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  1. Team rebuilding

    I was only providing some detail to third lanarks post who was in turn responding to Lambies lost doo. FGS keep up. How you can get a lack of positivity out of any of these posts is baffling. Loads of positivity from all three posters in many threads over the past month
  2. Team rebuilding

    Dundee utd ave home gate 5,505 Our ave home gate 4,580. Over the number of home gamesbthat is a sizable difference. Factor in that we had OF games last season and we won't this coming one. So not double the attendance but much bigger than us over the season
  3. Team rebuilding

    on first glance that's a strong core for the championship. Not a great fan myself but i saw enough in storey last season to hope he'll be a stick out (in a good way before you start) in the championship. I'm getting more hopeful by the day
  4. David Beattie stands down

    This feeks of archie out. When you consider all the achievements under Beattie and the general health of the club he's been an excellent chair. We are one of the beat run clubs off the field in the country. If you had been around under miller reid you'd know where i'm coming from, then again perhaps you were and were one of those shouting for bertie aulds head. You are obviously factoring in relegation and your belief that if the board removed and replaced archie we might have stayed up. We will never know. I'm middle ground on archie. A fence sitter. But we need to accept it and support the club. It might be an idea to consider Beatties performance without the archie out glasses. Just a thought.
  5. David Beattie stands down

    Well said sir
  6. New Signing - Sean Mcginty

    Liking this. Hes been about for one so young, loads of experience. As jaggernaut says, it won't be hard to improve on last season. Cannae wait for the new season
  7. Welcome Thomas O ‘Ware

    Would that mean we couldn't sing "paul patons an [email protected]#&le............" anymore. Singing that on the way out of mcdermaifd park was really funny as paul paton was warming down. Even he was laughing. Was great for us tho
  8. Playing Squad Update

    I'm struggling to come up with an alternative to cerney but then i'm no scout. Happy he's on board and has the summer to work on his kick outs and quick distibution. I think Liverpool might have a reject keeper going cheap tonight.........
  9. Playing Squad Update

    Any thoughts on the older heads? Centre halfs or midfield?
  10. Playing Squad Update

    Tuppens worth, it might be that the club are doing right by the keown group and if offers come in the club are advising they will not be hard to deal with. If no offer comes we might again make those players an offer. I'd be happy for keown to stay, hes a prospect at the level we are at and will be interesting to watch his progress. Barton? Like a few posters on here i just can't make up my mind. One game he's hopeless, misplaced passing and light weight, then the following game he appears almost magestic.....i said almost!
  11. The big announcement on Friday

    Dignified silence auld jag? Or maybe just on his hols as barney says. Is there a chance that the board will announce erkine and doolan are staying. Perhaps a coaching role as well as playing. The article states dools is doing an A licence. Perhaps they will do gerree britons role if he eventually is confirmed as maxis replacement? Or gerree getting that role could be the "big announcement". Easy to see we are in close season
  12. The big announcement on Friday

    Kept us in the papers. Just like the hunnery did when celik won the league. Gotta be impressed with that surely. Were gonna get little to no press beyond the evening times next season. Unless you're dundee utd you get ignored
  13. The big announcement on Friday

    There's a queue. I'm the wrong side of 50 but i'd have one last rally to pop one out for him. Sounding like erskine and he are for staying. God i'm looking forward to the end of close season.
  14. Club Statement Archie

    You are right on the fitness front. From the livvie game in the league cup to the livvie game at firhill they all ran out of puff with 20 mins to go. We were discussing how how unfit the team was on the way home from the league cup game and that was a constant all season long. If people like us can see it you would hope archie and shaggy could see it. I don't know what happens at our training, how hands on each day archie and shaggy are, if they see the fitness drop last part of the game and see goals being conceeded do they adress it or do they instruct the fitness coach to sort it and then he hasn't managed to fix it you'd have hoped archie or shaggy would have taken a grip of it themselves. Any which way, it's been a huge failing for us and a huge contributing factor to our relegation. My football enjoyment never progressed beyond amateur but like JJ i was into athletics, had coaches for stamina and body strength and they were always aware when i hadn't been doing enough training away from the track. More importantly I KNEW when i wasn't fit enough so the players must have known themselves they weren't fit enough this season so what did they do to try and sort it themselves. Of course you can over train and on the day of the race/game you are knackered. Either way we need a new fitness coach. I don't know the difference between a football and athletics fitness coach but if it was good enough for Lambie it's good enough for archie.
  15. Is this a bad time?

    Please do topcat, i'm bored to [email protected]#k