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  1. Duke Gekantawa


    While Caldwell is beginning to improve on Archibald’s latter performance (though technically he’s presently only drawn level, in terms of league position, to Archibald’s closing position), he has a long way to go to match the highs of the Archibald yesrs. And a lot of that took tactical nous (not least of which, turning around McNamara’s dreadful away form).
  2. Duke Gekantawa

    Alloa 16/02

    In all seriousness- The Thistle Bar is a Jaggy oasis in the east. The owners’ kids (at least) are jags fans and wear their colours as they help out. Last time they were even playing proper Jags songs in the juke box (red and yellow are the colours we love).
  3. Duke Gekantawa


    I’m not sure that simply keeping us up is enough. Keeping us up while showing form which suggests we’ll challenge next season is important. The form table above suggests that he’s on target for this. As an aside, the closeness of the league is reflected by the goal difference of all teams over the last 8 games- all teams are within the +-2 range, and all but one of those are in the +-1 range
  4. Duke Gekantawa

    Are we stronger ?

    Along with Spittal, Elliot has probably been our best player since Caldwell joined. Other than that, I’m generally in agreement
  5. Duke Gekantawa

    Winter window

    Like when Scully dislocated his shoulder deputising for the injured Cerny not too long ago.
  6. Duke Gekantawa


    I don't think anyone disagrees that many of Archibald's decisions were poor in the last 12-18 months. I would say that, as I recall it, after our first season in the Premier league it was pretty much only Archibald who thought it was worth retaining Lawless. He hadn't had an effective season, and most (on this forum certainly) were surprised when he was given another deal, with many being unhappy about it (waste of a wage etc.). That turned out to be a good decision at the time. We also don't know why Lawless left (well I don't). Maybe he, perfectly understandably, did not want to take the drop in wages that Doolan and Erskine were prepared to take (even if he wanted to stay). He did, after all, find employment with another Premier side.
  7. Duke Gekantawa

    Winter window

    After the divisions of the (latter) Archibald years, we now have a manager who's truly uniting our support.
  8. Duke Gekantawa


    I don't know- does he give a good interview?
  9. Duke Gekantawa

    Archie Interview

    It was both of these things, obviously. In any case, I was simply attempting to provide a bit of balance to the suggestion that Archibald was lucky/fluky to get top 6 etc.. I simply recognize that a bit of bad luck played a part. It wasn't that we finished cut adrift at the bottom, as is often the case, such that there is no way that you could point at luck playing a part. I also fully recognise that mistakes and mismanagement also played a part. I don't think this is unreasonable. Anyway, none of this matters now. I'll leave it there.
  10. Duke Gekantawa

    Archie Interview

    If you're going to suggest that AA's greatest achievement was down only to luck (which I think is unfair), I would also suggest that last season he could also be partly put down to bad luck. Yes, there was mismanagement and mistakes (he admits as much). But the number of long term and short term injuries we had in the first half of the season was unreal, and undoubtedly cost us points. Seeing as we were ultimately relegated on goal difference, just one of these points could have made the difference. The sudden, catastrophic drop in form of player such as Barton, Keown and Osman (when he came back) would have been difficult to predict also. Archibald has 5 and half years of success and he achieved this largely because he was a decent manager. He always had his limitations (otherwise we probably would not have held onto him for more than a year or two). But like so many decent managers, for whatever reason, he lost his way. This should not tarnish what he did achieve.
  11. Duke Gekantawa


    If we did take a punt on someone without experience, then I think Doolan makes sense. He seems intelligent, already knows the players and is already on the payroll. It would be some risk though (although probably less of a risk than sticking with Caldwell, sadly).
  12. Duke Gekantawa


    It looks like we’ll save ourselves from trips to Arbroath in any case, seeing that they’re walking League one. Caldwell’s Jags replaced in the Championship by Dick Campbell’s Arbroath. This from being a top 6 side less than 2 years ago.
  13. Duke Gekantawa


    It's a strange question. Barring injury, I can't think why he would be permanently benched, when stats show he was one of our more effective players, even this season.
  14. Duke Gekantawa


    Caldwell was hired on a remit to win promotion (or at the very least be challenging for it). It is the same remit AA was given, and AA's failure to be challenging resulted in his sacking. As such, simply staying up is a failure with respect to the original remit. Staying up by the skin of our teeth should result in immediate dismissal 5 minutes after the season's end. Caldwell's services should only be retained if very real and sustained promotion form is shown between now and the season's end. Even if too late to make the play-offs, at least this would support the argument that he can kick on with his own players. Personally, I'm not optimistic.
  15. Duke Gekantawa

    Winter window

    Last season Erskine scored 9 goals in all competitions, in 42 appearances (many as sub). He also had many assists (someone can check this- I'm not sure where). According to the stats watch thread- this season to date: "With his 6th goal of the season, Blair Spittal extends his lead to 2 at the top of our competitive goals chart for 2018-19. His goals/assists combi-total (10) is 4 ahead of his nearest team-mates (Erskine, Slater and Doolan), all of whom sit with 6. " Therefore, at the risk of repeating myself (seeing that other posters don't have a problem doing this), Erskine is joint second in the goals/assists combi total this season despite his limited time on the park. This is a positive contribution. More so (in an attacking sense) than most of the squad. He's not the player he was. But he's still very handy to have around.