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  1. In any case, under UK defamation law, repeating someone else's defamatory allegations can make the repeater as liable as the original source. Merely adding "it is alleged that" or "it is rumoured that" will not help.
  2. I really don't think anyone should be repeating such damaging "rumours" without knowing the truth or being able to substantiate it.
  3. That's a serious insinuation. Can you substantiate it? The forum can be open to legal action based on such an insinuation.
  4. Leaving aside the ludicrously convoluted top two divisions- why on earth have 2 regionalised bottom divisions of 10 playing each other 4 times rather than a single bottom division of 20 playing each other twice. We're not exactly a huge country. I suspect I know what the fans would prefer.
  5. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she will advise that mass gatherings of 500 people or more should be cancelled from the start of next week. Speaking at First Minister's Questions in Holyrood on Thursday, she said she anticipated a "sharp rise" in coronavirus cases in Scotland. "Mass gatherings require to be policed, to have mass ambulance cover, and at a time when we need to be reducing the pressures on these frontline workers in order to free them up for the challenge ahead, I do think it is inappropriate that we continue as normal," Ms Sturgeon said. "The health secretary and I have decided this morning that we are minded that we will advise the cancellation, from the start of next week, of mass gatherings of 500 people or more."
  6. On this topic, it is a pet hate of mine when commentators and pundits refer to penalty shoot-outs as a lottery. There is a clear skill at taking a penalty and if you're good at it you'll score 99 in a 100 as no keeper can save a well struck, top corner penalty. The likes of Alan Shearer and Matt Le Tissier always did this and their records were close to perfect. Nations like Germany realise this and haven't lost a shoot-out since 1972 (I think)- other teams (e.g., England) go in with the mentality that it's all a lottery and tend to lose more than win.
  7. True, but 4 goals conceded v. Alloa sums him up
  8. I admire your optimism that our defensive woes are fixed simply by replacing a keeper which won this league last year (especially with another keeper with a similar weakness). I'm not so sure myself.
  9. Worse than that- it is actively encouraged with the old firm. Here is an extract from the quite frankly unbelievable report from the Record on the riot at the under-17 OF game at Firhill a few years ago (when Zombie Rangers were in the lower leagues): "Forget any other derby in British football. In fact, scrub any other city rivalry in Europe. No other clubs could produce the kind of atmosphere witnessed in Maryhill last night. And it reminded everyone in Scottish football just what we have been missing. Yes, the unsavoury elements of the Rangers v Celtic clash were again here for everyone to see. At times it was intimidating and shamefully this was no place for youngsters coming to watch their team in a ‘friendly’ environment. The loutish behaviour and sectarian undercurrent hasn’t gone away in the last year. But in a domestic campaign which has failed to get out of second gear, this was a sharp reminder of why the Old Firm have to be the driving force behind our game."
  10. They’re actually taking the pish now
  11. To quote John Cleese’s character in Clockwise: ‘It’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand.’
  12. I think these are two different points. I personally agree with exiledjag and wish Christie was still here. I base this on that he is a very good right back defensively, even at (present) premier level and definitely at this level. He also had some pace, which we still lack. Couldn't cross a ball, but going by last Friday, nor can many of the present team. This is irrelevant to whether Christie would be good enough for a Jags team of 40 or 50 years ago. Undoubtedly the Scottish leagues are much weaker than they were then; in the sixties through to the eighties Scottish teams were a genuine force in Europe, rather than the cannon fodder they seem to be now. But we are where we are. I suspect none of the present team would get near a Jags team of the sixties or seventies. However, I still think Christie would improve a defence which is the worse in its league and incapable of keeping a clean sheet.
  13. Not too disheartened with that. I thought we looked reasonably organised (Bannigan’s brain fade apart), particularly in defence. Ayr never really looked like scoring without the dodgy pen. Going forward we looked reasonably threatening. I still think we’ll get out of it.
  14. I expect Brownlie to be a big upgrade on McGinty (though that's not exactly difficult). Rudden looks a decent signing. Miller stopped scoring after a decent start (and his goals per minutes on the pitch ratio this season is behind Doolan's last season). More importantly, it feels that there is a plan behind the signings, which I simply didn't get with Caldwell. Graham is a very different type of striker to Miller, and has been signed to be a target man (which we've not had in a while). Rudden is different again and should complement Graham (hopefully). And as you say, the squad now has better balance. There's always a limit to what you can realistically achieve in a January window, particularly when you're at the bottom of the Championship. In that regard, this window has (or at least feels) been better than expected. I know that doesn't mean it won't all go tits up, though- only time will tell.