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  1. Duke Gekantawa

    Women's World Cup

    But why fixate about that in the context of Women's football? It is the same for the men's game also, and always has been. I remember back in the Eighties, football had a bad rap (which the media fueled) and interest in the game fell greatly. Then in the early nineties, football became fashionable- a largely media led phenomena (particularly Sky and by extension the Murdoch press who had a lot riding on the success of the EPL). Soon after that, (men's) football was "forced down our throats" (as another poster puts it), to the extent of the football saturation we have now. I mean, back in the eighties, virtually no one cared about the Spanish or German leagues in the UK- now everyone seems obsessed with el Classico or whatever- with it being shown live and covered in detail on the BBC website. I suspect you're just as "sheepy" as the rest of us. While I'm sure we are all somewhat susceptible to media led hype, I personally don't watch TV other than streaming services, and very little non-Thistle football other than major tournaments (men's and women's). I enjoyed this World Cup. I've never seen a second of Love Island or Big Brother, however. I also disagree with the idea that the Women's game is a different game. It is the same game; though whether the quality or physicality is the same is a different consideration. But following football is little about quality otherwise we'd all be Barca/liverpool/Man City fans. Essentially, we choose to spend our hard-earned on Thistle for football entertainment, so are clearly not arbiters of quality. Watching Liverpool and then Thistle (and then say Albion Rovers), you'd be mistaken for thinking they are all playing a different game. But they aren't of course, they're just playing the game at a different quality and/or physicality.
  2. Duke Gekantawa

    This, and I, shouldn't be here: Cathkin Park

    Presumably neither of their regiments formed a professional football team
  3. Duke Gekantawa

    When does?

    These games? https://www.ptfctickets.co.uk/
  4. Duke Gekantawa

    Current squad

    Scott Fox couldn't meet this criterion any better- current champion at this level; having won it both of the last two times he's played at this level.
  5. Duke Gekantawa

    Tommy Robson signs...

    So, to use an equivalent higher profile example, there’s Liverpool buying Robertson from freshly relegated Hull City
  6. Duke Gekantawa

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Is anyone going to sign someone who hasn't played for us?
  7. Duke Gekantawa

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    Juventus had a pink kit back in the eighties when Ian Rush played for them
  8. Duke Gekantawa

    Christie Elliott

    I completely agree. I've said before, that I genuinely believe Elliot would be much more highly regarded had he arrived at the club as a right back (even if it had still took him a season or two to come good). He has been excellent as a full back for a few seasons now (with the exception of earlier this season where he had a complete loss of confidence and form). However, he did seem to fully recover form this blip. I'm not sure why, but because he arrived as a striker, a position at which he was simply not very good, his subsequent performance as a fullback has largely been downplayed, with "limited but always puts in the effort" usually used somewhat dismissively. Of course, all our players are limited, particularly those with long service, or else they would likely move on to a higher level. However Elliot has been one of our best and most reliable players for some time now, and looked completely within his depth in the Premiership. I expect he really will be missed.
  9. Duke Gekantawa


    I, like many, am not completely convinced by Gary Caldwell. I, like many, would have kept Doolan, as I think he could still be asset this season. I, like everyone, feel privileged to have seen a true legend in my time supporting the club. However, while Caldwell is manager, he has to be entrusted with these decisions. He has a finite and limited budget and has to make his own decisions as to how this budget is best spent. He will be judged on the outcome of these decisions. It would be unfair if he was obligated (or felt obligated) to offer any player a contract if he thinks that money could be better spent elsewhere, either purely for sentimental reasons or if others think he is wrong. Caldwell is stamping his mark on the team, as is his prerogative. Next season, it will be undoubtedly his team on the park. This will be the true indicator of his managerial ability. He alone will take the plaudits or flak due, depending on how it goes.
  10. Duke Gekantawa

    Last word on 2018/19 ?

    While I think some of Sandy's criticism of Caldwell was OTT (in terms of quantity and relentlessness, anyway)- I got no impression whatsoever that he actively wanted us to lose. In fact he made it explicitly clear that he wanted us to win in each match thread, and his posts were largely celebratory when we did (before reverting to criticism of Caldwell, of course). I therefore think you're being unfair. Anyway, in the spirit of the original poster, here's some musical light relief:
  11. Duke Gekantawa

    Jacqui Low

    Ultimately, for a club of our size, we've won very little in our history- in terms of "major" trophies: just the two cups. One cup nearly 100 years ago and one cup nearly 50 years ago. We've also spent a considerable portion of the last 50 years outside the top division. That's a lot of failed managers and chairmen.
  12. Duke Gekantawa

    Jacqui Low

    In answer to the specific question, St. Mirren did this two years ago (avoiding the play-off on goal difference). They then won the Championship last year. Things can change around quickly. Edited to say: I've just appreciated that you say "from top 6" which St. Mirren never achieved. However, they did when the League cup in the season immediately preceding their relegation, which is a comparable achievement.
  13. Duke Gekantawa

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    Really,? as much as four?
  14. Duke Gekantawa

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

  15. Duke Gekantawa

    Caldwell Like or Loathe

    Goodwin has undoubtedly done superbly with Alloa this season. However this does not necessarily mean he’d be a good manager at a full time club. I remember Ian Murray doing an equally remarkable job at Dumbarton (possibly better considering the position they were in when he took them over) keeping them in the Championship for two seasons before being lured away at St. Mirren. At St. Mirren he was a disaster and they were very fortunate that Jack Ross was so good that he was able to salvage the season from what looked an impossible position. And, of course, Dick Campbell continues to prove himself as an excellent part time club manager. Goodwin may be successful at a bigger club, of course- I’m just saying that it’s no where near as certain as some seem to think here.