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  1. Really enjoyed the game tonight. A 90th minute equaliser makes for great drama, I've not jumped up and down (in public) in excitement since I was a child, also hugged a complete stranger. That said I think we'd all prefer low drama if it means points or cup games. Then extra time happened, I'm not sure I'm there in terms of punditry and hesitate to offer a glib run down but it looked like we were out run. Does anyone have stats on headers successfully challenged tonight or would like to take a guess, I got the impression we won a lot less.
  2. Called the office as well and it was added to my season ticket....hopefully.
  3. 29 Oct 2016 (Jags 2 - Saints 1) 2 Mar 2016 (Jags 2 - Saints 1) Love stats; I think they're correct? First time poster, long time lurker. Just bought my first season ticket (to any sport, anywhere) and I've gone all in, having moved here recently.