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  1. Team rebuilding

    I think our RB (I presume we’re talking about Elliot) is a natural RB personally. It just took a while for him to find this out himself.
  2. Team rebuilding

    We definitely didn't last season; we probably did the season before. It's far too early to say this season (seeing that the league campaign is yet to kick off!).
  3. Team rebuilding

    I don't follow your point r.e. Elliot. As you say yourself, Elliot is a competent full back. He, quite simply, was not a competent striker. Therefore he has found his correct position and the "conversion" is a good one. The key to playing to player's strengths is finding their strengths in the first place.
  4. Ayr at home

    The point is that the team he built last season is not the only one he built. He built the one the season before that, and the one before that. And these were better than the one he inherited, which (going by the first season up) was only good enough for 10th (and then only on GD by a single goal if you discount Hearts’ deduction)- and that 10th almost certainly wouldn’t have been achieved without bolstering by Mair and Taylor. In particular, for example, Muirhead was nowhere near good enough. It’s like a Nottingham Forest fan moaning about the team Clough built based only on his final season (relegation) rather than the glory in between. And before anyone thinks I’m comparing Archie to Clough, I’m obviously not- just making a single point that it is quite wrong to consider the team a manager has built by only referencing one of the teams built (i.e., the last one) and ignoring the intervening teams.
  5. Ayr at home

    To be clear- the team inherited was mediocre by Premiership standards. This is separate to the point that the manager he inherited the team from had much greater tactical shortcomings which meant, I believe, we would have fallen short if he had stayed. The team was improved year-on-year for four seasons, not into one of the greatest Thistle teams of all time, but certainly (on the basis of league position) one of the best in decades. Archibald’s shortcomings, coupled with other factors (we were ultimately relegated on goal difference, so injuries and catastrophic loss of form of key players cannot be completely discounted), meant that last season was a failure for both club and manager. This does not mean that the previous four seasons had not been successful. Anything but.
  6. Ayr at home

    Utter rubbish- the team he inherited was no where near as good as the one which finished 6th. The first season up was a struggle. Each season barring the last was better as the team improved. Only last season did it go wrong. I genuinely don't believe we would even have made it up if JMc hadn't jumped ship, our away record was so dire that season until he left. This revisionist bollocks is doing my head in.
  7. Ayr at home

    Every team has players highly regarded within their club but unnoticed outwith. I still believe that Christie is a good, reliable, premiership standard full-back, particularly defensively (though what on earth he was thinking yesterday is anyone’s guess).
  8. Ayr at home

    You’re right about Parkhead. I actually thought his crossing has improved significantly in the past couple of seasons (provided he’s on the right). Our tendency not to get any bodies in the box (and never making near post runs) makes him look worse than he is. I recall Christie putting in many decent crosses last season that came to naught because no one gambled.
  9. League Cup draw

    Nobody ever needs to accept an opinion. That’s nonsense. Sounds like an example of the opinion fallacy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/I'm_entitled_to_my_opinion?wprov=sfti1
  10. League Cup draw

    Wow, you are relentlessly negative aren’t you? Last season was last season. This is an unbudgeted windfall that looked very unlikely at 5pm yesterday.
  11. Questions for Archie

    That the keeper had little to do was mainly to do with finishing. We made 5 or 6 very good chances, slmost all of which were headed over the bar. At least 1, and probably 2 or 3 really should have been scored.
  12. Ayr at home

    Well at least we should make a few bucks
  13. Ayr at home

    I don’t necessarily agree- the penalties rule devalues the win wrt the draw (assuming you win the shootout). St. Mirren qualifying ahead of us with 1 win and 3 draws (including their games against Queens Park and Spartans) is nonsense when we’ve won 3 of 4. However, now we’re through I’m not bitter!
  14. Ayr at home

    I’m pretty sure they were full time when they went down
  15. Ayr at home

    I think Canning is doing an excellent job at Accies. It shows that all clubs have their whoppers. Ayr retaining the services of McCall after a miserable relegation, finishing bottom in a league with at least one part time team, shows that it’s not always best to get rid. We’ve decided to stick, so we should give it a round of games at the very least before revisiting this issue.