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  1. Duke Gekantawa

    Who's your favourite player of the last decade?

    Adam Barton Not really. toss up between Dools (who wins on loyalty and professionalism) and Erskine (who at his peak was the best to watch).
  2. Duke Gekantawa

    Record number of ex-Jags to line up against us?

    Every team in this division has at least one ex-Jag.
  3. Duke Gekantawa


    I worked out recently that every one of the other teams in our division have at least one senior ex-Thistle player in their squad.
  4. Duke Gekantawa

    QOS away 1/12/18

    Archibald was sacked with more than enough time to turn things around, with the team outside of the relegation zone, in mid table. There is also a transfer window coming up, amd I genuinely believe the squad to be better thsn this and capable of mid table as it is (having the two best summer signings out injured isn’t helping of course). If we do go down, one man will be to blame, and that will be Csldwell. Still, there’s plenty of time snd a transfer window to sort it out
  5. Duke Gekantawa

    Morton vs. Thistle

    That’s taking “looking at positives” to a new level- However if McGinty is out, that’s both of the first choice CB pairing out with virtually nothing in reserve
  6. Duke Gekantawa

    Morton vs. Thistle

    I’m not sure if it matters when a sacking is made, if the replacement is inferior. Still early days, but I keep going back to the Bunnet
  7. Duke Gekantawa

    Morton vs. Thistle

    I’m beginning to see what the Chesterfield fans were talking about. It feels like a very Dick Campbell appointment already
  8. Duke Gekantawa

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    I saw him- I assumed he was eyeing up Shankland
  9. Duke Gekantawa

    Attack home or away

    Actually, even in the title season, and particularly under McNamara, there was a real problem with slow, ponderous sideways build up away from home. I recall away games to Falkirk and Dumbarton being particularity brutal in this respect. Our away form that season when McNamara left was (I think) bottom three.
  10. Duke Gekantawa

    Ex Thistle managers...........

    Depends on what you mean by left Thistle- Lambie left more then once but his stock always remained high. If (and it's a big if at this stage granted) Ayr were to get promoted, I would say McCall. Even if they don't, I'm sure others may be looking- his career looks to be in a decent place now.
  11. Duke Gekantawa

    Who's next?

    He was manager in the top division for four seasons, two of which he finished 11th (i.e., our position last season). However, this was before the play offs. He was poor at Alloa. I don't believe him to be an equal (never mind improvement) on Archibald, to be honest. On the flip side, cup success would be very welcome.
  12. Duke Gekantawa

    Who's next?

    Possibly the most spineless performance I can remember of any away side at Firhill was Cathro's Hearts in a 2-0 loss.
  13. Duke Gekantawa


    It depends on what you mean by recent, seing that we’ve not won a cup in my lifetime (I’m 43) and not beaten either of the Old Firm this century.
  14. Duke Gekantawa

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    It was 8 league games in 02/03. And the specific time period attributed to Archibald also includes the post split fixtures (too half) with an inevitable high likelihood of not winning as we were playing the top 5 only. Of course the difference is that we stayed up under Lambie- and if anyone is of the opinion that Archie should have been sacked because we relegated, that’s fair enough. I was simply pointing out the statistics quoted do not really change the argument one way or another.
  15. Duke Gekantawa

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    By comparison, Lambie’s final season (largely considered a success) had 10 wins in 41 competitive games (less than 25%)