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  1. Duke Gekantawa

    Ex Thistle managers...........

    Depends on what you mean by left Thistle- Lambie left more then once but his stock always remained high. If (and it's a big if at this stage granted) Ayr were to get promoted, I would say McCall. Even if they don't, I'm sure others may be looking- his career looks to be in a decent place now.
  2. Duke Gekantawa

    Who's next?

    He was manager in the top division for four seasons, two of which he finished 11th (i.e., our position last season). However, this was before the play offs. He was poor at Alloa. I don't believe him to be an equal (never mind improvement) on Archibald, to be honest. On the flip side, cup success would be very welcome.
  3. Duke Gekantawa

    Who's next?

    Possibly the most spineless performance I can remember of any away side at Firhill was Cathro's Hearts in a 2-0 loss.
  4. Duke Gekantawa


    It depends on what you mean by recent, seing that we’ve not won a cup in my lifetime (I’m 43) and not beaten either of the Old Firm this century.
  5. Duke Gekantawa

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    It was 8 league games in 02/03. And the specific time period attributed to Archibald also includes the post split fixtures (too half) with an inevitable high likelihood of not winning as we were playing the top 5 only. Of course the difference is that we stayed up under Lambie- and if anyone is of the opinion that Archie should have been sacked because we relegated, that’s fair enough. I was simply pointing out the statistics quoted do not really change the argument one way or another.
  6. Duke Gekantawa

    Archie, just resign, thanks for your service.

    By comparison, Lambie’s final season (largely considered a success) had 10 wins in 41 competitive games (less than 25%)
  7. Duke Gekantawa

    Archie or the Board

    I largely disagree that this is cowardly- in fact I consider it the braver option. Sacking the manager at the end of last season would have attracted little criticism. Accepting his resignation if indeed tendered would have attracted no criticism whatsoever. By keeping him, they’ve attracted far more criticism, to the point that people are asking for the board to go.
  8. Duke Gekantawa

    Home v Morton

    Magnificent picture on that link. The linesman is appears to be looking directly at the ball when in the net. I simply cannot fathom how he did not see it go in. Safe to say Scully knows it's in, also.
  9. Duke Gekantawa

    Home v Morton

    It seems clear on the clip posted above that the ball is simply booted out without being handled. Doesn’t make it any better for the officials as far as I’m concerned, though.
  10. Duke Gekantawa

    Home v Morton

    No- it’s very clear from the video (linked below) that the ball was booted straight out. The fud linesman is visible throughout and you can see he continues as if the ball’s not gone in and flags for the throw.
  11. Duke Gekantawa

    Home v Morton

    I thought we were excellent today (second half at least- first half we were alright after 5 mins but nothing special) . A special mention for Banzo- he looked so much better than anybody else on the park when put on. Thought Brice was very promising after an understandably slow start.
  12. Duke Gekantawa

    Home v Morton

    No it bloody wasn’t- we scored 2 good goals.
  13. Duke Gekantawa

    Team rebuilding

    Oh trust me, it can. I remember 3-0 home defeats to Stirling Albion, 6-0 to Gretna etc.
  14. Duke Gekantawa

    Team rebuilding

    Many if not most here were pleased with our recruitment last summer, and it ended up a disaster. Hopefully this will be the other way round.
  15. Duke Gekantawa

    Team rebuilding

    I dont think he’d have had grounds for that. We don’t need to offer contracts to any out of contract players, and certainly not crocked ones. In addition, it was common knowledge he was leaving us for Aberdeen at the end of that season (as was his right, being out of contract), so I don’t see how we had any moral obligation whatsoever.