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  1. CotterJag

    Mobile Phone Covers & Cups

    Have a phone cover too. Very good quality.
  2. Thanks Camallain. Noticed you have a few videos up on You Tube and really liked the GUN ones. I've followed them since the early nineties and was lucky enough to see them down in England a few times back then. Northampton Roadmender was rocking. Had a cracking GUN t-shirt from back in the day with Benny Lynch on the front - if only I could find it Was at the gig at the Barras you were at. Fantastic night
  3. CotterJag

    Bill Mullen

    Have watched the goals on many an occasion and is sad news. My Dad, two Uncles and Gran and Granda all went to the game. They have all told me great stories from the game and then back afterwards at the Garscube Road where they lived. I'm lucky enough to have been passed a match ticket from the great occasion and go to Thistle matches with one of my Uncles when I'm up the road. My Dad and other Uncle rarely attend matches now. All are in their seventies.
  4. CotterJag

    370K in Jags Pockets

    On the plus side for the home team, the Celtic fans won't have stolen many balls as they're losing.
  5. CotterJag

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    One of my worst Thistle games was this score v Ayr in the play-off way back. What a crowd as well that day. I'm going 0-0 for this one.
  6. CotterJag

    That Chico Moment

    Have a nice photo of Chic with me just before a game at Firhill. Remember once at Firhill his wife Mary (I think), shouting that his boy wanted a pie but hudnae ate his dinner. Was an hilarious exchange between the three of them as Thistle were about to take a throw in. The 'thrower' stopped and waited until they'd finished. 1-0 at the Commonwealth Stadium against Meadowbank when Chic scored a late penalty with the outside of his foot. Keeper didn't move.
  7. CotterJag

    Christie Elliot steps down

    I'm smiling a bit reading this and think you maybe just rolled in from The Crow when you wrote it. No doubt he was looking to move to better things, as was touted as a future Scotland pick etc., but no way was he milking it. Every player has their own interests at heart except maybe Diego Simeone Bannigan was always around Firhill doing commentary and other stuff and struck me as a real team player, even when injured. Not many football players would hang around a ground if they were fit to play. As things stand, I'm struggling to think who else could do the job.
  8. CotterJag

    Christie Elliot steps down

    Know what you mean. Everyone should be trying to lead by example, so a captain of that type should never be needed. The best captains I can remember were organisers. I can visualise them conducting play and 'offering' positional direction from a central position on the park, to those running around with their heads up their a7ses. They understand what the manager wants and are able to convey that message on the park. They need awareness, drive, commitment and above all else, respect from their team mates. That rules out all of the centre backs, so needs to be one of our central mid players. Sounds like it could be Bannigan, although I'm not sure he has enough drive.
  9. CotterJag

    No Game 24th Nov?

    Up in Glasgow that weekend as manged to bag Gerry Cinnamon / Courteeners tickets. Thought we might be in the cup but can see we avoid that round of the draw along with a few other teams. Is there definitely no game or could one be rearranged against another non cup team?
  10. CotterJag

    Who's next?

    They have a history of attempting to derail us in one way or another. I'm sure they informed the press that we would be losing a couple of players to them, Erskine and Paton, right before our big game versus Morton. Absolutely zero class. Really can't stand them tbh.
  11. CotterJag

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Great news. I think Dools plays well when he has competition and also when he plays less games. Real shame we've lost our goal soring CB for the season as we'd really be piecing things together nicely. Hopefully we can sign a central link player in January, who can attach the forward(s) to the rest of the team. Someone exactly like Sean Welsh - so exact in fact that I wish we would just try and sign him back.
  12. CotterJag

    Dunfermline away.

    I'm not sure if we have other teams watched on the evidence from Friday tbh. If Dunfermline always set up like that at home, then we should have started differently. If they played like that because they were playing us, then we should have changed quickly. It took me around 15 minutes to think we should be attacking more as there was little threat from them with their defensive set up. Kris Doolan did look isolated and both teams sat with 5 + 4 across the back so there was no opportunity for anyone to burst forward. I'm not convinced that Penrice and Elliot had it in them to burst forward in any case and they looked out of it. The tactics on the night were poor and no, we shouldn't have been afraid of what Dunfermline could do to us, as they were absolute mince. There are too many things wrong to mention, but someone at Firhill, be it the manager on the night or a 'scout' at another game, should have made sure we didn't play against them in that way for 90 minutes.
  13. CotterJag

    Dunfermline away.

    It's clear to me that we are 'at this level', and therefor I think playing on the break away from home is an acceptable way to start any game in this league. You're talking as if we're Barcelona and should be setting up to blow teams apart home or away. Most teams don't set up to go head to head with all out attack against each other either, to try and win 4-3 or whatever. The expectation and assumption from Thistle would have been that Dunfermline would be more attacking. When it was obvious they weren't interested in that, we should have changed our formation. In my eyes, that is the mistake from Archie and not the initial set up. Haven't seen Ayr or Ross County but guess they set up similar to us, scored early and then took advantage as the home team had to come out and try and score. Fair play if I'm wrong and they both came out with 3 strikers and won 5-1. That would be impressive but surprising.
  14. CotterJag

    Dunfermline away.

    Hard to give an objective opinion having watched the worst game ever, but..... Can understand how we set up being the away side. Cannot understand that after the first 15 minutes we didn't change formation to get support to our front player. Two teams attempting to catch each other on the break for 90 minutes, was just ridiculous. I know the Pars won, but I wouldn't be happy turning up to watch them at home if they set up like that every time. In other news, Bannigan had a good first half and we looked ok without having to do much or attempting to do much ourselves. Elliot and Penrice look worse than I remember and I think Erskine has crossed one bridge too far. As for Archie, he has earned the right to be given a chance and secure a top four place this season. Even I'm left wondering whether this can now be achieved. We need at least 6 new players and maybe, I'm sad to say, a new manager.