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  1. McCall has told Harkins he can leave and Mansell aparantly going on loan.
  2. Looks like he wants to play a diamond in midfield and get the full backs forward for width to me. Could be wrong. If we do get another player or 2 in im sure one will be a CB.
  3. Im sure similar things were said about Erskine in his first few years actually, now and again someone with talent just needs pointed in the right direction or the right players around them to get the finger put. I highly doubt Zannatta has been enjoying his football at thistle tbh, like Erskine.. maybe he will kick on and ecxell when others are playing well and he has a platform to show his talent.
  4. In terms of our new team im absolutely delighted with our signings. If we can bag a CB and a Winger with a bit of pace im quietly confident we can push ourselves up the league and make a late play off push. McCall has reshaped the squad so well i love the way hes going about it.
  5. Dont think Miller done anything that wrong to be singled out to be honest. The fact he was on a big wage isnt his fault its Caldwells ! Cant fault him for effort at all.. As for the finger pointing and moaning, Miller has played at a very high level and although a very fit guy for 40 is clearly regressing and i think he's having a hard time dealing with it. He over tries at times and i agree in a positional aspect hes poor. All in all I'd have preferred if he had never signed at all, but i actually think he's a decent guy and certainly wasnt the wage thief he's being made out to be by some folk.
  6. Why not Austin have you seen him play ?
  7. Zannatta will be with us next season unless McCall loses the rag with him, but im pretty sure he rates him. McKinnons deal is only until the end of the season so depends how well he does i suppose.
  8. Strange one after Dundee being priced out of getting him on loan.
  9. Elliott'sa great player to have in your squad but i actually agree he wouldn't be my first choice RB so it would depend on wages.
  10. Possibly knowing it was unlikely we would get back into it hes thought keepi ng the right players fit for arbroath was more important? The difference in the team since our last game against celric was huge. Organised, disciplined and looked as if their was an actual plan in place
  11. Can you actually tell me how much Millers on? And how much Forrest, Harvie and Mccart paid ? My point was against other teams in our division i can see Rudden and Miller forming a decent partnership just from the move leading up to Miller hitting the post. Rudden knew where to put the ball for Millers run. Just saying.
  12. Very encouraging performance.. No failures in the team today imo. Alot of people dying to punt Miller but i actually think there could be something in playing Miller and Rudden up front until the end of the season just from the chance Miller hit the post. Fantastic ball across from Rudden and actually a great run from Miller.. Miller getting alot of greif for missing but he got himself in the right place. Thought Banzo and O'ware were excellent and Robson actually suprised me second half i thought he done really well being out of position. McKinnon could be very useful for us when fully fit.. spots danger wins the ball and passes it Simple but we really have missed someone like that. Also agree with everyone praising slater. He was a breath of fresh air when he came on and Could play a big part this second half of the season, he looked sharp. I actually think that performance could be the perfect platform for us to kick on and start a run.
  13. Reckon getting McKinnon in will really benefit Bannigan and let him play a bit furthet forward. O'ware is the best of a poor bunch at centre half but the defence should also benefit from someone like mckinnon in front of them. I'm hoping getting a better goalkeeper in the summer is something we are looking at, Fox does my head in. I'd punt Saunders, Mcginty, Harkins, Miller, Robson, Slater, I dont know about Williamson tbh. But we will need a back up RB so we could do alot worse than having him as that. Mansell is still young but with Rudden coming in I'd imagine he will no longer be needed, hes not very good but he seems a hard working young lad and feel quite bad for him that his ability doesnt match his work rate. Not seen enough of Jones or Austin to give a opinion tbh. I like Cardle but i dont know if we should keep him for next season, maybe as a squad player. Gordon i would definitely keep, really hoping he can be improved because he has that knack of getting into the box and making runs at the right time. But he really needs to be more productive on the ball and get involved more.
  14. Trust McCall 100% ! When was the last time we even signed someone on a pre contract? Planning ahead already makes a bloody change.