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  1. I click on for a look and then my heart generally sinks. I can't be bothered posting, mostly, and hope what I read doesn't ever diminish my support for the greatest team to ever exist.
  2. Very happy with the draw. Be a good final if we get there.
  3. Shaw is legend for Parkhead alone, never mind the 4 v Dundee.
  4. My Uncle's down from Glasgow visiting and I told him we'd lost, as I'd seen the score at 4.41. He said he didn't want to know, as the game hadn't finished. I thought it had. Lol. Thistle just being Thistle I guess.
  5. When's the draw? Would love Solihull for 2 reasons. 1. It's relatively near to where I live and we could all have a great night out in Brum. 2. Is obvious.
  6. Will we ever beat any of the two ever again. Crushes me every time.
  7. CotterJag

    New Owner

    It almost feels like we've made a successful pitch on Dragons Den and now have to choose the best option. I'm genuinely stunned that this is happening. If I win tonights' Euromillions, I might well be the third Dragon throwing his money into the ring. Choose well Thistle, we're all routing for you!
  8. Somehow thought it was Hibs.
  9. She's some girl that one.
  10. Would love it if we could get WGS away from Hibs.
  11. Only have a capacity of 1,500. Looks good though.