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  1. CotterJag

    Alloa 16/02

    Wasn't far off Need to get up for a game soon. Nerve wracking watching texts etc. Have a sneaky that this could end up a better season than I imagined.
  2. CotterJag

    Scottish cup quarters

    Can you imagine.....
  3. CotterJag

    Alloa 16/02

    if I sometimes can't look. I switch on at 4.57, as the game must surely be over by then. Unless it was a game v the OF and we happened to be winning. Would wait until 6.04.
  4. CotterJag

    Alloa 16/02

    Massive game today. Could be 8 points from a play off place come 4.57p.m.
  5. CotterJag

    Scottish cup quarters

    Sad to be missing this one, as was planning a trip up the road. Will need to be the semi instead!
  6. CotterJag

    Scottish cup quarters

    True but I'm slightly torn, as I always want us to maximise profit. Did really enjoy the Premier League Play-Off a couple of years back when The Rangers expected the whole of the Motorola. The Well gave them the minimum and then hammered them as well. I dream of a day that we do something similar.
  7. CotterJag

    Scottish cup quarters

    We will be away to someone far away or good. Or far away and good. The Rangers and Celtic will be close to home against a team they can easily beat. Dundee Utd away or Rangers / Celtic for us I'm afraid. Hope I'm wrong and we're at home with a chance.
  8. CotterJag

    V Inverness

    If Ross C, Ayr and Dundee U keep winning, things could get a wee bit exciting before the end of the season. You never know ??
  9. CotterJag

    Alloa 15.12.18

    Really doesn't add up. Having said the 3 at the back set up was brutal, I did see that Liverpool were pretty good at it. Their CB's were brave enough to go to aid of the wing-backs however, whilst also staying strong in the middle. Our lot just see it as a chance to hide in a pack in the middle and then bring the wing-backs in to defend as if full-backs. How Lawless stuck it, I'll never know.
  10. CotterJag

    Alloa 15.12.18

    Can't believe we're still playing a back 3. Absolutely brutal set up even with good players. No idea why anyone would let the centre backs of any team have an easy life whilst everyone else gets dragged out of position. If we don't have 2 centre backs who can mark 1 centre forward and cover for the other, sack them all.
  11. CotterJag

    Mobile Phone Covers & Cups

    Have a phone cover too. Very good quality.
  12. Thanks Camallain. Noticed you have a few videos up on You Tube and really liked the GUN ones. I've followed them since the early nineties and was lucky enough to see them down in England a few times back then. Northampton Roadmender was rocking. Had a cracking GUN t-shirt from back in the day with Benny Lynch on the front - if only I could find it Was at the gig at the Barras you were at. Fantastic night
  13. CotterJag

    Bill Mullen

    Have watched the goals on many an occasion and is sad news. My Dad, two Uncles and Gran and Granda all went to the game. They have all told me great stories from the game and then back afterwards at the Garscube Road where they lived. I'm lucky enough to have been passed a match ticket from the great occasion and go to Thistle matches with one of my Uncles when I'm up the road. My Dad and other Uncle rarely attend matches now. All are in their seventies.
  14. CotterJag

    370K in Jags Pockets

    On the plus side for the home team, the Celtic fans won't have stolen many balls as they're losing.