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  1. Mccall has to start building now.. bringing in temp solutions isnt going to cut it. Sometimes tou have to take a step back to take a step forward, look at what hes done with ayr.
  2. Sorry it wasnt you that said that ! . . Yeah i agree with you he did. I just think people are being OTT. We were shit today but we got through. Tuesdays far more important and if we play the same way we will lose.. I I trust McCall will be telling them it wasnt good enough. I assume Miller and Kakay were rested today, with Miller being an old ****** and kakay just returning from international duty. Id expect them to start on tuesday. How many games is banzo out with suspension? And is Cardle available again.
  3. Fair enough he wasnt at his best today but saying the boys a disgrace and thinks he is better than is, id extremely harsh. Hes never been someone i would single out before for a lack of effort .. never pulls out a tackle either. If id fault him for anything it would be his positioning in the sense of when to get forward and when to maybe stay back. But that also comes with a settled team, which we dont have at the moment. Roll on January. .
  4. Hes 20 and still learning .. im unsure why you think he seems to think hes so great, he doesnt come across that way at all to me.
  5. Thats pretty strong considering the last 2 years.
  6. I considerd icluding Zannatta on the list but his record of assists and goals in the same league last season make me think his best could be yet to come. Williamson and Penrice could do with a decent sitting midfielder to help them out to be fair to them.
  7. Erskine was absolutely outstanding that season .. Paul Paton as much as hes a bit of a hate figure these days was an absolute Rock in the middle of the park also and done all the covering when ATS and SOD roamed forward. I think his importance that year will be overlooked because hes a *****
  8. I think we could do with getting rid of quite a few players to be honest.. i think we should punt.. Robson ..Doesnt really have a position or add anything to the team. Harkins .. Hes just not worth the wage, lucky to get half a game out of him. Maybe a good last 15-20 min sub because he would help see a game out or set up a chance but surely thats not enough. Saunders/Mcginty.. One of them need to be replaced imo. If you could just roll the two of them into the one player we would be sorted. (Mcginty 6'4 shite in the air, absolutely nothing commanding about him. Not bad on the ball. Saunders polar opposite good in the air and strong. Shite on the ball and clumsy.) Mansell.. Cant fault the lad for effort but i think his wage could be put to better use. Jones .. looked slow and quite frankly pish. His record of games at previous clubs was worrying and im not really suprised hes injured. De vita.. pretty pointless him being here imo. Thats 6 players id say we could definitely do better than. Hope Ian gets some funds to make some changes.
  9. Something stuck with me when McCall was congratulating Kerr on his appointment as ayr manager.. He mentioned 2 ayr players then said something along the lines of ... aye good luck controlling they 2 nutters. Ayr have players with a bit of Edge about them, few of them a bit daft etc. Taking Erskine and Doolan away from the Club was a huge mistake because in the situation we are in now.. it requires personalities like theres to keep a bit of pride and fight about the team. We seem to have decided to bring too many normal/nice lads in.
  10. Starting games well and finishing shite was losing us games.(Gary Caldwell way) Starting games shites and finishing well is winning us games (Ian Mcall way)
  11. Fantastic result Mccalls just a far superior man manager and keeps its simple for the players. Kenny Miller is fair proving a few people on here wrong with a decent goal return already. Thing im actuality worried about is Firhill .. The atmosphere has been absolutely pish for a while now and i think it contributes to our poor form.
  12. Fox Williamson Saunders Mcginty Penrice O'ware Kakay Bannigan Harkins Zanatta Miller Or Fox Williamson O'ware Mcginty Penrice Kakay Bannigan Cole Cardle Zannatta Miller
  13. Was Fox our keeper the last time IM was in charge? I honestly cant remember..
  14. Today was absolutely gut wrenching like watching lost puppies trying to find there way out of a maze. Started well but same old tippy tappy pish get to the box and dont know what to do with the ball.. why play cardle and zannatta so far wide with no 1 in the box to get crosses to. The saddest thing about it all is that is probs our strongest 11 and Dunfermline made us look terrible by simply putting constant pressure on the ball. Tippy tappy bull shit. Im actually praying the rumours are true and Ian Mac is on his way back .. we might not get instant success but he is great at building a team and playing simple organised football. And oh aye he has an absolute great eye for hidden talent.
  15. This is fake news .. this man is a well known liar.