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  1. Deep down, most of us expected to win this. After years of following The Jags, we should know what that nearly always means. Come on Thistle ffs.
  2. If we get a few more penalties this season, we could go on to match Rangers' record number in one game.
  3. I've cursed him many a time and called him Kenny Misser. He ruined many a Scotland trip by shooting straight at the keeper instead of scoring. Italy away being one example. On this occasion though I won't be too harsh on him.
  4. Thought Robson was decent and the whole team in general did well. Wouldn't blame Miller for the miss and felt it was a great move with good off the ball running and busting a gut to get there. Celtic played as well as they could and we held up pretty well against them. MacKinnon looks a good signing and O'Ware and Bannigan, who also had a fine game, benefited from his presence. Not the hammering many of us expected, thankfully.
  5. Have no problem with it if they can behave well enough. I'm sure many of us have been in the home end at away games for one reason or another. I did so at Berwick one time and have done so at many Scotland games. We filled Kilmarnock away end at one game and many fans were in their end. Anyway, back to the main point, which imo, is to maximise revenue at every game without causing any danger to either set of fans. If a few Celtic fans want to sit in with the Thistle fans to watch the game live, I don't see any problem.
  6. MacKinnon signing should allow Bannigan to do his fowling further up the park.
  7. We do seem to do that quite well and have scored a few in that way this season. One more will do it.
  8. 8 hours til my train... 8 hours and 2 minutes til my first beer. C'mon Jags, gies a win.
  9. A slightly different type of midfielder but for me, we've never been close to replacing Sean Welsh. Getting rid of Welsh and keeping an injured Fraser will long live with me and was the craziest decision of many in recent years. How he was ever made a scapegoat is right up there with people slagging Lawless off when we played with 6 centre backs and him having to play 3 positions out on the left.
  10. Travelling up from Corby next week for the game. Can't wait for a pint in the Woodside and a Thistle win.
  11. Read this back and it sounds like some sort of snobbery against taxi drivers. Not the case at all. A few people in my family have driven cabs.
  12. These are the same people that drive taxi's and ask 'is there a game on the day' when Scotland are playing. Celtic, Rangers and other 'big time' fans wondering why we support Thistle should be met with questions asking why they don't support Bayern Munich or Barcelona. They're pathetic.
  13. I click on for a look and then my heart generally sinks. I can't be bothered posting, mostly, and hope what I read doesn't ever diminish my support for the greatest team to ever exist.
  14. Very happy with the draw. Be a good final if we get there.