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  1. Can’t believe the love in from Frans. Some people seem to forget the bombscare he was and even Danny Devine would be embarrassed by his mistakes. He is a good guy and he played to the fans professionally but let’s not get carried away, he’s nothing special even in the Championship. will be happier with a younger hungrier player... Halcket or otherwise. As for tears for Booth...give me strength. Obviously missed last season.
  2. The purpose of a commercial manager is to maximise revenue from a number of streams, including in Thistles case, from hospitality. Am I alone in thinking that hospitality is going to be dead next year if Mr Quaile continues with a price structure that provides a poorer product than last season for the same price? Of course they will roll out the Curry Buffet nights for Alloa on a Tuesday night but £70 for a standard hospitality at Championship level!? Seriously!? On another point which I feel strongly about, why is it that season ticket holders are, at this time of the season, promoted to stakeholders in the club, but yet when you want to upgrade to hospitality, rather than be offered a reasonable £20 discount, you are given the sole option of having an ‘upgrade’ to a ‘free bar’? Fine if you want to get leathered and if you can catch the eye of the bar staff more than twice during the service, but for other loyal fans who just want to make a day of it, it’s another kick in the teeth for season ticket holders. Maybe Ross would like to explain why, when your season ticket effectively covers your £20 entrance to watch the game, nothing is offered to compensate those who want hospitality but either done drink, or don’t want to get rat-arsed? i had the same conversation with Ross last year as I tried to arrange a table of 6 non Jags fans for a hospitality table at Firhill. I cannot be sure if this was down to nativity, stupidity or stubbornness, but Mr Quaile lost out on £600 at least that day for being unwilling to offer me fair recompense for me having the cheek to have a season ticket. Needless to say, my hard eared cash has not made an early arrival to Firhill this season and nor will it so long as the quality of the ‘commercial team’ remains the same.
  3. A bit ott Col. I was asking for Banagan to replace any of our front three as the midfield were tierring but the timing of the sub is not the issue but the defence switching off. I think the Elliott sub was more of an impact.
  4. Think you need to take a good hard look at his work rate off the ball.
  5. Seriously!!! Doesn't hide? He slows play down, misses passes, constantly gets caught in possession, never (and I mean never) tackles and trots about the park at a leisurely pace letting his man go. Check their third goal for his level of effort. Not a one off by any means.
  6. Where is Osman. Never mentioned as being out injured. Have I missed something?
  7. Barton can **** right off. Lazy lazy waste of a wage!
  8. Defence was as solid as I can remember. Sad to say we should enjoy this time as Mssrs Archibald, Paterson and Lindsay will be snapped up very soon. Dools and Squiddy were awesome at ripping their defenders to shreds. Midfield were very good at containing as they were happy to let Hearts pass the ball about aimlessly though I would like Barton to release the ball a little earlier. I know he ouses class but he got his pocket picked more than once today and needs to cut that out. That being said, not a failure in the team. Liam Lindsay wins every high ball and is imo, a future Scotland international albeit with a 'fashionable' team. Devine and Keown were also awesome. From positions they had no right to win the ball, they consistently came from behind to beat the Hearts forward to the ball. No wonder Congalves (sp) got sent off as not just him but a good number of their guys...No 4 should have gone too. All in all....proud to be a Jag and may Mssrs Archibald, Paterson and Lindsay (all Scotsmen) reign.
  9. I am generally a traditionalist and love Firhill dearly, but given its lack of atmosphere, problematic playing surface and lack of parking etc., and given the administration of R**gers, would it be such an ambitious prospect to relocate to this facility. It has been suggested that housing will not be permitted on the land that Murray Park occupies - thus significantly reducing the land value. With Rangers in administration, I would expect that this land (assuming it's not hidden away in a holding company) will be available at a knock down price. There is already approved planning permission for housing on parts of the land at Firhill and it would be interesting to compare the land value at Firhill with that at Murray Park. Of course, the Murray Park complex is huge (not to mention the adjacent Auchenhowie Tennis/Hockey Club) and would far outsize our requirements, however if one or more partners could be found - David Lloyd Gym, Glasgow Warriors, West of Scotland Rugby Club, etc, a multi sport complex could be devised without major restructure of the complex. I note that the club are considering a 3G surface in order to realise additional revenue - well, if Thistle acquired an area to accommodate a grass pitch with a 4 sided, 6000 seater stadium with safe standing areas (another move to satisfy public demand) and a 3G pitch to train on and gain much needed income, would that not be an attractive proposition? Thistle may also benefit from a move to the more salubrious suburbs of Bearsden and Milngavie – after all, Maryhill is to a large extent, Hoopville. This is all dependant on so many factors - most of all the comparative land values, but as I said, we can build houses on Firhill, nobody can build houses on Murray Park. The added bonus in all of this is that we all get the opportunity to dance on the grave of one cheek of Glasgow's stinking @rse. I'm sure that there will be many who would consider this to be pie in the sky, but I'm sure the directors of the club are aware of the land value of the non-Propco part of Firhill - would a quick call to the administrators do any harm?
  10. As the title says. PS no one answering the phones at the club office.
  11. J465

    New Fans

    Saw an old guy berate a wee boy for having the cheek for wandering past him at the game today. What a disgrace!!!!How do we expect to introduce new supporters with such intollesrant individuals/.
  12. The Skids - 'Into the Valley' and The Piranhas - 'Tom Hark' are both great high tempo football anthem style tunes but alas, they're already common place in many other grounds. If your looking to instill a bit of fire/passion into the players and crowd, what about this wee classic from a similar era. Ignore the 'English Hearts' line near the end - replace with Scottish or Thistle Hearts if it ever got that far!
  13. Thanks Tom. Hope we tie up at least 2 out of 3 of these guys before too long. Priority for me is Hodge, followed by Cairney followed by Paton.
  14. WTF. Hodge, yup - broken met....mata.......wee bone in his foot. but Paton - Out for the rest of the season and maybe Cairney too!! When did that happen? Thought it was only an ankle and groin that needed a rest.
  15. Has signed on loan from Motherwell. Some may have been looking for a bigger name but lets at least give the guy a chance.