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  1. Thistleberight

    Sack the Board

    Course not. Are you saying it's all TBC's. It's a partnership. Do you not know how boards of directors at companiesvwork? It's about taling, sourcing funds/support etc. Just cos TBC funds the training ground doesn't make the board unambitious. Don't misinterprate my post, i'm not supportivebofbthe board. Ambivilant? I'm only saying i dont agree with sabbath that they aren't ambitious, thasall.
  2. Thistleberight

    Sack the Board

    Don't agree. I get your point and share your frustration. This board and the last are much more progressive and forward thinking (aye, and ambitious) than most others in scotland. Just look at the plans for a training complex. If it doean't happen in kirkie it will happen elsewhere. Thats hardly lacking ambition. Miller Reid???? Only ambition was how much money can i squirrel away from the club and tax man for myself. Oliver / mcmaster were good for saving the club but ambition beyond surviving? I know you're angry sabbath but come on
  3. Thistleberight

    ICT Away

    Yeah barney, would've thought/hoped lessons would be learned but sadly once again not. As auld jag says after the next 6 games we'll have a better idea of what the pattern of the seaaon will be. Aaaaaargh
  4. Thistleberight

    ICT Away

    Pishybishy lad. Loads of jaggy fans in the briggs, including banzo. If for no other reason than his performances in the promotion season i'd wish him all the best. If i were a betting man i'd place a bet on him staying the full season. Hope so anyway. And hope he stays fit
  5. Thistleberight

    ICT Away

    Good post but don't agree the players are not good enough. Just my opinion, i think we have signed well for a change. BUT, once again we are on the back foot in terms of how long it takes us close season to make our signings. Once again we are still signing players after the season has started. I know it goes with the territory being a smaller club but we've not had a completely settled 1st team one seaaon to the next. Always chopping and changing and last season it caught up with us resulting in us never getting going. Point is, it's still early days (again) in the new players/new team bonding. Give it another 6 or so games and i believe it will improve. I might be wrong................
  6. Thistleberight

    ICT Away

    All about opinions metz. I agree with your points about errors and mental weakness but i do think we have some good players who can be very good if they get the right coaching play the right position play the right tactics get game time get results all leading to growing confidence..........IF. Possibly not under the present management team who are tactically weak and seem to be out of ideas....oh woe is me
  7. Thistleberight

    ICT Away

    Bannigan, if he keeps free of injuries will be the best player in this league this season. IF. He controlled the game when he came on. I'm not defending the manager or what the board are up to but we've played much worse this season. This group have enough about them to be a good team, a few more games might make a difference. Then again a new manager might also make a difference. Thats my last away game until it improves. Pissing good money after bad
  8. Thistleberight

    Dan Jefferies

    Welcome dan. Hope you're not like that other dundonian Dan.........desperate!!
  9. Thistleberight

    Challenge Cup

    I agree it's peesh but...........imagine we get to a final v's an english welsh or irish club and it were away.........great wee trip. That said i expect the venue for the final will be brechin or albion or some other eventless trip
  10. Thistleberight

    “What on earth has he given?”

    Giving you a "like" didn't seem good enuff. Post of the year
  11. Thistleberight

    Home v Morton

    Well said sir, loads of positives
  12. Thistleberight

    Oware out for the season

    Jackie campbell looked fit at the falkirk game, i'm sure i've a pair of size 10 boots he can have
  13. Thistleberight

    Home v Morton

    I checked the league standings this morning. This time last season (and the one before) i'd have been delighted with three points. So 'ton are top equall on 7 and we are on 3. Based on that we will be underdogs? From games so far i'm wondering what team will turn up for us, after last week i fear the worst but pre Falkirk i feared the same and thought we'd lose badly. Are the great unpredictables back?
  14. Thistleberight

    Jack Cross

    Lovely post 1JL. Best thoughts to the family. Lost my Dad 6 years ago. He started going to thistle during the second war and his stories going to games was such fun. You'll feel the loss for ever on match days, i still get wattery eyes at most games (performance included) but over the years the memories will make you smile. Thoughts will be with you on saturday.
  15. Thistleberight

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    On the face of it the recent signings seem promising but unfortunately i dont expect archie to mould them into a promotion winning team. Agree with yellow and rednecks post, sad but he's on the money. We are going nowhere.