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  1. Thistleberight

    New Owner

    "Strong and thriving" is the quote???? Some people are deluded beyond belief. I had hoped the true Thistle legend Alan Rough would escape this shambles with his reputation intact, shame he is part of the statement/threat, perhaps he had more power/input than I realised.
  2. Thistleberight

    New Rules

    This is a very interesting point Semi. I played some games many many years ago where the throw ins were replaced by kick ins. It was just a summer league, nothing if note and I have no idea who or whose idea it was, what body was responsible for experimenting. The main rule was that the team taking the throw/kick in had only a short set period in which to take it thus avoiding them being used like a free kick. It was something like 5 or 10 seconds once the ball was retrieved. The main idea was to keep the game flowing which as I remember, it did. Because of the short time you had to take the kick the focus was on keeping possession and short kicks were the norm. If you were right up the pitch attacking and the opposition were chasing to get back there would be benefit of hoofing it into the area but cos you only had 5 to 10 seconds accuracy was in short supply. Great fun though
  3. Thistleberight

    New Owner

    What more do you need to know other than the pies are to expensive
  4. Thistleberight

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    Agree agree agree. Well said. Not sure being critical of GC for this, at this stage of the season is good for our collective moral. Happy medium? IMHO the 2 most successful managers in my life time, Lambie and Auld were shouters. Then we had AA who, in terms of league positioning is up there with them, who most of the time stood motionless. I guess what I'm saying is, whatever works, go with it. Personally l like to be encouraged by a manager, and if that is being shouted at to encourage me then I'd be all for it. Being shouted at during a game for being a D1CK would be counter productive though. I just don't think we should be negative over such p1sh at this stage of the season.
  5. Thistleberight

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    Thanks Third, good to hear.
  6. Thistleberight

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    I know some have been negative re his input from when jlow came in , including myself but I hope his post is secure because Thistle is in his heart.
  7. Thistleberight

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    I would hope under the circumstances of recent days events someone like DB will make some sort of statement to those lucky enough to attend. I know it's a night with GC but it would be great if a short input could cover the proposed takeover and the position of posts like GB and the academy. Just clarification of the new boards intent.
  8. Thistleberight

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    I know. I was agreeing in a ham fisted way.
  9. Thistleberight

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    But we don't seem to be set up as a team for that type of midfield play. Not sure a lawless or Erskine of yesteryear would be allowed such forward play. GC seems more cautious in his formations
  10. Thistleberight

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    But I remember thinking that very thing when colly signed dools and look what he turned into. Fingers crossed
  11. Thistleberight

    New Owner

    Did someone on here not mention that they had been told colin weir had concerns about jlow's tenure? Perhaps he is supportive to the changes? We might never know
  12. Thistleberight

    New Owner

    Many thanks to @Woodstock Jag @Firhillistaand @Jordanhill Jagfor enlightenment. As I read through these excellent posts and potential about what our status is within Scottish football and I think it was @ARu-Strathbungowho mention he thought when we went top 6 we could push on from there, I was thinking, what does it take to go from being a yo-yo club to being a st johnstone type club. You know, being a club of similer size to us, comfortable in the top league with the ability to win a cup, get to Europe every few years. What is the added ingredient they have that we don't Anyhoo, many thanks to all for the enlightenment. I hope the current "new" custodians do what's best for the club and we still have Thistle for many years to come.
  13. Thistleberight

    New Owner

    Well said. Clear concise and seems open and honest. Forgive my lack of knowledge in such matters, but.......ive been reading posts about the two trusts over the past few years and although I understand the purpose I still don't understand why there are two bodies representing the fans. Personally I've never had spare cash to ever buy PTFC shares, it's great to read on here that some contributors do . Can anyone direct me to a site or web page that explains why we have 2 trusts and how they came about. I used to think one was created during Save the jags and was the other created by the Weirs? Appreciate any guidance.
  14. Thistleberight

    New Owner

    I'd also add the performance and result at QoS was out of the blue. For me we are still as unpredictable as ever
  15. Thistleberight

    Partick Thistle Vs Airdrieonians -League Cup

    Ran out of likes. Their number 7, Craig Thomson, had an excellent 1st half. Ran out of steam 2nd half. Reminded me of paddy Kelly.