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  1. Team rebuilding

    I thought the complete opposite of Sammon. I thought he always gave his all, and was good at unsettling defences. I would be happy if we were retaining him. As for resting your case on the fact he missed a penalty (having scored all the previous penalties he'd taken for us), I have recently just witnessed Messi and Ronaldo also missing penalties. Missing the odd penalty does not make you a bad player. And criticising a player for not getting injured - give me strength!
  2. Team rebuilding

    As a pedantic scientist, I would point out that there is no logical reason for North to be up or South to be down etc.. This is purely a convention. However, I've always talked about "going down to" wherever, regardless of geography. I'm also a Londoner, so you may have a point. I do think we may have strayed a wee bit off-topic here though.
  3. Team rebuilding

    I genuinely believe Christie to now be a natural (premiership quality) right back. The fact he arrived as a striker does not matter to me- he just took longer than many to find his true position. I think his history counts against him. I honestly think he would be much better appreciated if we had signed him as a RB 4 or 5 seasons ago.
  4. Team rebuilding

    He was magnificent in his final season with us (the season we conceded the fewest goals in our top flight stay) But.. since then he’s been the common denominator in Killie finishing 11th (turning over a first leg deficit in the playoffs to survive), Ayr getting relegated from the Championship and Torquay being relegated from the conference or whatever it’s called now. So maybe not.
  5. Team rebuilding

    Allyo is right- it only took us 1 year to get out of the second tier last time we were relegated from the top flight
  6. Playing Squad Update

    I think it will be remembered as a poor and underperforming team which should have been capable of garnering the point or two more which would have saved us. While undoubtedly it has been an unpleasant season (no relegation is fun), objectively speaking, the team is nowhere near as bad as, for example, this one from December 2005: Colin Stewart, Murray, McCulloch, Brady, Smyth, Billy Gibson, James Gibson, Gillies, Santala (Strachan 87), McConalogue (Andy Gibson 89), Kilgannon (Craig 55). Subs Not Used: Arthur, Snowdon. And yet this team finished the season with a (barely deserved) promotion after finishing the lowest placed professional side in Scotland. There were plenty of other worse sides before, and arguably even since, this one. However bad it feels now, this side is one that has been relegated from the top division in 11th (via the playoffs) on goal difference. We have had far worse.
  7. Playing Squad Update

    It could be worse:
  8. Playing Squad Update

    I think Elliot is an excellent right back
  9. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    A brand new, much improved Stats Watch thread
  10. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    The Thistle Bar, Alloa. Obviously attracted to this place by name when we were playing Clyde there. Nice pub, and I seem to remember that the owner's kids were both Jags fans.
  11. Players in out and maybes....

    Another option would be Penrice in midfield, as that's where he was played (very well apparently) at Livi, and find a new LB (or keep Booth if he's prepared to stay).
  12. New Management

    Late goals: This was largely improved last season (and to a lesser extent the season before). Last season in particular, we were seeing out games quite comfortably, at least until the split Defending crosses and set pieces: Again, this had been sorted out last season to the extent that I no longer was worried when we conceded a corner. And the season before, our defence was actually better (we conceded fewer goals). creative signings: Erskine was signed by Archibald (that he played for us previously does not actually change that). Archibald also signed Higgy. In truth, many of the problems were being addressed up to the end of last season, hence the clear progression till then. Things only went tits up this season.
  13. New Management

    If we do replace Archie, I would rather take a punt at an upcoming manager than someone like McCall. McCall’s last season at this level ended in a dismal relegation, remember. I’m not sure of the relevance of Goodwin’s playing ability, mind. And much of what you said about Goodwin also applies to Archie as a player.
  14. Decisions to be made

    Ian McCall knows this league so well that his last season at this level ended in a dismal relegation with a team filled with our cast offs
  15. Livingston 2nd leg

    For years? We finished 6th last season.