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  1. My earliest memories are of that team and oh how I loved that kit
  2. We dream of cup wins etc., but top of my more 'realistic' wishes, is being at a game where we beat that mob.
  3. Nah, he couldn't attend the replay.
  4. Hopefully not the last ever great Scottish winger. A German friend of mine manages a team in the Black Forest region of Germany. They play an annual tournament with the likes of Juve, PSG and a host of other big names. His team were in a group this year with Man City and a certain Darren Fletcher was over watching his twin boys playing. Think they are 16 or so and are great players, one being an extremely talented left winger. Who knows.... Bayern Munich U17's beat Man City on pens in the final btw.
  5. Hi LLD, Please let me know how and when to pay. Also, does anyone know if I should be able to download the Centenary Fund Standing Order Form, write to it and email it straight back, without printing it. The download is a pdf and I can't save as a work sheet. Working from home and have no printer. Thanks Cotter
  6. Couple of great goals there. Not sure how I missed that game.
  7. £20 from me, as haven't been up to see many games recently. Cheers Cotter
  8. 3 draws in a row and a win on Saturday would be pleasing. Not over yet but not much margin for error either. Be good to drag Morton back in it as well.
  9. **** cost me £130. Had St J, Arbroath and Clyde.
  10. Interested to hear from those in attendance, if Rudden is able to receive passes instead of nearly getting to the ball. Close to call and I'm usually wrong. 1-2.
  11. Exactly. Who on that pitch is capable of getting fired in to their own team mates? I think maybe Graham. The rest of them seem to run about like mice. I would literally feel like fighting my own team if I had to play with that lot.
  12. Can't stand 3 at the back either. We just seem to end up with 5 CB's and no width when we try it. 4 1 4 1 every time for me.
  13. Have only seen the lad twice to be honest and feel he'll be a good player for us. Against Celtic I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe he was a yard off against better opposition. He did as AJ states, put a great ball in for KM. Didn't realise he wasn't fully fit last night but even so, I feel he doesn't set himself properly to receive the ball. It's as if he's always wrong footed when the ball is played towards him. I remember hearing that Liverpool players loved King Kenny so much because he made every pass to him look a good one. Not expecting that level from Rudden, obviously, but I'll be interested to see if he's lighter on his feet when fully fit.
  14. Worried about Rudden. He seems to always nearly get there but not quite. Feels like unless the ball is right at him, he can't adjust by more than 6 inches. He makes many decent balls look bad.
  15. Think 7 out of 10 are scored. One of the best was Graham Alexander, I remember. Think he scored 60 of 63 or something. The Ayr boy knew exactly what he was doing and would have put it the other way if needed.