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  1. Duke Gekantawa

    New Owner

    I'd have though that was easy- we can be reasonably certain that the owners' motives are for the good of the club and to improve the team on the field. While I fully accept this most certainly does not guarantee it will work, and could end in disaster, I would consider this outcome less likely when the motives are the right ones. With the Barnsley consortium, we have no idea what the motives are, so there is a greater inherent risk in my opinion. And from what we can tell from Barnsley and Nice fans and how each club is being run, the motives seem a little dodgy at best. I feel far more comfortable with fan ownership rather than this particular consortium.
  2. Duke Gekantawa

    What now ?

    He’s built a successful midfield around Mark Kerr. I suspect he can do a job with Bannigan
  3. Duke Gekantawa

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    True, but almost every candidate mentioned has at least one dismal failure on their CV, and few can match Archibald’s achievements. Most St. Mirren fans, while conceding Lennon was treated harshly, don’t remember the brand of football played under him too fondly (and in a pre-playoff era he finished 11th at least once, maybe twice (Archibald’s lowest top division finish in 5 seasons). He did win a cup, but other than that I don’t see how his record is objectively better than Archibald. Those who talk about how exciting McNamarra’s team was must only have watched us at home. I recall so many dreadful and utterly tedious away games even in the Championship season (Hamilton, Falkirk, Airdrie, Dumbarton away yielded 1 point and one Thistle goal iirc). I’d be happy with McCall though. He didn’t achieve what Archibald managed, but inherited a far worse team. He’s also the only one mentioned who’s achieved anything of note in the last couple of years. So, Archibald or McCall for me, with a preference for the latter if only because he will be less divisive and will probably get more time and leeway from the fans if it doesn’t start going well immediately.
  4. Duke Gekantawa

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    That was not offside- very lucky
  5. Duke Gekantawa

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    We are worse- less organised and quantitatively speaking, fewer points. We did pick up 3 league wins before he was sacked.
  6. Duke Gekantawa

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    Once again, precisely how I felt/feel
  7. Duke Gekantawa

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    So we are being comprehensively outplayed by Dick Campbell’s Arbroath. I’m genuinely interested if anyone is prepared to give Caldwell more time. There appears to be no shape, no plan or anything approaching tactics.
  8. Duke Gekantawa

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    That’s precisely what I was thinking
  9. Duke Gekantawa

    Thistle Legends v Maryhill Juniors Sun 1 Sept 2pm

    This may be of interest: https://www.facebook.com/events/707174739723946/ Nutmeg at Mono: Conversations about football, music and everything in-between. Hosted by Daniel Gray. I mention it here as a certain Kris Doolan is one of the attractions.
  10. Duke Gekantawa

    Shea Gordon scores v Ayr united 31.08.2019

    Unfortunately there was a much more Doolanesque finish later at that end
  11. Duke Gekantawa

    Bannigan and O’Ware told to leave?

    I think you're a month out though
  12. Duke Gekantawa

    vs. Ayr United, Aug 31

    That, in itself, is not necessarily a problem though. I think this is probably more true of our last championship winning side.
  13. Duke Gekantawa

    Bannigan and O’Ware told to leave?

    Both my friend and I commented on Saturday that Bannigan's goal celebration was strange and clearly seemed to be pointed. He singled out O'Ware, running past everyone else including the manager. We had no idea what it might be about though. Without knowing anything, I still suspect that something's not right.
  14. Duke Gekantawa

    Dario Zanatta signs

    Yes, no doubt that if he had been a competent finisher, we'd have finished higher. However, it's a team game and his input directly led to a top 6 finish. His forward play, other than finishing (i.e., in terms of harassing defences, driving forward, creating space, and holding up the ball -the latter particularly when defending a lead) were excellent. Therefore, I think he was definitely a success. It doesn't matter if you don't actually score the goals provided that your contribution is positive and the team as a whole is performing well.
  15. Duke Gekantawa

    Dario Zanatta signs

    The reason there was no Hearts and Hibs is because Archibald's Thistle finished above them. Yes, Hearts had a points deduction, but that's because they ultimately cheated. Edited to add that, when we finished 6th, all but Hibs were back anyway. I don't see the point of denigrating a number of successful seasons because of later failures.