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  1. And yet this is a keeper who has won this division twice (and is a current champion so to speak) and has been a near constant (barring injury) starter in the Premier division between the two wins. He's also played a major hand in a League cup win (though he missed the final through injury) and won last year's challenge cup. All in all, he must have had some strengths to achieve this. Of course he has weaknesses (at the near post in addition to commanding the box) which has meant that he did not progress further than the lower reaches of the Scottish Premier. But at this level, he's decent.
  2. Club's just announced that Bannigan's extended his contract to 2022
  3. Fully agree with your first point but strongly disagree with the second. Williamson is fairly poor defensively, while Christie was a good premier level right back
  4. 7 points off 4th and out of the bottom 2 going into January. Much more than I even dared hope for after Dunfermline
  5. I would have Osman in for Higgy, who can come off the bench- better balance for me
  6. Just start from 1BC- it fits then and it’s entirely arbitrary anyway
  7. It was Cole- very poor defending
  8. Those with the right attitude will be spurred on to prove the manager wrong and win his faith, or at very least make sure they have other suitors at a similar or higher level. And then there’s professional pride and wanting to win every game you play. Those with a different attitude can f*ck off
  9. As you would expect it misses out 3 big chances for us, when Zanatta breaks free and fails to pass- Bannigan’s lovely ball behind and Harkins even nicer ball to Kakay. Storey was probably their best player- certainly first half
  10. I’d like to think we’re still being talked about in 2 weeks time
  11. Yes, Liverpool "won" a ECWC semi-final in this manner in the 1960s.
  12. Second half, I agree (first half was woeful). I thought we were good- on top of the goals there was cole hitting the post and an even better pass by Harkins to Kakay. There was a lovely pass by Baningan behind the back also. I thought we were deserved winners
  13. That brought back memories- good, positive run followed by a terrible end product when he had done all the hard work. It just so happened that the Keeper's made a complete pig's ear of what should have been a routine save and hold.