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  1. Sorry = make a mistake. That's the 3rd one since 1983.!
  2. Of course it is possible and totally justifiable to be critical of the management. Nobody can argue with where we are in the league, results or performances and ultimately the Manager has to take full responsibility. As Lauket says, however, At some stage we need to back a manager to take us forward and allow him to form a team.
  3. I know LBT, not sure what it means/ refers to either but coming from the ever positive GRE I presume it is an insult.!!
  4. Yeah heard it before- complete clear out and start again. Its really that simple. And lets just imagine , for a minute, that brings no improvement - what then???
  5. yeah wondered how long it would take you this week. Is that your only solution to any problem- change the management and start again?? Ad infinitum. Yes its annoying, yes its frustrating, yes I am angry, but as a Thistle supporter I truly think this is when we need to pull together, not start looking for scapegoats.
  6. Watched it on the telly ( did nt' want to abandon the wife on Valentines Day). Piss poor- really bad. They are too anxious going forward, wanting to play the killer pass too soon. I appreciate that comes from pressure , but as professionals they should have practiced moves often enough that they become natural. On the telly you get a closer look at their faces. Penrice, Graham, Banzo , Gordon and O'Conner were the only ones that really looked liked they cared and that the result hurt. Mansell did well for the goal and it was a decent cross by Joe. If Austin is so bloody fast, why does he not chase back when he loses possession? Really worried now that we will be relegated .
  7. I would reluctantly accept a plastic pitch for the revenue generating benefits, less chance of matches off for adverse weather etc Might also give us a wee edge against visiting teams , we need all the help we can get at the moment!
  8. Is she the one that can add up?
  9. All the best Jackie, get well soon.
  10. Look at the Title of this Thread. I know it was not you who started it, but I do not have the technical skills to answer 1 post whilst referring to another.
  11. To where we are today and how we get out of the current mess, No I cannot. Please enlighten me.
  12. Oh sorry to have upset you Barney. I can cope with his cynicism/frustration/dark humour or plain fedupnness just fine. Its the constant repetitive and predictable negativity that gets to me. Hey Ho.