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  1. I care about what's right and wrong and know nothing about the Law. Never mind being in our favour, everything that happened after 16.48 on that Friday, should be wiped clean and any costs relating to it, paid by the people responsible. Take it all back to the point where all votes were in and it was a firm and fair NO. Whoever did what they did after this point, should be dealt with accordingly. All matters after 16.48 were based on lies, corruption and deceit. The SPFL and a number of member clubs in it, are a disgrace to Scotland.
  2. Was sure that before the SPFL got involved, the money was for clubs that needed to survive a crisis. I expected at that time, that none of the clubs in the top league would get any of it, never mind take it and then give it away, albeit to other worthy causes no doubt.
  3. It's a poor show to be honest. In a time we should be trying to bring money to the club, we should be posting results on the main website. How much did the winner get for instance? I've enlisted a few people that have a go now each week and they like to know this stuff. Also noticed that you had to search for the virtual draw before placing a bet. It should be hitting you in the face, the minute you enter the Home Page. In other news, I tried to enrol my Nephew as a Junior Jag before his Birthday in early May. After a couple of emailed exchanges, the case went cold. That's another £30 the club didn't get.
  4. You're spot on Dl, we would have been appalled and in fact, most of us would have been disgusted had our board, although I don't think they would have, voted as the likes of QOS. Promotion and relegation is one thing, but I cannot understand how league reconstruction could ever be voted against by anyone. In fact, if you offered me a vote on the following, I'd vote yes: Thistle get relegated Each league has two extra teams in it Two up, two down with a play off also We get to play > 20 games this season in League 1 I'd certainly feel cheated by the relegation but think that Scottish Football and Thistle, would benefit in the long run. Why oh why are teams with nothing to lose, relegation wise, voting against larger leagues? It's complete madness.
  5. The bobble hat's a belter.
  6. I'd rather fight this and lose from the start, than ride off the back of a Hearts lone fight, should they have won. As for what any one of the other teams think. I couldn't care one jot. In fact, I can't wait to shake off the patronising cuddly toy image. F the lot of them.
  7. Maybe, over on the official website, there could be a small article every second Saturday, advising us which away games are worth going to because of local pub we should visit. Of course, if there is no decent pub to visit, there would be no article.
  8. I was talking about the money being gifted from James Anderson rather than a cash bailout. My starting point before any vote or any handout would be to ask who intends to play the season. Those that don't, shouldn't get a vote on reconstruction. It's debateable as to whether or not they should get any handout either but let's take the high ground and say they should. My nature is to agree that all teams should get through this but I'm struggling to see evidence that other teams have the same sentiment.
  9. It's a nice thought but they'd probably say there were some differences and we'd need to fight our own case.
  10. Only clubs willing to play the upcoming season, however it may look, should be given any type of financial handout. Use the money that's been donated to buy testing equipment etc first. Clubs should not be given any money, if their intention is to just sit tight for a year. If they're already in a state that requires this, they'll likely go bust next year In any case. These clubs should not be allowed to drag down others', such as ourselves and Falkirk into the abyss.
  11. If Hearts win their case and we're not involved, we will end up paying compensation by default, even though we've arguably been treated worse.
  12. The best thing about it. People remember where they and family used to stand on the city end terraces and buy the tickets there. I also remember where I stood at the Forfar 0-0 promotion game too. Happy memories that will return when I win the Euromillions and rebuild it with safe standing.
  13. Sounds good to me. Maybe get the chance to use my first ever season ticket v Dundee. How I'd look forward to that game.