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  1. One for the stattos, if this game finishes 1-1: Since the leagues went to 4 meetings a season have we ever a) drawn all 4 games with the same team in a season, and b) had the same score in all 4 games vs a team in a season I think we drew all 3 with Killie in the top 6 season (which seems about 27 years ago now) but didn't play them a 4th time.
  2. No, it's 4 domestic and unlimited non-domestic at any one time. Last year (sorry for bringing some of these names up) we had Gordon, Jeffries, Scobbie, McMillan, Hazard, and Anderson domestically and Mansell from outside Scotland. Jeffries and Scobbie had to go back before we could sign some of the others.
  3. Higginbotham from that Motherwell game to the end of that season was probably the best player I've seen for Thistle in easily 20 years, probably going back to the Lambie team of the mid 90s and even then there's an argument he was better, we would 100% have finished 11th - and could well have lost the playoff to Accies- if not for him. The other season and two thirds with us and everything after he was unproductive but I'd still have to give him his place in the team Cerny SOD <RCB> Lindsay ATS Osman Lawless......................................Higginbotham Erskine Taylor Doolan Unconventional formation to shoehorn in a couple of players. Could easily accept McDonald in place of Taylor given how vital he was last season and if I was playing a more conventional 4-2-3-1 then the pre 2016 version of Banzo would be the other midfielder. For the right centre back I could make and dismiss cases for all of Frans, Keown, Balatoni, Muirhead, even Archie tho his best days were clearly behind him this decade. Barton only as sweeper in a 3. Probably go for big Aero given his performances in the 2012/13 season, and his penalty against Hearts after he'd missed the one in the cup final, nearly took the back of the net away.
  4. The only one out of the whole squad I can make a positive case for keeping is Cole purely down to his set pieces. Although we have had a number of guys who start off well on these and then defences (or even our own players) get used to them and the usefulness drops. The two off the bar vs Montrose and Alloa were better efforts than the one that went in on Saturday, and the first few corners vs Alloa were causing problems though this tailed off second half.
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    https://twitter.com/search?q=%40barnsleyfc&src=typed_query&f=live Lot of unhappy people, and some Hibs fans piling in asking them to take Heckingbottom back.
  6. Assume this is vs Morton, 97/98. Originally thought Accies but that would have been too much of a colour clash. Farrell and Gaughan? Too easy- Chico. The foul conceded would have been a red card for denying a clear goalscoring opportunity from about a season after that game until about 2 years ago when the "double jeopardy" rule stopped. Not sure it would have made a difference to the end result though!
  7. You get a reduced parachute payment in the 2nd year. We got £500k last year and £250k this as we finished 11th and County who finished below us got £300k, they would have got a further £125k if they, er, hadn't actually gone straight back up by not f*cking everything up like we did. Assume Caley would be similar in parachute money to County so only £125k last year.
  8. He grew up a Kilmarnock fan and didn't / doesn't need the money after his career down south. Not sure there's a Thistle fan in a similar position in management.
  9. Doolan wouldn't be able to play until January if this did happen. Suspect it'll be a crowd-pleasing appointment given the division of the fans recently therefore McCall / Lennon or maybe at an absolute push Stephen Craigan - yes he's inexperienced at 1st team level but so were McNamara and Archibald (both of their ships have sailed imo). Some of the other names on the McBookie "next manager odds" list would keep you awake at night- Jim McIntyre or Mark McGhee ffs.
  10. The attacking set pieces are far from the biggest of our worries, so far we've scored from corners or free kicks vs Airdrie, Clyde, Ross County (twice), and from a 2nd ball vs Dundee Utd and the fact we're mixing them up is a good thing. Not defending where we are or the manager or indeed our defending set pieces which is god-awful, but after years of watching Sean Welsh or Martin Woods hit the first man or float it gently into the opposition goalies' arms, we're actually putting thought and effort into these things and I'm all for it. In that particular one above it "worked" in as far as Robson got the ball on the corner of the box with no-one within 5 yards of him. He then duffed it straight to the front post, but that's on him.
  11. Kenny Miller was the next manager from the moment he signed up.
  12. Stuart is Ban-again, as is Gordon. Palmer should be back unless he gets injured with Norn Iron's U21s and Zanatta will be eligible. Palmer for Sena and definitely Zanatta for Robson would be the only outfield changes I'd make. I don't have a strong opinion on the goalkeepers but changing every week can't be good for the team?
  13. We have 7 central midfielders on the books but only Cole is available (Harkins, Slater, & Wilson injured; Bannigan and Gordon suspended, and Palmer away with NI U21s, which would also have ruled out Gordon even if he wasn't suspended) and he only signed on Monday. Would guess one of Penrice or O'Ware -if out of the bad books- will be shoved into midfield alongside him. Presume Kakay gets a start as well and with Links Park being an astro, anyone who struggles physically on that type of surface doesn't start.
  14. More recently away at Tannadice, Conrad Balatoni and ...er... Stuart Bannigan
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    The whole finances thing would make more sense to me if we did make a whacking great loss last season: Last season - we had quite a large squad by 31st August if not the start of the season - we had to pay off Archibald and Paterson or at least pay their contracts as well as Caldwell and Kerr - quite a few of the duds we signed were let go early, presumably with a chunk of their wages for the rest of the season - we signed half a new team in January - Scott McDonald probably didn't come cheap (personally can't believe Coulibaly did either but that's just me) - we only finished 6th in the league and a home game vs Celtic in the LC and Hearts on TV in the Scottish Cup will have brought in not much -technically we did get a transfer fee for Erskine but assume this was buttons However the JLow board have threatened legal action against anyone saying there was financial mismanagement and Michael Robertson seems adamant the club turned a profit (A) This season - much smaller squad as it stands - no manager to pay off (yet) - anywhere between £600k-700k from Fitzpatrick and Lindsay - On the flipside, reduced parachute payment - Netting off visiting crowds from Falkirk & Ross County vs Dundee and Arbroath as probably small loss but not game changing Yet before Saturday's win and the resultant visit to Parkhead we were projected to run at a massive loss which was only plugged by the revenue from the sales of AF & LL (B). If a player is on £50k a year then a £700k loss would be 14 players too many- I appreciate that's overly simplistic and clearly all the costs aren't on the playing side but that's miles out. Statements (A) and (B) look incompatible- it would make far more sense that we ran at a loss last year and are cutting back this year but if A is true then B makes no sense.