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  1. Superb- what an effort BB, well done.
  2. Prefer Option 2 Would buy / wear either though. Thanks
  3. Happy with either BB, just let us know where to send the £. Well done again.
  4. Well done BB. Personally , I prefer this design- less obvious / more understated- just like myself! Would definitely buy a t shirt with this on it.
  5. Thanks Barney- I can do irony; sarcasm; humour, the whole gambit really. Just can't sing. Hope Betty is looking after you during these troubling times.
  6. No the authorities will be concentrating on :- 1) Making sure Celtic are crowned champions so that the 9/10 in a row saga is prolonged. 2) Any solution maintains the maximum number of OF games. 3) Hearts and Dundee Untd are playing in the top division . Sporting integrity , fairness , what is just etc will come way down the list after making sure firstly that the Ugly sisters then the TV companies are on board with what is agreed.
  7. Yes totally agree with the sentiment of all posts. Hopefully all Thistle fans and their loved ones will come through this ( still wish Fox would come off his line more!!) Best wishes to all xx
  8. Bring back the Pools Panel to predict results and get Roughie and Chico on it.
  9. Totally agree. Same personnel and formation please just a bit more variety in our application. By all means test their defence with some long balls but not every time. Try and keep switched on all the time- an example was a Gordons run in behind straight from a throw -in early in last night game. an example of not doing so was the goal we conceded. t
  10. I think we should leave 2 up at corners, that way the opposition need to keep 3 back. i would argue it is easier to defend with less in the box .
  11. Because its easier and less room for error, ie blasting it over, but yes I agree with you.
  12. Agree. First 25 mins we were good. If penalty goes in, players relax a bit an we go onto win comfortably. Dunfermline were shite and there for the taking. You could see the confidence start to drain from Thistle as the game wore on and they reverted to long hopeful balls. Thought Cole was poor and Penrice is not a centre mid. Fox continues to infuriate with his slow deliberation before he boots it forward - also so reluctant to come off his line. Anyway, overall much better than last Tuesday and as others have said they should be getting more familiar with each other and hopefully that will produce on the pitch.
  13. I think we are all aware of the predicament the Club is currently in. What is your solution / stategy to make things better? Please be specific. From my point of view I think we should be backing McCall, encouraging the team and esentially hoping the performances and results improve. I agree the Boardroom situation needs sorting with a Board appointed by and the fully accountable to a transparent Fans representative body, the preferred outcome.