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  1. CotterJag

    What’s our biggest game next season

    I hope the biggest game of the season is the last game, unless we wrap up the league early of course. Think games against the Dundee teams will be meaningful and will give us an idea of how strong we are.
  2. CotterJag

    Women's World Cup

    Have watched a few Scotland games over the months and can enjoy it in a similar way to enjoying womens tennis. Was getting in to the swing of it and now am done. The decisions against Scotland have been disgraceful and as much as I can accept and enjoy this level of entertainment, I cannot accept sub-standard officiating that is bordering on cheating. I feel so sorry for the team and have been known to shout expletives at referees and linesmen from my living room, but this is another level. It's almost* the equivalent of playing Rangers in every game. *Would take another 140 years of cheating to be the equivalent of Rangers.
  3. CotterJag

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    First beer and a cheeky dark rum and coke on it's way. Cheers
  4. CotterJag

    This season vs. last season

    Agree jls and I start every season thinking this could be our year. Other than the current year, where the team wasn't up to it, we normally get some stinking cup draws, while others get home ties year in and year out. With an improved team and some draws like this year, it could well be our turn in the coming years.
  5. CotterJag

    This season vs. last season

    Fair enough, but you're describing the majority of teams in world football. It's an elitist sport and you can pretty much name the top 5 from any league in the world. There are many clubs 5 times the size of Thistle that relate to the above statements. We and their supporters, follow our teams through thick and thin (mostly thin), in the hope that our special day in the sun will come. In the meantime, we'll feed off crumbs, listen to tales of yesteryear and feel proud to support a team we wouldn't swap for the world. A massive percentage of our overall support travel to watch our team each week and it feels great to be a Jag despite the result. I've said myself that I wished I supported Barcelona and Germany but who really wishes they supported any of the successful teams in Scotland? Not anyone wearing Red and Yellow, that's for sure.
  6. CotterJag

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    Might have to get myself up the road for this one. Mon The Jags!
  7. CotterJag

    vs Alloa 20/4

    A funny bunch but probably no different to the average support of any team. Considering the shambles Caldwell inherited, he's done well to get rid of the dross and sign some good players. All in only one window. Most won't argue about McDonald but until yesterday, I felt like the only one who thought Harkins was a good player. The way people talk about how we miss Bannigan also confuses me. The guy is suspended because he's off the pace and runs around kicking people for no reason. Not too different from Harkins, except that Harkins makes telling passes into the last third and does a good job of blocking opposition passes into our last third. I admire fan loyalty but not at the expense of the truth.
  8. CotterJag

    vs Alloa 20/4

    Would take a draw today but think 3-0 Jags. Enjoy the game and the beers afterwards everyone. Perfect playing conditions for a player like McDonald.
  9. CotterJag

    4 Games to go.

    1 point v Alloa, 4 v Ayr and 1 v QOS. Morton and Falkirk to finish in the bottom 2.
  10. CotterJag

    County 13/04

    Agree the results are better, as are the players. It's incredible how all of the bottom teams have improved since the New Year, whilst the middle / safe teams, have been dragged in to a relegation battle. Don't read other forums, but am guessing QOS and Morton fans will not be too happy. Would not be surprised if one or both of these teams filled the bottom two places come the end of season. Noticed the other day that if you take the first letter of the teams winning each division in Scotland, it spells our season.
  11. CotterJag

    Dunfermline 06/05

    And he'd also more likely than not be our top scorer. Massive miss.
  12. Thanks for the opportunity AJ. Much appreciated.
  13. CotterJag

    Falkirk 16 March

    Glad to hear that news. Hard to measure performance properly on TV but when I see him, he looks sluggish, which leads to fouls and yellow cards. Rarely notice his creative side and have him as a possession retainer. Again, I don't see the whole picture as am not at live games. He could be poor overall. Was stating that I don't think he was to blame for the Hearts penalty and I don't think the other two goals v Hearts were his fault. We all have players we don't rate. I've had a few myself in recent years.
  14. CotterJag

    Falkirk 16 March

    Hazard had no chance with any of the 3 goals v Hearts but it doesn't stop some saying otherwise. The penalty in the second game was the defenders fault also. Not sure Banzo will be good enough again, from what I can tell, to play at the level prior to his injury.