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  1. There are Rangers "suppoprters" I know who when their team was in the lower leagues suddenly became big fans of Barcelona. Sad sad individuals who obviously need to be following a "successful" team to make up for the deficincies in their life.
  2. I recall that Dunfermline Jag ( solicitor ) was asked to go on the Inerim Board? Is that correct? If so, Dunfermline Jag- can you let us know what is going on? Has anybody left the Interim Board? Is J Low back involved with the running of the Club? Not asking you to divulge any sensitive information just clarify some points. Thanks
  3. Not sure playing at home is a positive for us.
  4. Wasn’t there - sounds like there was more effort and application , though that would not be difficult. Was there anything to be encouraged about? Please !
  5. no sorry. Williamson is ponderous on the ball , not confident enough to get to the bye-line and piut uin a cross . always cuts inse, plays an easy square pass then stands adbmiring it. Pish
  6. agreed he is a shite bag..
  7. Emsca

    New Owner

    It shouldnt be for us to track them down and try to establish how we go about getting involved. It should open to every fan with a clear explanation of how to become involved. If that happens and I can see how I can be involved and how I could translate my thoughts/ opinions to the Board.. If I could be assured that my views and opinions would be taken into account and I could directly influence things , then yes I would invest my money. My grave concern is that it will be fan ownership in name only an that the real control will remain in the hands of a select few .
  8. Just say.............we wont tell anyone you told us!!
  9. 14 teams will score before we do. Sadly.
  10. Emsca

    New Owner

    Ok, just so I am clear is the proposed consortium deal now officially in the Dodo file?
  11. I don't disagree with any of this but we do need to try to move on from where we are. We cannot just throw in the towel. We now have the manager most fans wanted , who has proved he can be successful at this level. There is absolutely no question he will be backed and given time- and rightly so. There are players in the squad who are simply not good enough and never will be. There are others who clearly have ability but need help to produce on the pitch. Within both groups I am sure there are some who simply see playing for Thistle as a job and as long as they have a contract and are getting paid they are happy to go through the motions. This attitude infuriates me as much as it does most fans, but it is a reality of life. The next few months are going to be tough- there will be no quick turnaround. We might pick up the odd good result but it is going to be a slow process to re-build a squad in terms of ability, attitude, style of play and togetherness. As supporters we need to grit our teeth and believe in the manager to get things right. That is what being a supporter is about, not just turning up when we are winning ( although admittedly that has not been too often!). It will make it all the sweeter when success does eventually come and shine on the blessed of Maryhill.
  12. Would drop Fox , Williamson and Miller from that line up.
  13. We have a number of players completely devoid of confidence . I really would stop playing Williamson - the boy looks shit scared . Miller is undoubtedly a good player and his football brain is way faster than most of his teammates- you can see that from the wee flicks and the runs he makes . That being said , his constant moaning and gesticulating at others must be discouraging and is not , I believe , helpful or justified .
  14. I wasnt around last time McCall was our manager ( I was alive just didnt go the Firhill ) anyway, can others advise what would be a typical McCall player/ stlye of play? I am thinking he prefers the ball played on the ground and worked through the midfield. Harkins 10 years ago type?