usual family squabbles.
  6. Just managed in for the first time in days. Properly fixed now?